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by Level
Degree SeekingU/GMastersDoctoralTotal
Non-Degree SeekingU/GGraduateTotal

Student head count for fall term.

by Gender

Student head count for fall term.

by FT/PT Status
Full TimePart TimeTotal

Student head count for fall term.

by Ethnicity

Student head count for fall term.

NR=Non-Resident Alien, H=Hispanic, AS=Asian, PI/HA= Pacific Islander/ Hawaiian, AA=Black or African American, AI/AN= American Indian/Alaskan Native, W=White, 2+=2 or More, U=Unknown
Undergrad Residency by location*
InstateOut of StateTotal

Student head count for fall term.
*graph represents undergrad only

Degrees Awarded

Degrees awarded for May and August of the selected year and December of the previous year.

Includes Fall 2013 and
Spring and Summer of 2014     Applied, Accepted, Enrolled
Freshman Transfer
AppliedAcceptedEnrolled Applied AcceptedEnrolled
20,75710,6923,475 2,7091,7121,293

Head count of undergraduate students admitted for fall term.

University Employees by Gender

Employee head count for fall term.
"Full Time" refers to Full Time Regular Employees.
"Part Time" refers to anyone Part Time or Temporary

Enrollment by Level
by Department and Level
DepartmentU/GMastersDoctoralNon Degree GradTotal
Animal & Veterinary Sciences4291280449
Biological Sciences1,5142393301,786
CAFLS Dean's Office63141437
Campbell Grad Engr Program0143610204
Chemical & Biomolecular Eng2271330261
Civil Engineering35872710501
Coll Business & Behavioral Sci0003232
Communications Studies2662100287
Construction Science and Mgmt1392800167
Dean of Arch,Arts&Humanities1460484198
Dean of Engineering & Science1001718
Dean of Health,Educ,HumanDev000233233
Electrical & Computer Engr53391990723
Engineering and Science Education0010010
Environmental Engr & Earth Sci19573300298
Family Outreach0410041
Food, Nutrition & Package Sci52844250597
General Engineering1,8570001,857
Genetics and Biochemistry3450320377
Graphic Communications3581100369
Industrial Engineering315200310546
Inst on Fmly & Nhd Life (IFNL)0034034
Landscape Architecture52220074
Leadrshp,Counsl Ed,Hum&Org Dev0308920436
Materials Science&Engineering11413490176
Mathematical Sciences18822980308
MBA Programs036600366
Mechanical Engineering712134580904
MPA Program0500050
Office of Undergrad Stud176101178
Parks Recreation & Tourism Mgt49361440598
Performing Arts8700087
Philosophy and Religion5400054
Physics and Astronomy754580137
Planning, Development and Preservation0820082
Policy Studies0017017
Political Science298000298
Public Health Sciences383030386
School of Accountancy6336800701
School of Ag and Env Sciences69363630819
School of Architecture23910400343
School of Computing581138860805
School of Nursing41783173520
Sociology and Anthropology209800217
Teacher Education526103400669

Student head count for fall term.

Enrollment by Gender
by Department and Gender
Animal & Veterinary Sciences78371449
Biological Sciences6031,1831,786
CAFLS Dean's Office181937
Campbell Grad Engr Program18222204
Chemical & Biomolecular Eng19071261
Civil Engineering395106501
Coll Business & Behavioral Sci24832
Communications Studies68219287
Construction Science and Mgmt15116167
Dean of Arch,Arts&Humanities74124198
Dean of Engineering & Science12618
Dean of Health,Educ,HumanDev14219233
Electrical & Computer Engr608115723
Engineering and Science Education2810
Environmental Engr & Earth Sci168130298
Family Outreach132841
Food, Nutrition & Package Sci236361597
General Engineering1,4184391,857
Genetics and Biochemistry145232377
Graphic Communications90279369
Industrial Engineering365181546
Inst on Fmly & Nhd Life (IFNL)52934
Landscape Architecture403474
Leadrshp,Counsl Ed,Hum&Org Dev141295436
Materials Science&Engineering12452176
Mathematical Sciences176132308
MBA Programs250116366
Mechanical Engineering82183904
MPA Program252550
Office of Undergrad Stud11068178
Parks Recreation & Tourism Mgt290308598
Performing Arts533487
Philosophy and Religion351954
Physics and Astronomy10037137
Planning, Development and Preservation414182
Policy Studies11617
Political Science157141298
Public Health Sciences92294386
School of Accountancy484217701
School of Ag and Env Sciences566253819
School of Architecture199144343
School of Computing665140805
School of Nursing40480520
Sociology and Anthropology94123217
Teacher Education110559669

