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Sims, Charles A., Ph.D.

sims 175x202 Professor

Contact Information

Aquatic Food Production Pilot Plant
520 Newell Drive
Room 130
P.O. Box 110370
Gainesville, FL  32611

Phone: 352.294-3592
Email: csims@ufl.edu


  • Ph.D. University of Arkansas; Food Science, 1986
  • M.S. University of Arkansas; Horticultural Food Science, 1982
  • B.S.A. University of Arkansas; Horticultural Food Science, 1980

Research Interests

The quality of fruits and vegetables has always been very important to consumers, but with increased competition, quality has become even more important to consumers. Dr. Sims’ recent research has focused on the quality characteristics of fruits and vegetables, including processed products and juices. The main area of emphasis has been on factors that influence the sensory characteristics and consumer acceptability of these products. This research involves a lot of joint research projects with other faculty in IFAS and with private food companies and growers.

Classes Taught


FOS 4722C Quality Control in Food Systems (every Fall)


FOS 6126C Psychophysical Aspects of Food (every other Fall)
FOS 6125C Sensory Evaluation of Food (every other Spring)


  • University of Arkansas Food Science Department, Distinguished Food Science Alumnus, 2012
  • Institute of Food Technologists, Fellow, 2009
  • University of Florida, Teaching Improvement Award, 1996
  • University of Florida, Superior Accomplishment Award for Faculty Service, 1996

Recent Publications

Schulbach, K.F., K.M. Portier, and C.A. Sims. Evaluation of overall acceptability of fresh pineapple using the regression tree approach. J. Food Quality 30:993-1008 (2007).

Balaban, M.O., J. Aparicio, M. Zotarelli, and C. Sims. Quantifying nonhomogeneous colors in agricultural materials. Part II: Comparison of machine vision and sensory panel evaluations. J. Food Sci. 73:S438-S442 (2008).

Scott, J.W., E.A. Baldwin, H.J. Klee, J.K. Brecht, S.M. Olson, J.A. Bartz, and C.A. Sims. Fla. 8153 hybrid tomato; Fla. 8059 and Fla. 7907 Breeding Lines. HortScience 43(7):2228-2230 (2008).

Gray, D.J., Z.T. Li, S.A. Dhekney, D.L. Hopkins, and C.A. Sims. “Delicious”: An early-ripening, self-fertile, multi-purpose black-fruited muscadine grape. HortScience 44(1):200-201 (2009).

Gray, D.J., Z.T. Li, S.A. Dhekney, D.L. Hopkins, and C.A. Sims. “Southern Jewel”: A self-fertile, black muscadine grape with fruit produced on bunches. HortScience 44(5):1476-1477 (2009).

Chandler, C.K., B.M. Santos, N.A. Peres, C. Jouquand, A. Plotto, and C.A. Sims. “Florida Radiance” Strawberry. HortScience 44(6):1769-1770 (2009).

Damar, S., M.O. Balaban, and C.A. Sims. Continuous dense-phase CO2 processing of a coconut water beverage. Int. J. Food Sci. Tech. 44:666-673 (2009).

Dagulo, L., M.D. Danyluk, T.M. Spann, M.F. Valim, R. Goodrich-Schneider, C. Sims, and R. Rouseff. Chemical characterization of orange juice from trees infected with citrus greening (Huanglongbing). J. Food Sci. 75(2):C199-207 (2010).

Ramirez, M.M., A.F. Wysocki, M.A. Ramirez, C.A. Sims, and M.O. Balaban. Sensory and Marketing Characteristics of a Hibiscus Beverage. J. Food Distribution Research 41(3):15 pages (2010).

Vogel, J.T., D.M. Tieman, C.A. Sims, A.Z. Odabasi, D.G. Clark, and H.J. Klee. Carotenoid content impacts flavor acceptability in tomato (Solanum lycopersicum). J. Sci. Food Agric. 90:2233-2240 (2010).

Ikpechukwu, C.O., C.A. Sims, M.D. Danyluk, T.M. Spann, and R.M. Goodrich. Effect of fruit size and Huanglongbing disease on orange juice attributes. Proc. Fla. State Hort. Soc. 124:202-206 (2011).

Huang, H., S.K. Williams, C.A. Sims, and A. Simmone. Sodium metasilicate affects antimicrobial, sensory, physical, and chemical characteristics of fresh commercial chicken breast meat stored at 4C for 9 days. Poultry Science 90:1124-1133 (2011).

Whitaker, V.M., C.K. Chandler, B.M. Santos, N. Peres, M.C. Nunes, A. Plotto, and C.A. Sims. Winterstar (‘FL 05-107’) strawberry. HortScience 47(2):296-298 (2012).

Janve, B., W. Yang, A. Kozman, C. Sims, A. Teixeira, M.A. Gunderson and T.M. Rababah. Enhancement of corn nixtamalization by power ultrasound. Food and Bioprocess Technology, 2012, DOI:10.1007/s11947-012-0816-7 (2012).

Tieman, D., P. Bliss, L.M. McIntyre, A. Blandon-Ubeda, D. Bies, A. Z. Odabasi, G.R. Rodriquez, E. van der Knaap, M.G. Taylor, C. Goulet, M.H. Mageroy, D.J. Snyder, T. Colquhoun, H. Moskowitz, D.G. Clark, C. Sims, L. Bartoshuk, and H.J. Klee. The chemical interactions underlying tomato flavor preferences. Current Biology 22:1035-1039 (2012).

Eduardo, M.C., S. A. Sargent, C.A. Sims, D. J. Huber, C. Moretti, J. H. Crane. Aqueous 1-MCP extends longevity and does not affect sensory acceptability of Guatemalan-West Indian hybrid avocado. HortTechnology 23(4): xxx-xxx (2013).

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