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Chemical Engineering

Guest Speakers

Fall 2014 Semester

October 10, 2014    Dr. Tequila Harris
Georgia Tech    TBD   
September 26, 2014    Dr. Susmita Bose
Washington State University    TBD   

Summer 2014 Semester

Unless otherwise noted, all seminars will be held at 11:45 a.m. in room 320 Shillman

August 13, 2014    Dr. Ed Luther
Northeastern University    Laser Based Quantitative Imaging Systems in NEU Pharmaceutical Sciences Core Facilities   
August 6, 2014
325 Shillman    Dr. Shanta Dhar
University of Georgia    Mitochondria-targeted Delivery Systems   
August 1, 2014
220 Shillman    Dr. Thomas Truskett
University of Texas at Austin    Assembling Nanoclusters in Water for Therapy or Imaging   
July 23, 2014    Dr. Neha Kamat
Harvard University    Towards the Construction of Protocells: Designing Opticaly Responsive Membranes   
July 15, 2014
325 Shillman    Dr. Charles Monroe
University of Michigan    Resolving the Mechanisms that Control Lithium/Oxygen Battery Performance   
June 27, 2014    SuPing Lyu
Medtronic    Products, Engineering, and Science   
June 18, 2014
315 Shillman
(Host: Thomas Webster)    Dr. Thomas Lars Andersen
Techincal University of Denmark    PET/CT Imaging as a Tool to Evaluate Tumor Accumulation and Efficiency of Nanoterapeutics   
June 11, 2014
102 WVG
(Host: Thomas Webster)    Dr. Ken Littrell
Oak Ridge National Laboratory    The Use of Small-Angle Scattering to Probe Self-Assembly and Structural Changes in Soft-Matter, Synthesis, Catalytic Systems   

Spring 2014 Semester

May 2, 2014
(Host: Elizabeth Podlaha-Murphy)    Dr. Behnaz Bozorgui
Columbia University    Simulation of Polymer-grafted Nanoparticles   
May 1, 2014
(Host: Elizabeth Podlaha-Murphy)    Dr. Yajie Dong
Harvard University    Semiconductor Nanomaterials for Information and Energy Technologies   
April 17, 2014
(Host: Thomas Webster)    Dr. Jeetain Mittal
Lehigh University    Simulations of Biomolecular Assembly Processes at Interfaces   
April 9, 2014
(Host: Elizabeth Podlaha-Murphy)    Weijie Lu
Air Force Research Laboratory    Oxygen Catalytic Growths and Multi-functionalities of CNTs and Graphene   
April 3, 2014
(Host: Rebecca Carrier)    Dr. Mark Byrne
Auburn University    TBD   
April 2, 2014
(Host: Thomas Webster)    Dr. Daniel K. Schwartz
University of Colorado Boulder    Single Molecule Tracking at Wet Interfaces   
March 31, 2014
(Host: Thomas Webster)    Dr. Abigail Koppes
MIT    Manipulating the Neurological Microenvironment for Regenerative Medicine Applications   
March 28, 2014
(Host: Elizabeth Podlaha-Murphy)    Dr. John Zhanhu Guo
Lamar University    Magnetoresistive Nanocomposites for Electrochemical Energy Storage   
March 26, 2014
(Host: Thomas Webster)    Dr. Amit Bandyopadhyay
Washington State University    Hard Materials and Manufacturing Processes Towards Repair and Reconstruction of Bone Disorders   
March 20, 2014
(Host: Elizabeth Podlaha-Murphy)    Dr. Gerassimos Orkoulas
UCLA    Modeling, Simulation & Control of Batch Protein Crystallization Processes   
March 19, 2014
(Host: Laura Lewis)    Dr. Michael J Aziz
Harvard University    Organic-Based Aqueous Flow Batteries for Massive Electrical Energy Storage   
March 18, 2014
(Host: Thomas Webster)    Dr. Boris Yakobson
Rice University    From Material Substance to Shape to Property   
March 12, 2014
(Host: Thomas Webster)    Dr. Nasim Annabi
Harvard University    Merging Microscale Technologies & Advanced Biomaterials for Cardiovascular Tissue Engineering   
March 11, 2014
(Host: Elizabeth Podlaha-Murphy)    Dr. Gang Wu
Los Alamos National Laboratory    Graphene Nanocomposite Catalysts for Sustainable Electrochemical Energy Storage and Conversion   
February 28, 2014
(Host:  Shashi Murthy)    Dr. Steven M. Cramer
Renssealer Polytechnic Institute    Understanding and Enhancing Selectivity in Multimodal Chromatography   
February 27, 2014
(Host: Thomas Webster)    Dr. Yaakov Nahmias
Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Israel)    Development of Predictive Tools for Liver Toxicology: Micro-well Bioreactors and Pluripotent Stem Cells   
February 21, 2014
(Host: Thomas Webster)    Dr. Alireza Abbaspourrad
Harvard University    Life is Better with Drops!   
February 20, 2014    Alek Aksimentiev
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign    Reinventing a DNA Sequence Reader   
February 19, 2014
(Host: TBA)    Dr. Narendra Maheshri
Massachusetts Institute of Technology    Using Dynamical Measurements and Kinetic Models to Yield Biological Insights in Gene Regulation   
February 5, 2014
(Host: Prof. Adam Ekenseair)    Dr. Thomas M. Truskett
The University of Texas at Austin    Assembling Nanoclusters in Water for Therapy or Imaging   
February 3, 2014
(Host: Prof. Hicham Fenniri)    Dr. Takeshi Yamazaki
University of Alberta and National Institute for Nanotechnology (NINT), Canada    Multiscale Modeling of Nanomaterials in Solution   
January 31, 2014
(Host: Prof. Elizabeth Podlaha-Murphy)    Dr. André D. Taylor
Yale University    Synthesis and Assembly of High Performance Nanomaterials to Create Next-Generation Energy Conversion Devices   
January 27, 2014
(Co-hosted by MIE, ChE, and Physics)    Professor J.J. Hoyt
MCMaster University, Hamilton, ON    Particle Growth, Melting and Nucleation at the Nanoscale   

