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Fall Courses 2015

Fall Courses

GS 490-101 Gender & Development/Women in Development (Laureen Fregeau)
This course will examine and critique gender issues in developing national and international efforts to address these concerns from the 1970’s to the present with particular emphasis on the context of women. Includes formal and non-formal education of women, cultural difference affecting life opportunities, rural vs urban issues, politics, social class influences, international movements and organization and efforts to empower girls and women to advance their lives within the context of gendered social roles.

GS 490-102 Gender & Self-Representation (Karen Smith)
This course explores how writers and artists have used the genres of self-representation, including autobiography, confession, memoir, and self-portraiture to challenge gender norms, construct alternative self-images, and highlight intersections between gender, race, class, sexuality and/or other categories of identity. This course will include historical and theoretical overview, but will focus on modern and contemporary works that engage the problem of representing gender. The course will also consider gender issues in popular, digital modes of self-representation such as blogs and social media. This course also fulfills EH major/minor requirements.

GS 490-103 Identities & Politics: Sexuality and Gender, 1970’s to 2010’s (Kristina Busse)
In 1969, queer and trans people rioted outside a New York bar because they were tired of the everyday threats and violence they suffered. We now look back on this event as a turning point in the fierce struggle over identities of gender and sexualities. This course traces the political and theoretical steps that took a vibrant subculture under constant threat of discrimination, institutionalization, and criminalization to the civil rights movement that we are seeing today. This class traces the history of contemporary theories of sex and gender as well as the debates and conflicts within LGBT movements we are seeing today. While primarily focusing on the way gender and sexuality get constructed, the class will also think critically about how and where queer studies productively intersects with other concerns including race, class and nationality.

AFR 101 Intro African-American Studies (Kern Jackson)
An interdisciplinary investigation of the origins, experiences, conditions, accomplishments and contributions of people of African ancestry in the United States.

AIS 320 Cultural Diversity (Joycelyn Finley-Hervey)
An interdisciplinary exploration of issues related to interactions between diverse groups in teams, communities, and organizations. Reviews research from a variety of disciplines, introduces the history and law of equal opportunity in the U.S., and examines the costs and benefits of diversity. Topics include prejudice, stereotyping, affirmative action, barriers to mobility, discrimination, marginalization, mentoring, cooperative teamwork, and international issues.

CJ 372 Gender & Criminal Justice (Corina Schulze)
This course utilizes gender as a conceptual construct in studying actors and the institutional processes in the criminal justice system. Women's roles as criminals, crime victims, and law enforcement officials will be examined.

HY 457 Studies in European History (Claire Cage)
This course examines, sex, celibacy and marriage in the Christian West.

SY 200 Social Factors in Sexual Behavior (Marc Matre)
An analysis of social patterns in sexual behavior including theories of sexuality and gender, gender similarities and differences in sexual behavior, sexual orientation, sexual violence, teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.

SY 220 Marriage & the Family (Hosik Min; Harvey Joanning)
The organization, function, and present status of the family, primarily in the United States. Problems of mate selection, marital adjustment, and parent-child relations treated on the basis of recent and current social change.

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