Student head count for fall term.

Enrollment by Ethnicity by Department and Race
College of Agriculture, Forestry & Life Sciences92115119220213,36096964,065
College of Architecture, Arts & Humanities839241813911,72644462,153
College of Business & Behavioral Science17013056031854,138921375,055
College of Engineering & Science1,1052021819241875,1531781497,422
College of Health & Human Development602911813501,49034951,862
School of Education132425122088619341,105

Student head count for fall term.

NR=Non-Resident Alien, H=Hispanic, AS=Asian, PI/HA= Pacific Islander/ Hawaiian, AA=Black or African American, AI/AN= American Indian/Alaskan Native, W=White, 2+=2 or More, U=Unknown

New definitions for race and ethnicity have been adopted to implement the US Office of Management and Budget’s (OMB) 1997 Standards for Race and Ethnicity. Under the new guidelines, individuals may select an ethnicity and one or more races. Hispanic is defined as a person of Cuban, Mexican, Puerto Rican, South or Central American, or Spanish culture or origin, regardless of race. To match Federal reporting guidelines, all who select Hispanic will be reported under this category and non-Hispanic individuals who select more than one race will be reported in the category titled, Two or More races. Those who select non-Hispanic and a single race will be reported under that race. The new definitions separate Asian, and Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander, however historical data reported under Asian may include Pacific Islanders.

We are currently in the process of switching our data (including historical data) to the new definitions. Race/Ethnicity Data taken from this site prior to September 2010 may not exactly match current racial/ethnic role-ups due to the new definitions. Please let us know if you have any questions.
Enrollment by FT/PT Status
by Level and Status
LevelFull TimePart TimeTotal
First Year (Freshman)3,297203,317
Second Year (Sophomore)4,281794,360
Third Year (Junior)4,0731274,200
Fourth Year & Beyond (Senior)4,8783285,206
Unclassified Undergraduate43134177
Graduate I (Masters)1,6211,1642,785
Graduate II (Doctoral)1,2412311,472
Unclassified Graduate24280304

Student head count for fall term.

by Department and Status
DepartmentFull TimePart TimeTotal
Animal & Veterinary Sciences43019449
Biological Sciences1,5412451,786
CAFLS Dean's Office231437
Campbell Grad Engr Program19311204
Chemical & Biomolecular Eng2538261
Civil Engineering47823501
Coll Business & Behavioral Sci42832
Communications Studies2834287
Construction Science and Mgmt15314167
Dean of Arch,Arts&Humanities18513198
Dean of Engineering & Science51318
Dean of Health,Educ,HumanDev11222233
Electrical & Computer Engr68340723
Engineering and Science Education7310
Environmental Engr & Earth Sci27622298
Family Outreach33841
Food, Nutrition & Package Sci56631597
General Engineering1,799581,857
Genetics and Biochemistry3734377
Graphic Communications31851369
Industrial Engineering413133546
Inst on Fmly & Nhd Life (IFNL)122234
Landscape Architecture72274
Leadrshp,Counsl Ed,Hum&Org Dev167269436
Materials Science&Engineering16610176
Mathematical Sciences29414308
MBA Programs114252366
Mechanical Engineering86935904
MPA Program74350
Office of Undergrad Stud44134178
Parks Recreation & Tourism Mgt51286598
Performing Arts83487
Philosophy and Religion48654
Physics and Astronomy1352137
Planning, Development and Preservation81182
Policy Studies9817
Political Science2926298
Public Health Sciences3797386
School of Accountancy67823701
School of Ag and Env Sciences77346819
School of Architecture3376343
School of Computing73570805
School of Nursing415105520
Sociology and Anthropology20512217
Teacher Education60168669

Student head count for fall term.

