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Upcoming and Past Seminars

Fall 2017

Spring 2017

  • Talks will be held on Thursday from 3:00 pm – 3:50 pm in LIT 368.
  • If you are interested in giving a talk please contact James Diffenderfer.
Date Speaker Topic Title
April 6, 2017 Dr. Arunava Banerjee Computational Neuroscience Computing with spikes
March 16, 2017 Dr. Panos Pardalos Optimization On the Passage from Local to Global in Optimization: New Challenges in Theory and Practice
March 2, 2017 Davoud Ataee Tarzanagh Data Analysis Randomized Tensor Decompositions Based on Circulant Algebra

Fall 2016

  • Talks will be held on Fridays from 1:55 pm – 2:45 pm in LIT 368.
  • If you are interested in giving a talk please contact James Diffenderfer.
Date Speaker Topic Title
November 18, 2016 Shuhang Chen  Differential Equations Predict influence with continuous-time information propagation in network
October 28, 2016 James Hungerford Optimization A Multilevel Vertex Separator Algorithm Based on the Solution of Bilinear Programs
October 21, 2016 Mahya Aghaee Optimal Control Optimal Control for an SIR Epidemiological Model with Timevarying Populations
September 23, 2016 Davoud Ataee Tarzanagh Machine Learning / Data Analysis Estimation of Structured Graphical Models through Schatten Norm Minimization
September 9, 2016 Dr. William Hager Numerical Optimization An Active Set Algorithm for Nonlinear Optimization with Polyhedral Constraints

Spring 2016

  • Talks will be held on Thursdays from 1:55 pm – 2:40 pm in LIT 368.
  • If you are interested in giving a talk in the spring semester, please contact Omar Saucedo.
Date Speaker Title
April 14, 2016 Dr. Sean Meyn Zero marginal cost power grid
April 7, 2016 Davoud Ataee Tarzanagh A linearly convergent gradient method for large scale machine learning
March 31, 2016 Dr. Dhanesh Patel Simulation of gas-liquid flows in jet ejector
Match 24, 2016 David Yerger Exploring the phenotypic search space of grammatical evolution
February 18, 2016 Dr. William Hager Inexact alternating direction method of multipliers for separable convex optimization
January, 28, 2016 James Diffenderfer Construction of a full row-rank matrix system for multiple scanning directions in computed tomography

Fall 2015

  • Talks will be held every other Tuesday, 4:05pm – 4:55pm, in LIT 368.
  • If you are interested in giving a talk in the fall semester, please contact J.J. Zhu.
Date Speaker Title
Nov. 24, 2015 Sarah Trainor Some simple nosocomial disease transmission models
Oct. 27, 2015 Jason Linehan Information and compression distances
Oct. 13, 2015 Omar Saucedo Calculating human to human avian influenza R0 via likelihood and Jacobian Approach
Sept. 15, 2015 J.J. Zhu A decentralized multi-block variable splitting algorithm with application in power-grid load control
Sept. 1, 2015 William W. Hager Convergence rate for a Gauss collocation method applied to unconstrained optimal control

Spring 2015

  • Talks will be held every other Tuesday, 3:00pm – 4:00pm, in LIT 368.
  • Please contact J.J. Zhu if you are interested in giving a talk!
Date Speaker Title
Apr. 21, 2015 Jonathan Brooks Distributed Optimization-Based Load Control in a Power Grid for Primary Frequency Response while Minimizing Consumer Disutility
Apr. 14, 2015 Jintai Ding Authenticated Key Exchange from Ideal Lattices
Apr. 7, 2015 Joel Rosenfeld A local approximation scheme for adaptive dynamic programming
Feb. 17, 2015 J.J. Zhu Optimization technique in dimension reduction
Feb. 3, 2015 Omar Saucedo Brown Shrimp (Farfantepenaeus aztecus) Dynamics in the Gulf of Mexico
Jan. 20, 2015 Su Ke Global convergence of a nonmonotone filter method for equality constrained optimization

Autumn 2014

  • Talks will be held Tuesday, 3:00pm – 4:00pm, in LIT 368.
Date Speaker Title
Nov. 18, 2014 Evan Milliken A Model of Infectious Salmon Anemia Virus with Viral Diffusion
between Wild and Farmed Patches
Nov. 4, 2014 Joel Rosenfeld The Hamilton Jacobi Bellman equation and its use in Optimal Control
Oct. 21, 2014 Omar Saucedo A Two Patch Avian Influenza Model with Migration
Oct. 14, 2014 Alexander Gruber Design and Cryptanalysis of Matsumoto-Imai and its Variants
Sept. 23, 2014 J.J. Zhu Recent development in stochastic optimization algorithms

Spring 2014

  • Meeting days: Thursdays
  • Meeting time: 5:00 pm — 6:00 pm
  • Room: 368 LIT
Date    Speaker    Title   
02/20/2014    J.J. Zhu    Projection algorithms for non-convex minimization   
02/27/2014    Hao Liu    A New Nonlinear Conjugate Gradient Method   
03/13/2014    Cuong Ngo    Alternating Direction Approximate Newton Method for Partially Parallel Imaging   
03/20/2014    Conference Discussion   
04/10/2014    Prof. Alireza Entezari (CS Dept.)    A Box Spline Framework for Sparse Approximation in Computed Tomography   
04/17/2014    Prof. Pando Georgiev (ISE)    Adaptive function approximation with applications to multiclass learning problems   

