Karen using the new SEM Electron Microscopy Core gains new Scanning Electron Microscope

On April 20th, ICBR’s Electron Microscopy Core installed a new Scanning Electron Miscroscope (SEM), the Hitachi SU5000. The new SEM can process samples up to 80 mm in height and […]

Fiscal Year End Photo Important UF Fiscal Year End Update

Due to UF’s fiscal year end on June 30, 2015, ICBR’s upcoming billing schedule will be altered as follows: Important Dates June 29 — Last fiscal year 2015 invoices will […]

CRISPR Sigma Aldrich - ICBR service ICBR-SIGMA partnership provides CRISPR products at affordable price

The Interdisciplinary Center for Biotechnology Research is partnering with SIGMA-Aldrich to provide University of Florida researchers with access to experimental design consultation, bioinformatics expertise and SIGMA’s robust line of CRISPR products […]