Majors Enrolled
Accounting328School of Accountancy
Administration and Supervision (EdS)31Leadrshp,Counsl Ed,Hum&Org Dev
Administration and Supervision (MED)38Leadrshp,Counsl Ed,Hum&Org Dev
Agribusiness33School of Ag and Env Sciences
Agricultural Education78School of Ag and Env Sciences
Agricultural Mechanization and Business153School of Ag and Env Sciences
Agriculture, Forestry and Life Sciences (Non-Degree Grad)14CAFLS Dean's Office
Agriculture, Forestry and Life Sciences (Undeclared Undergrad)6CAFLS Dean's Office
American Politics (BS)9Political Science
Animal and Veterinary Sciences449Animal & Veterinary Sciences
Anthropology20Sociology and Anthropology
Applied Economics9Economics
Applied Economics & Statistics (Ms)9Economics
Applied Economics and Statistics3Economics
Applied Health Research & Eval3Public Health Sciences
Applied Psychology5Psychology
Applied Sociology8Sociology and Anthropology
Architecture (BA)239School of Architecture
Architecture (M.Arch)101School of Architecture
Architecture (MS)3School of Architecture
Automotive Engineering204Campbell Grad Engr Program
Biochemistry200Genetics and Biochemistry
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology18Genetics and Biochemistry
Biological Sciences931Biological Sciences
Biological Sciences (BA)127Biological Sciences
Biological Sciences (BA-Pre-Rehabilitation Science)112Biological Sciences
Biological Sciences (MS Non-Thesis)221Biological Sciences
Biological Sciences (MS/PhD)31Biological Sciences
Biosystems Engineering75Environmental Engr & Earth Sci
Business Administration366MBA Programs
Business and Behavioral Sciences (Non-Degree Grad)32Coll Business & Behavioral Sci
Ceramic and Materials Engineering2Materials Science&Engineering
Certificate Non-Degree1Office of Undergrad Stud
Chemical Engineering261Chemical & Biomolecular Eng
Chemistry (BA)29Chemistry
City and Regional Planning24Planning, Development and Preservation
Civil Engineering501Civil Engineering
Communication Studies247Communications Studies
Communication, Technology & Society21Communications Studies
Computer Engineering288Electrical & Computer Engr
Computer Information Systems71School of Computing
Computer Science608School of Computing
Computer Science (BA)66School of Computing
Construction Science and Management167Construction Science and Mgmt
Counselor Education (Clinical Mental Health Counseling)42Leadrshp,Counsl Ed,Hum&Org Dev
Counselor Education (EDS)5Leadrshp,Counsl Ed,Hum&Org Dev
Counselor Education (School Counseling)33Leadrshp,Counsl Ed,Hum&Org Dev
Counselor Education (Student Affairs)71Leadrshp,Counsl Ed,Hum&Org Dev
CU Life20Office of Undergrad Stud
Curriculum and Instruction40Teacher Education
Digital Production Arts31School of Computing
Early Childhood Education92Teacher Education
Economics (BA)107Economics
Economics (MA)15Economics
Economics (PhD)74Economics
Educational Leadership2Leadrshp,Counsl Ed,Hum&Org Dev
Educational Leadership (Higher Education)50Leadrshp,Counsl Ed,Hum&Org Dev
Educational Leadership (P-12)40Leadrshp,Counsl Ed,Hum&Org Dev
Electrical Engineering435Electrical & Computer Engr
Elementary Education154Teacher Education
Engineering and Science (Non-Degree Grad)18Dean of Engineering & Science
Engineering and Science Education10Engineering and Science Education
English (Writing and Publication Studies)86English
ENR (Conservation Biology)34School of Ag and Env Sciences
ENR (Natural Resources and Economic Policy)12School of Ag and Env Sciences
ENR (Natural Resources Management)50School of Ag and Env Sciences
Entomology10School of Ag and Env Sciences
Environmental and Natural Resources22School of Ag and Env Sciences
Environmental Engineering88Environmental Engr & Earth Sci
Environmental Engineering and Science67Environmental Engr & Earth Sci
Environmental Health Physics11Environmental Engr & Earth Sci
Environmental Toxicology17CAFLS Dean's Office
Financial Management373School of Accountancy
Food Science & Human Nutrition279Food, Nutrition & Package Sci
Food Technology25Food, Nutrition & Package Sci
Food, Nutrition and Culinary Sciences29Food, Nutrition & Package Sci
Forest Resource Management71School of Ag and Env Sciences
Forest Resources20School of Ag and Env Sciences
General Engineering1,857General Engineering
Genetics159Genetics and Biochemistry
Geology37Environmental Engr & Earth Sci
Graphic Communications369Graphic Communications
Health Science1Public Health Sciences
Health Science (Health Promotion and Education)48Public Health Sciences
Health Science (Health Services Administration)62Public Health Sciences
Health Science (Pre-Professional Health Studies)259Public Health Sciences
Health, Education, and Human Development (Non-Degree Grad)233Dean of Health,Educ,HumanDev
Healthcare Genetics17School of Nursing
Historic Preservation27Planning, Development and Preservation
History (Public History Emphasis)15History
Hlth Sci (Cardio Imaging Lead)13Public Health Sciences
Horticulture52School of Ag and Env Sciences
Human Centered Computing29School of Computing
Human Factors Psychology17Psychology
Human Resource Development124Leadrshp,Counsl Ed,Hum&Org Dev
Hydrogeology20Environmental Engr & Earth Sci
Industrial Engineering423Industrial Engineering
Industrial Engineering (Mengr)123Industrial Engineering
Industrial/Organizational Psychology24Psychology
Interdisciplinary (Non-Degree)4Dean of Arch,Arts&Humanities
