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Amy Baczurik (Instructor since 2010)


Leisure Skills Courses Taught: Group Initiatives
How Amy first got introduced to group initiatives: I have taken classes in my undergrad career which have introduced me to all types of games and how they can help a group of people start to know each other and build friendships.
Amy’s favorite leisure memory: Meeting different people and forming friendships through team work and playing different types of games.
Certifications/Qualifications: BA in Sports Management and Minor in Coaching
Other Hobbies/Interests: Playing any type of sports, spending time with family and friends, shopping, shoes, shoes, and more shoes, being out at the lake.
Fun fact about Amy: I have a 14 yr. old chocolate lab/husky who is my world!

James Bartee (Instructor since 2006)

Leisure Skills Courses Taught:
Aikido, Self Defense
How James first got introduced to martial arts: I was employed as a Senior Special Agent with the United States Secret Service. I retired honorably with 25 years of service.
James’s favorite leisure skills memory: Watching students find the possibilities of other path and learn something about themselves.

Adam Beeco (Instructor since 2008)


Leisure Skills Courses Taught: Backpacking, Whitewater Kayaking
How Adam first got introduced to kayaking: I have been paddling for about 6 years. I started paddling without any formal instruction, but later took the Leisure Skills kayaking class. The class not only gave me a chance to better improve my skills, but it also taught me a lot about trip planning and understanding river levels.
Adam’s favorite leisure memory: The first run on any new river is always the most exciting and special.
Certifications/Qualifications: Wilderness First Responder, ACA Swiftwater Rescue, ACA Level 4 Whitewater Kayaking Instructor
Other Hobbies/Interests: Mostly just kayaking and backpacking
Fun fact about Adam:
I am also guide and instructor for Clemson Outdoor Recreation and Education program

Tim Burkett (Instructor since 2010)

Leisure Skills Courses Taught: Beginning Fly Tying
How Tim first got introduced to fly tying: I first learned to tie flies in the eighth grade as an intramural program.
Tim’s favorite leisure memory: Teaching my three year old niece how to tie her first fly.
Other Hobbies/Interests: Diving, Kayaking, Traveling
Fun fact about Tim: Can quote the entire movie Blazing Saddles by Mel Brooks

Hubert Cox (Instructor Since 2005)

Leisure Skills Courses Taught: Riflery
How Hubert first got introduced to shooting sports: I started shooting rifles in competition in my early teens. I have enjoyed the shooting sports all my life. I became a volunteer with 4-H Shooting Sports about 10 years ago and that eventually lead me to come to Clemson.
Hubert’s favorite leisure skills memory: All of my fond memories of my leisure skills classes revolve around all of the great students I have met.
Certifications/Qualifications: Certified 4-H Shooting Sports Instructor in Rifle, Pistol, Shotgun and Reloading.
Other Hobbies/Interests: Hunting and Travel

Tamara Cushing (Instructor since 2009)

Leisure Skills Courses Taught: Forestry Skills
How Tamara first got introduced to forestry skills: As a forestry student, my peers introduced me to axe throwing and cross-cut sawing. I found it to be a great stress reliever and something that anyone could do with or without any athletic ability.
Tamara’s favorite leisure memory: Each year the Southern forestry schools put on a competition. I have great memories of attending conclave at SFA, UF and UArk. You will never find another place where bitter football rivals cheer for each other.
Certifications/Qualifications: Competed as a student and have instructed for several years. I started a team at Univ. of Kentucky.
Fun fact about Tamara: I have competed in axe throwing and cross-cut sawing at local events and won money!

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Darcie Davis (Instructor since 2010)


Leisure Skills Courses Taught: Golf
How Darcie first got introduced to teaching golf: I teach the golf class at Tri-County Tech as well, and I heard through the grapevine that Clemson was looking for another golf instructor, so here I am.
Darcie’s favorite leisure skills memory: This is my first year teaching the course, but I'm sure there are many great memories to come!
Certifications/Qualifications:  4 Years College Golf at Anderson University, Head Golf Professional at Pickens Country Club for 2 Years, Teaching Professional for 5 Years
Fun fact about Darcie: I had my first hole-in-one last year at Brookstone Meadows Golf Club.

