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Chemical Engineering

Guest & Graduate Seminars

Special Guest Speaker

Spring 2015 Semester

5/27/2015 Dr. Jane Lipson
Dartmouth University TBD
5/1/2015 Dr. Samantha A. Meenach
University of Rhode Island TBD
4/10/2015 Dr. Gino DiLabio
University of British Columbia TBD
4/8/2015 Dr. Bamin Khomani
University of Tennessee TBD
Hosts: Christopher Hassan & Sanjin Hosic Zelong Xie & Junyan Zhang TBD
3/25/2015 TBD TBD
Hosts: Zelong Xie, Junyan Zhang & Gino Karlo Delos Reyes Di Shi, Anh Phong Tran & Miao Wang TBD
3/18/2015 Dr. Richard Register
Princeton University TBD
3/13/2015 Spring Break, No Class TBD
3/11/2015 Spring Break, No Class TBD
Hosts: Di Shi, Anh Phong Tran & Miao Wang  Autumn Paro, Meryem Pehlivaner & Marissa Puzan TBD
3/4/2015 TBD TBD
3/3/2015 Pegah Naghshriz Abadian TBD
Hosts: Autumn Paro, Meryem Pehlivaner & Marissa Puzan Ehsan Keyvani-­‐Someh, Deyang Li & Gujie Mi TBD
2/25/2015 TBD TBD
Hosts: Ehsan Keyvani-­‐Someh, Deyang Li & Gujie Mi Gino Karlo Delos Reyes, Christopher Hassan & Sanjin Ho TBD
2/18/2015 TBD TBD
Hosts: Noreen Rizvi & Salem Zahmi Luting Liu & Belete Legesse TBD
2/11/2015 Dr. Jonathan Parquette
Ohio State University TBD
Hosts: Luting Liu & Belette Legesse Nina Bordeaux & Thaddaeus Webster TBD
2/4/2015 TBD TBD
Hosts: Nina Bordeaux & Thaddaeus Webster Hunter Sismaet & Belinda Slakman TBD
1/28/2015 Dr. T.J. Mountziaris
UMass Amherst TBD
1/23/2015Hosts: Hunter Sismaet & Belinda Slakman Oljora Rezhdo & Sydney Shaw TBD
1/21/2015 Dr. David Kaplan
Tufts University TBD
Hosts: Oljora Rezhdo & Sydney Shaw Mark Lalli & Tanya Narahari TBD
1/14/2015 Dr. Qiaobing Xu
Tufts University TBD

Fall 2014 Semester

Unless otherwise noted, seminars will be held at 11:45am in 108 SN.

12/11/2014 Dr. Klavs Jensen
12/10/2014 Sue-Jonnathane Celestin
PhD Proposal Defense TBD
Hosts: Mark Lalli, Tanya Narahari Christopher Cogswell & Daniel Hickey TBD
12/3/2014 Nil Tandogan TBD
Hosts: Christopher Cogswell, Daniel Hickey Taylor Carlson & Sue-Jonnathane Celestin TBD
11/12/2014 Dr. David Bishop
Boston University Silicon Micro-Machines for Fun and Profit
11/7/2014 Dr. Robert Howe
Harvard University TBD
Hosts: Taylor Carlson, Sue-Jonnathane Celestin Fariba Seyedzadeh & Negar Golshan TBD
Hosts: Fariba Seyedzadeh, Negar Golshan Daniel Milano TBD
10/29/2014 Negar Golshan
Proposal Defense Understanding Electrically Active Interface Formation on Wide Bandgap Semiconductors through Molecular Beam Epitaxy: Integration of oriented Fe3O4 for next-generation spintronic devices
Hosts: Daniel Milano, Nil Tandogan Dinara Andirova &

Avinash Kola Synthesis of Layered Metal Organic Framework for Carbon Dioxide Separation
Application of Factorial Design to Determine Significant Parameters for Ni-W deposition
10/15/2014 Hui Jiang Amine-pillared Nanosheet Adsorbents for CO2 Capture Applications
10/10/2014 Dr. Tequila Harris
Georgia Tech Scaled Coating of Polymer Thin Films onto Permeable and Impermeable Substrates
10/8/2014 Emily Gong Proliferative Signals in Gradients of Soluble Growth Factors
Hosts: Pegah Abadian, Emily Gong Noreen Rizvi & Salem Zahmi An efficient method for genetic transformation of Catharanthus roseus hairy roots
Electrodeposition of CuSn with and without In
10/1/2014 Dr. Courtney Pfluger
Northeastern University PhD in Chemical Engineering with a Concentration in Technology-based Engineering Education
9/26/2014 Dr. Susmita Bose
Washington State University Calcium Phosphate Ceramics in Bone Tissue Engineering
9/24/2014 ChE Faculty Research Presentations List of Presenters
9/19/2014 ChE Faculty Research Presentations List of Presenters
9/12/2014 Dr. Abigail Koppes Introduction to the NSF Graduate Fellowship Program