International Family and Community Studies34Inst on Fmly & Nhd Life (IFNL)
International Student Exchange Program39Office of Undergrad Stud
Landscape Architecture74Landscape Architecture
Language and International Health87Languages
Language and International Health (Chinese)3Languages
Language and International Trade121Languages
Liberal Arts (Undeclared Undergrad)144Dean of Arch,Arts&Humanities
Literacy9Teacher Education
Management (Entrepreneurship)115Management
Management (General Management)198Management
Management (Graduate)20Management
Management (Human Res Management)95Management
Management (International Management)38Management
Management (Management Info Systems)30Management
Management (MS)5Management
Management (Operations Management)28Management
Management (Supply Chain Management)35Management
Marketing (MS)9Marketing
Materials Science and Engineering53Materials Science&Engineering
Materials Science and Engineering (BS)111Materials Science&Engineering
Mathematical Sciences274Mathematical Sciences
Mathematical Sciences (BA)34Mathematical Sciences
Mathematics Teaching18Teacher Education
Mechanical Engineering904Mechanical Engineering
Microbiology101Biological Sciences
Microbiology (Biomedicine)111Biological Sciences
Middle Grades Education42Teacher Education
Modern Lang (American Sign Lang)16Languages
Modern Language (French)10Languages
Modern Language (German)1Languages
Modern Language (Japanese)7Languages
Modern Language (Spanish)18Languages
Modern Languages (Chinese)2Languages
Modern Languages (Italian)1Languages
Nursing376School of Nursing
Nursing (Family Nurse Practitioner)70School of Nursing
Nursing (Post Masters)3School of Nursing
Nursing MS (Adult/Gerontology Nurse Practitioner)3School of Nursing
Packaging Science264Food, Nutrition & Package Sci
Parks, Recreation & Tourism Mgt-Ms23Parks Recreation & Tourism Mgt
Parks, Recreation & Tourism Mgt-Phd44Parks Recreation & Tourism Mgt
Parks, Recreation, and Tourism Management - MS Nonthesis38Parks Recreation & Tourism Mgt
PES (Agricultural Biotechnology)4School of Ag and Env Sciences
PES (Soil/Water Environmental Science)4School of Ag and Env Sciences
PES (Sustainable Crop Production)12School of Ag and Env Sciences
Philosophy21Philosophy and Religion
Philosophy (Law, Liberty and Justice)26Philosophy and Religion
Philosophy (Religious Studies)4Philosophy and Religion
Photonic Science and Technology (MS/PhD)6Materials Science&Engineering
Physics130Physics and Astronomy
Physics (BA)7Physics and Astronomy
Planning, Design, and the Built Environment19Dean of Arch,Arts&Humanities
Plant and Environmental Sciences53School of Ag and Env Sciences
PO SC (Global Politics - BS)25Political Science
Policy Studies17Policy Studies
Political Science (BA)224Political Science
Political Science (BS)40Political Science
Polymer and Fiber Chemistry1Materials Science&Engineering
Polymer and Fiber Science3Materials Science&Engineering
Pre-Pharmacy25Biological Sciences
Pre-Professional Health Studies100Biological Sciences
Pre-Rehabilitational Sciences27Biological Sciences
Production Studies in Performing Arts (Music)14Performing Arts
Production Studies in Performing Arts (Music-Audio Eng)43Performing Arts
Production Studies in Performing Arts (Theatre)30Performing Arts
Professional Communication29English
PRTM (Com Recreation, Sport and Camp Management)158Parks Recreation & Tourism Mgt
PRTM (Community Recreation Management)1Parks Recreation & Tourism Mgt
PRTM (Park and Protected Area Management)29Parks Recreation & Tourism Mgt
PRTM (Professional Golf Management)57Parks Recreation & Tourism Mgt
PRTM (Sport Management)2Parks Recreation & Tourism Mgt
PRTM (Therapeutic Recreation)100Parks Recreation & Tourism Mgt
PRTM (Travel and Tourism)127Parks Recreation & Tourism Mgt
PRTM (Undeclared)19Parks Recreation & Tourism Mgt
Psychology (BA)273Psychology
Psychology (BS)401Psychology
Public Administration50MPA Program
Real Estate Development31Planning, Development and Preservation
Registered Nurse General Education51School of Nursing
Religious Studies3Philosophy and Religion
Rhetorics, Communication and Information Design29Dean of Arch,Arts&Humanities
Science Teaching (Biol Sci - BA)11Teacher Education
Science Teaching (Biological Sciences)16Teacher Education
Science Teaching (Chemistry)9Teacher Education
Science Teaching (Physical Science)3Teacher Education
Science Teaching (Physics)1Teacher Education
Secondary Education (English)50Teacher Education
Secondary Education (History)48Teacher Education
Secondary Education (MAT)13Teacher Education
Secondary Education (Math)45Teacher Education
Secondary Education (Political Science)1Teacher Education
Secondary Education (Psychology)1Teacher Education
Sociology (BA)108Sociology and Anthropology
Sociology (BS)81Sociology and Anthropology
Special Education83Teacher Education
Special Student118Office of Undergrad Stud
Sports Communication19Communications Studies
Teaching and Learning33Teacher Education
Turfgrass22School of Ag and Env Sciences
Visual Arts100Art
Wildlife and Fisheries Biology157School of Ag and Env Sciences
Wildlife and Fisheries Biology (Ms)16School of Ag and Env Sciences
Wildlife and Fisheries Biology (PhD)16School of Ag and Env Sciences
Women's Leadership2Dean of Arch,Arts&Humanities
Youth Development Leadership41Family Outreach

