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Faculty Position Available: Seafood Specialist
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Schneider, Keith R., Ph.D.

schneider 175x202 Professor

Contact Information

Aquatic Food Products Lab.
586 Newell Dr.
Room 216
P.O. Box 110370
Gainesville, FL 32611-0370

Phone: 352.392.1991 ext. 309
Email: keiths29@ufl.edu


  • Ph.D. University of Florida; Food Science, 1991
  • M.S. University of South Florida; Public Health and Environmental and Occupational Health, 1987
  • B.S. University of Florida; Education and Biological Science Education, 1984

Research Interests

The main focus of Dr. Schneider’s research has been on food safety, with particular emphasis on produce safety and food defense. The University of Florida is heavily involved in improving the quality and safety of fresh fruits and vegetables. Dr. Schneider’s program has been influenced by an increase in the number and frequency of foodborne illnesses associated with the consumption of raw fruits and vegetables. His on-going research program has examined etiologic factors, contamination mechanisms, and intervention strategies, as well as the production of educational materials.

Classes Taught

It is Dr. Schneider’s goal to have students leave the class prepared to enter a professional setting with the knowledge to be successful. For a discipline such as food science, an understanding of how this information is to be used in the real world is paramount. Since many food science students are preparing themselves for a career in the food industry, Dr. Schneider also believes in a strong interaction with industry professionals who can impart a unique perspective to student.


FOS 4202 Food Safety and Sanitation/Current Issue in Food Safety
FOS 4936 Food Safety Systems


FOS 5205 Food Safety and Sanitation/Current Issue in Food Safety
FOS 6915 Research Planning
FOS 6936 Food Safety Systems

Lecture in:

FOS 4435/5437 Product Development
FOS 6455 Industrial Food Fermentations
FOS 6936 Food Toxicology

Recent Publications

Marshall, S., K.R. Schneider, K. Cisneros and L. Gu. 2014. Determination of Antioxidant Capacities, α-Dicarbonyls, and Phenolic Phytochemicals in Florida Varietal Honeys Using HPLC-DAD-ESI-MS(n.). J. Agric. Food Chem. 62(34)8623-8631. doi: 10.1021/jf501329y.

Macias-Rodriguez, B., W. Yang, K. Schneider and C. Rock. 2014. Pulsed UV light as a postprocessing intervention for decontamination of hard-cooked peeled eggs. Int. J. Food Sci. Tech. doi:10.1111/ijfs.12571

Sreedharan, A., K.R. Schneider and M.D. Danyluk. 2014. Salmonella Transfer Potential onto Tomatoes During Laboratory-simulated In-field Debris Removal. J. Food Protect. 77(7):1062-1068. doi: 10.4315/0362-028X.JFP-13-509.

Sharma, C.S., S.K. Williams, K.R. Schneider, R.H. Schmidt and G.E. Rodrick. 2013. Mechanism of Antimicrobial Action of Sodium Metasilicate Against Salmonella enterica serovar Typhimurium. Foodborn. Pathog. Dis. 10(12):995-1001.

Zheng, Q., C. Bustandi, Y. Yang, K.R. Schneider and H.G. Yuk. 2013. Comparison of Enrichment Broths for the Recovery of Healthy and Heat-Injured Salmonella Typhimurium on Raw Duck Wings. 2013. J. of Food Prot. 76(11):1963-1968.

Zhou, B., L. Yaguang, E. Turner, Q. Wang and K.R. Schneider. 2014. Evaluation of Current Industry Practices for Maintaining Tomato Dump Tank Quality During Packinghouse Operation. J. of Food Process Pres. 37(7). doi:10.1111/jfpp.12200.

Harris, L.J., E.D. Berry, T. Blessington, M. Erickson, M. Jay-Russell, X. Jiang, K. Killinger, F.C. Michel, Jr., P. Millner, K.R. Schneider, M. Sharma, T.V. Suslow, L. Wang, and R.W. Worobo. 2013. A Framework for Developing Research Protocols for Evaluation of Microbial Hazards and Controls During Production That Pertain to the Application of Untreated Soil Amendments of Animal Origin on Land Used to Grow Produce That May Be Consumed Raw. J. of Food Prot. 76(6):1062-1084.