Summer 2014 Semester

8/21/2014 Dr. Felix Hol
Delft University of Technology/
Harvard University Antibiotic-mediated Competition and Bacterial Biodiversity in Synthetic Ecosystems
8/13/2014 Dr. Ed Luther
Northeastern University Laser Interference Based Systems
8/6/2014 Dr. Shanta Dhar
University of Georgia Mitochondria-targeted Delivery Systems
8/1/2014 Dr. Thomas Truskett
University of Texas at Austin Assembling Nanoclusters in Water for Therapy or Imaging
7/23/2014 Dr. Neha Kamat
Harvard University Towards the Construction of Protocells: Designing Opticaly Responsive Membranes
7/15/2014 Dr. Charles Monroe
University of Michigan Resolving the Mechanisms that Control Lithium/Oxygen Battery Performance
6/27/2014 SuPing Lyu
Medtronic Products, Engineering, and Science
(Host: Thomas Webster) Dr. Thomas Lars Andersen
Techincal University of Denmark PET/CT Imaging as a Tool to Evaluate Tumor Accumulation and Efficiency of Nanoterapeutics
(Host: Thomas Webster) Dr. Ken Littrell
Oak Ridge National Laboratory The Use of Small-Angle Scattering to Probe Self-Assembly and Structural Changes in Soft-Matter, Synthesis, Catalytic Systems
6/6/2014 Avinash Kola Electrodeposition of Ag Alloys with Ni and W from a Thiourea-Citrate Electrolyte
6/5/2014 Hunter Sismaet
Proposal Defense The Development and Optimization of Electrochemical Sensors to Study Bacterial Pathogens in the Hospital Setting
5/30/2014 Adam Hatch TBD
5/22/2014 Luting Liu
Proposal Defense Preparation of a Nano-patterned Polymer Replica for Reducing Catheter Associated Inflammation and Infection

Spring 2014 Semester

5/7/2014 Tanya Narahari
Proposal Defense

Fabric Microfluidics for Low-Cost Separations and Analysis of Proteins in Complex Clinical Samples

(Host: Elizabeth Podlaha-Murphy) Dr. Behnaz Bozorgui
Columbia University Simulation of Polymer-grafted Nanoparticles
(Host: Elizabeth Podlaha-Murphy) Dr. Yajie Dong
Harvard University Semiconductor Nanomaterials for Information and Energy Technologies
4/28/2014 Dinara Andirova
Proposal Defense Nanoengineering of Metal Organic Frameworks for Applications in CO2 Capture, Drug Delivery, and Electronic Devices
4/23/2014 Sydney Shaw
Proposal Defense

Investigating the limiting steps and factors required for vindoline biosynthesis in Catharanthus roseus

(Host: Thomas Webster) Dr. Jeetain Mittal
Lehigh University Simulations of Biomolecular Assembly Processes at Interfaces
4/15/2014 Mark Lalli
Proposal Defense Targeting dynamic migratory response to electric fields to specifically segregate cancer cells
4/11/2014 Christopher Cogswell
Proposal Defense Layered Nanosheet Materials as Advanced Catalyst Systems
4/11/2014 Belinda Slakman
Proposal Defense Using Reaction Mechanism Generator (RMG) to study complex liquid-phase systems
(Host: Elizabeth Podlaha-Murphy) Weijie Lu
Air Force Research Laboratory Oxygen Catalytic Growths and Multi-functionalities of CNTs and Graphene
4/7/2014 Jencilin Johnston Multi- branched gold nanoparticle for detection of epidermal growth factor receptors on the surface of esophageal epithelial cells using surface enhanced Raman scattering
(Host: Rebecca Carrier) Dr. Mark Byrne
Auburn University TBD
(Host: Thomas Webster) Dr. Daniel K. Schwartz
University of Colorado Boulder Single Molecule Tracking at Wet Interfaces
(Host: Thomas Webster) Dr. Abigail Koppes
MIT Manipulating the Neurological Microenvironment for Regenerative Medicine Applications
(Host: Elizabeth Podlaha-Murphy) Dr. John Zhanhu Guo
Lamar University Magnetoresistive Nanocomposites for Electrochemical Energy Storage
(Host: Thomas Webster) Dr. Amit Bandyopadhyay
Washington State University Hard Materials and Manufacturing Processes Towards Repair and Reconstruction of Bone Disorders
3/21/2014 Daniel Hickey
Proposal Defense

