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Policies, Rules & Regulations

  • Critical-Course Tracking Requirements:

    • Critical courses for Industrial and Systems Engineering consist of the following:
      • MAC2311: Analytical Geometry & Calculus 1
      • MAC2312: Analytical Geometry & Calculus 2
      • MAC2313: Analytical Geometry & Calculus 3
      • MAP2302: Differential Equations
      • PHY2048: Physics with Calculus 1
      • PHY2049: Physics with Calculus 2
      • COP2271:
      • ESI4327c: Matrix & Numerical Methods  (effective fall 2015)
    • Requirement 1: Students must complete each of the eight critical tracking courses listed above with a C or better in at most two attempts, including withdrawals. A registration canceled for non-payment is also considered an attempt.
    • Requirement 2: Based on the grade from the last attempt, the GPA among these critical tracking courses must be at least 2.5.
    • Students failing to satisfy the above two requirements will not be able to continue in the ISE major.
  • 3-Time Rule for all other courses excluding critical tracking

    • Students must complete each required course with C or better in at most three attempts, including withdrawals. A registration canceled for non-payment is also considered an attempt. Students failing to do so will be dismissed from ISE.
  • Probation Contract

    • A student who is in violation of one or more of the conditions listed above is considered off-track and may be asked to leave the program. A student who is off-track and who is allowed to continue in the major is automatically placed on tracking probation and must complete a Probation Contract Form 2015 – ISE with the academic advisor.
  • Term GPA, Upper Division GPA and University GPA Requirements

    • When a student’s term GPA, upper-division or university GPA falls below 2.0, he or she is placed on a probation program and the Dean’s office sends a letter to the student to this effect. The student then meets with the departmental academic advisor.  The academic advisor reviews the student’s course work and formalizes a plan for removing probationary status.  The student will sign a Probation Contract Form 2015 – ISE, which must be approved by the Associate Dean for Student Affairs. When a student fails to raise his or her GPA to 2.0 or above within two semesters, he or she is discontinued from the program, unless the student successfully petitions the department to be allowed to continue in the program.
  • Honors Theses: (Effective Fall 2014)

    • In additions to those required by College of Engineering (see Graduating with Honors), students must submit their individual by the following deadlines to
      • For fall graduation, the deadline is the first Friday after Labor Day.
      • For spring graduation, the deadline is the first Friday after MLK Day.
      • For summer graduation, the deadline is the first Friday after Memorial Day.
  • Incomplete Grades

    • When receiving an incomplete grade at the end of a semester, students must complete the course work and make arrangements to have the incomplete changed to a letter grade before the last day of class of the following semester. Afterward, an unresolved incomplete grade becomes an “E,” a failing grade.
  • Technical and General Electives (Effective Fall 2014)

    • Students must receive a C or better in courses selected to satisfy the requirements for technical and general electives.
  • EIN4944: Practical Work Experience

    • Internships must involve work related to Industrial and Systems Engineering, in order to be considered for the EIN4944 credit.  EIN4944 only counts as a general elective and does cost 1 credit hour of tuition.
    • Since EIN4944 is departmentally controlled, registration requires the Request for Registration Form, located on the Application and Forms webpage, is completed.
    • The EIN4944 credit can only be added to a schedule during normal registration times for a semester.  It can be added for the semester you plan to do the internship or one semester after the internship is completed.
    • The internship credit is graded with a U or S.  The student is required to complete a  Practical Work Experience Form located on the Applications and Forms webpage, before the end of the internship.  The student’s internship supervisor will be sent a Supervisor’s Evaluation Survey by the Undergraduate Coordinator.  Both forms will need to be completed for the grade.
    • Internships must involve at least 480 hours of work
      • 12 weeks (at 40 hours per week – 480 hours worked)
      • 3 months (at 4 weeks per month – 480 hours worked)
  • Repeating Courses

    • For students who have to repeat courses, delay in graduation is a natural consequence. It is our policy to always adhere to our co- and prerequisite requirements. Petitions to take courses without the necessary co- and/or prerequisite requirements in order to eliminate or shorten delay are never approved.


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