ProteinSimple Wes Save time and money with simple westerns at ICBR

The days of traditional Western blots are over! Wes, an automated Western that takes place in a capillary, saves time and money. Wes automates all the steps of a traditional […]

sampledropofffridge How-To: Using the Sample Drop-Off Refrigerator

ICBR offers three sample drop-off locations on the University of Florida campus. At each location, ICBR customers may drop off their Sanger Sequencing and Gene Expression samples for the following services only: Sanger […]

Qui-Xing Welcome, Qiu-Xing Jiang – New Electron Microscopy Faculty Director

Qiu-Xing Jiang, PhD, came to the United States to earn his PhD at Yale University and later pursued a postdoctoral position at Rockefeller University. Upon completion, he became an assistant […]