meso-scale-discovery Meso Scale Discovery offers special discount for ICBR Monoclonal Customers

Meso Scale will be on site to train ICBR’s Monoclonal core on their multiplex biomarker assay. As a special offer to our customers, there will be a 50% off discount […]

a35d3786-e94b-4f7c-9da0-eca552f69aa2 ICBR to Lead Kerafast Reagent Access Program at UF

The University of Florida has partnered with Kerafast, a reagent company looking to advance life science research by facilitating access to a variety of biological reagents from leading laboratories around […]

CGRC Night ICBR Sanger Sequencing service to transition to commercial vendor in coming months

Dear ICBR Colleagues and Customers;           After decades of service to the UF community, the ICBR has begun the process of transitioning Sanger operations toward commercial […]