Fall 2013 Semester

December 4, 2013
(Host: Prof. Adam Ekenseair)    Dr. Srinivas Sridhar
Northeastern University    Nanoplatforms for Precision Medicine   
November 25, 2013
(Host: Prof. Thomas J. Webster)    Dr. Arthur J. Coury
Member of the National Academy of Engineering    A Career in Medical Products During the Era of Biomaterials   
November 13, 2013
(Host: Prof. Thomas J. Webster)
Joint Sponsorship with ECE    Dr. Elias Manolakos
Harvard University    Computational Methods to Decipher the Dynamic Processes of Cells and Living Organisms   
November 8, 2013
(Host: Prof. Thomas J. Webster)    Dr. Richard Gilbert
Northeastern University    Mapping Myoarchitecture and Mechanics with Magnetic Resonance Imaging   
November 6, 2013
(Host: Prof. Thomas Webster)    Dr. Jeffrey S. Garanich
Director, The Sapphire Group LLC, New York    Managing Innovation in a Challenging Global Economic Environment   
November 1, 2013
(Host: Prof. Adam Ekenseair)    Dr. Michael Rosenblatt
Executive VP & Chief Medical Officer, Merck    How Academia and the Pharmaceutical Industry Can Work Together   
October 30, 2013
(Host: Prof. Adam Fenniri)    Dr. Ming Su
Worcester Polytechnic Institute    Nano Medicine That Change Phases   
October 16, 2013
(Host: Prof. Thomas J. Webster)    Dr. Mark Burns
University of Michigan    Microfluidic Devices for Chemical and Particle Analysis   
October 11, 2013
(Host: Prof. Edgar Goluch)    Dr. David Walt
Tufts University    Single Molecule Arrays: From Fundamental Enzymology to High Sensitivity Analysis   
October 9, 2013
(Host: Prof. Carolyn Lee-Parsons)
Joint Sponsorship with NU
Chemistry and Chemical Biology Department    Dr. Wayne Curtis
The Pennsylvania State University    Chemical PLANTS and Production Platforms: Propagation to Protein Expression   
October 4, 2013
(Host: Prof. Elizabeth Podlaha-Murphy)    Dr. David Kazmer
University of Massachusetts Lowell    System Identification and Modeling of Capillary Melt Rheological Data   
September 11, 2013
(Host: Prof. Hicham Fenniri)    Dr. John P. Nolan
La Jolla Bioengineering Institute    High Speed Single Cell Analysis   

Spring 2013 Semester

April 17, 2013
(Host: Prof. Anand Asthagiri)    Prof. Shekhar Garde
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute    Water, Proteins, and Interfaces: A New Molecular Perspective   
April 12, 2013
(Host: Prof. Thomas Webster)    Prof. Christopher Bettinger
Carnegie Mellon University    Reconfigurable Polymers and Interfaces as Next-Generation Biomaterials   
April 10, 2013
(Host: Prof. Shashi Murthy)    Prof. Konstantinos Konstantopoulos
Johns Hopkins University    Cell Migration in Confined Spaces   
April 3, 2013
(Host: Prof. Shashi Murthy)    Prof. Susan Daniel
Cornell University    Biomimetic Surfaces for Probing Virus-cell Interactions and Viral Entry Kinetics   
March 27, 2013
(Host: Prof. Edgar Goluch)    Prof. David Dandy
Colorado State University    Engineering ╬╝FNs to do Quantitative Biology   
February 27, 2013
(Host: Prof. Thomas Webster)    Dr. Li Xi
MIT    Dynamics of Polymer Solids and Fluids: Tales at Different Scales   
February 20, 2013
(Host: Prof. Thomas Webster)    Dr. Wyatt Tenhaeff
Oak Ridge National Laboratory    Solid State Electrolytes and Lignin-based Carbon Fibers for Safe and Inexpensive Lithium Batteries   
February 13, 2013
(Host: Prof. Thomas Webster)    Dr. Kelly Schultz
University of Colorado at Boulder    Microrheological Characterization for Biological Applications and Soft Material Design   
February 6, 2013
(Host: Prof. Thomas Webster)    Dr. Anita Shukla
Rice University    Designer Surfaces: From Treating Traumatic Injury to Applications in Regenerative Medicine   
January 30, 2013
(Host: Prof. Thomas Webster)    Dr. Adam Ekenseair    Synthetic Polymers as Injectable Scaffolds for Bone Tissue Engineering   
January 25, 2013
(Host: Prof. Thomas Webster)    Dr. Ben Cosgrove
Stanford University    A More Youthful Self-renewal: Bioengineering Solutions to Rejuvenate Dysfunctional Muscle Stem Cells in Aging   
January 23, 2013
(Host: Prof. Richard West)    Prof. Linda Broadbelt
Northwestern University    Designing Reaction Pathways to Novel Chemicals and Materials Using Kinetic Modeling   
January 11, 2013
(Host: Prof. Thomas Webster)    Prof. Esmaiel Jabbari
University of South Carolina    Engineered Matrix to Study the Effect of Microenvironment on Maintenance of Cancer Stem Cells and Drug Response   