Michael Felak (Instructor since 2009)

Leisure Skills Courses Taught: Frisbee Sports, Bowling
How Michael first got introduced to bowling and Frisbee: Both my parents and grandparents are avid bowlers, so I have been bowling since I was 5. I started to play Ultimate Frisbee in 10th grade with some of my older friends and have been playing since.
Michael’s favorite leisure memory: Winning intramural championships in both bowling and ultimate leagues here at Clemson.
Certifications/Qualifications: First Aid/CPR
Other Hobbies/Interests: Watching sports, board games, video games
Fun fact about Michael: You may not know it by looking at me, but I can run really, really fast.

Jeremy Fix (Instructor since 2010)


Leisure Skills Courses Taught: Soccer
How Jeremy first got introduced to soccer: All my uncles played then making their kids and I play. They have loved it, we fell in love with it and we all have been playing ever since.
Jeremy’s favorite leisure memory: Playing futsal and beach soccer with my cousins growing up.
Certifications/Qualifications: 19 years playing outdoor, indoor, and futsal.
Other Hobbies/Interests: Bike, hike, swim, frisbee, travel
Fun fact about Jeremy: I can talk about Brasil (Brazil) all day.

Dennis Flemming (Instructor since 2001)

Leisure Skills Courses Taught: Learn to Dance, Shag, Intermediate Shag, Ballroom, Country Western Dancing
How Dennis first got introduced to dancing: I went to an old time square dance before I knew how to dance. Then 2 weeks later I started taking ballroom lessons at Author Murray dance studio.
Dennis’s favorite leisure memory: The first time I went to the Sand Flea Beach Club in Greenville, SC. I fell in love with shag dancing.
Certifications/Qualifications: 30 years as a dance teacher
Other Hobbies/Interests: Billiards, table tennis
Fun fact about Dennis: I love playing.

Susan Guynn (Instructor since 2008)


Leisure Skills Courses Taught: Women’s Hunting
How Susan first got introduced to hunting: I grew up hunting small game and fishing with my father. Dr. Bill Shain, my graduate advisor, taught me to shoot a bow. Subsequently, he took me on my first bow hunt. I then met my husband, Dave, who also hunted and my hunting expanded to elk, turkey and other game.
Susan’s favorite leisure skills memory: My favorite memory is watching the women of the class gain confidence in their abilities to hunt. It also is a great personal pleasure to watch the joy and excitement of their first hunt and harvest.
Certifications/Qualifications: Hunter Education Instructor, SAF Certified Forester, QDMA Deer Steward I
Other Hobbies/Interests: Fishing
Fun fact about Susan: I was rabbit hunting with my father when I was 3 years old.

Mike Harvell (Instructor since 2010)

Leisure Skills Courses Taught: Fly Fishing
How Mike first got introduced to fly fishing: My Dad and I would grouse hunt in the mountains and one spring we were looking at South Mountain Game Lands for potential hunting locations. We discovered a small creek that had trout and would open on the first Saturday of April ( 1960 ). We returned to fish this creek. My Dad was fly fishing with the lake fly rod and I was using light spinning. I caught a nice brown and a few rainbows; my Dad did move a fish or two. I did manage to get my Inch Minnow treble hook embedded deep into my thumb while holding the brown up for inspection. The Game Lands Warden removed the hook and told me not to feel bad; he had a man with a large plug in his ear lobe. Next trip my Dad and his friend (the school principal, Dr. Nelson) fly fished together; I had the lake fly rod but used my spinning gear to make sure I caught a fish. At lunch we met and shared our morning experiences. Nelson was a first class fly fisherman; he and my Dad have good results while I had mixed results (some sun perch and a few bows). Nelson offered to take me after lunch. I declined since I knew my Dad wanted more instructions and I was too young to know that fishing with the school Principal would not ruin my school status. I went down stream where the creek was some wider and proceeded to fly cast to some flashing suckers. Our meeting in the afternoon was the same for Nelson and Pop; I had just a shorter leader and fewer flies. This taught me two things; fish broken water and get instruction from anyone willing to share. I still have one of Nelson's hand tied flies, the one that took my first fly fishing trout a trip or two later to South Mountain Game Lands now a NC State Park.
Mike’s favorite leisure memory: Fly Fishing takes me around the world with a common ability to communicate with people I meet.
Certifications/Qualifications: Fly Fishing since 1961, written two publications, TU Fly Fishing Fly Tying Instructor since 1975
Other Hobbies/Interests: Retired 2008, I work as a consultant for construction disputes
Fun fact about Mike: I design flies.

