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AAH Ambassadors


Andrew Collins

Name:  Andrew Collins

Major:  Architecture

Hometown:  Lexington, SC

Quote:  Earning a Bachelor of Arts in Architecture at Clemson has enabled me to collaborate with students in different majors. Not only has this strengthened my perspective of who I will be designing for in the future, it has also enabled me to give back to the University that has already given me so much.

Name:  Danielle Drinkuth

Major: Architecture

Hometown: Cincinatti, OH

Quote: I love architecture because of the family-like environment and I am constantly surrounded by people who inspire my passion for design.

Danielle Drinkuth
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Communication Studies

Madison Cooper

Name:  Madison Cooper

Major:  Communication Studies

Hometown:  Georgetown, SC

Quote:  The greatest blessing that comes from majoring in Communication Studies at Clemson is that the curriculum is student friendly. The flexibility and diversity of the major coursework allows students to create their own path, whether it be to focus on politics, mass media, sports, the healthcare industry, or public relations.

Name:  Mary Sarah Komar

Major:  Communication Studies

Hometown:  Columbia, SC

Quote:  I like my major because the professors make a true effort to get to know their students and make sure you are engaged in course material.

Mary Sarah Komar

Virginia Wilson

Name:  Virginia Wilson

Major:  Communication Studies

Hometown:  Columbia, SC

Quote:  Nothing could be finer than to be a Clemson Tiger.

Name:  Jessica Rose Wiseman

Major:  Communication Studies

Hometown:  Summerville, SC

Quote: I love that my major teaches me to examine issues while being able to confidently speak about them.

Jessica Wiseman

Colby Lanham

Name:  Colby Lanham

Major:  Communication Studies

Hometown:  Seneca, SC

Quote:  My major gives me the ability to tell stories and interact with a myriad of audiences in a number of ways.

Name:  Lainey Hanna

Major:  Communication Studies

Hometown:  Statesboro, GA

Quote:  I love Communication Studies because of the unique research opportunities we have as undergraduates where we can contribute to the field!

Lainey Hanna

Jessica White

Name:  Jessica White

Major:  Communication Studies

Hometown:  Cumming, GA

Quote:  My favorite part of my major is getting the opportunity to meet other influentical people who are currently in the field of public relations and sports

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Construction Science and Management

Jared Watts

Name:  Jared Watts

Major:  Construction Science and Management

Hometown:  St. Matthews, SC

Quote:  A favorite aspect of my major is learning teamwork skills that are crucial in the Construction industry as well as in all avenues of life in general.

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Name:  Beth Ann Miralia

Major:  English

Hometown:  Charlotte, NC

Quote:  I absolutely love being an Ambassador for AAH because of the unique perspective it provides. Reassuring and convincing prospective students about the college of AAH allows me to reflect on my time here at Clemson.

Beth Ann Miralia

Cara Sizemore

Name:  Cara Sizemore

Major: English

Hometown:  Greer, SC

Quote:  I love the tightly knit community that you get within the English major. I've grown close to students and teachers alike, which makes my classes both more fun and more enlightening.

Name:  Diana Kline

Major:  English

Hometown:  Manassas, VA

Quote:  My favorite aspect of my major is that all my classes are discussion based so I really get to know my professors and fellow students.

Diana Kline

Nicole Burkart

Name:  Nicole Burkart

Major: English

Hometown:  Great Falls, VA

Quote: My favorite part about AAH was the opportunity I had to travel abroad, this past summer, to Brussels within the Communications Studies department. It was awesome to experience the culture and way of life on the other side of the world.

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Name:  Ben Manuel

Major:  History

Hometown:  Mount Pleasant, SC

Quote:  I love my major because it forces you to deal with many different topics, peoples, and ideas throughout time and the world, giving us history majors the ability to work in a variety of fields and environments.

Ben Manuel

Zach Roberts

Name:  Zach Roberts

Major:  History

Hometown:  Chester, SC

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Landscape Architecture

Name: Chad Smith

Major:  Landscape Architecture

Hometown:  Bethune, SC

Quote:  I like my major because I constantly get to explore new ideas and concepts while learning new ways to critically think about the world around me.

