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Faculty & Staff

Core Faculty

Chen thumbnail Liwei Chen, MD, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Dept of Public Health Sciences
Edwards 511
Tel. (864) 656-6694

Research Interests: Nutritional Epidemiology; Diet and nutrition in relation to chronic diseases; Electronic medical records; and Biostatistics

Crandall thumbnail Lee Crandall, Ph.D.


Dept of Public Health Sciences
Edwards 513
Tel. (864) 656-3082

Research Interests: Health policy and bioethics; Epidemiology and prevention of substance abuse; Access to and quality of health and disability services.

Dye thumbnail Cheryl Dye, Ph.D.

Director, Institute of Engaged Aging

Professor, Dept of Public Health Sciences

Dept of Public Health Sciences
Edwards 535A
Tel. (864) 656-4442

Research Interests: Aging Health; Chronic disease management; Community Activism; Health-coaching to promote self-management of chronic disease; Income and elder nutrition; Mitigating mental changes that occur with aging

Falta thumbnail Deborah Falta, Ph.D.

Undergraduate Program Coordinator, Senior Lecturer

Dept of Public Health Sciences
Edwards 535
Tel. (864) 656-1627

Research Interests: Air and drinking water quality risk assessment; Children's environmental health research; Community preparedness for outbreaks of disease; Environmental contaminants and autoimmune disease; Environmental health; Epidemiology; Risk regulation perception and health policy

Gimbel thumbnail

Ronald Gimbel, Ph.D.

Chair and Associate Professor

Dept of Public Health Sciences
Edwards 501
Tel. (864) 656-1969

Research Interests:  Clinical decision making, clinical documentation, mobile health, chronic disease management, medical informatics, and public health informatics

Sarah Griffin, Ph.D. Clemson Public Health Sciences

Associate Professor

Dept of Public Health Sciences
Edwards 507
Tel. (864) 656-1622

Research Interests: School based health; Obesity prevention; Increasing physical activity; Coordinating community health initiatives; Community activism/development; Child exercise; and Adolescent pregnancy prevention

Kemper thumbnail Karen Kemper, Ph.D.

Graduate Program Coordinator, Associate Professor

Dept of Public Health Sciences
Edwards 533
Tel. (864) 656-5490

Research Interests: Physical activity and autoimmune disease/scleroderma; Physical activity; Obesity prevention; Nutrition; Girls on the run; Community initiatives; Body-image

Kingree thumbnail Kip Kingree, Ph.D.


Dept of Public Health Sciences
Edwards 517
Tel. (864) 656-4290

Research Interests: Addictive behavior/addiction; Indicators of teen dating violence; Participation in intervention and sustained abstinence from drugs; School predictors or violent criminality in adulthood; Substance abuse prevention in minority populations

Mayo thumbnail Rachel Mayo, Ph.D.

Department Research Coordinator, Professor

Dept of Public Health Sciences
Edwards 519
Tel. (864) 656-7435

Research Interests:  Women and maternal health; Rural health; Perceptions of latino patients in cancer care settings; Minority health; International health/epidemiology; HPV vaccine; Epidemiology; Cultural competence in healthcare; Cancer prevention and control; Breast and cervical cancer survivor witness stories

Meyer thumbnail Kathleen Meyer, M.S.

Internship Coordinator and Senior Lecturer

Dept of Public Health Sciences
Edwards 531
Tel. (864) 656-1898

Research Interests:  Professional development and public health workers; Internship program

Sherrill thumbnail Windsor Westbrook Sherrill, Ph.D.

Associate Vice President for Health Research at Clemson University & Chief Science Officer at Greenville Hospital System (GHS) 

Dept of Public Health Sciences
Edwards 521
Tel. (864) 656-0263

Research Interests: Business and health; Healthcare Economics; Healthcare finance and management; Hospital administration; Medicaid/Medicare; Obamacare

Lu Shi thumbnail Lu Shi, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Dept of Public Health Sciences
Edwards 525
Tel. (864) 656-0405

Research Interests: Behavioral and cognitive economics; Health economics; Health simulation and modeling; Population health; Research methods

Spitler thumbnail Hugh Spitler, Ph.D.