Chris Heintze (Instructor since 2007)


Leisure Skills Courses Taught: Archery, Turkey Hunting
How Chris first got introduced to archery: I started bow hunting after I graduated through a co-worker and have been hooked ever since.
Chris's favorite leisure memory: Harvesting my first turkey with a bow.
Certifications/Qualifications: Certified 4H Archery Instructor
Other Hobbies/Interests: Hunting, fishing, golf, photography
Fun fact about Chris: Serious affliction to turkey hunting

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Jason Jordan (Instructor since 2004)


Leisure Skills Courses Taught: Golf
How Jason first got introduced to golf: I started playing golf when I was ten. My parents were wonderful enough to buy me a set of clubs, and I have been playing since.
Jason’s favorite leisure skills memory: Seeing everyone smile when they do it right!
Certifications/Qualifications: Golf professional Woodhaven Golf Course
Other Hobbies/Interests: Family
Fun fact about Jason: I'm a pilot and fly every week.

Bob Landers (Instructor since 2007)

Leisure Skills Courses Taught: Billiards
How Bob first got introduced to teaching billiards: I have enjoyed sports all my life. I met Dan Anderson and he introduced me to the Leisure Skills program.  I have been teaching ever since and enjoy it very much.
Bob’s favorite leisure memory: Knowing that the students can carry this on throughout their life is very enjoyable to me. One of my students went on to become a Leisure Skills billiards instructor herself.
Certifications/Qualifications: Master's education
Other Hobbies/Interests: Golf, music
Fun fact about Bob: Assistant coach for 3 state championship football teams.

Robert Lawson (Instructor since 2010)

Leisure Skills Courses Taught: Training Principles
How Robert first got introduced to training: I have been training consistently for 30+ years. I have hopefully become a bit wiser with age and therefore learned to train more efficiently. Train intensely, train smart, and get adequate rest.
Rob’s favorite leisure memory: It was the first world record I set. it took some time to get to that point and it was satisfying to accomplish that goal. I was so excited that night that I could not sleep, even though I had to compete the next day.
Certifications/Qualifications: Doctorate/All around good guy
Other Hobbies/Interests: Napping, wearing ridiculously cool t-shirts, sleeping in a cargo van down by the river
Fun fact about Rob:
I have a small mole that resembles Ronald Reagan's head.

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Tracy Mainieri (Instructor since 2007)


Leisure Skills Courses Taught: Camping & Backpacking, Challenge Recreation
How Tracy first got introduced to backpacking : I took my first backpacking trip as a Girl Scout on the Appalachian Trail in Upstate New York. Something about waking up in the morning to only sounds of nature with miles of trekking in front of me got me hooked!
Tracy’s favorite leisure memory: Hiking in Kakadu National Park in Australia and coming across rock art that was thousands of years old. It reminded me of the anciet ties between humans and nature.
Certifications/Qualifications: Wilderness First Aid/CPR, Leading trips for 6 years
Other Hobbies/Interests: Crafting, reading, hiking, photography, travelling, Harry Potter
Fun fact about Tracy: I want to be on the Amazing Race!