MgO Nanocomposites as Antibacterial Biomaterials for Orthopedic Tissue Engineering

(Host: Elizabeth Podlaha-Murphy) Dr. Gerassimos Orkoulas
UCLA Modeling, Simulation & Control of Batch Protein Crystallization Processes
(Host: Laura Lewis) Dr. Michael J Aziz
Harvard University Organic-Based Aqueous Flow Batteries for Massive Electrical Energy Storage
(Host: Thomas Webster) Dr. Boris Yakobson
Rice University From Material Substance to Shape to Property
3/14/2014 Pegah Hosseinpour
Dissertation Defense Structure–Magnetic Property Correlations in TiO2 Nanotube Arrays
(Host: Thomas Webster) Dr. Nasim Annabi
Harvard University Merging Microscale Technologies & Advanced Biomaterials for Cardiovascular Tissue Engineering
(Host: Elizabeth Podlaha-Murphy) Dr. Gang Wu
Los Alamos National Laboratory Graphene Nanocomposite Catalysts for Sustainable Electrochemical Energy Storage and Conversion
3/7/2014 Town Meeting with Prof. Tom Webster ---
(Host:  Shashi Murthy) Dr. Steven M. Cramer
Renssealer Polytechnic Institute Understanding and Enhancing Selectivity in Multimodal Chromatography
(Host: Thomas Webster) Dr. Yaakov Nahmias
Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Israel) Development of Predictive Tools for Liver Toxicology: Micro-well Bioreactors and Pluripotent Stem Cells
2/26/2014 Radhika Barua
Dissertation Defense Pathways for tailoring the magnetostructural response of FeRh-based compounds
(Host: Thomas Webster) Dr. Alireza Abbaspourrad
Harvard University Life is Better with Drops!
2/20/2014 Alek Aksimentiev
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Reinventing a DNA Sequence Reader
(Host: TBD) Dr. Narendra Maheshri
Massachusetts Institute of Technology Using Dynamical Measurements and Kinetic Models to Yield Biological Insights in Gene Regulation
Hosts: E. Alpaslan, G. Bhardwaj Mahboobeh Rezaeeyazdi, Mian Wang; Metal Organic Frameworks as New Generation of Catalysts for Energy Conversion
2/11/2014 Selena Di Maio
Dissertation Defense TBD
Hosts: Mahboobeh Rezaeeyazdi, Mian Wang Hui Jiang, Brian Lejeune; TBD
(Host: Prof. Adam Ekenseair) Dr. Thomas M. Truskett
The University of Texas at Austin Assembling Nanoclusters in Water for Therapy or Imaging
(Host: Prof. Hicham Fenniri) Dr. Takeshi Yamazaki
University of Alberta and National Institute for Nanotechnology (NINT), Canada Multiscale Modeling of Nanomaterials in Solution
(Host: Prof. Elizabeth Podlaha-Murphy) Dr. André D. Taylor
Yale University Synthesis and Assembly of High Performance Nanomaterials to Create Next-Generation Energy Conversion Devices
1/29/2014 Hasan Yildiz
Dissertation Defense TBD
(Co-hosted by MIE, ChE, and Physics) Professor J.J. Hoyt
MCMaster University, Hamilton, ON Particle Growth, Melting and Nucleation at the Nanoscale
Hosts: Hui Jiang, Brian Lejeune Xiaohua Geng, Arthur Gonzales III TBD
(Host: Arthur Gonzales III) Yiwen Fan Novel Applications of Rosette Nanotubes
(Host: Xiaohua Geng) Stanley Chung Electrospinning Nanostructured Scaffolds for Skin Applications Using Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells
(Host: Yiwen Fan) Adedokun Adedoyin Injectable Scaffolds for Osteochondral Tissue Regeneration
(Host: Stanley Chung) Ming Cheng Nanoparticle Approach to Inhibiting Endothelial Glycocalyx Dysfunction Related to Atherosclerosis
(Host: Adedokun Adedoyin) Ece Alpaslan Rosette Nanotube Coated Iron Oxide and Selenium Nanoparticles to Inhibit Bone Cancer Growth
(Host: Ming Cheng) Garima Bhardwaj Rosette Nanotube (RNT) and Nanophase Hydroxyapatite (HA) Composites for Orthopedic Applications