Chang, A.S.*, A. Sreedharan, and K.R. Schneider. 2013. Peanut and peanut products: A food safety perspective. Food Contr. 32(1):296-303.

Sharma, C.S. *, S.K. Williams, K.R. Schneider, R.H. Schmidt and G.E. Rodrick. 2012. Sodium Metasilicate affects Growth of Campylobacter jejuni in Fresh, Boneless Uncooked Chicken Breast Fillets stored at 4ºC for 7 Days. Poultry Sci. 91:2324-2329.

Sharma C.S.*, S. K. Williams, K.R. Schneider, R. H. Schmidt and G. E. Rodrick. 2012. Antimicrobial effects of sodium metasilicate against Listeria monocytogenes. Foodborne Pathog Dis. 9:822-828.

Chang, A.S.* and K.R. Schneider. 2012. Evaluation of Overhead Spray-Applied Sanitizers for the Reduction of Salmonella on Tomato Surfaces. J. Food Sci. 71(1):65-69.

Sharma, C.S. *, S.K. Williams, K.R. Schneider, R.H. Schmidt and G.E. Rodrick. 2012. Sodium Metasilicate affects Growth of Salmonella Typhimurium in Fresh, Boneless Uncooked Chicken Breast Fillets stored at 4ºC for 7 Days. Poultry Sci. 91:719-723.

Fatica, M.F.* and K.R. Schneider. 2011. Salmonella and produce: Survival in the plant environment and implications in food safety. Virul. 2(6):1-7

Xia, X., Y. Luo, Y. Yang, B. Vinyard, K.R. Schneider and J. Meng. (2011). Effects of Tomato Variety, Temperature Differential, and Post-Stem Removal Time on Internalization of Salmonella enterica Serovar Thompson in Tomatoes. J. Food Prot. 75(2):297-303.

Strawn, L.K.*, K.R. Schneider and M.D. Danyluk. 2011. Microbial Safety of Tropical Fruits. Crit. Rev. Food Sci. Nutr. 51:132-145.

Teplitski, M., K. Warriner, J. Bartz, and K.R. Schneider. 2011. Untangling metabolic and communication networks: interactions of enterics with phytobacteria and their implications in produce safety. Trends Microb. 19(3):121-127.

Danyluk, M., L.O. Interiano-Villeda, L.M. Friedrich, K.R. Schneider, E. Etxeberria. 2010. Natural-light labeling of tomatoes does not facilitate growth or penetration of Salmonella into the fruit. J. Food Protect. 73(12):2276-2280.

J.T. Noel, J. Joy*, J.N. Smith, M. Fatica*, K.R. Schneider, B.M.M. Ahmer, M. Teplitski. 2010. Salmonella SdiA recognizes N-Acyl homoserine lactone signals from Pectobacterium carotovorum in vitro but not in a bacterial soft rot. Mol. Plant Microbe Interact. 23(3):273-82.

Fatica, M.K.*, K.R. Schneider. 2009. The use of chlorination and alternative sanitizers in the produce industry. CAB Reviews: Perspectives in Agriculture, Veterinary Science, Nutrition and Natural Resources. 4(52):1-10.

Mahovic, M., J.A. Bartz, K.R. Schneider, J.D. Tenney. 2009. Chlorine dioxide gas from an aqueous solution: Reduction of Salmonella in wounds on tomato fruit and movement to sinks in a treatment chamber. J. Food Prot. 72(5):952-958.

Teplitski, M., J.D. Barak, K.R. Schneider. 2009. Human enteric pathogens in produce: Un-answered ecological questions with direct implications for food safety. Curr. Opin. BioTech. 20:1-6.

Mahovic, M.J., R. Shukla,†, R. Goodrich-Schneider, M. Wood, J.K. Brecht, K.R. Schneider. 2008. Bacillus atrophaeus spore survival on netted muskmelon surfaces after moist heat treatment. HortTechnol. 18:53-58.

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