Christina Mazer (Instructor since 2010)

Leisure Skills Courses Taught: Wilderness First Aid
Certifications/Qualifications: Certified American Red Cross Instructor in Lifeguarding, CPR, First Aid, Wilderness First Aid
Other Hobbies/Interests: Cycling, hiking, shopping
Fun fact about Christina: Prior to teaching leisure skills I worked full time for The Marion Family YMCA as an aquatics director and swim team coach!

Gina McLellan (Instructor since 2009)

Leisure Skills Courses Taught: Tennis
How Gina first got introduced to tennis : I started playing tennis in middle school before it was really cool to play. Tried to get my college to start a women’s tennis team but was told if I wanted to play I had to try out for the men’s team. Stayed there for grad school; started the woman’s team.
Gina’s favorite leisure memory: Playing in the finals of a state tournament when I double faulted at match point causing us to lose the match. We still had a blast at the tournament, and losing didn’t make the memories any less exciting. Tennis is a game where you have to expect to win some and lose some.
Certifications/Qualifications: USTA League player; former teaching pro; love this sport
Other Hobbies/Interests: Travel, family, the environment and related volunteer efforts
Fun fact about Gina: Just helped our daughter get settled at the University of Oklahoma. She is thrilled; I miss her already.

Glenn Middleton (Instructor since 2009)


Leisure Courses Taught:  Top Rope Climbing
How Glenn first got introduced to climbing: A friend took me to a rock wall near my high school.
Glenn's favorite leisure memory: The view at the top of the climb -- very well earned.
Certifications/Qualifications: American Mountain Guide Association Single Pitch Instructor
Other Hobbies/Interests: Whitewater canoeing, mountaineering, ice climbing, mountain biking, baking

Sarah Mudder (Instructor since 2010)

Leisure Skills Courses Taught: Photography
How Sarah first got introduced to photography: For many years I worked overseas with impoverished people groups in Africa and South/Central America. I started documenting the work I was doing, the places I would do, etc. Eventually that hobby grew into a career that I love!
Sarah’s favorite leisure memory: My favorite memory to date would be the time I spent in Gulu, Uganda doing photo documentary work for an NGO called Sports Outreach Institute. They are doing amazing work and changing lives every day. The people we met were beautiful and so full of life so they were a joy to photograph!
Certifications/Qualifications: Freelance Photographer, Owner Best Gal Photography, Previous Guest Instructor
Other Hobbies/Interests: Traveling, Hanging out in the woods with my cool husband, Cooking, Painting, and Photography of course!
Fun fact about Sarah: I was my middle school chess champion. Very cool.

Phaedra O’Connell (Instructor since 2006)


Leisure Skills Courses Taught: Basic Yoga, Kripalu Yoga, Vinyasa Flow Yoga
How Phaedra first got introduced to yoga: I tried doing a yoga video with my step mother when I was about 13. In 1987 when I was a freshman in college I picked up a book called Sivananda Companion to Yoga. I taught myself yoga from the book. I still love it and meditate or do yoga daily.
Phaedra’s favorite leisure memory: I love doing yoga outside. When I was 20 I drove to California from West Virginia and remember doing yoga looking out at the Redwood Forest. I used to technical rock climb and loved to stretch into my favorite yoga position on the top of the mountain.
Certifications/Qualifications: Vinyasa Yoga Certified, Kriya Yoga Initiated, 8 years teaching, 21 years experience, First Aid and CPR
Other Hobbies/Interests: Hiking, kayaking, climbing, raising my two daughters.
Fun fact about Phaedra: The first time I did yoga, I was 13.