Fall 2013 Semester

(Host: Prof. Edgar Goluch) Pegah N. Abadian
Proposal Defense (PhD) Using Surface Plasmon Resonance imaging (SPRi) to Study Biofilms and Biofouling
(Host/Faculty Advisor: Prof. Richard West) Fariba Seiyedzadeh Khanshan
Proposal Defense (PhD) Using Reaction Mechanism Generator (RMG) to Build Detailed Kinetic Model of Biofuels
(Host: Prof. Adam Ekenseair) Dr. Srinivas Sridhar
Northeastern University Nanoplatforms for Precision Medicine
(Host: Prof. Thomas J. Webster) Dr. Arthur J. Coury
Member of the National Academy of Engineering A Career in Medical Products During the Era of Biomaterials
(Host/Faculty Advisor: Prof. Laura Lewis) Melissa Loving
Dissertation Defense (PhD) Understanding the Magnetostructural Transformation in FeRh Thin Films
(Host/Faculty Advisor: Prof. Elizabeth Podlaha-Murphy) Salem Zahmi
Proposal Defense (PhD) Electrodeposition of CIGS/CZTS Components from Aqueous Electrolytes
(Host/Faculty Advisor: Prof. Edgar Goluch) Nil Tandogan
Proposal Defense (PhD) Isolation and Study of Bacteria Using Physical Constrictions
(Host/Faculty Advisor: Prof. Elizabeth Podlaha-Murphy) Shaopeng Sun
Dissertation Defense (PhD) Induced Codeposition of Mo and W from Aqueous Electrolytes
(Host/Faculty Advisor: Prof. Richard West) Pierre Bhoorasingh
Proposal Defense (PhD) Automated kinetic parameter calculation via transition state theory for bimolecular reactions to develop a 2,5-dimethylfuran combustion mechanism
(Host: Prof. Thomas J. Webster)
Joint Sponsorship with ECE Dr. Elias Manolakos
Harvard University Computational Methods to Decipher the Dynamic Processes of Cells and Living Organisms
(Host: Prof. Thomas J. Webster) Dr. Richard Gilbert
Northeastern University Mapping Myoarchitecture and Mechanics with Magnetic Resonance Imaging
(Host: Prof. Thomas Webster) Dr. Jeffrey S. Garanich
Director, The Sapphire Group LLC, New York Managing Innovation in a Challenging Global Economic Environment
(Host: Prof. Adam Ekenseair) Dr. Michael Rosenblatt
Executive VP & Chief Medical Officer, Merck How Academia and the Pharmaceutical Industry Can Work Together
(Host: Prof. Adam Fenniri) Dr. Ming Su
Worcester Polytechnic Institute Nano Medicine That Change Phases
(Host/Faculty Advisor: Prof. Thomas Webster) George Aninwene, II Lubricin & Nano-BaSO4: Novel Methods to Prevent Surface Biofouling
(Host: Belinda Slakman)
Faculty Advisor: Prof. Thomas Webster Luting Liu Preparation of a Nanopatterned Polymer Replica for Reduced Catheter Inflammation and Infection
(Host: Nina Bordeaux)
Faculty Advisor: Prof. Edgar Goluch Thaddaeus Webster Electrochemically Detecting P. aeruginosa Toxins in Relevant Biomedical Samples
(Host: Belinda Slakman)
Faculty Advisor: Prof. Laura Lewis Nina Bordeaux Towards Rare-Earth-Free Permanent Magnets:Thermomagnetic Behavior of Meteoritic Tetrataenite (L10 FeNi)
(Host: Prof. Thomas J. Webster) Dr. Mark Burns
University of Michigan Microfluidic Devices for Chemical and Particle Analysis
(Host: Prof. Edgar Goluch) Dr. David Walt
Tufts University Single Molecule Arrays: From Fundamental Enzymology to High Sensitivity Analysis
(Host: Prof. Carolyn Lee-Parsons)
Joint Sponsorship with NU
Chemistry and Chemical Biology Department Dr. Wayne Curtis
The Pennsylvania State University Chemical PLANTS and Production Platforms: Propagation to Protein Expression
(Host: Prof. Elizabeth Podlaha-Murphy) Dr. David Kazmer
University of Massachusetts Lowell System Identification and Modeling of Capillary Melt Rheological Data
(Host: Prof. Hicham Fenniri) Dr. John P. Nolan
La Jolla Bioengineering Institute High Speed Single Cell Analysis

