Campus Directory

Building CodeBuilding NameStreet Address
AAB Avondale Administration Building 720 39th Street
Birmingham AL 35222
AB Administration Building 701 20th Street South
ACC Childrens Ambulatory Care Center 1600 7th Avenue South
AEIVA Abroms-Engel Institute 1221 10th Avenue South
ALUM Alumni Building 1301 10th Avenue South
ARCL Kirklin Clinic Acton Road 2145 Elmer J Bissel Road
Birmingham AL 35243
ASC Alys Robinson Stephens Center 1200 10th Avenue South
BBRB Bevill Biomedical Sciences 845 19th Street South
BBVAF Bbva Compass Soccer Field 800 11th Street South
BDB Boshell Building 1808 7th Avenue South
BEC Business & Engineering 1150 10th Avenue South
BELL Bell Building 1220 University Blvd
BMR2 Biomedical Research Building II 901 19th Street South
BMSP Barber Motorsports Park 6030 Barber Motorsports Parkway
Leeds AL 35094
BNTH Blount Hall 1001 14th Street South
BRDGS Bridges UAB Campus
BREM BREMSS Building 1114 16th Street South
BRTW Bartow Arena 617 13th Street South
BUR Burleson Building 909 18th Street South
BZ2H Blazer Hall II 920 16th Street South
CBSE Ctr Biophysical Sciences and Engineering 1025 18th Street South
CCB Community Care 908 20th Street South
CEC Cudworth Building 1919 University Blvd
CGA Chemistry Annex 921 14th Street South
CH Campbell Hall 1300 University Blvd
CH19 Community Health Services Bldg 19th 933 19th Street South
CH20 Community Health Services Bldg 20th 930 20th Street South
CHB Childrens Hospital Harbor Center 1600 6th Avenue South
CHEM Chemistry Building 901 14th Street South
CHT Childrens Hospital Tower 1600 7th Avenue South
CIRC Civitan Building 1719 6th Avenue South
CLB Central Laundry 2601 South Park Drive
CMPH Camp Hall 1500 10th Avenue South
CNIR Center For Nuclear Imaging 850 8th Court South
CPM Center For Psychiatric Medicine 1713 6th Avenue South
CRC Cancer Research Center 550 11th Street South
CRCT Campus Recreation Center 1513 University Blvd
CRM Cramer Hall 301 Sparkman Drive, Room 4269
Huntsville AL 35899
CRWH Ctr Research In Womens Health 1500 6th Avenue South
CSB Collat School Of Business 710 13th Street South
CSVF Campus Services Facility 1409 3rd Avenue South
CU Central Utilities 1705 7th Avenue South
CU3 Central Utility Bldg #3 501 19th Street South
CU5 Central Utilities Bldg #5 915 17th Street South
CVB Chevron Building 608 8th Street South
DNMH Denman Hall 1604 9th Avenue South
DOB Dowdy Building 1109 7th Avenue South
EB Education Building 901 13th Street South
EFH Callahan Eye Hospital Health Care Authority 1720 University Blvd
EXP4 Express 4 Storage 410 10th Street South
FAA1 Facilities Administration Annex 1 801A 6th Avenue South
FAB Facilities Administration 801 6th Avenue South
FLOB Fleet Operation Center 610 8th Street South
FOPS Football Operations Building 1219 6th Avenue South
FOT Faculty Office Tower 510 20th Street South
FPSF UAB Fast Pitch Softball Field 901 11th Street South
FTC Facility Training Center 801C 6th Avenue South
GSB General Services Building 521 19th Street South
HB Humanities Building 900 13th Street South
HC Hansell/Hulsey Center 950 13th Street South
HGLD UAB Highlands 1201 11th Ave South
HGLDPD Highlands Parking Deck 1130 12th Street South
HHB Heritage Hall Building 1401 University Blvd
HILL Hill Student Center 1400 University Blvd
HMB Holley-Mears 924 19th Street South
HOEN Hoehn Engineering Building 1075 13th Street South
HOH Spencer Honors House 1190 10th Avenue South
HPB Henry Peters Bld 1716 University Blvd
HRMC Hnt-UAB Regional Med Health Ctr 301 Governors Drive
Huntsville AL 35801
HSB Hospital Support Building 508 20th Street South
HVCL Health Clinic Hoover 2321 Hwy 150 Lakecrest
Hoover AL 35344
IDB Innovation Depot 1500 1st Avenue North
Birmingham AL 35203
IVNS Health Clinic Inverness 1250 Inverness Corners
Birmingham AL 35242
JCDH Jefferson County Department Of Health 1400 6th Avenue South
Birmingham AL 35202
JCDHM Jefferson Co Dept Of Hlth - Midfield 631 Bessemer Super Highway
Midfield AL 35228
JCDHW Jefferson Co Dept Of Hlth - Western 1700 Avenue E Ensley
Birmingham AL 35218