Dept of Public Health Sciences
Edwards 509
Tel. (864) 656-7434

Research Interests: Adolescent health; Alcohol use/abuse on college campuses; Evaluation and outcomes assessment in public health; Men's health; Social and behavioral epidemiology

Truong thumbnail Khoa Truong, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Dept of Public Health Sciences
Edwards 529
Tel. (864) 656-4704

Research Interests: 
Health economics and quantitative methods; Environmental determinants of health behaviors and outcomes; and Substance abuse

Eric Walker thumbnail Eric Walker, MHA, RVT, RDCS

Manager and Visiting Lecturer for the Cardiovascular Imaging Leadership concentration

Dept of Public Health Sciences
GHS-Patewood campus, 200-C Patewood Dr.
Suite 300
Tel. (864) 454-2889

Research Interests:  Cardiovascular Imaging Sonography

Welsh thumbnail Ralph S. Welsh, M.S.


Dept of Public Health Sciences
Edwards 527
Tel. (864) 656-7158

Research Interests:  Athletic training and performance; Exercise science; Nutrition

Williams thumbnail Joel Williams, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Dept of Public Health Sciences
Edwards 523
Tel. (864) 656-1017 

Research Interests: Certified athletic trainers and high school sports; Childhood obesity; Community health; Nutrition and physical activity/exercise science; Obesity and chronic disease prevention and control; Program evaluation and health research; School based health

Zhang thumbnail Lingling Zhang, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Dept of Public Health Sciences
Edwards 515
Tel. (864) 656-1218

Research Interests: Health policy research; Community based care and interventions in promoting healthy lifestyles and constraining risk factors

Research & Post-doctoral Faculty

Zachary A. Connor, MD

Zachary A. Connor, MD

Post-doctoral Fellow

Dept. of Public Health Sciences & Greenville Hospital System
Tel. (978) 944-2899

Download Dr. Zachary Connor's CV

Research Interests:  

General Radiology; Advanced Radiology in Neuroradiology; Behavioral Neuroscience

Karen W. Edwards, M.Ed.

Karen W. Edwards, M.Ed.

Research Associate

Dept. of Public Health Sciences
Edwards 415
Tel. (864) 710-6997

Download Karen W. Edwards CV

Research Interests:  

Mobile Health Technology, Behavior Modification, Health Education, and Exercise Science

Eke Ransome

Ransome Eke, MD, Ph.D., MPH

Post-doctoral Fellow

Dept. of Public Health
Sciences &
Greenville Hospital System
Tel. (864) 656-5502

Download Dr. Ransome Eke's CV

Research Interests:  

Pediatrics gastroenterology and endocrinology;
Lung cancer survival; HIV/AIDS; Population health and health services.

Holder thumbnail Sharon Holder, Ph.D.

Embedded Research Scientist at GHS and Research Assistant Professor

Greenville Health System & Dept of Public Health Sciences
Office:  Greenville Health System
Tel. (561) 318-2553

Research Interests:  Gerontology; Racial and ethnic health disparities; End-of-Life issues among older people; Cultural barriers to health care; Intergenerational relationships; and Global aging and the role of public policy in aging research

Xi Pan thumbnail

Xi Pan, Ph.D.

Post-doctoral Fellow

Greenville Health System & Dept of Public Health Sciences
Office: Greenville Health System
Tel. (864) 656-4442

Research Interests:  Population health; Health disparities; Quantitative research; Medical sociology; Self-management of chronic disease; Quality of life; Comparative international studies; Epidemiology and demography of aging

Adjunct & Visiting Faculty

Amani thumbnail

Annah Amani, Ph.D.

Visiting Lecturer

Dept of Public Health Sciences
550 Edwards
Tel. (864) 349-8915

Research Interests: 
Global Women's health; Maternal child health issues; and Community development and public health work in rural populations

Charles thumbnail

Debra Mitchell Charles, M.A.

