Work alongside a distinguished group of researchers in Gene Expression, RNA Processing, DNA replication, Genomics, Gene Therapy, Molecular Basis of Disease, and the Mechanisms of Viral and Bacterial Pathogenesis.

MGM plays a central role in several interdisciplinary research programs in the HSC. Affiliated centers include the UF Genetics Institute, the Powell Gene Therapy Center, the Center for Epigenetics, and the University of Florida Brain Institute.

Genetics News of interest

Study: Exome-sequencing has limited ability to diagnose limb-girdle muscular dystrophy

As medical technology advances, it can be tempting to assume that new genetic tools can accurately diagnose anything — but that’s not always the case. A University of Florida researcher has found...

Early exposure to excess hormone causes genital defects in females

University of Florida researchers have identified cells targeted by a male hormone and found that an excess of that hormone at a specific time can cause genital defects in female mice. The findings...

UF Genetics Institute member contributes to novel Alzheimer's discovery

Two University of Florida Health researchers have made a discovery that could provide a novel way to target the brain deterioration associated with amyloid plaque build-up in Alzheimer’s disease.

Veterinary Medicine professor receives key award from international group

Nancy Denslow, Ph.D., a professor of environmental toxicology at the University of Florida, has received a key award from an international professional group for her scientific achievements.

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