Fall 2013 

  • Meeting days: Tuesdays
  • Meeting time: 4:05 pm — 5:00 pm
  • Room: 368 LIT
Date     Speaker     Title    
09/10/2013      James Hungerfurd     The Vertex Separator Problem and Continuous Quadratic Programming   
09/24/2013     Cuong Ngo   Alternating Direction Approximate Newton Method for Partially Parallel Imaging   
10/08/2013     Maryam Yashtini   Adaptive BOSVS Algorithm for Regularized Convex Optimization Problems with Application to Medical Image Reconstruction   
10/15/2013     Maryam Yashtini   Adaptive BOSVS Algorithm for Regularized Convex Optimization Problems with Application to Medical Image Reconstruction   
10/29/2013     JJ Zhu     Frank-Wolfe type algorithm   
11/05/2013     Omar Saucedo    A Two-patch Avian Influenza Model   
11/19/2013     Hayriye Gulbudak   Increased Disease Prevalence of Avian Influenza in Poultry Caused by Imperfect Vaccination

Spring 2013 

  • Meeting days: Tuesdays
  • Meeting time: 3:00 pm — 4:30 pm
  • Room: 368 LIT

NEWS: SIAM Colloquium on Monday Feb 25th, 14th, 2013

  • 1nd SIAM Colloquium: Monday
  • Time: 4:05 pm — 4:55 pm
  • Room: Atrium (LIT 339)

Date     Speaker     Title    
01/29/2013      Cuong Ngo     Newton-based Bregman Operator Splitting with for Parallel Image Reconstruction

02/12/2013     Hayriye Gulbudak   A Structured Avian Influenza Vaccination Model

02/25/2013     Prof. Max Gunzburger     The science of ice sheets: the mathematical modeling and computational simulation of ice flows    
03/19/2013     Prof. Pando Georgiev     Reproducing Kernel Banach Spaces and applications   
04/02/2013     Hossein Pourbashash     A Mathematical Model and Analysis for Babesiosis Disease in Bovine and Tick Populations   
04/16/2013     Xie Xu     Sparse Approximation of Volumetric Data    

Fall 2012

Date     Speaker     Title    
09/05/2012      William Hager     Limited Memory Conjugate Gradients

09/19/2012     James Hungerford
Edge Directions of Polyhedra and Their Role in Optimization

10/03/2012     Delphine Mico     A measure of the extent of the Violation of the KKT conditions using an Active set Method    
10/31/2012     Omar Saucedo     An Avian Influenza Model   
11/14/2012     Hayriye Gulbudak     Modeling Culling in Avian Influenza    
12/5/2012     Dr. Scott A. McKinley     Sensing and Decision-Making in Random Search   

Spring 2012

Date    Speaker    Title   
01/31/2012    Cuong Ngo   Minimizing a quadratic over a sphere    
02/07/2012    Hongyan Hou   Convergence Analysis for Pseudospectral Methods in Optimal Control    
02/14/2012    Cameron Browne   Modeling Within-Host Virus Dynamics: The standard model, applications, and extensions.

02/21/2012    Maryam Yashtini   A fast algorithm for sparse reconstruction based on shrinkage, subspace optimization and continuation    
02/28/2012    Roberta De Asmundis     On spectral properties of steepest descent methods    
03/20/2012    Delphine Mico   Estimating the Violation of the KKT Conditions    
03/27/2012    Professor Guanghui Lan   Stochastic First- and Zero-order Methods for Nonconvex Stochastic Programming

04/03/2012    James Hungerford   Edge Directions in Polyhedral Optimization Part 1   
04/10/2012    James Hungerford   Edge Directions in Polyhedral Optimization Part 2    
04/17/2012    Maryam Yashtini   Bregman Operator Splitting With Variable Stepsize For Total Variation Image Reconstruction    

Fall 2011

Date    Speaker    Title   
09/7/2011    James Hungerford   A Continuous Multilevel Solver for the Vertex Separator Problem    
09/21/2011    Maryam Yasthini   The Bregman Operator Splitting With Barzilia/Borwein Step Size for Image Reconstruction    
10/5/2011    James Hungerford   Local Optimality Conditions for Weakly Concave Quadratic Programs    
10/26/2011    Delphine Mico   Estimating the Violation of the KKT Conditions    

Spring 2011

Date    Speaker    Title   
01/26/2011    James Hungerford   Solving a Projection Problem Using Lagrangian Duality    
02/09/2011    Maryam Yashtini   A Unified Primal-Dual Algorithm Framework Based on Bregman Iteration    
02/21/2011    Prof. Gilbert Strang   Fast Transforms: Banded Matrices With Banded Inverses    
02/28/2011    Prof. Asen Dontchev   Constrained Spline Interpolation    
03/16/2011    Prof. Pando Georgiev     Continuous selections, quasi-variational inequalities and generalized Nash equilibrium problems for lower semi-continuous strategy maps    
03/30/2011    Olivia Prosper   Assessing the Role of Spatial Heterogeneity and Human Movement in Malaria Dynamics and Malaria Control    


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