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Yang, Weihua (Wade), Ph.D.

yang 175x202 Assistant Professor

Contact Information


572 Newell Dr.
FSHN Building
P.O. Box 110370
Gainesville, FL 32611-0370


Aquatic Food Production Pilot Plant
520 Newell Drive
Room 126
Gainesville, FL  32611

Phone: 352.294.3594
Email: wade.yang@ufl.edu

Research Interests

Food safety and quality are traditionally the two sides of a balance with respect to food processing and preservation operations. Safe foods often connote over-cooked or over-processed, while good quality is usually connected with under-processed or perishable. Innovative/novel food processing and preservation technologies aim to ensure food safety while enhancing food quality.

Dr. Yang directs his research efforts towards developing innovative/novel food processing and preservation technologies, including pulsed UV lights, power ultrasound, pulsed electric fields, ultrahigh pressure, and dense phase carbon dioxide, to improve and ensure both the safety and quality of seafood, fruits, vegetables and other perishables.

Dr. Yang’s current research is focused on pulsed UV light and power ultrasound applications. Examples of his recent research projects:

  • Reduction of allergens in seafood, peanut butter, milk and soybean by pulsed UV lights and development of hypoallergenic products
  • Inactivation of Listeria Monocytogenes Scott A and enrichment of Vitamin D2 in slices of white button mushroom by pulsed UV lights
  • Power ultrasound enhanced extraction of xylan from lignocellulosic biomass and enzymatic conversion to xylo-oligosaccharide prior to ethanol production
  • Development of a novel tomato peeling process using power ultrasound

Classes Taught


FOS4427C Principles of Food Processing (every Spring)


FOS6428C Advanced Food Processing (every other Fall)

Recent Publications

Feng, H, W. Yang, T. Hielscher. (2009). Power ultrasound. Food Science and Technology International, 14: 433-436.

Wambura, P., W. Yang. (2009). Evaluation of power ultrasound treatment and coatings as affecting volatile lipid oxidation compounds in dry roasted peanuts. Journal of the American Oil Chemists Society (In Press).

Wambura, P., W. Yang, N. Mwakatage. (2009). Reduction of roasted peanut lipid oxidative rancidity by power ultrasound and edible coatings containing natural extracts. Journal of Food Process Engineering (August 2009).

Wambura, P., W. Yang, N. Mwakatage, J. Herring. (2009). Removal of lipid from surfaces of roasted peanuts by sonication as assessed by fluorescence and scanning electron microscopy. Journal of Food Process Engineering (August 2009).

Al-Mahasneh, M.A., T.M. Rababah, M.H. Al-U’Datt, W. Yang. (2009). Moisture adsorption thermodynamics of fractionated sesame hulls (Sesamum Indicum L.). Journal of Food Process Engineering (July 2009).

Al-Widyan, M.I., T.M. Rababah, A. Mayyas, M. Al-Shbool, W. Yang. (2009). Geometrical, thermal and mechanical properties of olive fruits. Journal of Food Process Engineering (April 2009).

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Wambura, P., W. Yang, L.T. Walker, Y. Wang, L. Williams. (2008). Improvement of oxidative stability of roasted peanuts by edible coatings and ultrasonication. Journal of Food Processing and Preservation, 32(3): 469–485.

Wambura, P., W. Yang, Y. Wang. (2008). Power ultrasound enhanced one-step soaking and gelatinization for rough rice parboiling. International Journal of Food Engineering, 4(4), Article 1.

Wang, Y., W. Yang, P. Winter, L. Walker. (2008). Walk-through weighing of pigs using machine vision and an artificial neural network. Biosystems Engineering, 100(1): 117-125.

Wang, Y., W. Yang, L. Walker, T.M. Rababah. (2008). Enhancing the accuracy of area extraction in machine vision-based pig weighing through edge detection. International Journal of Agricultural & Biological Engineering (IJABE), 1(1): 37-42.

Rababah, T.M., K.I. Ereifej, M.A. Al-Mahasneh, K. Ismaeal, A.-G. Hidar, W. Yang. (2008). Total phenolics, antioxidant activities, and anthocyanins of different grape seed cultivars grown in Jordan. International Journal of Food Properties, 11(2): 472 – 479.

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