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Nearly everyone knows the story of the famous Greek mathematician Archimedes who, upon discovering his famous principle of fluid displacement while in a bath tub, ran naked through the streets shouting “Eureka!,” Greek for “I found it!” Calhoun Honors College students have the opportunity to share Archimedes’ spirit of discovery. Experiences in Undergraduate Research, Exploration and Knowledge Advancement (EUREKA!) is a unique and exciting  program that will enable honors students to pursue research and scholarly activities with faculty across all disciplines.

In addition to the advantage they will gain from their five-week research experiences, EUREKA! participants will be provided on-campus housing. There will also be several social and extracurricular activities including white-water rafting, day hikes and outings to sporting or cultural events.

EUREKA! Brochure

EUREKA! 2014 Application Opens April 1, 2014!

ALL accepted, incoming freshman, Honors students for Fall 2014 are eligible to apply for EUREKA!  If you have questions regarding EUREKA! please feel free to contact the Calhoun Honors College by e-mail or phone (864-656-4762) or you may e-mail one of the counselors below.  

You will find the EUREKA! application here: 2014 EUREKA Application.

  • The deadline to sumbit the application is May 4, 2014 (11:59pm).

Important Dates

  • 2014 EUREKA! Program Dates — June 27, 2014 - August 2, 2014
  • Application due date — Sunday, May 4, 2014 (11:59pm)
  • Notification of admission to EUREKA! — Monday, May 19, 2014 (11:59pm)
  • Deposit due - Monday, June 2, 2014
  • Opening dinner — Friday, June 27, 2014

Program Fees

  • $50 application fee to apply
    • The fee is credited toward program cost if the student is selected for the program. 
    • The fee is refunded if the student is not selected for the program.
    • The only way a student does not receive an application refund is if  they are selected for the program and then choose not to attend.
  • $500 program fee (see due date above)
  • $500 meal plan fee
  • No refunds given to any student expelled from the EUREKA! Program.

So....to summarize

  • $1000 total program cost
    • This includes $500 in TigerStripe meal plan
    • Housing
    • Most of the extra-curricular activity cost
  • $200 is refunded to the students who successfully complete the program. This will be refunded to the students' TigerStripe card in mid-September after program ends.
  • Bringing the final adjusted cost of the program to only $800.

Meet the EUREKA! 2014 Counselors

2014 E! Head Counselor    

Hey y’all my name is Cody Davidson and I am a rising sophomore from Simpsonville, SC. This summer I will have the privilege of being your head counselor. I am a chemical engineering major and am pursuing a business administration minor as well. I participated in EUREKA! this past summer. I was given the opportunity to work in a chemical engineering lab designing a drug delivery system that utilizes gold nanoparticles to bind with medicine inside a lipid vesicle. The lipid vesicle is designed to break and leak the medicine into the body at a designated area. I loved my lab and am still participating in my research that I started during the EUREKA! program.

My favorite thing about my EUREKA! experience was the freedom that it offered. I am a huge sports fan and enjoy doing just about anything active. On my free time I was able to hit the campus recreation center, Fike, enjoy time on Bowman field kicking the soccer ball or throwing the Frisbee, or even go to the Y beach and play volleyball or swim in the lake. Additionally, I was exposed to many new styles of music and movies from my friends. My time in EUREKA! helped to gain a wider range of interests and introduced me to some of my best friends. My goal for this summer is for y’all to broaden your horizons and to utilize the program as a springboard to jump out to an amazing start as a Clemson student. I know that there will be many questions and concerns from many of you, so feel free to contact me at any time and I will be more than happy to help you in any way that I can.   Go Tigers!

Cody Davidson, Chemical Engineering, (864) 918-8159  cmdavid@clemson.edu

2014 E! Counselor    

Hey everyone!  My name is Nicholas DeGrood and I am a rising sophomore from Lakeville, Minnesota majoring in both Health Sciences and Biological Sciences.  I was so fortunate to be a participant of the 2013 EUREKA! Program and now am so excited to be a counselor for the program this summer!  My research last year centered on the purifying of water polluted with organic-contaminants by means of using carbon nanotube membranes to filter out the particles.  I absolutely loved the research and have continued with research in the lab, but have now switched projects to work with stimuli-responsive polymers that may change properties in different environments.

