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Current Visiting SCHOLARS

Current PhD Students

Current MSc Students

Past PhD Students

  • Jiaxing Pi, Optimization and Data Analysis in Biomedicine, University of Florida, Florida (Summer 2016)
  • Xueqi He, Exact and Heuristic Approaches for Integer Knapsack Problems, Optym, Florida (Summer 2016)
  • Ximing WangMachine Learning Optimization Models with Data Uncertainties, University of Florida, Florida (Summer 2015).
  • Chrysafis VogiatzisExact and Heuristic Approaches to Solving Sensor Placement, Routing, and Tracking Problems, North Dakota State University, North Dakota (Summer 2014).
  • Jose L. Walteros, Integer programming models for solving critical element detection and data association problems, University at Buffalo, New York (Summer 2014).
  • Vijay PappuSupervised machine learning models for feature selection and classification on high dimensional datasets, University of Florida, Florida (Fall 2013).
  • Dmitriy KorenkevychData Minining Methods with Aplications in Biomedicine, University of Florida, Florida (Summer 2013)
  • Syed N. MujahidOptimization Based Robust Methods in Data Analysis with Applications to Biomedicine and Engineering, University of Florida, Florida (Summer 2013)
  • Michael B. FennA Raman Spectroscopic-based Platform Using Advanced Data Mining Methods for in-Situ Cancer Cell Classification and Characterization, Florida Institute of Technology, Florida (Summer 2013)
  • Alexey Sorokin, Modeling and Optimization Techniques for Ensuring Resilience in Heterogeneous Networked Systems, Optym, Florida (Summer 2012)
  • Hongsheng Xu, (Summer 2012) Electricity Blackout and Power Security: Survey and Analysis
  • Elisa Pappalardo, Combinatorial optimization methods for problem in genomics, Universita di Catania and University of Florida (Fall 2011)
  • Masoud Zarepisheh, Transformations of multiobjective optimization problems with natural and lexicographical ordering, Stanford University (Fall 2011)
  • Vera Tomaino, Data mining and optimization in cancer research, University Magna Graecia of Catanzaro, Italy (Summer 2011).
  • Neng Fan, Combinatorial and Nonlinear Optimization Methods with Applications in Data Clustering, Biclustering and Power Systems, University of Arizona (Summer 2011)
  • Petros Xanthopoulos, Robust Data Mining Techniques with Application in Biomedicine and Engineering, Stetson University, Florida (Summer 2011)
  • Jui-Hong (Vic) Chien, EEG Analysis of Brain Dynamical Behavior with Applications in Epilepsy, John Hopkins University, Maryland (Summer 2011)
  • Donatella Granata, Models and Algorithms for New Network Flow Problems, University of Rome “La Sapienza”, Italy (co-advisor, Raffaele Cerulli, Spring 2011)
  • Jicong Zhang, Optimization and Data Mining in Healthcare: Patients Classification and Epileptic Brain State Transition Study Using Dynamic Measures, Pattern Recognition and Network Modeling, Beilhang University, China (Spring 2011)
  • Ingrida Steponavice, Algorithms for Uniform Distribution of Solutions over the Pareto Set and their Applications in Risk Management, Monash University, Australia (co-advisor, Antanas Zilinskas, January 2011)
  • Qipeng(Phil) Zheng, Stochastic Integer Optimization and Applications in Energy Systems, University of Central Florida, Florida (Summer 2010)
  • Steffen Rebennack, A Unified State-Space and Scenario Tree Framework for Multi-Stage Stochastic Optimization: An Application to Emission-Constrained Hydro-Thermal Scheduling, Colorado School of Mines, Colorado (Summer 2010)
  • Nikita Boyko, New Approaches to Robust Optimization with Applications, Bloomberg LP, New York (Summer 2010)
  • Ashwin Arulselvan, Network Model for Disaster Management, University of Strathclyde, Scotland (Summer 2009)
  • Oleg Shylo, New Tools for Large-scale Combinatorial Optimization Problems, University of Tennesee, Tennesee (Summer 2009)
  • O. Erhun Kundakcioglu, Combinatorial and Nonlinear Optimization Techniques in Pattern Recognition with Applications in Healthcare, Ozyegin University, Turkey (Summer 2009)
  • Chang-Chia (Jeff) Liu, Brain Dynamics, System Control and Optimization Techniques with Applications in Epilepsy, John Hopkins University, Maryland (Summer 2008)
  • Alla Kammerdiner, Statistical Methods in Data Mining of Brain Dynamics, New Mexico State University (Spring 2008)
  • Michael Andrew Bewernitz, Data Mining and Time Series Analysis of Brain Dynamical Behavior with Applications in Epilepsy, US Food and Drug Administration, Maryland (Spring 2008)
  • Stas Busygin, Combinatorial Optimization Techniques in Data Mining, Susquehanna International Group, LLP, Pennsylvania (Summer 2007)
  • Altannar Chinchuluun, Topics in Multiobjective Optimization, National University of Mongolia (Summer 2007)
  • Clayton Commander, Optimization Problems in Telecommunications with Military Applications, University of North Carolina (Summer 2007)
  • Martin Gomez Ravetti, “Algorithms for a Scheduling Problem with Parallel Machines and Sequence Dependent Setups,” Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais, Brazil(co-advisor Geraldo Robson Mateus, 2007)
  • Michelle Ragle , Computational methods for the design and selection of hybridization probes, Northwest Florida State College (Spring 2007)
  • Onur Seref, New Optimization Methods and Applications in Kernel Based Machine Learning, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Fall 2006)
  • Michael J. Hirsch, GRASP-Based Heuristics for Continuous Global Optimization Problems, ISEA TEK, Florida (Fall 2006)
  • Sandeep Nair, Brain Dynamics and Control with Applications in Epilepsy, ICON plc, California (Fall 2006)
  • Oleg Prokopyev, Nonlinear Integer Optimization and Applications in Biomedicine, University of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania  (Summer 2006)
  • Claudio Nogueira de Meneses, Combinatorial Approaches for Problems in Bioinformatics, Universidad Federal de Goias, Brazil (Fall 2005)
  • Anthony Okafor, Entropy-based Techniques with Applications in Data Mining, University of West Florida(Fall 2005)
  • Vladimir Boginski, Network Models of Complex Systems, University of Central Florida (Summer, 2005)
  • Robert Murphey, Integrated Assignment and Path Planning (Spring, 2005)
  • Carlos Oliveira, Optimization in Telecommuniations, Amazon, Washington (Summer, 2004)
  • Don Grundel, Combinatorial and Nonlinear Optimization, Eglin Air Force Base, Florida (Summer, 2004)
  • Sergiy Butenko, Maximum Independent Set and Related Problems with Applications, Texas A&M University (Summer 2003)
  • Wanpracha “Art” Chaovalitwongse, Optimization and Dynamical Approaches in Nonlinear Time Series Analysis with Applications in Bioengineering, University of Washington (Summer 2003)
  • Eduardo Pasiliao, Algorithms for Multidimensional Assignment Problems, Air Force Research Laboratory, Florida (Summer 2003)
  • Sandra Duni Eksioglu, Optimizing Integrated Production , Inventory and Distribution Problems in Supply Chain, Clemson University, South Carolina (Summer 2002)
  • Burak Eksioglu, Network Algorithms for Supply Chain Optimization Problems, Clemson University, South Carolina (Summer 2002)
  • Paveena Chaovalitwongse, Multi-echelon Multi-Commodity Transportation and Inventory Control Problems, Chula Engineering, Thailand (Fall 2000).
  • Duk Won Kim, Nonconvex Network Flow Problems (Summer 1999).
  • Leonidas Pitsoulis, Nonlinear Assignment Problems, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (Fall 1998).
  • Luana Gibbons, Algorithms for Solving the Maximum Clique Problem (co-advisor: D. Hearn, Summer 1994).
  • Bassam Khoury, The Steiner Problem in Graphs (co-advisor: D. Hearn, Summer 1993).
  • Nainan Kovoor, Algorithms for the Least Distance Problem (co-advisor: P. Berman, Fall 1992).
  • Yong Li, Heuristic and Exact Algorithms for the Quadratic Assignment Problem (Fall 1992).
  • Kowtha Murthy, Algorithms for Solving the Quadratic Assignment Problem (Fall 1991).
  • Geoffrey M. Guisewite, Concave-Cost Network Flow Problems, Raytheon, Pennsylvania (Summer 1991).
  • Chi-Geun Han, Solving Large-Scale Nonlinear Programs Using Interior-Point Algorithms, Kyung Hee University, South Korea (Summer 1991).
  • Gregory Rodgers, Algorithms for Unconstrained Quadratic 0-1 Programming and Related Problems on Contemporary Computer Architectures (Spring 1989).

