3341CDV07142014_FPDigitalAD-930x3252 Florida Physician with more byte

Alumni magazine goes digital through free iPad app, available for download from the Florida Physician website.

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Nancy-Mendenhall_JSJ_IMG_0393-lead A passion for protons

Nancy Mendenhall, M.D. ’80, found her calling to treat cancer patients with cutting-edge technology.

Orientation_2014_MCM__Y5A3937-COMlead Intro to Med School 101

Students from the class of 2018 learn about life at UF Medicine during first-year orientation.

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Enneking-at-50th-COM-banquet-CRW_6737-COMlead Renowned expert in orthopedic medicine passes away

Renowned orthopedic medicine expert and College of Medicine founding faculty member Dr. William Enneking has passed away.

Warren-gift-SR2-COMlead A heart full of philanthropy

Patient donates more than $400 in gift cards to UF Health Pediatric Heart Transplant Program

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Points of Pride

http://pride.med.ufl.edu/ The University of Florida College of Medicine is committed to a mission of excellence in medical education, research and patient care. We are proud of our work in medicine and offer these Points of Pride as a guide to the most innovative areas within our institution.

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A changing world requires a clear blueprint for disease response

September 12, 2014

As new infectious diseases emerge, a UF professor suggests a roadmap for containing them.

Applauding achievements

September 12, 2014

UF College of Medicine Honors Convocation recognizes outstanding medical students.

UF researchers warn against overuse of cardiac stress tests

September 12, 2014

UF physicians take a closer look at cardiac stress tests to find out whether some patients actually need them.

Study finds link between insurance type and treatment for stroke patients

September 10, 2014

Researchers have found a correlation between insurance type and patient access to surgical treatment for subarachnoid hemorrhage, a type of stroke that most often affects women in their 50s — often...

College Events


Hispanic Heritage Month

all day event


RAC809: RAC Hot Topic - Pricing Tool Training

From 9:00am until 11:00am


RAC800: Research Billing Compliance Crash Course

From 2:00pm until 4:00pm


RAC801: To Bill or Not to Bill?

From 10:00am until 12:00pm


RAC802: Service Provider Communication

From 10:00am until 12:00pm