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Executive Committee

  • CHAIR Dr. David Foster (
  • ASSOCIATE CHAIR Dr. Jonathan Martin (
  • GRADUATE COORDINATOR Dr. Raymond Russo (

Geology Faculty

Dr. Peter N. Adams

Associate Professor of Geology

Quantitative geomorphology, coastal processes, real-time instrumentation and modeling of surface processes.

email: / website / research group website

Dr. Thomas S. Bianchi

Professor of Geology
Jon L. and Beverly A. Thompson Endowed Chair of Geological Sciences

Biogeochemistry and processing of carbon, nitrogen, and phosphorus in coastal, oceanic, estuarine, and riverine environments.
email: / website


Dr. Mark Brenner

Professor of Geology

Limnology and Paleolimnology with special interests in tropical and subtropical lakes, and watersheds

email: / ( website)

Dr. James E.T. Channell

Distinguished Professor

Paleomagnetism, geomagnetism, environmental magnetism, and tectonics.

email: / website

Dr. Paul F. Ciesielski

<Associate Professor of Geology

Paleoenvironment in the Antarctic.


Dr. Laura Cotton

Research Assistant Professor

Micropalaeontology, palaeoclimate, biodiversity and biostratigraphy.


Dr. Jason H. Curtis

Senior Associate In Geology

Stable isotopes, paleoclimate, and sediment coring.

email: / website


Dr. Andrea Dutton

Assistant Professor of Geology

Carbonate geochemistry, sedimentology, paleoclimate, and paleoceanography.

email: / website

Photo not available

Dr. Alessandro M. Forte

Professor of Geology

Dr. David A. Foster

Professor of Geology
Chair of Geological Sciences

Tectonics, thermochronology, structural geology, and 40Ar/39Ar dating.

email: / website

Dr. Ann L. Heatherington

Associate In Geology

Isotope geology, geochemistry, geochronology, and tectonics.

email: / website

Dr. John M. Jaeger

Associate Professor of Geology

Coastal and marine sedimentology, glacial sedimentary processes, and continental margin stratigraphy.

email: / ( website)

Dr. George Kamenov

Associate In Geology

Ore-deposit formation, submarine hydrothermal processes, geochemistry of environmental and human samples, and ICP-MS analytical techniques.

email: / website

Martin UFRF'15

Dr. Ellen E. Martin

Professor of Geology

Paleoceanography, paleoclimatology, and radiogenic isotope geochemistry.

email: / website


Dr. Jonathan B. Martin

Professor of Geology
Associate Chair of Geological Sciences

Physical and chemical hydogeology of carbonate aquifers, sea level change and impact to coastal aquifers, and weathering of Greenland and marine records of glacial retreat.

email: / website


Dr. Joseph Meert

Professor of Geology
Undergraduate Coordinator

Paleomagnetism and geochronology of the Mesoproterozoic to earliest Palaoezoic, plate configurations, paleoclimate and evolution of life on Earth.

email: / website

Dr. Kyoungwon “Kyle” Min

Associate Scientist

Thermochronology of meteorites, 40Ar/39Ar dating method, high-resolution dating of key beds, and thermochronology and exhumation history.

email: / website

Images taken by Kristen Bartlett Grace Mueller, Paul Portrait 11.6.08

Dr. Paul A. Mueller

Professor of Geology

Crustal evolution, geochemistry, isotope geology, geochronology, tectonics, and petrology.

email: / website


Michael R. Perfit

Distinguished Professor of Geology

Petrogenesis of mid-ocean ridge basalts (MORB), island arc lavas, and plutons.

email: / website

Dr. Raymond Russo

Associate Professor of Geology
Graduate Coordinator

Tectonics and seismology, with emphasis on upper mantle flow and lithosphere-asthenosphere interactions.

email: / website

Dr. Elizabeth J. Screaton

Professor of Geology

Groundwater flow in geologic processes, exchange of surface and groundwater in karst aquifer systems, and interactions between water flow and deformation in subduction zone sediments.

email: / website

Dr. Matthew Smith

Senior Lecturer
Undergraduate Advisor

email: / website

Ray G. Thomas

Associate In Geology

Hydrologic instrumentation design and development (including water sampling, nitrate and phosphate sensing), sensor networks, and mass spectrometry.

email: / ( website)

Dr. Jim Vogl

Senior Lecturer/Researcher

Structure, tectonics, and thermochronology.

email: / website

Dr. Rachel L. Walters

Adjunct Lecturer

Mantle and crustal processes at Mid-Ocean Ridges.


Dr. Andrew Zimmerman

Associate Professor of Geology

Organic geochemistry, biogeochemistry, and geomicrobiology.

email: azimmer@ufl.eduwebsite

Emeritus Faculty

Dr. Guerry H. McClellan

Professor Emeritus

Industrial minerals, limestone, clay minerals, sand mines, and heavy minerals.

Dr. Neil D. Opdyke

Distinguished Professor Emeritus

Paleomagnetism and its application to tectonics and magnetostratigraphy. Paleoclimatology and paleogeography of the Phanerozoic.


Frank N. Blanchard, Professor Emeritus of Geology (
Anthony F. Randazzo, Professor Emeritus of Geology (
Douglas L. Smith, Professor Emeritus of Geology (
Daniel P. Spangler, Associate Professor Emeritus of Geology
Claire L. Schelske, Eminent Scholar Emeritus, Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences, Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (
S. David Webb, Distinguished Research Curator Emeritus, Florida Museum of Natural History (

Affiliate Faculty

Florida Museum of Natural History

Jonathan Bloch, Curator/Professor, (, website)
Douglas S. Jones, FlMNH Director/Curator/Professor, (, website)
Michal Kowalewski, Professor/Curator/Jon L. and Beverly A. Thompson Chair of Invertebrate Paleontology, (
Bruce J. MacFadden, Curator/Professor, (, website)
Steven R. Manchester, Curator/Adjunct Professor, (, website)

Department of Geography

Joann Mossa, Associate Professor of Geography (, website)

Courtesy Faculty

Amy Brown
Antonios Marsellos
Philip Neuhoff
Amanda Waite
Thomas Witmore
Jaime Escobar
Benjamin Goscombe
David Hastings
Mark Panning Seismology, tomography, mantle dynamics, planetary geophysics. email:
Curtis Pollman
Millicent Schmidt
Sergio Andres Restrepo




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