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Stephanie Pack (Instructor since 2008)

Leisure Skills Courses Taught: Belly Dance I, Belly Dance II, Middle Eastern Dance 
How Stephanie first got introduced to belly dance: I started taking belly dancing lessons on a whim my senior year of high school. I loved it so much I continued studying and dancing as much as I could…and still do!
Stephanie’s favorite leisure skills memory: My favorite memories involving Belly Dance? Going to see “The Devil Wear’s Prada” with the most influential Belly Dancers in the US, Jamila & Suhaila Salimpour. Rushing home from the airport to make sure that Morocco (world famous belly dancer & researcher) didn’t miss her all-time favorite show, “Monk”!
Certifications/Qualifications: Level I Suhaila Salimpour Method, 15 years experience in Middle Eastern Dance
Other Hobbies/Interests: Travel, reading, shopping, cooking
Fun fact about Stephanie:
I am fluent in German!

Eileen Powell (Instructor since 2007)

Leisure Skills Courses Taught:
Environmental sculpture
How Eileen first got introduced to environmental sculpture: I have had a lifetime passion for the outdoors and art. This class combines these two passions perfectly.
Eileen’s favorite leisure skills memory: Watching the students immerse themselves into their surrounding environment and witnessing their changes. Students become more aware of the colors, textures, and shapes of the natural world. One student said “ I will never be able to walk in the woods the same way after this class”
Certifications/Qualifications: Masters of Fine Arts – ceramic sculpture
Other Hobbies/Interests: Kayaking, Mt. Biking, hiking, just being outside
Fun fact about Eileen: Former U.S. Canoe & Kayak team member

Ed Prater (Instructor since 2006)

Leisure Skills Courses Taught: Shotgun Sports, Women’s Shotgun
How Ed first got introduced to shotgun:  I have enjoyed shooting my entire life. I was introduced to shotgun shooting more than 20 years ago by my next door neighbor. Shooting a moving target was so much fun. I was hooked. Teaching other people to shoot is as much fun as learning yourself.
Ed’s favorite leisure skills memory: The biggest “surprise” for me has been the visibly improved self-confidence of many of the students after they discover they can successfully shoot a shotgun.
Certifications/Qualifications: National Sporting Clays Association level 2 instructor, National 4H shotgun instructor, USA Shooting/NRA level 2 shotgun coach, Amateur Trapshooting Association level 2 shotgun coach
Other Hobbies/Interests: Shooting clays with my wife, reloading metallic and shotgun ammunition
Fun fact about Ed: Worked off-road racing programs with my former employer

Anita Reina-Nunnelley (Instructor Since 2005)

Leisure Skills Courses Taught:
Ashtanga Yoga, Basic Yoga, Kripalu Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Meditation and Relaxation
How Anita first got introduced to yoga: My first exposure to yoga was a class in Anniston AL in 1998 and was immediately hooked! I spent the next 3 years studying under that very teacher. Inspired by the practice, I continue to travel nationwide for teacher trainings and certifications.
Anita’s favorite leisure skills memory: There are many memories, but most of all I have to say my favorite classes are those that are outside in the gardens. No matter if we are practicing meditation or yoga, everyone leaves class with a smile.
Certifications/Qualifications: RYT Yoga Alliance 230 hours
Other Hobbies/Interests: In addition to yoga and meditation, I love to cook, hike, camp, travel, dance and rock climb.

JoAnn Roesch (Instructor since 2005)

Leisure Skills Courses Taught: First Aid/CPR, First Aid/CPR for the Professional, Sport Safety First Aid
How JoAnn first got introduced to CPR training: While working at NASA - Johnson Space Center in the Cardiovascular Research Lab, I was asked to provide CPR training to other researchers and lab associates.
JoAnn’s favorite leisure skills memory: I enjoy the many stories the students share of their opportunities to use the skills practiced in this class. A student performed CPR on a person in the community while on a Clemson sponsored activity, several students have provided assistance for choking victims, and many various other First Aid assistance in the community and on campus.
Certifications/Qualifications: R.N., C.C.H.C., Red Cross Instructor for above courses
Other Hobbies/Interests: Travel, water sports, Clemson athletic events
Fun fact about JoAnn: I was part of the NASA Shuttle Medical Support Team and I have taught CPR for 30 yrs, in Europe for 5 years.

