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Technical and General Electives


  1. Options 1 and 2 listed below are available to students who entered UF before 2015.
    1. Complete 9 hours of technical electives.
    2. Complete 6 hours of technical electives and 3 hours of general electives.  You must complete a departmental petition for the general elective option.
    3. Students who entered UF in 2015 or after are required to complete 5 hours a technical electives and don’t have the general option.


  • General Electives are 3000-level or above courses required for a minor degree program or in areas complementary to industrial and systems engineering.
  • Technical Electives are 3000-level or above courses with significant scientific and/or technical content.
  1. Choose Your General and Technical Electives Wisely

    ISE students are strongly encouraged to make the best use of the general and technical electives requirement, by making a cohesive choice of courses that will strengthen your understanding through their interaction, and give you more depth in a specific area. In particular, you may wish to prepare for the Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) exam, which is a first step in obtaining a professional engineer (PE) license, or you may want to pursue a minor in Business, Sales Engineering, Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science, or some other technical area. Information on the PE exam process can be found at National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying, and information on minors that have been popular with ISEs can be accessed in the menu to the right.

  2. Pre-Approved General and Technical Electives

    The courses listed below are pre-approved for general and technical elective credits. You should discuss these choices with your adviser, and any course from this list will automatically be accepted in your SASS audit. This list will be reviewed by the faculty and updated each semester

  3. Other Choices

    Other 3000-level or above courses that fit the above definitions in Business, Engineering, Mathematics, Statistics and Physics may be used as general or technical electives by submitting the online technical and general elective petition along with supporting documents.

Pre-Approved Technical Electives

ISE Courses

  • EIN 4905 Design of Experiments
  • EIN 4905 Honors Intro to Financial Engineering
  • EIN 4905 Special Problems in Industrial & Systems Engineering- only Data Mining 
  • EIN 4912 Integrated Product & Process Design 1

Other Courses

  • CAP 4621 Artificial Intelligence and Heuristics
  • CDA 3101 Introduction to Computer Organization
  • CEN 3031 Introduction to Software Engineering
  • CEN 4072 Software Testing and Verification
  • CGS 4545 Databases and Applications
  • CIS 4301 Information System Design and Development
  • COP 3530 Data Structures and Algorithms
  • COP 4600 Operating Systems
  • COT 3100 Applications of Discrete Structures
  • ECO 3101 Intermediate Microeconomics (only counts as 1 credit of tech)
  • ECO 3203 Intermediate Macroeconomics (only counts as 1 credit of tech)
  • ECO 4400 Game Theory and Applications
  • EEL3701C
  • EEL3135
  • EES3008 Energy & Environment
  • EGM 3520 Mechanics of Materials
  • EGM 3401 Dynamics or EGM3400 but NOT both
  • EGM4592
  • EGM4590
  • EML4321
  • FIN 3403 Business Finance
  • FIN 3403 Debt and Money Markets
  • FIN 4504 Equity and Capital Markets
  • FIN 4414 Financial Management
  • GIS3072c
  • ISM3004
  • ISM 4113 Business Systems Design and Applications
  • ISM 4210 Database Management
  • ISM 4220 Business Data Communications 1
  • ISM 4221 Business Data Communications 2
  • MAA 4211 Advanced Calculus 1
  • MAA 4212 Advanced Calculus 2
  • MAA 4226 Introduction to Modern Analysis 1
  • MAA 4227 Introduction to Modern Analysis 2
  • MAA 4402 Functions of a Complex Variable
  • MAD 4203 Introduction to Combinatorics 1
  • MAD 4204 Introduction to Combinatorics 2
  • MAP 3170 Introduction to Actuarial Mathematics
  • MAS 4301 Abstract Algebra 1
  • MAS 4302 Abstract Algebra 2
  • MHF 3202 Sets and Logic
  • PKG 3103 Food Packaging
  • PKG 4007C Computer Tools for Packaging
  • PKG 4252C Analytical Methods in Packaging
  • RMI 3011 or 4305 Risk Management
  • STA 4183 Theory of Interest
  • STA 4210 Regression Analysis
  • STA 4211 Design of Experiments
  • STA 4222 Sample Survey Design
  • STA 4502 Nonparametric Statistical Methods
  • STA 4504 Categorical Data Analysis
  • STA 4702 Multivariate Statistical Methods
  • STA 4712 Introduction to Survival Analysis
  • STA 4853 Introduction to Time Series and Forecasting
  • SUR3103c
  • TTE 4004C Transportation Engineering
  • TTE 4106 Urban Transportation Planning
  • TTE4201
  • TTE 4300 Transportation Systems Analysis

Pre-Approved General Electives (General electives are not allowed for students after 2014)

  • AEB 3341 Selling Strategically
  • ABE4932
  • EGN 4032 Professional Issues in Engineering
  • EGN 4930 Sales Seminar
  • EIN 4944 Practical Work in Industrial & Systems Engineering
  • ESI 4949 Co-Op Work Experience
  • MAN 3025 Principles of Management
  • MAR 3023 Principles of Marketing
  • URP 3001 Cities of the World


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