Spring 2013 Semester

(Host/Faculty Advisor: Prof. Carolyn Lee-Parsons) Noreen Rizvi
Proposal Defense (PhD)  
(Host: Prof. Anand Asthagiri) Prof. Shekhar Garde
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Water, Proteins, and Interfaces: A New Molecular Perspective
(Host: Prof. Thomas Webster) Prof. Christopher Bettinger
Carnegie Mellon University Reconfigurable Polymers and Interfaces as Next-Generation Biomaterials
(Host: Prof. Shashi Murthy) Prof. Konstantinos Konstantopoulos
Johns Hopkins University Cell Migration in Confined Spaces
(Host/Faculty Advisor: Prof. Elizabeth Podlaha-Murthy) Salem Zahmi
Proposal Defense (PhD)  
(Host: Prof. Shashi Murthy) Prof. Susan Daniel
Cornell University Biomimetic Surfaces for Probing Virus-cell Interactions and Viral Entry Kinetics
(Host/Faculty Advisor: Prof. Anand Asthagiri) Dan Milano
Proposal Defense (PhD) Engineering platforms to quantitatively measure contact inhibition of locomotion in a fibrillar ex vivo environment
(Host: Prof. Edgar Goluch) Prof. David Dandy
Colorado State University Engineering μFNs to do Quantitative Biology
(Host: Fariba Seyedzadeh Khanshan)
Faculty Advisor: Prof. Anand Asthagiri Mark Lalli Galvanotactic Segregation of Healthy and Cancerous Breast Cells
(Host: Avinash Kola)
Faculty Advisor: Prof. Richard West Belinda Slakman Understanding Aerosol Chemistry Through Computational Modeling
(Host/Faculty Advisor: Prof. Anand Asthagiri) Emily Gong
Proposal Defense (PhD)  
(Host: Mark Lalli)
Faculty Advisor: Prof. Anand Asthagiri Daniel Hickey Using nanotechnology to regenerate the enthesis
(Host: Belinda Slakman)
Faculty Advisor: Prof. Edgar Goluch Hunter Sismaet Optimization of Electrochemical Sensors to Study Pseudomonas aeruginosa in Hospital Environments
(Host/Faculty Advisor: Prof. Laura Lewis) Josh Marion
Proposal Defense (PhD)  
(Host: Daniel Hickey)
Faculty Advisor: Prof. Katherine Ziemer Sue-Jonnathane Celestin Utilizing Ultra-High Vacuum Technology for Engineering Materials & Surfaces
(Host: Huner Sismaet)
Faculty Advisor: Prof. Katherine Ziemer Negar Hamedani Golshan UHV Analysis Tools: Understanding Atomic-Level Mechanisms for Next-Generation Electronic Devices
(Host: Prof. Thomas Webster) Dr. Li Xi
MIT Dynamics of Polymer Solids and Fluids: Tales at Different Scales
(Host: Sue-Jonnathane Celestin)
Faculty Advisor: Prof. Sunho Choi Christopher Cogswell Pillared Nanosheets for High Level Waste Management and Environmental Remediation in the Nuclear Fuel Industry
(Host: Negar Hamedani Golshan)
Faculty Advisor: Prof. Rebecca Carrier Olijora Rezhdo Effect of Food on the Absorption of Orally Administered Drugs
(Host: Prof. Thomas Webster) Dr. Wyatt Tenhaeff
Oak Ridge National Laboratory Solid State Electrolytes and Lignin-based Carbon Fibers for Safe and Inexpensive Lithium Batteries
(Host: Christopher Cogswell)
Faculty Advisor: Prof. Edgar Goluch Pegah Abidin Studying bacterial behavior with Surface Plasmon Resonance imaging (SPRi)
(Host: Olijora Rezhdo)
Faculty Advisor: Prof. Sunho Choi Yu Lei Fabrication of Nanotiles for thermal/electrical insulation coatings
(Host: Prof. Thomas Webster) Dr. Kelly Schultz
University of Colorado at Boulder Microrheological Characterization for Biological Applications and Soft Material Design
(Host: Yu Lei)
Faculty Advisor: Prof. Carolyn Lee-Parsons Sydney Shaw  
(Host: Pegah Abidin)
Faculty Advisor: Prof. Shashi Murthy Tanya Narahiri Fabric as a Low-cost Microfluidics Platform for Medical Diagnostics
(Host: Prof. Thomas Webster) Dr. Anita Shukla
Rice University Designer Surfaces: From Treating Traumatic Injury to Applications in Regenerative Medicine
(Host: Tanya Narahiri)
Faculty Advisor: Prof. Rebecca Carrier Taylor Carlson The Physiological Environment’s Impact on Disease Progression Through the Mucosal Barrier
(Host:Sydney Shaw)
Faculty Advisor: Prof. Thomas Webster Luting Liu Nano-technology Derived Catheter for Reduced Inflammation and Infection
(Host: Prof. Thomas Webster) Dr. Adam Ekenseair Synthetic Polymers as Injectable Scaffolds for Bone Tissue Engineering
(Host: Prof. Thomas Webster) Dr. Ben Cosgrove
Stanford University A More Youthful Self-renewal: Bioengineering Solutions to Rejuvenate Dysfunctional Muscle Stem Cells in Aging
(Host: Prof. Richard West) Prof. Linda Broadbelt
Northwestern University Designing Reaction Pathways to Novel Chemicals and Materials Using Kinetic Modeling
(Host: Taylor Carlson)
Faculty Advisor: Prof. Elizabeth Podlaha-Murphy Avinash Kola Hull Cell Study of Electrodeposited NiAgW Alloys
(Host: Luting Liu)
Faculty Advisor: Prof. Laura Lewis Pegah Mohammad Hosseinpour Structural and Magnetic Tailoring of the TiO2 Nanoparticles via Fe-Incorporation
(Host: Pegah Mohammad Hosseinpour)
Faculty Advisor: Prof. Richard West Fariba Seyedzadeh Khanshan Kinetic Modeling of Syngas Production From Bio-Oil Gasification
(Host: Prof. Thomas Webster) Prof. Esmaiel Jabbari
University of South Carolina Engineered Matrix to Study the Effect of Microenvironment on Maintenance of Cancer Stem Cells and Drug Response