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Ben Slade (Instructor since 2008)

Leisure Skills Courses Taught:
Advanced Ultimate Frisbee
How Ben first got introduced to ultimate Frisbee: I started playing ultimate my freshman year of college. A few upperclassmen started a club, and after I attended my first tournament I was hooked!
Ben’s favorite leisure memory: I competed in a 4 day beach ultimate tournament in Rimini, Italy. Three games a day against teams from Russia, Germany, Canada, England, and others. What an incredible experience!
Certifications/Qualifications: Level 1 UPA Certified Coach; Coach, Clemson Ultimate; Captain, Clemson Ultimate (2 years); Captain, Covenant College Ultimate (3 years)
Other Hobbies/Interests: Decision-making research
Fun fact about Ben: I have 7 brothers, six of which also play ultimate.

Kelly Smith (Instructor since 2008)


Leisure Skills Courses Taught: Hapkido, Meditation & Relaxation
How Kelly first got introduced to hapkido and meditation: I began taking hapkido classes here at Clemson in 2002 when my doctor started talking about the fact that I was middle-aged, fat and lazy. Hapkido got me interested in meditation and, through that, I was led to learn more about Buddhism.
Kelly’s favorite leisure memory: For hapkido, it would have to be getting my yellow belt – anything beats white. For meditation, I suppose it was the first time when, during a meditation session, I came to really understand something I had previously read about Buddhism and grasped merely intellectually. 
Certifications/Qualifications: 1st Degree black belt, wol ge kwon hapkido; Ph.D. in Philosophy
Other Hobbies/Interests: Whitewater kayaking, RV camping
Fun fact about Kelly: I love CIV IV!

Robert Taylor (Instructor since 2003)

Leisure Skills Courses Taught:
Whitewater Kayaking, Outdoor Leadership
How Robert first got introduced to outdoor recreation: I was introduced to the world of outdoor recreation in a leisure skills course! I took an LS Whitewater Kayaking class in the Spring of 1999.
Robert’s favorite leisure memory: A seven day rafting trip down the San Juan River in southern Utah. An amazing river and canyon!
Certifications/Qualifications: WFR, ACA WW Kayak Instructor, ARC Wilderness First Aid Instructor
Other Hobbies/Interests: Rafting, Canoeing
Fun fact about Robert: I have a 6 month old son named Alex.

Lauren Toperzer (Instructor since 2010)


Leisure Skills Courses Taught: Running & Jogging
How Lauren first got introduced to running: I love to work out and eat healthy and have been a runner for a couple of years now. I just recently started to train and ran my first half marathon. I am a fitness instructor so I love to motivate people to work out.
Lauren’s favorite leisure memory: Finishing my first half marathon. Never thought I could do it.
Other Hobbies/Interests: Fitness classes, strength training, outdoor recreation
Fun fact about Lauren: I was born and raised on the Jersey Shore!

Emily Turke (Instructor since 2010)


Leisure Skills Courses Taught: Tennis
How Emily first got introduced to tennis: My father taught my brother and I how to play tennis at a young age and I have been competing since then!
Emily’s favorite leisure skills memory: There are too many wonderful memories to choose from!
Certifications/Qualifications: Competed in state and regional junior tournaments, played varsity tennis 4 years at Western Carolina University, has been teaching lessons for 2 years
Other Hobbies/Interests: Backpacking, paddling, any outdoor activity!
Fun fact about Emily: I hosted my own cooking show series!