Student head count for fall term.

Degrees Awarded
by Department and Degree Level
Animal & Veterinary Sciences8420187
Biological Sciences2983709344
CAFLS Dean's Office04059
Campbell Grad Engr Program0720577
Chemical & Biomolecular Eng4510753
Civil Engineering15241013206
Communications Studies7650081
Construction Science and Mgmt3720039
Dean of Arch,Arts&Humanities00077
Electrical & Computer Engr11636015167
Engineering and Science Education00022
Environmental Engr & Earth Sci60280795
Family Outreach0230023
Food, Nutrition & Package Sci1191601136
Genetics and Biochemistry4020345
Graphic Communications7370080
Industrial Engineering706309142
Inst on Fmly & Nhd Life (IFNL)00011
Landscape Architecture11110022
Leadrshp,Counsl Ed,Hum&Org Dev01585323234
Materials Science&Engineering2840840
Mathematical Sciences403101485
MBA Programs011800118
Mechanical Engineering17447010231
MPA Program0130013
Parks Recreation & Tourism Mgt1232107151
Performing Arts1800018
Philosophy and Religion1800018
Physics and Astronomy2610532
Planning, Development and Preservation0410041
Political Science9100091
Public Health Sciences9800098
School of Accountancy2316500296
School of Ag and Env Sciences15839011208
School of Architecture604300103
School of Computing736603142
School of Nursing1404103184
Sociology and Anthropology7420076
Teacher Education1336208203