Fall 2012 Semester

HOST: Prof. Shashi Murthy Dr. Cullen R. Buie Electrophoretic Deposition of Nanoporous Surface Coatings with Extreme Wettability
(Faculty Advisor: Prof. Shashi Murthy) Dwayne Vickers – PhD Defense Extracellular and Intracellular Phenomena in Microfluidic Flow
(Faculty Advisor: Prof. Edgar Goluch) Nil Tandogan Nano-Constriction Devices for Isolation and Cultivation of Environmental Microbes
HOST: Prof. Sunho Choi Dr. Michael Tsapatsis Zeolite Nanosheets for Thin Film Applications and Hierarchical Zeolite Catalysts
(Faculty Advisor: Prof. Richard West) Pierre Bhoorasingh Automating Transition State Searches for Reaction Mechanism Generation
(Faculty Advisor: Prof. Rebecca Carrier) Hasan Yildiz – PhD Defense Food-associated Stimuli Enhance Barrier Properties of Mucus
(Faculty Advisor: Prof. Anand Asthagiri) Daniel Milano Contact Inhibition in Tumor Progression
(Faculty Advisor: Prof. Laura Lewis) Joshua Marion Towards rare-earth-free permanent magnetic materials – thermal evolution of magnetic and structural properties in nanostructured MnAl
HOST: Dr. Thomas Webster Dr. Evan Scott An Immunoengineering Approach to Vaccination: Tuning the Immune Response with Redox-Sensitive Nanoparticles
(Faculty Advisor: Prof. Laura Lewis) Radhika Barua Matrix-induced strain effects on the magnetostructural response of Cu-embedded FeRh nanostructures
(Faculty Advisor: Prof. Shashi Murthy) Adam Hatch Efficacy and Versatility of Engineered Alginate Hydrogels Capture and Release of Endothelial Progenitor Cells
(Faculty Advisor: Prof. Elizabeth J. Podlaha-Murphy) Shaopeng Sun Electrodeposition and Induced Codeposition Behavior of NiMoW Alloys
(Faculty Advisor: Prof. Sunho Choi) Dinara Andirova Nanoengineering of Metal-Organic Frameworks (MOFs) for Carbon Capture
HOST: Dr. Thomas Webster Dr. Hicham Fenniri Supramolecular Engineering of Nanoscale Materials for Nanomedicine
(Faculty Advisor: Prof. Anand Asthagiri) Emily Gong Cell Proliferation in Gradients of Chemical Cues
(Faculty Advisor: Prof. Laura Lewis ) Melissa Loving Effect of Size Reductions on the Magnetostructural Transition in FeRh Thin Films
HOST: Prof. Shashi Murthy Dr. Lucas Landherr The Friction and Adhesion of Polymeric Systems: The Characterization of Thin Brush Lubricants and Superhydrophobic Surface Interactions
(Faculty Advisor: Prof. Rebecca Carrier) Selena DiMaio Modeling Impact of Ingested Lipids on Orally Delivered Drug Dissolution
(Faculty Advisor: Prof. Elizabeth J. Podlaha-Murphy) Salem Zahmi Electrodeposition of Sn, In and Cu from Citrate Electrolytes, Part I. Electrolyte Characterization
(Faculty Advisor: Prof. Elizabeth J. Podlaha-Murphy) Hana Kim Fabrication of Super Invar Micro- and Nano- Structures by Electrodeposition for Low Thermal Expansion Applications
HOST: Prof. Shashi Murthy Dr. SJ Claire Hur Inertial Microfluidics: Label-free Cell Manipulation for Biomedical Research
(Faculty Advisor: Prof. Laura Lewis) Nina Bordeaux Towards Rare-Earth-Free Permanent Magnets: L10 FeNi (Tetrataenite)
(Faculty Advisor: Prof. Shashi Murthy) Dwayne Vickers Determination of the Effect of Shear Stress on Hematopoiesis using two Shear Platforms
HOST: Dr. Thomas Webster Dr. Eno Ebong Hemodynamics, Glycocalyx, and Endothelial Cell Function in Health and Atherosclerosis
(Faculty Advisor: Prof. Shashi Murthy) Sean Kevlahan Enteroid and enterosphere co-culture elicits vasculogeneic response
(Faculty Advisor: Prof. Edgar Goluch) Thaddaeus A. Webster Determination of the Effect of Shear Stress on Hematopoiesis using two Shear Platforms

