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A. Write out numerals nine and under.

B. Use numbers for:

  1. Figures 10 or over, including ordinals, e.g., 22nd.
  2. Days of the month, omitting rd, th, st, nd.
    1. April 6, June 1
  3. Degrees, ratios, percentages, persons' ages.
    1. longitude 6°7'06"W
    2. 21.5°F below zero
    3. 6 percent
    4. 7 years old
  4. Dollars in all except casual references.
    1. The book cost $4.
    2. Dad, please give me a dollar.
  5. Apply appropriate guidelines (see No. 1) for items in a series.
    1. They had 10 dogs, six cats and 97 hamsters.
  6. Sums that are cumbersome to spell out, but spell out the word million.
    1. 17.9 million
    2. 3 million (note use of digit, since 3,000,000 is being represented)
  7. Write phone numbers with the area code set off by a hyphen, e.g., 800-555-1212.
  8. Use extended ZIP codes wherever possible.

C. Avoid Unnecessary Ciphers

  1. Hours of the day: 7 p.m., 7:30 p.m., noon, midnight. Do not put 12 in front of noon or midnight. Do not say 7 p.m. tonight. Do not use 7:00 except in lists of events, etc., to preserve alignment of type.
  2. In amounts of money with the dollar sign: $3 (not $3.00), unless tabulated in columns.
  3. Do not begin a sentence with numerals; supply a word or spell out the figures. Please note that numbers below 100 should be hyphenated when they consist of two words.
    1. thirty-nine
  4. Do not add a numeral in parentheses after it's written in words:
    1. three copies, not three (3) copies

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