Degrees awarded for May and August of the selected year and December of the previous year.

Includes Fall 2013 and
Spring and Summer of 2014
Degrees Awarded by Major
Biological Sciences (BA-Pre-Rehabilitation Science)177
Mechanical Engineering174
Civil Engineering152
Financial Management129
Psychology (BA)116
Psychology (BS)114
Management (General Management)88
Animal and Veterinary Sciences84
Electrical Engineering81
Communication Studies76
Political Science (BA)76
Food Science & Human Nutrition74
Graphic Communications73
Industrial Engineering70
Architecture (BA)60
Computer Science59
Biological Sciences (BA)59
Health Science (Pre-Professional Health Studies)51
Elementary Education47
Wildlife and Fisheries Biology46
Chemical Engineering45
Packaging Science45
Sociology (BS)42
Management (Entrepreneurship)42
Management (Human Res Management)41
Registered Nurse General Education41
PRTM (Com Recreation, Sport and Camp Management)41
Construction Science and Management37
PRTM (Travel and Tourism)36
Computer Engineering35
Language and International Trade33
Sociology (BA)32
Management (International Management)32
Mathematical Sciences31
Economics (BA)29
PRTM (Therapeutic Recreation)29
Environmental Engineering28
Health Science (Health Services Administration)25
Materials Science and Engineering (BS)24
Microbiology (Biomedicine)24
Early Childhood Education23
Agricultural Mechanization and Business23
Special Education22
Forest Resource Management21
Visual Arts19
Management (Supply Chain Management)19
ENR (Natural Resources Management)18
Health Science (Health Promotion and Education)18
Language and International Health18
Biosystems Engineering16
Biological Sciences14
Secondary Education (Math)13
Management (Management Info Systems)12
Agricultural Education11
Secondary Education (History - BA)11
Philosophy (Law, Liberty and Justice)11
Landscape Architecture11
Modern Language (Spanish)11
American Politics (BS)10
Production Studies in Performing Arts (Theatre)10
PRTM (Park and Protected Area Management)9
Management (Operations Management)9
Mathematical Sciences (BA)9
Computer Information Systems8
Applied Economics & Statistics (Ms)8
PRTM (Professional Golf Management)8
ENR (Conservation Biology)6
Secondary Education (English)6
Computer Science (BA)6
ENR (Natural Resources and Economic Policy)6
Modern Language (French)5
Production Studies in Performing Arts (Music)5
Chemistry (BA)4
PES (Soil/Water Environmental Science)4
Hlth Sci (Cardio Imaging Lead)4
Secondary Education (Political Science)3
Production Studies in Performing Arts (Music-Audio Eng)3
Modern Lang (American Sign Lang)3
Ceramic Engineering3
Science Teaching (Biol Sci - BA)3
PO SC (Global Politics - BS)3
Language and International Health (Chinese)2
Philosophy (Religious Studies)2
Political Science (BS)2
Science Teaching (Physics)2
Modern Language (Japanese)2
Mathematics Teaching2
Geology (BA)1
Polymer and Fiber Chemistry1
Science Teaching (Chemistry)1
Modern Languages (Chinese)1