Fall 2012 Semester

December 7, 2012
HOST: Prof. Shashi Murthy    Dr. Cullen R. Buie    Electrophoretic Deposition of Nanoporous Surface Coatings with Extreme Wettability   
November 28, 2012
HOST: Prof. Sunho Choi    Dr. Michael Tsapatsis    Zeolite Nanosheets for Thin Film Applications and Hierarchical Zeolite Catalysts   
November 07, 2012
HOST: Dr. Thomas Webster    Dr. Evan Scott    An Immunoengineering Approach to Vaccination: Tuning the Immune Response with Redox-Sensitive Nanoparticles   
October 17, 2012
HOST: Dr. Thomas Webster    Dr. Hicham Fenniri    Supramolecular Engineering of Nanoscale Materials for Nanomedicine   
October 10, 2012
HOST: Prof. Shashi Murthy    Dr. Lucas Landherr    The Friction and Adhesion of Polymeric Systems: The Characterization of Thin Brush Lubricants and Superhydrophobic Surface Interactions   
October 3, 2012
HOST: Prof. Shashi Murthy    Dr. SJ Claire Hur    Inertial Microfluidics: Label-free Cell Manipulation for Biomedical Research   
September 26, 2012
HOST: Dr. Thomas Webster    Dr. Eno Ebong    Hemodynamics, Glycocalyx, and Endothelial Cell Function in Health and Atherosclerosis   

Spring 2012 Semester

April 25, 2012    Dr. Steven A. Vitale    Advanced Microelectronics Technology Development at MIT Lincoln Laboratory   
March 2, 2012    Dr. Vlado K. Lazarov
United Kingdom    Characterising the Nanoworld: TEM   
February 22, 2012    Dr. Marco Dressler
ETH, Zurich, Switzerland    Production of bi-component fibers with advanced mechanical properties   

Fall 2011 Semester

November 17, 2011    Professor LaShanda Korley    Hierarchical Polymer Hybrids   
November 2, 2011    Professor Henrikas Cesiulis    A Spectrum of Electrochemical Studies in the Department of Physical Chemistry at Vilnius University   
September 26, 2011    Professor Arul Jayaraman    Inter-kingdom signaling in the GI tract: There’s a lot of talking going on….   
September 19, 2011    Professor LaShanda Korley    Mechanically-Tunable Materials Inspired from Nature   

Summer 2011 Semester

August 1, 2011    Dr. Yaakov Nahmias    Microliver Technologies: Design and Application of Metabolic Programming   
June 3, 2011    Dr. Christopher Marrows    Current Driven Domain Wall Motion   
June 1, 2011    Dr. Richard West    Multiscale, Multiphysics Modeling of a Complex Chemical Engineering System   

Spring 2011 Semester

April 27, 2011    Dr. Bilal M. El-Zahab    Nanotechnology and The Challenges of The New Decade: Energy, Health, and The Environment   
April 20, 2011    Dr. Sunho Choi    Engineering Nanostructured Materials for Clean Energy   
April 19, 2011    Professor Christian M. Wetzel    Solid-State Lighting – Energy Efficient Lighting with Group-III Nitride Semiconductors   
April 11, 2011    Dr. Hao Cheng    Regenerative Medicine: From Synthetic Polymeric Scaffolds to Engineered Stem Cells   
April 6, 2011    Dr. Mark J. Uline    Lipid Layers: From Fundamentals to Biosensor Applications   
March 30, 2011    Professor Rodney S. Ruoff    Graphene-based Materials, Energy, and Sustainability   
March 17, 2011    Professor Gregory N. Parsons    Thin Film Atomic Layer Deposition: Surface Reactions and Applications in Solar Energy Conversion   
February 22, 2011    Professor Rina Tannenbaum    Hierarchical Nanostructures and Their Potential Bio-Applications   

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