MBI-slider Preeminent Recruitment and the Top 10 Initiative

UF is recruiting preeminent neuroscientists in the effort to make UF one of the top 10 public universities in the US.

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Pictured: 4.7 Tesla MRI System

Wells Foundation Gift Enables UF to Speed Brain Tumor Remedies

A $10 million gift from the Lillian S. Wells Foundation will help medical scientists better understand the causes of brain tumors.

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Restricting Calories Reduces Age-Related Nerve Damages

Damage caused by unstable chemical species to nerves outside the brain and spinal cord was reduced when mice had a lifelong reduced-calorie diet.

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Wells Foundation

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Mentors of University of Florida doctors receive major award for Parkinson's research

September 8, 2014

The mentors of two University of Florida Health physicians have received the Lasker Foundation’s Lasker-DeBakey Clinical Medical Research Award for their pioneering work in deep brain stimulation,...

Your body’s secret weapon(itself)

June 12, 2014

It all started with a  book.

Risky business: Research could improve understanding of risky behavior, addiction

April 17, 2014

It follows logically: If you are unable to predict how a decision might affect your life, your decisions may be more impulsive.

Researchers testing gene therapy to thwart effects of multiple sclerosis

March 27, 2014

In patients with multiple sclerosis, the body turns on itself, launching an immune system attack that destroys the coating around nerve fibers in the central nervous system, leaving them exposed like...

MBI Announcements

ALS-IBC UF Health ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Aug 22nd, 2014

The Mayo Clinic challenged; UF answered.

FBP banner sm Florida Brain Project 2014

Aug 1st, 2014

The Florida Brain Project’s Inaugural Symposium was held this week.

Friedmam Department of Neurosurgery – 2014 Endeavors

Jun 6th, 2014

University of Florida Health and the UF department of Neurosurgery are continually seeking ways to improve patient quality and safety as well as access to advanced health care…

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