Degrees awarded for May and August of the selected year and December of the previous year.

Business Administration11800118
Automotive Engineering720577
Industrial Engineering630972
Human Resource Development630063
Mechanical Engineering4701057
Computer Science540256
Civil Engineering4101354
Mathematical Sciences3101445
Architecture (M.Arch)420042
Counselor Education (Student Affairs)390039
Electrical Engineering2501237
Nursing (Family Nurse Practitioner)350035
Biological Sciences (MS Non-Thesis)320032
Middle Grades Education310031
Economics (MA)270027
Youth Development Leadership230023
Environmental Engineering and Science180523
Counselor Education (Clinical Mental Health Counseling)220022
Educational Leadership (Higher Education)002020
Plant and Environmental Sciences160218
Real Estate Development170017
Administration and Supervision (MED)170017
Counselor Education (School Counseling)170017
Applied Economics & Statistics (Ms)150015
Marketing (MS)140014
Food, Nutrition and Culinary Sciences140014
Computer Engineering110314
Public Administration130013
Secondary Education (MAT)130013
Parks, Recreation, and Tourism Management - MS Nonthesis130013
Teaching and Learning120012
City and Regional Planning120012
Historic Preservation120012
Digital Production Arts120012
Forest Resources90211
Landscape Architecture110011
Environmental Toxicology4059
Parks, Recreation & Tourism Mgt-Ms8008
Professional Communication8008
Materials Science and Engineering3058
Chemical Engineering1078
Wildlife and Fisheries Biology (Ms)8008
Applied Psychology7007
Curriculum and Instruction0077
Biosystems Engineering5027
Graphic Communications7007
Parks, Recreation & Tourism Mgt-Phd0077
Biological Sciences (MS/PhD)1056
Visual Arts6006
Economics (PhD)0066
Agricultural Education5005
Communication, Technology & Society5005
Wildlife and Fisheries Biology (PhD)0055
Management (MS)5005
Applied Economics0044
Planning, Design, and the Built Environment0044
Healthcare Genetics0033
Animal and Veterinary Science (MS/PhD)2013
Rhetorics, Communication and Information Design0033
Nursing MS (Adult/Gerontology Nurse Practitioner)3003
Educational Leadership (P-12)0033
Polymer and Fiber Science0022
Packaging Science2002
Construction Science and Management2002
Engineering and Science Education0022
Applied Sociology2002
Human Factors Psychology0022
Photonic Science and Technology (MS/PhD)1012
Human Centered Computing0011
Architecture (MS)1001
Career and Technology Education0011
International Family and Community Studies0011
Industrial/Organizational Psychology0011
Special Education1001
Food Technology0011
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology1001
Administration and Supervision (EdS)01300
Counselor Education (EDS)04000

Degrees awarded for May and August of the selected year and December of the previous year.

