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Ph.D. Committees Chaired/Co-Chaired

  • @UF: Danial Davarnia, Co-chair Mohit Tawarmalani
    • Graduation Year: 2017
    • Dissertation Title: “Convexification techniques for bilinear and complementarity constraints with application to network interdiction”
    • Currently @:  Carnegie Mellon University
  • @Purdue: Jinhak Kim, Chair Mohit Tawarmalani
    • Graduation Year: 2017
    • Dissertation Title: “Cardinality constrained optimization problems”
    • Currently @: University of South Alabama
  • @UF: Ayse Nur Arslan,  Co-chair Yongpei Guan
    • Graduation Year: 2017
    • Dissertation Title: “Polyhedral techniques for mixed integer programs arising in production planning and logistics.
    • Currently @: University of Bordeaux
  • @UF: Deon Burchett
    • Graduation Year: 2015
    • Dissertation Title: “Multi-commodity fixed charge capacitated network design: polyhedral characteristics, network resilience, and algorithms.”
    • Currently @: United Airlines
  • @UF: Yen Tang, Co-chair J.Cole Smith
    • Graduation Year: 2013
    • Dissertation Title: “Algorithms for mixed-integer bilevel min-max optimization problems.”
  • @UF: Trang Nguyen, Co-chair Mohit Tawarmalani
    • Graduation Year: 2013
    • Dissertation Title: “Convexification techniques for complementarity and multilinear problems.”
    • Currently @: FPT Research and Technology Center (Vietnam)
  • @UF: Ilksen (Ece) Icyuz
    • Graduation Year: 2013
    • Dissertation Title: “Optimization models and methods for network flow problems arising in the railroad industry.”
    • Currently @: United Airlines
  • @Purdue: Amar Narisetty
    • Graduation Year: 2012
    • Dissertation Title: “New computational approaches to the solution of mixed integer programs.”
    • Currently @: SAS
  • @Purdue: Chuanhui Xiong, Chair Mohit Tawarmalani
    • Graduation Year: 2011
    • Dissertation Title: “Essays on explicit envelopes through polyhedral subdivisions and contract design in pharmaceutical supply chains.”
    • Currently @: University of North Carolina (Pembroke)
  • @UF: Kwanghun Chung, Co-chair Mohit Tawarmalani
    • Graduation Year: 2010
    • Dissertation Title: “Strong valid inequalities for mixed-integer nonlinear programs via disjunctive programming and lifting.”
    • Currently @: Hongik University
  • @Purdue Ali Tuncel, Chair Ron Rardin
    • Graduation Year: 2008
    • Dissertation Title: “Strengthened relaxations and algorithms for radiation therapy optimization under dose-volume restrictions.”
    • Currently @: T4 Analytics
  • @Purdue Ali Diabat
    • Graduation Year: 2008
    • Dissertation Title: “Large-scale integrated supply chain networks design: models and algorithms.”
    • Currently @: Masdar Institute of Science and Technology
  • @Purdue: Bo Zeng
    • Graduation Year: 2007
    • Dissertation Title: “Generating strong cutting planes for unstructured integer programs using lifting.”
    • Currently @: University of Pittsburgh
  • @Purdue: Santanu Dey
    • Graduation Year: 2007
    • Dissertation Title: “Strong cutting planes for unstructured mixed integer programs with multiple constraints.”
    • Currently @: Georgia Institute of Technology
  • @Purdue:Jianhong Qiao, Chair Mark Lawley
    • Graduation Year: 2005
    • Dissertation Title: “Security enhancement and consequence mitigation strategies for water infrastructure against physical destruction.”
    • Currently @: Bain capital

M.S. Committees Chaired / Co-Chaired

  • @UF: Nitish Garg
    • Graduation Year: 2011
    • Thesis Title: “A polyhedral study of integer bilinear covering sets.”
  • @UF: Mohammad Khalil
    • Graduation Year: 2010
    • Thesis Title: “On the linear programming and group relaxations of the uncapacitated facility location problem.”
  • @Purdue: Fatma Aktulga
    • Graduation Year: 2009
    • Thesis Title:  “Improving practicum scheduling at the department of speech pathology at Purdue.”
  • @Purdue: Hyoku Kang
    • Graduation Year: 2006
    • Thesis Title: “An Improved Optimization Model for Assigning Empty Freight Cars in a Railroad Network.”
  • @Purdue: Malek Macaron
    • Graduation Year: 2005
    • Thesis Title: “Multiple Production Sites Lot-Sizing.”
  • @Purdue: Giridhar Prasannan, Co-chair Yanjun Li
    • Graduation Year: 2005
    • Thesis Title: “Deriving New Facets of the Group Problem using Superadditive Lifting and Symbolic Computation.”
  • @Purdue: Parbati Ray
    • Graduation Year: 2004
    • Thesis Title “An Integer Program to Design Fast Matrix Multiplication Algorithms.”
  • @Purdue: Amar Narisetty
    • Graduation Year: 2004
    • Thesis Title “An Optimization Model for Assignment of Empty Cars in Union Pacific Railroad Network.”

Undergraduate Students Advised

  • @Purdue: Bilal Gokpinar (First Placement: Ph.D. Northwestern)
  • @Purdue: Huseyin Karaca (First Placement: Ph.D. Northwestern)
  • @Purdue: Sezai Kozikoglu (First Placement: MS. Columbia)




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