Thomas Urso (Instructor since 2007)

Leisure Skills Courses Taught: Sport Kenjitsu
How Thomas first got introduced to Sport Kenjitsu: As an assistant instructor for the Clemson Tae Kwon Do club, the group, as well as I, decided to attend the Battle of Atlanta karate tournament. While there I met a man who was providing free Sport Kenjitsu/Chanbara seminars. After 1 1/2 hrs of non-stop sparring, I became his student.
Thomas’s favorite leisure skill memory: Although there are many positive experiences, I would have to say that simply watching the students enjoying the training is what stands out the most.
Certifications/Qualifications: Menkyo (licensed instructor)
Other Hobbies/Interests: Martial arts, fine arts, history
Fun fact about Thomas: Cast member of the film “Reclaiming the Blade”

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Heather Walker (Instructor since 2009)

Leisure Skills Courses Taught:
Marathon Training
How Heather first got introduced to marathons: I completed several marathons and did not have any guidance for the correct way to train. After learning from my own mistakes and talking to others with similar experiences, I decided a course in marathon training would be ideal.
Heather’s favorite leisure skill memory: Watching students achieve their goals by progressing through physical fitness in a methodical and orderly manner. Also, watching students learn to balance fitness into their daily routine.
Certifications/Qualifications: PhD in Microbiology, Instructor for Human Anatomy and Physiology, completed 19 marathons, 3 Ironman triathlons
Other Hobbies/Interests: If I don’t sit down I’ll never get tired! I enjoy biking, swimming, running, walking my dogs, working in my yard, home improvement projects that involve rocks and concrete, and a really cold beverage after my hard work.
Fun fact about Heather: I am driven by people who say something can’t be done. Favorite quote: ”Be the change you wish to see in the world- Gandhi.”

Michael Watts (Instructor since 2006)

Leisure Skills Courses Taught: Introduction to Fly Fishing
How Mike first got introduced to fly fishing: I was introduced to Fly Fishing through the local Trout Unlimited Chapter in Greenville SC during the mid seventies. It brought a whole new perspective to my favorite sport. Through fly fishing I also learned that good conservation practices go along with the sport.
Mike’s favorite leisure skills memory: I thoroughly enjoy watching students catch their very first fish on a fly rod. Sometimes it is their first fish ever! I enjoy receiving notes and photos from students who continue the sport after graduation and knowing that I had an opportunity to introduce these students to a sport/hobby that will last a lifetime.
Certifications/Qualifications: Fly Fishing and Fly Tying 34 years. Taught at many seminars and meetings during these past years.
Other Hobbies/Interests: Fly tying
Fun fact about Mike: An absolute Fly Fishing Fanatic!

Richard Willey (Instructor since 2004)

Leisure Skills Courses Taught: Hunting Traditions, Turkey Hunting
How Rick first got introduced to hunting: I got started hunting through my Dad. He did a lot of hunting and fishing during my childhood years. I have very vivid and fond memories of going both fishing and hunting with my Dad, and continue to do so today, although, not as much now. I can remember harvesting my first squirrel with my Dad like it was yesterday. I now have two boys of mine own, ages 12 and 15, and very much enjoy spending time in the outdoors with them. I found myself teaching them the same life lessons that my Dad taught me in the field, good woodsmanship, safety, etc.
Rick’s favorite leisure skills memory: Although I welcome all students to my course(s) with varying levels of experience, my fondest memories all those that involve students with no prior experience and watching them grow and mature in the class. I have special memories of students harvesting their first game during the class.
Certifications/Qualifications: Director of SC 4-H Shooting Sports program; NRA certifications, and numerous National level 4-H Shooting Sports Certifications; National 4-H Hunting and Shotgun Instructor
Other Hobbies/Interests: Hunting, fishing, gardening

Kelly Williams (Instructor since 2008)

Leisure Skills Courses Taught: Lifeguarding
How Geoff first got introduced to lifeguarding: I have been involved in swimming since I was 7 years old and swam all 4 years at the collegiate level. When I was 16 I was certified as a lifeguard and I lifeguarded for several years before I started managing pools in my community.
Kelly’s favorite leisure memory: My favorite memory from lifeguarding would be the interaction I had with all the kids. They made the job real enjoyable and they always made each day a different day.
Certifications/Qualifications: Certified Lifeguard Instructor, Certified CPR/AED/First Aid Instructor
Other Hobbies/Interests: Working out, running, and shopping
Fun fact about Kelly: Pink is my favorite color.

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