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M7310 Phone Guide

Published: September 4th, 2013

Category: FSHN Manual

Using Display Buttons

  • Display buttons change with each feature you use.  The labels for display buttons appear in capital letters directly above them on the second line of the display.  A display button with an “OK” lable above it is represented as OK in this card.

Button Inquiry

Confirm that your memory and line buttons have the correct snap-on caps by checking their programming.

  • Release all calls or open lines with dial tone.
  • Press feature * 0.
  • Press the button(s) you want to check and read the display.
  • Press feature when finished.

Adjusting Display Contrast

  • Press feature * 7.
  • Press UP or DOWN for the level you want.
  • Press OK when finished.

Selecting A Ring Type and Volume Level

  • Press feature * 6.
  • Press 1, 2, 3, or 4 to hear the different types of rings.
  • While the telephone is ringing, press softer/louder to adjust the volume.
  • Press OK to store the ring.

Making Calls/ About the Line Buttons

Internal calls using intercom buttons

  • Pick up the receiver.
  • If > appears beside an intercom button, then dial.
  • Or Press an intercom button without > , then dial.

External calls using numbered line buttons

  • Pick up the receiver.
  • When > appears beside a numbered line button, then dial.
  • Or Press a numbered line button without > , then dial.

Internal calls using extension buttons

  • Pick up the receiver.
  • When > appears beside an extension button, then dial.

External calls using extension buttons

  • Pick up the receiver
  • When > appears beside the extension button, then dial 9 (or your system’s external line access code) and the number.

Holding calls

  • Press Hold.  The > flashes beside the line on hold.
  • Press the line button with the flashing > to return to the call.  Check the display for confirmation or additional information.
  • Automatic Hold –> calls are put on hold automatically when you switch from one line to another.


  • This button operates the telephone’s built-in microphone and speaker in place of the receiver.  Your system Coordinator can program handsfree to your telephone.

Making calls:

  • Press Handsree instead of picking up the receiver.

Switching between Handsree and Handset

  • Press Handsree and replace the handset to switch to Handsfree.
  • Pick up the receiver to switch back.

Using Mute

  • Press Handsfree to turn the microphone OFF.
  • Press Handsfree again to turn the microphone ON.

Dialing Without Lifting the Handset

  • Press a line button without > , then dial your call.
  • When answered, pick up the receiver, or press Handsfree.
  • If the call is not answered, or the line is busy, press Rls.

Programming Memory Buttons

  • There are two types of memory buttons: single-memory and dual-memory.  memory buttons store telephone numbers or feature codes to give you one touch dialing or feature activation.
    • Dual Memory buttons- to use the bottom function, press the dual-memory button.  To use the top function, press the shift button, then press the dual-memory button.
    • Single memory buttons- single memory buttons are the buttons with indicators other than line or Handsfree buttons.

Programming Memory Buttons

External autodial

  • If you are on a call or an open line with dial tone, press Hold or Rls.
  • Press feature * 1.
  • Press a memory button.
  • Dial the external number.
  • Press OK to store the number.
  • Label your new button.

Internal autodial

  • If you are on a call or an open line with dial tone, press Hold or Rls.
  • Press feature * 2.
  • Press a memory button.
  • Dial the internal number
  • Label your new button.


  • If you are on a call or an open line with dial tone, press Hold or Rls.
  • Press feature * 3.
  • Press a memory button.
  • Press feature and the feature code.
  • Label your new button.

Erasing memory buttons

  • If you are on a call or an open line with dial tone, press Hold or Rls.
  • Press feature * 1.
  • Press the memory button you want to erase.
  • Press OK to erase the button.

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