Visiting Lecturer

Clemson University, CCIT
2007 Barre Hall
Tel. (864) 656-8144

Research Interests: Health Communication; Health Information Systems

DesJardins thumbnail John David DesJardins, Ph.D.

Adjunct Professor

Associate Professor, Dept. of Bioengineering
Clemson University
301 Rhodes
Tel. (864) 656-4178

Research Interests: Bioengineering

Dr. Brent Egan thumbnail Brent M. Egan, M.D. 

Professor of Medicine

MUSC, College of Medicine
135 Rutledge Ave.
Rm: 1230B
Tel. (843) 792-1715

Research Interests:  Hypertension; Obesity; metabolic syndrome; Treatment resistant hypertension

Fred Fraizer thumbnail

Fred Fraizer, M.A.

Visiting Lecturer

Dept of Public Health Sciences
550 Edwards Hall
Tel. (864) 656-5502

Research Interests: 
Strategic/financial planning; Organizational development; Operational and financial management; Associate and medical relations; and Community development

Vincent Gallicchio thumbnail Vincent S. Gallicchio, Ph.D., M.L.S, C.M.

Adjunct Professor

Professor, Biological Sciences
Clemson University
122 Long
Tel. (864) 650-6702

Research Interests: 
Mobile technology devices in healthcare

Anjali Joseph, Ph.D., EDAC, Joint Adjunct Associate Professor in Public Health Sciences

Anjali Joseph, Ph.D., EDAC

Associate Professor, Secondary Appointment

Endowed Chair, School of Architecture
Clemson University
2-141 Lee Hall
Tel. (864) 656-2440

Research Interests: 
Relationship between the built environment and health outcomes; Multidisciplinary approaches to improving patient safety in healthcare; and The role of the built environment in promoting population health.

Jennifer Snow, MBA, Adjunct Lecturer in Public Health Sciences

Jennifer Snow, MBA

Adjunct Lecturer

Director of Accountable Communities
Greenville Health System
122 Long
Tel. (864)706-7357

Research Interests: 

Ronda Keller, M.Ed, RT, RDMS, RVT

Visiting Lecturer

Greenville Technical College
Tel. (864) 420-7777

Research Interests: Ultrasound physics in vascular sonography

J. Thornton Kirby thumbnail J. Thornton Kirby, J.D.

Adjunct Associate Professor

President & CEO, S.C. Hospital Association
1000 Center Point Rd.
Columbia, SC  29210-5802
Tel. (803) 796-3080

Research Interests:  Health Administration

Jim McCubbin index Jim McCubbin, Ph.D.

Adjunct Professor

Professor, Dept. of Psychology,
Clemson University
312-E Brackett
Tel. (864) 656-3929

Research Interests: Stress and Health

Morrison thumbnail Deidra J. Morrison, Ph.D.

Adjunct Assistant Research Professor

Dept of Public Health Sciences
Tel. (864) 656-5502

Research Interests: Understanding digital behaviors and investigating factors contributing to negative behaviors enacted with digital technology; Development of social technologies that support online interaction

Clinical Faculty

Bruce Lessey thumbnail Bruce Lessey, M.D., Ph.D.

Clinical Professor

Director, Reproductive Endocrinology & Infertility,
Dept. of Obstetrics & Gynecology
Greenville Health System,
890 W. Faris Rd.; Suite 470
Greenville, S.C.  29605

Tel. (864) 455-1600

Research Interests:  Women's Health and Reproduction

Emeritus Faculty

Costello thumbnail Gerald Costello, Ed.D.

Emeritus Associate Professor

Dept of Public Health Sciences
Tel. (864) 656-5502 

Administrative Staff

Rebecca Coffey thumb pic Rebecca Coffey

Assistant to the Dept Chair

Dept of Public Health Sciences
Edwards 503
Tel. (864) 656-5502

Angie Wolff thumb pic Angie Wolff

Business Manager

Dept of Public Health Sciences
Edwards 505
Tel. (864) 656-5865

Janet Evatt thumb pic Janet Evatt

Research Program Coordinator I

Dept of Public Health Sciences
Edwards 406
Tel. (864) 656-0779

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