winter pet tips Winter tips for pet owners

As the winter season approaches, here are some tips to keep your pets safe during the festivities and season related events.

Holiday pets Begging for a bite of holiday dinner?

Research shows that pets are more likely to gain unwanted pounds during this holiday period than any other time of year. Is your pet a healthy weight? A pet may be overweight and even observant owners may not realize it.

Sad dog When fleas attack

Operation: Protect Our Pets is a collaboration between IFAS Extension and UF Veterinary medicine to create educational videos for pet owners. When Fleas Attack has information on the life cycle, prevention, and detection of fleas.

Veterinary Emergency Treatment Pet emergency?

The Emergency and Critical Care team headed by board-certified emergency veterinarians provides 24-hour services and critical care of seriously ill hospitalized patients in our intensive care unit.

How to care for your pet hedgehog

See our general recommendations for nutrition, housing, and environment for your pet hedgehog.

Veterinary Oncology Veterinary cancer care

We have the best tools available to maximize the chances for a good outcome in our veterinary oncology patients. Our primary goal is to make a difference in quality of life for your companion animal.

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Recent News

Veterinarians, dentist collaborate to help cat through unique dental procedure

A cat is recuperating well after receiving a metal prosthesis to correct a palate injury in his mouth, thanks to a unique collaborative dental procedure performed at the UF Small Animal Hospital.

Equine sports complex at UF a new resource for horse owners

The UF College of Veterinary Medicine has added a new equine sports performance complex to examine horses with subtle injuries. The main goal of the new complex is to treat horses before their injuries become irreversible.

Road work may cause delays

A road resurfacing of SW 16th Avenue in front of the Veterinary Hospitals may cause delays to our visitors. Please plan some additional time to arrive to your appointments.

UF veterinarians report spike in leptospirosis cases

UF veterinarians report seeing a spike in leptospirosis cases, urge practitioners and pet owners to be vigilant.

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