Miscellaneous Questions

Q. How will I receive law school information once school starts?

A. At the start of fall semester, the Office of Student Affairs will add your e-mail to our “all law listserve” and “student-activities listserve”. These are used to inform students about administrative and campus wide issues. Administrative messages and announcements are also often posted on a glass covered bulletin board in front of the Office of Student Affairs.The Office of Student Affairs encourages students to use our e-mail address: student.svc@law.ufl.edu for general questions, inquiries to specific staff members and financial aid information. This electronic mail is routed to the appropriate staff member and responses are returned as soon as possible.

Q. What is the dress code for law school? Is it OK to dress casually, like I did for undergrad?

A. Yes, but keep in mind that you are entering a profession and what you wear reflects on you and will often be remembered by classmates, especially if it’s inappropriate.

Q. How do I get a locker?

A. Fall 2015 Entering Students will have priority in obtaining a locker at the beginning of Fall Term. Fall 2015 Entering Students may claim their lockers beginning Tuesday, Aug. 11, 2015. There will be a card inside open, available lockers with further information on how to claim a locker.

Q. How important is it to bring a LOCK so you can have access to a locker?

A. It is very important since you do not have to worry about carrying your massive amounts of book with you all day around campus! Get a locker as early as you can since they run out quickly.

Q. Do I need a new Gator 1 Identification Card with the Levin College of Law?

A. Yes. If you were an undergrad at UF, you need a new Gator 1 with the law school information added to it.

Q. How and where can I purchase my Gator 1 ID card?

A. You will find information on obtaining a Levin College of Law Gator 1 card on this page: www.law.ufl.edu/student-affairs/new-students/checklist/

Q. Where can I find information about the Office of Veterans Services?

A. UF Office of Veterans Services assists the special needs of current UF students receiving educational benefits from the US Department of Veterans Affairs. Veterans support services are administered through the Office of the University Registrar in 222 Criser Hall. The university is committed to providing support services and educational benefit programs for US veterans, national guardsmen, reservists and their eligible dependents who are enrolled at UF.

Q. Where do I find information about arranging Disability Accommodations?

A. Students with disabilities who seek accommodations are required to self-identify. The first step in receiving accommodations is for you to register with the ADA office in 205 Peabody Hall, (352) 392-1261 (voice) or 392-3008 (TDD). If you were registered with the ADA office as a University of Florida undergraduate, you must re-register to receive accommodations for law school. Accommodations are provided on an individual basis and are coordinated at the College by the Assistant Dean for Student Affairs. For more information visit the University of Florida ADA office.

Q. Where is the counseling center?

A. The Counseling and Wellness Center is located at 3190 Radio Road. Levin College of Law has a Counselor, Leif Stringer, in the Student Affairs Office. You can make an appointment or just stop by.

Q. How does the University of Florida's student insurance work? Where is the infirmary and do I have to have UF's health insurance to go there?

A. The University of Florida has a mandatory health insurance requirement for all newly admitted (or re-admitted) students who are enrolled at least half time * in a degree-seeking program and are attending any campus of the University of Florida. Students are required to show proof of adequate health insurance as a condition of enrollment. It is important that you check ISIS to review your mandatory health insurance requirement hold on your academic record and read and agree to the policy. You must agree to either submit your health insurance information and that it meets the adequate coverage requirements (waiver) OR that you will be auto-enrolled in the school sponsored health insurance plan and billed for it. This hold will prevent you from registering for classes. More information including insurance coverage guidelines, frequently asked questions, how to submit one’s insurance information and more, can be found at http://studentinsurance.shcc.ufl.edu.

[* Half time is defined as 6 eligible credit hours for undergraduate students and 5 eligible credit hours (4 credit hours during summer) for graduate students. For students beginning in Summer B term, half-time is considered 3 hours; however, one must be enrolled in 6 hours to receive financial aid. This applies to both domestic and international students.]

As for the infirmary, there are some procedures that are free for UF students.
The University of Florida Student Health Care Center (SHCC): The Student Health Care Center is an outpatient clinic which provides primary medical and psychological care as well as a variety of other specialty services. The SHCC is funded solely by UF students. SHCC is an accredited, general practice, outpatient clinic staffed by board certified physicians, assistants, registered nurses, advanced registered nurse practitioners, psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, counselors, health educators, licensed pharmacists, licensed laboratory technologists, licensed x-ray technicians, a gynecologist, a consultant radiologist, a dietitian, and support personnel. Also a branch of SHCC is located in Corry Village, a university apartment complex near the law school. All registered UF students are eligible for SHCC services. The per-credit-hour fee, paid by all students, covers unlimited consultations with SHCC staff. However, minimal service charges are assessed for accident/injury care, lab tests, medication, x-rays, certain special services, and consultations with on-staff specialists.

Q. What's the process of joining a joint-degree program?

A. You must be accepted to both of the colleges and once you are admitted into the second program, there is a form that must be completed with the Assistant Dean of Student Affairs at the College of Law and your graduate department before you will be classified as a joint degree student. For more information visit the joint-degree program Web site.

Q. When should I arrive to Gainesville?

A. Anytime before ILSP starts.

Q. How often will I need lawyer attire my first year?

A. You will need it for various events throughout the year, depending on your involvement at school and if you interview for internships, externships or other opportunities during your second semester. 

Q. What do I need to be doing the summer before I head to school?

A. Nothing in particular for your classes, though there will be required reading for ILSP, which will be sent to you at a later date. You should be reading for fun, relaxing, earning money if you need to save up. Make sure you are rested and strong. You were accepted for the credentials you have, so you are already prepared. Just be ready to do a lot of reading and engaging in critical thinking.

Q. How do I break up the workload and prepare during the semester?

A. Pace yourself. You have to have balance in your life. Reading first helps you to stay prepared. A good rule of thumb to abide by is “Do what is due first!”

Q. When should I apply to the Bar?

A. Applying for the Florida Bar in your first year is highly recommended. By applying in your first year you pay only $75 to receive your MANDATORY bar clearance required for clinic certification (CLI). Employers consider this CLI to be very important, and it provides the only opportunity to represent real clients in court during your law school experience. You will get more information about how to apply at the ILSP, including an info flyer, and representatives from The Florida Board of Bar Examiners will speak about the process. Also see the FAQ at http://www.floridabarexam.org.

Q. Where can I find information about the Office of LGBT Affairs?

A. The Office of LGBT Affairs is located in Peabody Hall. For more information: http://lgbt.multicultural.ufl.edu/
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