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GEOL 4030,6030 Invertebrate Paleontology 3 credits (F-even years)...Life of past geologic ages, as shown by fossilized remains of ancient animals, with emphasis on the invertebrates. Prerequisite: GEOL 1010 or consent of instructor.

GEOL 4050,6050 Geomorphology 3 credits (S)...Surface features of the Earth - their form, nature, origin, development, and the rates and patterns of changes they are undergoing. Laboratory studies emphasize a process approach to terrain analysis stressing complex interactions of geologic, climatic and tectonic forces. Prerequisite: GEOL 1010, 1020 or consent of instructor.

GEOL 4080,6080 Geohydrology 3 credits (F)...Hydrologic cycle, aquifer characteristics, theory of groundwater movement, mechanics of well flow, experimental methods, and subsurface mapping. Prerequisites: GEOL 1010, 1020.

GEOL 4130,6130 Stratigraphy 3 credits (S)...Analysis of stratified rocks as the repository of earth history and the conceptual framework used to synthesize the world geologic record as a coherent whole; traditional litho-stratigraphy, modern seismic stratigraphy, biostratigraphy, magnetostratigraphy and current stratigraphic issues. Prerequisite: GEOL 3140 or consent of instructor.

GEOL 4150,6150 Analysis of Geological Processes 3 credits (F)...Introduction to methods for analyzing geological processes. Mathematical methods will be introduced to solve problems related to stream flow, reaction kinetics, radioactive decay, heat flow, diffusion, fluid flow through geologic media and related processes. Prerequisite: MTHS 2060 or consent of instructor.

GEOL 4210,6210 GIS Applications in Geology 3 credits (S)...Introduction to Geographic Information Systems with applications to current geological and hydrological problems. Topics will cover the use of Global Positioning Systems, spatial analysis and image analysis. Hands-on training with GIS software and techniques will be covered in the lab.  Prerequisite: Graduate standing and strong computer skills.

GEOL 4510,6510 Selected Topics in Hydrogeology 1-4 credits (F,S,SS)...Selected topics in hydrogeology with emphasis on new developments in the field. May be repeated for a maximum of six credits, but only if different topics are covered. Prerequisite: GEOL 3000 or 4080/6080, or consent of instructor.

GEOL 4590,6590 Biogeochemistry 3(3,0) Examines how biology directs mass and energy transfer between the lithosphere, biosphere, hydrosphere, and atmosphere. The scale of examination ranges from molecular to global. Topics include element cycling, mineral-microbe/plant interface, biomineralization, and biogeochemical applications to bioremediation, ecology, environmental toxicology, and biotechnology, Preq: CH 1020 or GEOL 3180 or consent of instructor.

GEOL 7900 Selected Topics in Earth Sciences 1-6(0-6,0-18) One or more earth science topics. Lecture and laboratory emphasize the incorporation of new or updated subject matter into classroom instruction. Restricted to elementary and secondary school teachers. May be repeated for credit, but only if different topics are covered.

GEOL 8000 Groundwater Geochemistry 3(2,3) Lectures and project-oriented field work focusing on processes controlling natural impurities in groundwater and the occurrence of inorganic, organic, and radioactive contaminants; solution equilibria, chemical weathering, oxidation-reduction, utilization of radioactive isotopes as tracers and studies of contamination plumes. Preq: CH 1020 or equivalent.

GEOL 8010 Field Geophysical Techniques 3 credits (S-odd years) ...Project oriented field study of basic geophysical methods used for shallow geological investigations and for environmental site characterization. Techniques/interpretation include seismic, electrical and electromagnetic sounding, ground-penetrating radar, magnetics, gravity, self-potentials, and borehole geophysics. Emphasis is on basic principles and physical understanding of the geophysical methods with applications in mind. Prerequisite: Consent of instructor. Instructor: Dr. Moysey

GEOL 8030 Geostatistics 3 credits (F-odd years)...Numerical and statistical treatment of geological data emphasizing the analysis of spatially and temporally distributed variables and unique aspects of geological variables. Topics include methods of sampling geological data, quantitative procedures for reducing the dimensionality of geological data sets, and techniques for presentation and interpretation of results. Prerequisite: EXST 3010 or MTHS 3010.

GEOL 8050 Advanced Stratigraphy 3 credits (F-even years)...Classification, distribution, chronologic succession and correlation of sedimentary rocks; interpretation of features of strata in terms of their origin, depositional environment, paleogeography and relation to organic evolution; Atlantic Coastal Plain stratigraphy. Prerequisite: GEOL 4130/6130 or consent of instructor.