Narrowing down my favorite thing about EUREKA! last year would be much too difficult, but I can recall many of things I enjoyed, such as traveling to cool places, going to Fike Recreation Center to play basketball, or just chilling out at Lightsey with the other Eurekans.  Plus, as tennis player, the use of the campus courts was a major plus side.  There were so many new experiences provided to me through the program and a newfound freedom that made the program the most memorable summer I have ever had with the greatest friends I could have made.  My goals for this year are to provide every one of the participants a summer of new experiences that they will never forget and a leap ahead of their peers upon arrival to Clemson University.  I can’t wait to meet the 2014 EUREKA! participants! 

If you have any questions about the program or about anything here at Clemson University, feel free to contact me at ndegroo@g.clemson.edu or at (952) 607-7471.

Go Tigers!  Nicholas DeGrood, Health Sciences and Biological Sciences,

2014 E! Counselor    

Hi Everyone!  My name is Lauren Pruett and I am a freshman from Weaverville, NC majoring in Bioengineering.   I was fortunate enough to participate in EUREKA! this past summer, and I am so excited to be counselor this summer!   Participating in EUREKA! was one of the best decisions I ever made; not only did I get a head start on my Clemson experience, but I also made many lifelong friends.  This year I will be continuing my research from last summer in Dr. Alexis’s lab working on a project involving tissue engineering with cellular spheroids.   EUREKA! was the absolute best way for me to spend my summer before my freshman year and I definitely encourage you all to apply!  During the five week program you will not only get acquainted with a professor and become involved in research, but you will also meet some of your Clemson family, go on awesome weekend trips, and get to see some of Clemson’s best features.   Whether it is rubbing Howard’s rock, going to Y beach, learning how to swing dance, or playing soccer on Bowman field, I can assure you that this summer will contain some of your favorite Clemson memories.  Our goal is to make this summer the best EUREKA! program yet, and if you have any questions, or need some further convincing, please feel free to contact me at lpruett@g.clemson.edu or (828)280-5858.

Meet a EUREKA! Faculty Mentor

Dr. Michael Sehorn is an Assistant Professor in the Genetics and Biochemistry Department.  His research subject area is "Cancer, DNA Repair."  The project title of his research is "Isolation and Characterization of a DNA repair protein." Professor Sehorn's project will be a valid means for teaching research methods. The research intern will learn many techniques during their research experience. They will be directly involved in the research, and depending on the experiment or activity, the intern will work individually or as a team with graduate students and Dr. Sehorn. No previous experience, skills, or knowledge is required to perform research in his lab. He offers an invitation for the student to continue the project they started for the duration of their four year tenure at Clemson University.

Read below what Dr. Sehorn says about EUREKA!

Michael Sehorn

"The EUREKA! program provides incoming students with the opportunity to get a head start on their scientific careers through research.  This is a valuable opportunity for students that have aspirations of attending a medical, dental, law, graduate or some other postgraduate school.  These schools are looking to discern between the truly superior students and the exceptional students.  Because the difference between the two groups of students is usually not with the student's GPA, anything a student can do to distinguish themselves from their peers will help them with their applications to postgraduate schools.  The EUREKA! program is a step in the right direction toward this goal.  As a research intern, the student is exposed to laboratory techniques and procedures they would not normally experience.  If the student wishes to continue their research throughout their tenure at Clemson University, it is highly likely that the results from the student's research will be published in a peer-reviewed scientific journal.  Lastly and probably most important, the student gains a mentor early in their undergraduate studies.  The benefit of this relationship manifests in the letter of recommendations that is often the deciding factor in acceptance to any postgraduate school."

What do parents have to say about EUREKA!.....A LOT!  

"EUREKA! was a positive experience.  It gave our daughter a chance to meet other Honors students, to get to know the Clemson campus, to meet and work with professors and to activate her brain during the summer.  All the way around a plus for her." --Bob Wall

"I spoke with my son the first week after he moved in.  There was a definite difference in his voice - it was clear he had found his new 'home'.  If he had been any happier he would have been a shooting star across the sky - great experience, great people!"