Past Visiting Scholars

  • Mohsen Rahmani
  • Hossein Moosaei
  • Xiucui Guan
  • Pando G. Georgiev
  • Boris Goldengorin
  • Ling Wang
  • Panayotis Nastou, Aegean University, Greece
  • Vitaliy Yatsenko
  • Dinh The Luc, University of Avignon, France (Dec’11-Feb’12)
  • Luis Sanchez Gonzalez, University of Madrid, Spain (Sep’11 – Dec’11)
  • Elisa Pappalardo, University of Catania, Italy (Feb’10 – Jul’11)
  • Beyza Ahlatcioglu Ozkok, Yildiz Technical University, Turkey (Feb’10 – Jan’11)
  • Donatella Granata, University of Rome “La Sapienza”, Italy (May’10 – Nov’10)
  • Vera Tomaino, University of Magna Graecia of Catanzaro, Italy (Nov’08 – Nov’09)
  • Zhang Tao, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, China (Feb’08 – Feb’09)
  • Chen Haitao, Associate Professor, School of Management, University of Jilin, China (Aug’08 – Aug’09)
  • Mario Rosario Guarracino, High Performance Computing and Network Institute, Naples, Italy (May’08 – Jun’08)
  • Kamran Fatahi, Industrial Engineering Department, Amirkabir University of Technology, Iran (Apr’08 – May’08)
  • Antonio Mucherino, University of Naples “Federico II”, Naples, Italy (Jan’07 – Jun’07)
  • Nyamsuren Damdin, Mongolian University of Science and Technology, Mongolia (2007)
  • Martín Gómez Ravetti , Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais, Belo Horizonte, Brazil (2003-current)
  • Manki Min , Dept. of EE & Computer Science, South Dakota State University (2004-2006)
  • Cheong Hee Park , Chungnam National University, South Korea (2004-2005)
  • Claudio Cifarelli, University of Roma “La Sapienza”, Italy (2004-2005)
  • Yasutoshi Yajima, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan (1997-1998)
  • Tania Querido, Brazil (1998-1999, 2003-current)
  • Paola Festa, Universita’ degli Studi di Salerno, Italy (1999– 2000)
  • Pavel Knopov, Vitaliy Yatsenko, and Alexander Golodnikov, Institute of Cybernetics, Kiev (Spring 2000)
  • Hongxuan Huang, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China (2000–2001)
  • Kwon Ojeong, Republic Of Korea Army (ROKA) (2000)
  • Liang Zhi-an, Inner Mongolia University, Hohhot, P.R.China (2000)
  • Song Yang, Northeast Forestry University, Heilongjiang Sheng, China

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