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Robert W. Smith, E’37, LI’47

Since Bob Smith’s student days in the 1930s, almost everything has changed about Northeastern — except for the central role that co-op plays in preparing students to succeed in the world.


The Averill Family

Not only do Robert and Claire Averill’s three sons and two daughters feel a debt of gratitude for the experiences they received through Northeastern’s co-op program, it could be argued that they owe their very existence to it.

Marguerite Derosier Eckles, LA’59

Thanks to her Northeastern education, Marguerite Eckles was prepared to work on preliminary research for one of the most significant space exploratory missions in history: NASA’s Voyager probe.

Herb Hadad, AS’59

Herbert Hadad looks back on a successful writing career in journalism, public relations, and speechwriting. He has penned dozens of well-regarded essays, and is about to publish his first book. It started with co-op.


Joseph “Joe” J. Cronin, Jr., BA’67

We often hear stories of a strong work ethic and sky-high ambition propelling an aspiring young professional up the corporate ladder, but in the case of Joe Cronin, BA’67, that’s exactly how it all started.

Paula Prescott Hart, N’69

Paula Hart wanted to combine her study of nursing at Northeastern with her love of travel. The journey she took in 1968 made her part of co-op history.

Douglas King, BS'69

When Doug King graduated with a bachelor's of science in finance and insurance, the young entrepreneur was already on the fast track to becoming an award-winning real estate developer.

André Laus, UC’69

André Laus, who received his degree in management from University College (now the College of Professional Studies), never went on co-op himself, but he’s been touting its benefits for years.

Paul Merluzzi, E’66

Paul Merluzzi chose Northeastern for the co-op program, and when he started that first co-op with The Bristol Company, Merluzzi says, he knew he’d made the right choice.

Ernest Moegelin, BA’66

Ernie Moegelin was first exposed to the business world through his six co-op experiences on the manufacturing floor of Ford Motor Company's massive, historic automobile complex known as The Rouge. An amalgamation of these eclectic co-op experiences in Dearborn, Michigan, prepared him for a successful 37-year tenure at Merrill Lynch

William Salisbury, AS’64

Whether he was working in a law practice, the office of the Governor of Massachusetts, or the administrative offices of Northeastern University, William Salisbury learned one invaluable skill during his co-op experiences: How to deal with people.

Frank Tempesta, E ’62, ME ’64

When it comes to cooperative education, it would be hard to find a bigger fan than Frank Tempesta, the recently retired president and CEO of Textron Systems.

Jim Thompson, E’69

When Jim Thompson did his co-op at Raytheon in the late 1960s, he was working for a company with “one of the best computer systems in the world,” he recalls.


Christine Black, LA’74, and B. Jay Cooper, LA’73

Black and Cooper are Northeastern’s own Mary Matalin and James Carville: married media pros at opposite ends of the political spectrum.

Larry Cetrulo, L'75

A fortuitous conversation prompted Larry Cetrulo, L'75, to consider attending Northeastern’s School of Law—and the resourceful Cetrulo enrolled only days later, altering the course of his academic and professional lives.

Art Cherry, BS’76

Art Cherry first entered the financial world through his Northeastern co-op as an entry-level employee at New England Merchants National Bank, an experience that became the foundation for a lifelong career in the financial-services industry.

Steve Cody, AS’77

As a journalism student experiencing his first co-op opportunity in the newsroom of the New York Times, he found himself amid a bustle of scrambling reporters, buzzing news wire machines, and ringing telephones on the night President Nixon resigned.

Robert DeLeo, BA '72

Massachusetts House Speaker Robert A. DeLeo credits his alma mater and the opportunities he gained through the University’s cooperative education program with setting him on his path toward a successful career in politics.

Ted English, BA’76

For Ted English, it’s not a stretch to say that his freshman-year co-op as a buyer’s trainee at Filene’s Basement shaped the course of his entire career.

Dana Fabe, L’76, H’98

When Dana Fabe was on her first co-op at a law firm in Bozeman, Montana, she had the extraordinary opportunity to write a petition for writ of certiorari, requesting the U.S. Supreme Court to hear an equal protection case.

Rita Fahy, LA’78, ME’89

A longtime supporter of Northeastern, Dr. Fahy’s generosity dates back to the mid-1980s. Her contributions to the College of Science's Dean's Scholarship Fund allocate funding to one of the college’s most important initiatives—helping students afford tuition at a cost within reach.

Gerald Feldman, BA’70

In the late 1960s, Northeastern middler Gerald Feldman walked into the corporate office of Allied Advertising Agency seeking real-life experience in the industry. Some 42 years later, he is the chairman of the Boston-based firm.

Richard M. Feldt, E’74

Richard Feldt, the CEO of Evergreen Solar, has enjoyed great success as a senior executive with a variety of companies, and says co-op gave him the necessary foundation.

David S. Ferriero, AS’72, MA'76

David Ferriero is the tenth Archivist of the United States. His first step towards reaching that position was his first co-op as a junior library assistant at the MIT Libraries in 1965.

Joseph Fleming, PAH’70, MS’71

Joseph Fleming chose to attend Northeastern because the cooperative education program was, to him, "an opportunity to help finance college." Forty years later, the double Husky is a living testament as to why the program is so much more than just a way to help pay for tuition.

Michael K. Frisby, LA’77

Michael Frisby’s story is one about dreams coming true. Growing up in challenging economic circumstances in Springfield, Massachusetts, the odds were stacked against him. But the Northeastern co-op program helped him fulfill his dream of becoming a star political reporter.