Summer 2012 Semester

8/22/2012 Fulden Buyukozturk Mechanistic Studies and Modeling of Self-Emulsifying Drug Delivery Systems for the Oral Delivery of Hydrophobic Compounds
6/1/2012 Shaopeng Sun Induced Codeposition of Mo and W from Aqueous Electrolytes

Spring 2012 Semester

4/25/2012 Selena Di Maio Mechanistic Studies and Modeling of Effects of Ingested Lipids on Oral Drug Absorption
4/25/2012 Dr. Steven A. Vitale Advanced Microelectronics Technology Development at MIT Lincoln Laboratory
4/20/2012 Dinara Andirova Nanoengineering of Metal-Organic Frameworks (MOFs) for Carbon Capture
4/20/2012 Pegah Hosseinpour Magnetism-Processing Correlations in Anodized Titania Nanotubes
4/18/2012 Nina Bordeaux Towards Rare-Earth-Free Permanent Magnets: The L10-type Structure in FeNi (Tetrataenite)
4/6/2012 Noreen Rizvi Transcriptional Regulation of Alkaloid Biosynthesis in Catharanthus roseus Cultures
4/6/2012 Nil Tandogan Nano-Constriction Devices for Isolation and Cultivation of Environmental Microbes
4/3/2012 Adam Hatch Microfluidic Isolation of Endothelial Progenitor Cells for Vascular Tissue Engineering
3/30/2012 Radhika Barua Understanding the Magnetostructural Phase Transition Response: Effects of Nanostructuring
3/23/2012 Pierre Bhoorasingh Predictive Modeling for Catalyst Design
3/2/2012 Dr. Vlado K. Lazarov
United Kingdom Characterising the Nanoworld: TEM
2/24/2012 Emily Gong Cell Proliferation in Gradients of Chemical Cues
2/24/2012 Avinash Kola Electrodeposition Studies of AgNiW Alloys
2/22/2012 Dr. Marco Dressler
ETH, Zurich, Switzerland Production of bi-component fibers with advanced mechanical properties
2/17/2012 Daniel Milano Quantitative analysis of cell-cell interactions and contact-inhibition of movement of cancer cells
2/17/2012 Mehdi Zamanpour Fabrication of Novel Magnetic Nanostructures towards Efficient Power Generation
1/20/2012 Sean H. Kevlahan Label-Free Microfluidic Isolation of Intestinal Stem and Progenitor Cells from Native Rat Tissue
1/20/2012 Ha Na Kim Electrodeposition of Super Invar alloy: effect of glycine