Includes Fall 2013 and
Spring and Summer of 2014
Applied, Accepted, Enrolled
Freshman Transfer
AppliedAcceptedEnrolled Applied AcceptedEnrolled
3,0251,300334 375206151
5,4122,390651 794556406
4,2062,345772 541364278
5,7993,8801,437 641439348
1,550424176 27712091
765353105 812719

Student head count for fall term.

Top 10 States
South Carolina2,104
North Carolina249
New Jersey113
New York58

First Time, First Year Freshman head count for fall term. Count includes only US Residents

Top 10 Counties

First Time, First Year In-State Freshman head count for fall term.

Top 10 High Schools
Wando High School77
Riverside High School56
James L. Mann High School47
Mauldin High School42
Dutch Fork High School42
Fort Mill High School42
Academic Magnet High School38
T.L. Hanna High School38
Nation Ford High School37
Governor School Sci & Math35

High School of First Time First Year Freshmen.

Top 10 Sites
No data available at this time

Average Tests and Rankings of First Year First Time Freshmen
DeptSAT MathSAT VerbalACTHS Rank
Animal & Veterinary Sciences6115952917%
Biological Sciences6216102817%
CAFLS Dean's Office  2520%
Communications Studies5926032720%
Construction Science and Mgmt6215712638%
Dean of Arch,Arts&Humanities6185852722%
Environmental Engr & Earth Sci  2813%
Food, Nutrition & Package Sci6376192822%
General Engineering6756192918%
Genetics and Biochemistry6546533015%
Graphic Communications6286152720%
Landscape Architecture6205382630%
Mathematical Sciences7066182917%
Parks Recreation & Tourism Mgt5555272626%
Performing Arts6196252535%
Philosophy and Religion5485932722%
Physics and Astronomy7166793212%
Political Science5996142920%
Public Health Sciences6105872917%
School of Ag and Env Sciences6035812624%
School of Architecture6255902623%
School of Computing6696492819%
School of Nursing6436363013%
Sociology and Anthropology5295462530%
Teacher Education6125952718%

HS Ranking means the top % of the student's class.
For example, 25% means the average student was in the top 25% of their graduating class.

University Employees
by Gender and Status
Instructional Faculty38973249671,237
Public Service Faculty13116
Research Faculty2203861121
Faculty Sub-Total405766881291,388
Archivists, Curators, and Museum Technicians442313
Business and Financial Operations Staff281713812402
Community, Social Service, Legal, Arts, Design, Entertainment, Sports, and Media Staff971073516255
Computer, Engineering, and Science Staff172312106206796
Healthcare Practitioners and Staff40242369
Library Staff3365145
Management with Faculty Rank21440065
Natural Resources, Construction, and Maintenance Staff322512581389
Office and Administrative Support Staff4945713221704
Production, Transportation, and Material Moving Staff1521321
Sales and Related Staff10034
Service Staff861428551364
Student and Academic Affairs and Other Education Services Staff98656019242

Employee head count for fall term.
"Full Time" refers to Full Time Regular Employees.
"Part Time" refers to anyone Part Time or Temporary

Because head counts, hours, finances, and other elements of the University are always changing, Freezes - snapshots - are taken to use as static references

As a practice, we try to take these freezes on a consistent calendar basis (take the snapshots the same time each year).

After we freeze a set of data, we then take the time to confirm the data, and correct any errors using a consistent set of rules and practices before releasing the numbers to the general public.

The general calendar when we anticipate public release:
  • Student Freeze: November
  • Employees Freeze: October
  • Financial Freeze: August
  • Sponsored Programs Freeze: November
  • Graduate Assistants: January
  • Student Credit Hours: November, March, August (the only one where we are using full academic year)

For questions, please contact the OIR office

302 Sikes Hall
Clemson University
Clemson, SC 29634-5406
Phone: (864) 656-0161
Fax: (864) 656-0163

Last Revised: February 5, 2008

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