Roland Gillis, LA'72

It was the opportunities afforded by co-op that ultimately insprired Roland Gillis to apply to Northeastern, continuing a family tradition of attending the university and leading to a highly successful career.

Gary Gregg, MS’79

Gregg, MS’79 — now president of agency markets for Liberty Mutual — began studying accounting at Northeastern in June 1978.

Gene Guselli, CJ’76, MBA’85

When the battle over forced busing spilled over onto the streets of Boston in the early 1970s, Gene Guselli found himself face-to-face with history in the making.

Dr. Cheryl Davis Jordan, BA’76

Dr. Davis Jordan sees her four co-ops and the jobs that came after as a bit like the pieces of a puzzle: each was essential, but she wasn't quite sure what they were leading up to until she'd put them all together and looked at the whole picture.

Jeff Lowenfels, L’75

If co-op makes students explorers of all the possibilities in their lives, then Jeff Lowenfels is second to none in wringing every bit of value out of his Northeastern experience. He traveled some 36,000 miles across the country in pursuit of co-op experiences.

Thomas “Tom” P. McDonough, BA’71

Tom McDonough was initially attracted to Northeastern University because the cooperative education program helped him to solve a critical problem: how to finance his education. But the ability to graduate without any financial debt turned out to be only a fraction of the benefits he gained through co-op.


Marc Breakstone, L’86

The decision to attend Northeastern University School of Law was based on a conviction to do “good”. Co-op was an unexpected bonus — one that later inspired a string of “amazing and palpable moments” for the attorney.

Gerry Coughlin, BA’89

Gerry Coughlin is the quintessential example of a Northeastern success story. Coming from a modest background, he came to Northeastern knowing the co-op program would give him the extra edge after graduation and help him hone a variety of skills necessary for lifelong success.

Bill DePatie, E’86

From the time he was a little kid building electronic gizmos from toy kits, to now - as vice president of hardware engineering for EMC - DePatie, E'86, has been interested in hands-on engineering.

Jeanine Pace Hamilton, BA’87

Jeanine Pace Hamilton’s international co-op experience in Germany enabled her to immerse herself in another culture and learn valuable professional skills.

Manuel Henriquez, BA’87

Co-op gave Manuel Henriquez a chance to supervise approximately 30 people as an undergraduate and helped propel him to become head of a successful venture capital firm. Needless to say, he is a fan.

Patrick F. O’Donnell, BA’83, PNT’12

Pat O'Donnell came to Northeastern for its location, its reputation and its signature co-op program. O'Donnell's story is one of a driven young man who split his time between co-op at IBM World Trade in Poughkeepsie, New York, and Northeastern classrooms.

Cindy Reed, L’80

Reed is the president and chief executive officer of the Rhode Island-based venture capital and strategic planning firm LTR Holdings, LLC.

Winslow Sargeant, E’86

Winslow Sargeant, Barack Obama’s nominee to be chief counsel for advocacy of the U.S. Small Business Administration, credits his Northeastern education and co-op experiences as critical first steps in his successful career.

Andrew Tarica, BA,’82

When Andrew Tarica graduated from Northeastern in the early 1980s, the economy was in rough shape. But with three co-ops on his résumé, Tarica was hired into the training program at the investment bank Drexel Burnham.

Mary Ellen Thompson, CJ’84, L’89

Between her undergraduate and law school programs, Mary Ellen Thompson did seven co-ops at Northeastern, saving arguably the best for the last.

Mark Vachon, BA’82

From day one on co-op, Mark Vachon started learning how high-level executives operate. Now he’s one himself.


Benjamin S. Albert, Esq., AS‘94, L‘98, MBA’03

What do making a great latte, the Sandia Mountains, and the Constitution of the United States have in common? For Triple Husky Benjamin Albert, each was a significant part of his co-op experience and led to his most recent adventure: medical school.

William “Mo” Cowan, L’94

Mo Cowan is the chief legal counsel for Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick and is a former member of the litigation section at the Boston-based law firm Mintz Levin Cohn Ferris Glosky & Popeo PC.

Connie Pielech, E’90

With the strong foundation that she established at Northeastern University, Connie Pielech, E’90, has succeeded in a competitive industry, and is an active and enthusiastic member of the alumni community.

Brian Tomlinson, BA’90

Twenty years ago Brian Tomlinson was on co-op as an asset management assistant at IBM in Stuttgart, Germany. It was a professional experience that he will never forget.

Sean Wilson, BA'90

Sean Wilson credits Northeastern's co-op program with helping him to build his Rolodex—and the foundation for his successful career.


Krzysztof Dabrowiecki, BA’09

When Northeastern student and ace baseball pitcher Kris Dabrowiecki first met Tim Connelly, MBA'85-the sponsor of his athletic scholarship-he had no idea how well they would hit it off together. Some would say their meeting was a grand slam.

Molly Ford, BA’09

With alumni in all 50 states and more than 120 countries around the world, Northeastern alumni are all part of the great Northeastern family. But recent graduate Molly Ford can literally say that she hails from a true Northeastern family.

Katie (Gillis) Tenney, CSH'09

As far back as she can remember, Katie (Gillis) Tenney, CSH'09, has felt most at home helping others. "Intuitively, I always wanted to help people understand concepts...I wanted to teach. There was nothing else for me."

Michael Sovak, BA’08

In appreciation for his Northeastern education, he is spreading the good word about cooperative education. After his Wall Street co-op experience at the firm turned into a full-time position, Sovak started pursuing ways to give back and advocate co-op's benefits.

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