"EUREKA! was such a positive experience for our daughter.  It provided a chance to become acclimated to university life, develop great friendships, and work closely with a professor and grad student on a research project.  Finally, the EUREKa! staff and  the "fun activities" they arranged, were AWESOME! --Wes Watts

"Truly Exceptional! The commitment of University and Calhoun Honors College Faculty and staff was unparalleled"

In the words of Dr. Seuss - "Don't cry because it's over; smile because it happened"

"EUREKA! provided the best and most productive use of our son's 'summer before college' time. If he had been any happier he would have spontaneously combusted!"

"This has been such a great opportunity for a reserved student, not used to being away from home.  She made new friends, learned the campus, and thoroughly enjoyed the research."

"We are happy that Robert had this chance to participate in such a great program.  He had a wonderful time. --Syliva and Allen Gunter

"What a great opportunity to get a jump start on undergraduate research in such a fun environment.  I am so happy my daughter chose Clemson!"

EUREKA! exceeded all our expectations.  This program is a great way to introduce students to Clemson."

"Thanks to Clemson for creating this amazing opportunity for our son."  --Marla Reece

"EUREKA! was a wonderful opportunity for our child to meet students and faculty, to be challenged academically, and to discover his own talents and interests."

"We knew he was having a great time by the smiles on facebook. It went too quickly.  The program was a great introduction to the Clemson community! The best hidden secret ever!"

"EUREKA! has been a wonderful opportunity for our son to get to participate in undergraduate research, learn his way around the Clemson campus, and meet lots of new friends - all before his freshman year ever began!  EUREKA! is a great way for both students and parents to transition into college!"

"Today is the last day of EUREKA!.  My daughter said "This is a sad day."

Most important, what are the EUREKA! students saying....

"EUREKA! is a wonderful program that combines fun and school in such a way that you're sad when it ends."

"I could never forget or regret EUREKA!"  --Katie McGreevey

"EUREKA! is a wonderful opportunity to meet fellow honors students and to have a chance to gain an understanding of the major you intend to pursue."              --Bobby Emmett

"The EUREKA! program gave me an opportunity to meet new people, become familiar with campus and contribute to meaningful research.  I might even get published in two grad students' papers."

"EUREKA! was the foundation on which my undergraduate experience will be built."

"This program gave me the opportunity to pursue research, in renewable energy, a subject that I'm very passionate about, that will help me as I begin my studies."  --Turner Cotterman

"EUREKA! was an amazing program; it helped so much in preparing for school this fall and it allowed me to make great friends.  --Rober Gunter

"The most fun you will have going to school for the summer!"

"EUREKA! is like a cookie!"

"EUREKA! was a great way to learn campus and meet lots of new friends before starting an amazing year at Clemson. It was a great way to spend the summer. --Victoria Baker

"EUREKA! was not just an opportunity for me to try something new within a subject I loved, it allowed me to become a part of the Clemson family."

EUREKA! is a program that allows you to meet new people that become your family, to gain valuable knowledge in an academic area, and to create lifelong memories."

"Loved it!  Would give my left, big toe to do it again."  --Taylor Adams

"One of the best experiences ever!"

"EUREKA! is a great way to become familiar with campus and establish relationships with faculty who are willing to support us throughout our four years.  --Sarah Clays

"The EUREKA! program doesn't just give you an opportunity to learn about things you are interested in, it allows you to discover new interests that you had never even thought of."

"EUREKA!: The inelastic collision of work and fun!"

AND LAST, BUT DEFINIETLY NOT LEAST - "EUREKA! gives every participant the chance to have their very own 'eureka' moment - without having to run naked through downtown."[like Archimedes did]

"Not only did EUREKA! engage me in research, but more importantly it helped me establish connections with all of my classmates."

Want to know more.... Read the 2014 EUREKA! Projects and Descriptions .

EUREKA! Faculty

Please click here for the EUREKA! Faculty Research Proposal Form.  If you have any technical problems please contact our Technical Support Group.  General questions can be emailed to CUHonors-L@clemson.edu.


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