ipad_slide iPads available for checkout!

We now have iPads available for check-out! Please visit the Circulation Desk to learn more.

lit_searches_slider Literature Searches

Where do you start? Just ask your personal librarian! Liaison librarians can identify relevant sources and strategies to meet your information needs. More info at library.health.ufl.edu/services/library-liaisons/


LibGuides – your one stop destination for subject or course specific resources. More information is available at guides.uflib.ufl.edu/index.php?gid=357  

end_note_for-homepage EndNote & RefWorks

Manage your citations and bibliographies while you work. Ask your liaison librarian about support and classes. Find your liaison librarian at: library.health.ufl.edu/services/library-liaisons/.  Register for a class at: training.health.ufl.edu/public_workshops_scheduled.aspx?sponsor=15  

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