GEOL 8060 Aquifer Characterization 3 credits (F-even years)...Characterization of aquifers from the microscopic scale to the regional scale. Geological origin of aquifers and modification by diagenetic and deformational processes. Application of subsurface geological techniques to data acquisition and interpretation. Prediction of fluid occurrence and flow by integrating results of subsurface analysis.

GEOL 8070 Tectonics 3(3,0) Deformation processes and features of the Earth's crust at the regional to global scale; characteristic structures of active rift, transform and convergent margins; origin of mountain belts and sedimentary basins within a plate-tectonic framework. Preq: GEOL 3020 or consent of instructor.

GEOL (EES) 8080 Groundwater Modeling 3 credits (F)...Mathematical and computer modeling of groundwater flow and nonreactive solute transport through geological formations; conceptual flow models for geologic systems; formulation of governing mass and energy conservation equations; application of analytical, numerical and stochastic models to real-world problems. Prerequisite: GEOL 4150/6150 or consent of instructor.

GEOL (EES) 8090 Subsurface Remediation Modeling 3 credits (S)...Lectures and computer exercises involving subsurface remediation methods, including groundwater extraction, soil vapor extraction, steam flooding and a variety of other techniques; modeling flow of multiphase and multicomponent mixtures in porous medium. Prerequisite: GEOL/EES 8080 or consent of instructor.

GEOL (EES) 8100 Analytical Methods for Hydrogeology 3 credits (F-odd years)...Analytical mathematical methods for modeling subsurface fluid flow and transport processes including saturated water flow, unsaturated gas zone flow, chemical transport, and heat transfer, emphasizing the derivation and solution of governing equations for modeling subsurface flow and transport. Prerequisite: GEOL/EES 8080 or a graduate groundwater course or consent of instructor.

GEOL 8110 Rock Physics 3 credits (S-even years)...Experimental and theoretical rock physics taught at an advanced level. Electrical, fluid-transport, and seismic properties are covered in detail. Special emphasis is placed on the rock/solution interface and how that interface affects electrical, fluid transport, and seismic properties. Other topics such as magnetic, mechanical and thermal responses are discussed briefly. Prerequisite: Consent of instructor.

GEOL 8130 Environmental Geochemistry 3 credits (S-odd years)...Inorganic geochemistry, specifically the distribution of trace elements in rocks, regolith, water. Topics include micronutrients and concepts of essentiality; health problems related to natural occurrence of toxic elements; environmental pollution arising from non-ferrous metal mining, coal mining and coal use, gasoline additives; urban and regional geochemistry. Prerequisite: GEOL 3180 or consent of instructor.

GEOL 8140 Environmental Sedimentology 3 credits (F-odd years)...Environmental-based applications of sedimentology to developing an understanding of heterogeneity and scale, fluid flow and saturation, sediment-fluid interactions, and modeling approaches; field and laboratory methods; case studies; implications to environmental sustainability. Prerequisite: Consent of instructor.

GEOL 8160 Aquifer Systems 3 credits (S-odd years)...Hydrogeologic characteristics of selected major aquifer systems in the US and elsewhere; conceptual models for the controls of recharge, discharge, and flow through aquifers in different geologic settings; development of numeric models to simulate natural and stressed aquifers. Prerequisite: GEOL 4080/6080; GEOL/EES 8080 or consent of instructor.

GEOL 8180 Hydrogeology of Fractured Aquifers 3 credits (S-even years)... Processes and characteristics of fluid flow through naturally and artificially fractured subsurface formations; principles of flow in dual porosity materials, characterizing fractures and fractured aquifers, mechanics of fracture formation, methods of inducing fractures from wells; case studies and applications. Prerequisite: GEOL 4080/6080; GEOL/EES 8080 or consent of instructor.

GEOL 8500 Selected Topics in Environmental Geology 1-4 credits (F,S)...Selected topics in environmental geology emphasizing subsurface contamination. May be repeated for a maximum of six credits, but only if different topics are covered. Prerequisite: Consent of instructor.

GEOL 8510 Geology Seminar 1 credit (F,S)...Students review current topics in geology and make oral presentations.

GEOL 8750 Hydrogeology Summer Field Camp 6 credits (SS)...Groundwater geology field techniques including examination of surface exposures, analysis of cores and geophysical well logs, subsurface mapping, aquifer performance tests and groundwater remediation. Prerequisite: Consent of instructor. Instructor: Dr. Murdoch

GEOL 8910 Master’s Thesis Research (F,S,SS)...Credit to be arranged.

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