The Department of Parks, Recreation, and Tourism Management

Dr. Jeffrey C. Hallo

Associate Professor
Email: jhallo@clemson.edu
Tel: 864-3237
Location: 280B Lehotsky Hall

B.S. Wildlife/Fisheries Biology and Chemistry, Frostburg State University
M.S. Technical Management - Project Management, Johns Hopkins University
Ph.D. Natural Resources, University of Vermont

Area of Specialty
  • Park and protected area planning and management
  • Outdoor recreation
  • Carrying capacity
  • Sustainable transportation and motorized recreation in parks
  • Visitor and nature-based tourist assessments – distributions, counts, attitudes, needs

Additional Professional Responsibilities:  
Associate Editor  - Leisure Sciences, Journal of Park and Recreation Administration

Research Interests: Dr. Hallo’s research activities are focused on understanding, planning for, and managing recreational visitor use in parks, forests, and other protected areas.  His research has focused on sustainable transportation planning in national parks, scenic driving/motorized recreation (e.g., off-highway vehicles [OHVs], all-terrain vehicles [ATVs], and motorboats), crowding/carrying capacity, night recreation, nature-based tourism development, and modeling of recreational use patterns.  Methods, tools, and concepts used in this research include normative theory, indicator/standards-based planning frameworks (e.g., Visitor Experience and Resource Protection [VERP] and Limits of Acceptable Change [LAC] frameworks), discrete-event simulation modeling, GPS, GIS, visual simulations, surveys, and qualitative research techniques.  Dr. Hallo’s projects in the last several years include:
  • Research to support the application of the Visitor Experience and Resource Protection (VERP) Program at Pinnacles National Monument:  Development of preliminary indicators and standards of quality
  • Research to support the application of indicator and standard-based recreation management frameworks on the Clemson University Experimental Forest: An assessment of recreational trail use, impacts, and issues
  • Good lighting practices research for the study of the social aspects of natural night and light resources in parks and protected areas
  • Visitor management and carrying capacity at Cumberland Island National Seashore
  • Perceptions of climate change at Kenai Fjords National Park
  • Development of an action plan to increase the sustainable and regionally appropriate use of natural and historic resources in Union County, South Carolina
  • Development of a sustainable tourism/destination centerpiece strategy for the Rocky Knob Area of the Blue Ridge Parkway (Floyd and Patrick Counties, VA)
  • An examination of factors influencing ridership of the Island Explorer Bus System at Acadia National Park
  • Needs and feasibility assessment for the development of additional campground facilities at Buck Hall Recreation Area, South Carolina
  • Visitor survey of the South Carolina Botanical Gardens

Publications (last 5 years): (* indicates graduate student advisee)
Hallo, J. C., Brownlee, M. T. J., Manning, R. E., Park, L. O. B., & Valliere, W. A. (in review). Contextual influences and respondent interpretation of visually-derived normative standards: Considerations for the determination of carrying capacities. Leisure Sciences.

Dogbey, J., Quigley, C. F., Che, M., & Hallo, J. (in press). Using smartphone technology in environmental sustainability education: The case of the Maasai Mara Region in Kenya. International Journal of Mobile and Blended Learning.

Quigley, C. F, Dogbey, J., Che, M., & Hallo, J. (in press). Investigating local sustainable environmental perspectives of Kenyan community members and teachers. Cultural Studies of Science Education.

Brownlee, M. T. J.*, Hallo, J. C., Moore, D. D., Powell, R. B., & Wright, B. A. (in press). Lake recreationists' attitudes towards water conservation: The influence of place attachment, awareness of drought impacts, and beliefs in climate change. Society & Natural Resources.

Brownlee, M. T. J.*, Hallo, J. C., Jodice, L. W., Moore, D. D., Powell, R. B., & Wright, B. A. (in press). Place attachment and marine recreationists' attitudes towards offshore wind energy development. Journal of Leisure Research.

Brownlee, M. T. J.*, Hallo, J. C., Moore, D. D., Powell, R. B., & Wright, B. A. (in press). Visiting a climate-influenced national park: The stability of climate change perceptions. Environmental Management.

Brownlee, M. T. J.*, & Hallo, J. C. (in press). Wilderness use motivations at Cumberland Island National Seashore. International Journal of Wilderness.

Manning, R., Lawson, S., Newman, P., Hallo, J., & Monz, C. (Eds.). (in press).  Sustainable transportation in the national parks: From Acadia to Zion. Lebanon, NH: University Press of New England.

Beeco, J. A.*, Huang, W-J.*, Hallo, J. C., Norman, W. C., McGehee, N. G., McGee, J., & Goetcheus, C. (in press). GPS tracking of travel routes of wanders and planners. Tourism Geographies.

Skibins, J. C.*, Powell, R. B., & Hallo, J. C. (2013). Charisma and conservation: Charismatic megafauna's influence on safari and zoo tourists' pro-conservation behaviors. Biodiversity and Conservation, 22, 959–982.

Smith, B. L.*, & Hallo, J. C. (2013). A system-wide assessment of night resources and night recreation in the U.S. national parks: A case for expanded definitions. Park Science, 29(2), 54-59.

Eagles, P., & Hallo, J. (2013). Parks and protected areas in Canada and the United States. In Human Kinetics, Introduction to recreation and leisure (pp. 93-126). Champaign, Illinois: Human Kinetics.

McGehee, N. G., Boley, B. B., Hallo, J. C., McGee, J. A., Norman, W. C., Goetchus, C., & Oh, C.-O. (2013). Doing sustainability: An application of an inter-disciplinary, mixed-method, and multi-university approach. Journal of Sustainable Tourism, 21, 355-375.

Brownlee, M. T. J.*, Powell, R. B., & Hallo, J. C. (2013). A review of the foundational processes that influence beliefs in climate change: Opportunities for environmental education research. Environmental Education Research, 19, 1-20.

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Lawson, S. R., Hallo, J. C., & Manning, R. E. (2008). Measuring, monitoring and managing visitor use in parks and protected areas using computer-based simulation modeling.  In R. Gimblett & H. Skov-Petersen (Eds.), Monitoring, simulation and management of visitor landscapes (pp. 175-188). Tucson, AZ:  University of Arizona Press.

Grants and Self-funded Research Projects:

Dr. Hallo has served as Principal Investigator or Co-Principal Investigator on 14 projects funded with over $850,000 in grant monies within the last 6 years.  Grants have been received from the U.S. National Park Service, U.S. National Forest Service, private individuals, and from Clemson University.  Also, Dr. Hallo has conducted several service-learning projects and unfunded research projects in combination with the teaching and advising he does for undergraduate and graduate students.

Courses Taught:
  • Advanced Recreation Resource Management (undergraduate course, traditional delivery)
  • Research Methods in Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management (both undergraduate and graduate courses, online and traditional delivery)
  • Recreation Behavior in Natural Environments (graduate course, online and traditional, also taught internationally)
  • Grants and Alternative Funding for Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management (graduate course, traditional delivery) 

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