Fall 2011 Semester

12/9/2011 Nina Bordeaux Towards Rare-Earth-Free Permanent Magnets: L10 Fe50Pd(50-x)Nix
12/9/2011 Hasan M. Yildiz Impact of Food-associated Stimuli on Barrier Properties of Gastrointestinal Mucus to Bacteria Transport
12/2/2011 Shaopeng Sun Electrodeposition of Mo-rich, MoNi Alloys from an Aqueous Electrolyte
12/2/2011 Dwayne Vickers Lectins: A Means of Stem Cell Identification via Flow Cytometry and Microfluidics
11/18/2011 Pegah M. Hosseinpour Effect of Iron Doping on Structural and Magnetic Properties of Titania Nanostructures
11/17/2011 Professor LaShanda Korley Hierarchical Polymer Hybrids
11/16/2011 Melissa Loving Characterization and Kinetics of the Magnetostructural Phase Transition in FeRh Thin Films
11/4/2011 Josh Marion Towards Rare-Earth-Free Permanent Magnets: Fe-(CuMn) Nanocomposites
11/2/2011 Professor Henrikas Cesiulis A Spectrum of Electrochemical Studies in the Department of Physical Chemistry at Vilnius University
10/11/2011 Bing Sun Integrating RHEED-TRAXS and Molecular Beam Epitaxy for Real-time Compositional Control of Functional Oxide Deposition Process
10/7/2011 Fulden Buyukozturk Mechanistic studies of self emulsifying drug delivery systems for the oral delivery of hydrophobic drugs: digestion kinetics and effect of formulation digestion on drug release
10/7/2011 Melissa Loving Phase Transition Kinetics in FeRh Thin Films
9/30/2011 Salena DiMaio Monitoring of Partitioning of Poorly Water-Soluble Drugs during In Vitro Lipolysis by Electron Paramagnetic Resonance
9/30/2011 Salem Zahmi A Comparison of the Electrodeposition of Sn and In for Photovoltaic Components
9/26/2011 Professor Arul Jayaraman Inter-kingdom signaling in the GI tract: There’s a lot of talking going on….
9/23/2011 Adam Hatch Capture and Release of Endothelial Progenitor Cells in a Microfluidic Channel
9/23/2011 Thaddaeus A. Webster Electrochemically Monitoring Single Cells with Nanofluidic Sensors
9/19/2011 Professor LaShanda Korley Mechanically-Tunable Materials Inspired from Nature

Summer 2011 Semester

8/18/2011 Lütfiye Kurt Production of Biodiesel from the Microalgae Chlorella vulgaris
8/15/2011 Tetiana Bairachna Electrodeposition of NiW, NiWMo and NiMo Alloy Thin Films and NiW Nanowires
8/1/2011 Dr. Yaakov Nahmias Microliver Technologies: Design and Application of Metabolic Programming
7/12/2011 Dwayne Vickers Extracellular and Intracellular Phenomena in Microfluidic Flow
6/24/2011 Radhika Barua Magnetic Signature of Symmetry Reduction in Epitaxial La0.67 Sr0.33 MnO3 Films
6/3/2011 Dr. Christopher Marrows Current Driven Domain Wall Motion
6/1/2011 Dr. Richard West Multiscale, Multiphysics Modeling of a Complex Chemical Engineering System

Spring 2011 Semester

4/27/2011 Dr. Bilal M. El-Zahab Nanotechnology and The Challenges of The New Decade: Energy, Health, and The Environment
4/20/2011 Dr. Sunho Choi Engineering Nanostructured Materials for Clean Energy
4/19/2011 Professor Christian M. Wetzel Solid-State Lighting – Energy Efficient Lighting with Group-III Nitride Semiconductors
4/11/2011 Dr. Hao Cheng Regenerative Medicine: From Synthetic Polymeric Scaffolds to Engineered Stem Cells
4/6/2011 Dr. Mark J. Uline Lipid Layers: From Fundamentals to Biosensor Applications
3/30/2011 Professor Rodney S. Ruoff Graphene-based Materials, Energy, and Sustainability
3/17/2011 Professor Gregory N. Parsons Thin Film Atomic Layer Deposition: Surface Reactions and Applications in Solar Energy Conversion
2/22/2011 Professor Rina Tannenbaum Hierarchical Nanostructures and Their Potential Bio-Applications

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