Chad Smith

Nicole Cary

Name:  Nicole Cary

Major:  Landscape Architecture

Hometown:  Mechanic Falls, ME

Quote:  I like that Landscape Architecture provides many opportunities to travel and explore, from site visits to conferences to study abroad. Because of the close knit community of studio, I have been able to take advantage of these opportunities with some of my best friends.

Name: Hannah Job

Major:  Landscape Architecture

Hometown:  Pendleton, SC

Quote:  The relationships that I have made while in the landscape architecture department, with peers and professors, will stay with me for the rest of my professional career. Every professor I have encountered has personally helped me in one way or another to expand my network and open doors.

Hannah Job
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Language and International Health

Dre Martin

Name:  Dre Martin

Major:  Language & International Health (Spanish)

Hometown:  Hartwell, GA

Quote: My major is special to me because I get the chance to combine both my interest areas in health/medicine and the Spanish language. It has taught me the importance and vaule in interdisciplinary approaches to solve public health issues.

Name: Ashleigh Frialde

Major:  Language & International Health (Spanish)

Hometown:  Buffalo, NY

Quote:  The best thing about my major (Language & International Health: Spanish) is that it requires you to study abroad. Not only are you able to be immersed within the language, you get to experience culture and practice and what you've learned in the classroom in real life.

Ashleigh Frialde
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Language & International Trade

Courtney Meeks

Name:  Courtney Meeks (Spanish)

Major:  Language & International Trade

Hometown:  Greenville, SC

Quote:  With L&It you get the best of both worlds. You gain a firm business back ground while exploring new languages and cultures that will give you the upper hand as the world becomes more globalized.

Name:  Abby Houston

Major:  Language & International Trade (Spanish)

Hometown:  Malvern, PA

Quote:  As an out-of-state student from Philadelphia, I get to enjoy the benefits of meeting new people and those from local areas who have shown me how awesome Clemson is. L&IT is a great major filled with interesting classes and amazing faculty, and is one I’m very proud of. The AAH Ambassador program has allowed me to learn more about my college, appreciate different majors, and meet some of my favorite people at Clemson.

Abby Houston

Samantha Verzella

Name:  Samantha Verzella (German)

Major:  Language & International Trade

Hometown:  Haddonfield, NJ

Name:  Caroline Wimbleton

Major:  Language & International Trade (Spanish)

Hometown:  Manchester, England

Quote: I love being a part of such a unique major that emphasizes real international experience and cultural immersion outside of the classroom.

Caroline Wimbleton

Breen Weir

Name:  Breen Weir

Major:  Language & International Trade (French)

Hometown:  Hitlon Head, SC

Quote:  The L&IT program is very specific to Clemson which makes it interesting to explain during job interviews and to people who are unfamiliar with the program. There are also extremely strong ties with alumni and the program has so many connections for graduates in the job search.

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Modern Languages

Joanna Nieman

Name: Joanna Nieman

Major: History

Hometown:  Central, SC

Quote:  My favorite Clemson memory is not one specific event but all the amazing people I’ve met here and the good times we’ve had together.

Name:  Kayla Maybin

Major:  Modern Languages-American Sign Language

Hometown:  Charlotte, NC

Quote:  Anything worth doing is worth over-doing. Tigers fans are always over the top and love it!

Kayla Maybin
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Name:  Elliot Barrow

Major:  Philosophy

Hometown:  Charleston, SC

Elliot Barrow

Margaret Christie

Name:  Margaret Christie

Major:  Philosophy

Hometown:  McCormick, SC


I love the relationships I have developed with my professors and fellow students within the Philosophy and Communication Studies departments. These small environments facilitate honest, engaging conversations about the course materials, which allows everyone to challenge and learn from one another..

Name:  Kamairi Fayall

Major:  Philosophy

Hometown:  Alvin, SC

Quote:  Nothing worth having in life comes easy. Work hard, play hard, and excel beyond measure. Philippians 4:13 is the motto.

Kamarir Fayall
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Religious Studies

Name:  Charlie Browning

Major:  Religious Studies

Hometown:  Carmel, IN

Quote:  I love Religious Studies because you get to develop great relationships with the faculty. One of the benefits of being part of a smaller department is the frequent and personal interaction you get to have with your professors. I consider my religion professors friends outside of the classroom, and I feel as though I can talk to them about anything, regardless of whether or not it relates to religion.

Charlie Browning
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