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USA Undergraduate/Graduate Bulletin 2014-2015


ISD 581    Hypermedia Tools    3 cr   

This course provides students with the skills and knowledge necessary to develop interactive, animated hypermedia modules for use in instructional design projects, presentations, lectures, and multi-media events.    

ISD 582    Advanced Hypermedia Tools    3 cr   

An advanced course in the development and use of interactive, animated hypermedia products for use in multimedia projects, instructional design projects, presentations, lectures, presentations, etc.    

ISD 583    Interactive Video    3 cr   

This course involves digital video editing and includes basic instruction in shooting, lighting and composing video sequences.   

ISD 584    Animation    3 cr   

An introductory course that provides students with an opportunity to acquire the skills necessary to develop animated interactive modules for use in lectures.   

ISD 585    Integration of Technology in Teaching     3 cr   

The purpose of this course is to enable students who have some technology background in computing to focus the use of a variety of technologies onto a specific content area of instruction. Students will demonstrate cognitive competency of curriculum integration, instructional design, and production techniques. Specific attention will be given to videodisc technology, AV and computer technology.   

ISD 590    Special Topics     3 cr   

Topics of contemporary interest in the area of Education Media will be presented, discussed, and investigated.    

ISD 594    Directed Study and Research    1-3 cr   

Students explore problems and issues of special interest or significance in Instructional Design and Development. Not more than three semester hours may be accepted toward degree programs.   

ISD 595     Internship (Masters)    3 or 6 cr   

The internship is a supervised learning experience in an actual or similar setting to that in which instructional designers or medial administrators are employed.    

ISD 598    Research and Development Project     3-6 cr   

A supervised field project, study, or investigation on a topic related to Instructional Design and Development. Students will conduct an investigation which applies skills learned during the Instructional Design and Development Masters program.   

ISD 599     Thesis     1-3 cr   

A student selects a project, study, or investigation related to the area of specialization in Instructional Design and Development. The project forms a basis for the thesis. A thesis committee provides direction during the investigation and during the writing of the thesis.   

ISD 600    Learning Tools    1 cr   

This one-hour course is designed to introduce students to some of the basic media tools that will help them with their coursework and in the work place. The course will typically be a series of two-hour class periods scheduled at somewhat regular intervals.    

ISD 601    
Seminar in Instructional Design and Development
3 cr   

Discussion and investigation of particular topics related to Instructional Design and Development.   

ISD 602    Writing for Instruction    3 cr   

Course serves as an overview and review of essential written communication skills needed by instructional design professionals.   

ISD 610    Trends and Issues in Instructional Design
and Development     3 cr   

Discussion and investigation of history, current trends, and issues in instructional design and their implications for education and training.    

ISD 611    Macro-Level Training Systems    3 cr   

Course focuses on macro-level design and development of large-scale instructional systems. Course emphasizes needs assessment, proposal writing, methods of analyzing organizational dynamics, and diffusion of institutional innovations. Students identify a problem in a large instructional system, propose a solution, and develop a detailed plan for solving the problem.   

ISD 612    Alternate Instructional Models    3 cr   

This course affords students the opportunity to apply a variety of well-established and emerging instructional design and development models. Pre-requisites: ISD 621.   

ISD 613    Instructional and Learning Strategies    3 cr   

In this course, students explore the use of an assortment of instructional strategies to meet diverse learning needs.   
ISD 614     Human Cognition for Instructional Design
and Development    3 cr    
A survey course of the cognitive science literature that is especially relevant for instructional designers and human performance technologist. The course covers major theoretical perspectives in cognitive science and has students read original empirical research. The goal is to enable IDD students to utilize the cognitive science literature in their careers. Pre-requisite: A grade of "B" or above in EPY 502 or permission of instructor.    

ISD 620     Research in Instructional Technology     3 cr   

Students collaborate with a graduate faculty member who is conducting research in the area of instructional design and development. May be repeated for credit. Requires permission of instructor.    

ISD 621     Instructional Design    3 cr   

Introductory course that focuses on a recognized model of instructional design. Includes emphasis on instructional analysis, instructional objective, performance assessment, instructional strategies and sequences, and formative evaluation.    

ISD 622    Advanced Instructional Design    3 cr   

Application of advanced instructional design models and procedures for needs assessment, instructional development, and evaluation in various instructional and learning environments using current learning tools.   
ISD 623     Advanced Research Design for IDD     3 cr    
A comprehensive course detailing advanced research methods and research. This course is especially geared toward advanced IDD students who wish to develop the skills to properly design, propose, carry out and critique scholarly research. The course covers the specifics of advanced research design and methods through a thorough analysis of empirical research. The goal is to equip IDD students with the research design skills to become successful scholars and researchers in their field. Pre-requisites: A grade of "B" or above in IDE 510, a grade of "B" or above in IDE 620 or permission of the instructor.    

ISD 640     Needs Assessment    3 cr   

Analysis of needs assessment procedures related to the development of instructional systems. Considers a variety of needs assessment models. Students apply needs assessment models in selected settings.   

ISD 641     Performance Systems Technology     3 cr   

Provides students with practical methods of analyzing and solving human performance problems. Emphasis is placed on development of both noninstructional and instructional interventions.   

ISD 642    Project Coordination    3 cr   

This course will develop knowledge and competencies in the coordination of large instructional projects. It is designed to enhance skills in the basic functions of instructional project coordination: planning, organizing, controlling, and directing.   

ISD 650    Computer-Based Training    3 cr   

A course for persons interested in the use of the computer to present instructional materials to students. Current learning theory as it pertains to authoring will be discussed. Pre-requisite: ISD 621.   

ISD 651     Learning Theory and Technology    3 cr   

This course will present techniques for the integration of instructional design theory and practice into the newer delivery systems including those using video and digitized media.   

ISD 652    Technology-Based Instruction     3 cr   

This course is a continuation of ISD 651. It concentrates on the additional skills and software necessary to develop and produce an original interactive instructional product.    

ISD 653    Developing Online Instruction    3 cr   

Developing online instruction using course management tools, multimedia technologies, and instructional design principles. Pre-requisite: ISD 621.    

ISD 656     Training Interventions    3 cr    

Practical experience in designing and implementing facilitator-led training in various large-scale organizations.   
ISD 657    Teaching in Higher Education    3 cr   
Theory and practice of pedagogy in higher education. Principles of the analysis, design, development, implementation, and evaluation of instruction will be addressed and then applied in a practical setting with a mentor instructor. Pre-requisites: Permission of instructor. Doctoral student status.   

ISD 680    Emerging Technologies     3 cr   

Course introduces students to emerging technological breakthroughs in education and training settings especially emphasizing the effects of future technologies.   

ISD 682    Impact of Emerging Technologies    3 cr   

This course examines the impact of new digital technologies in education and training and prepares educators to use digital approaches in their institutions.   

ISD 694     Directed Study and Research    3 cr   

Students explore problems and issues of special interest or significance in Instruction Design. Not more than three semester hours may be accepted toward degree program.    

ISD 695    Internship (Doctoral)    3-6 cr   

A supervised learning experience in an actual or similar setting to that which instructional designers or media administrators are employed.   
Instructional Design and Development Program
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