JCDHWE Jefferson Co Dept Of Hlth - West End 1308 Tuscaloosa Avenue SW
Birmingham AL 35211
JH Johnson House-1006 19th 1006 19th Street South
Birmingham AL 35202
JNWB John N Whitaker Building 500 22nd Street South
JT Jefferson Tower 625 19th Street South
KAUL Kaul Human Genetics 705 South 20th Street
KB Kracke Building 1922 7th Avenue South
KCPD Kirklin Clinic Parking Deck 513-515 21st Street South
LEEDS UAB Medicine Leeds Clinic 1141 Peyton Way
Leeds AL 35094
LHL Lister Hill Library 1700 University Blvd
LHRB Lyons-Harrison 701 19th Street South
LP Legacy Pavilion 1219 6th Avenue South
LRC Learning Resource Center 1714 9th Avenue South
MAG Magnolia Building 2101 Magnolia Avenue South
MCC Marshall Conference Center 802 11th Street South
MCH Medical Center Hotel 1820 5th Avenue South
MCLM McCallum Basic Health Sciences Bldg 1918 University Blvd
MEB Medical Education Bldg 1813 6th Avenue South
MMT Morrow Medical Tower 2055 East South Blvd, Suite 202
Montgomery AL 36116
MOPS Magnolia Office Park 2112 11th Ave South
MRMC Montgomery Regional Medical Campus 2119 E. South Blvd, Suite 304
Montgomery AL 36116
MSCM Spain & McDonald Clinic 1521 11th Avenue South
MSDH Morningside Dr 1404 Morningside Drive
Birmingham AL 35213
MT Medical Towers 1717 11th Avenue South
NB School Of Nursing 1701 University Blvd
NHB New Hillman 620 20th Street South
NP North Pavilion 615 18th Street South
NSRH New Student Residence Hall 900 17th Street South
NW North Wing 1915 6th Avenue South
OADI OADI Technology 2800 Milan Court
Birmingham AL 35211
OB9A 9th Avenue Office Building 1701 9th Avenue South
OHB Old Hillman 618 20th Street South
OHS Occupational Health & Safety Support Facility 700 7th Avenue South
OLB UAB Medicine Outreach Lab - Birmingham 125 20th Street South, Suite 103
OSB Orthopaedic Specialties Building 1313 13th Avenue South
OSC UAB Obstetrics Special Care 1500 6th Avenue South
OSP Old Steam Plant 1320 6th Ave South
PAUL Paula Building 728 21st Street South
Birmingham AL 35203-0007
PCAM Pittman Ctr For Adv Med Studies 1924 7th Avenue South
PD10 10th Avenue Parking Deck 1900 10th Avenue South
PD12 12th Street Parking 1212 University Blvd
PD16 16th Street Parking Deck 1114 16th Street South
PD19 19th Street Parking Deck 828 19th Street South
PD4A 4th Ave Parking Deck 1801 4th Ave South
PD5A 5th Ave Parking Deck 1914 5th Ave South
PD6A 6th Avenue Parking Deck 1960 6th Avenue South
PD9A 9th Avenue Parking Deck 1602 9th Avenue South
PDAB Admn Bld Parking Deck 705 South 20th Street
PDBH Blount Hall Parking Deck 1560 15th Street
PDUB University Blvd Parking Deck 1915 University Blvd
PHB Police Headquarters 1117 14th Street South
POB Physician's Office Building 1222 14th Avenue South
PP1 Park Place I South 1600 5th Avenue South
PP2 Park Place II North 1601 4th Avenue South
QT Quarterback Tower 601 19th Street South
RCY UAB Recycling Center 620 11th Street South
RPHB Ryals Public Health Building 1665 University Blvd
RRS Railroad Square 1720 2nd Avenue South
RSB Research Support Building 1800 9th Avenue South
RSTH Rast Hall 1530 11th Avenue South
RUST Rust Computer Center 815 18th Street South
RWUH Russell Ambulatory Center 1813 6th Avenue South
SC Chauncey Sparks Center 1720 7th Avenue South
SDB School Of Dentistry 1919 7th Avenue South
SEBL Southeastern Bio-Safety Lab 900 19th Street South
SGF Steam Generating Facility 1300 6th Avenue South
SHEL Shelby Biomedical Rsch Bldg 1825 University Blvd
SHPB School Of Health Professions 1716 9th Avenue South
SIH Smolian International House 1600 10th Avenue South
SL Sterne Library 917 13th Street South
SOSQ Sorority Square Building 1612 10th Avenue South
SRC Spain Rehab 1717 6th Avenue South
SUM Samuel Ullman Museum 2150 15th Avenue South
SW Spain Tower 620 19th Street South
TCCB Trauma Communications Center 1601 11th Avenue South
TCF Trash Compactor 690 20th Street South
THT Tinsley Harrison 1900 University Blvd
TKC Kirklin Clinic 2000 6th Avenue South
TNHS Townhouse Hotel 2008 University Blvd
U Ullman Building 1212 University Blvd
UABPD UAB Police Department 1117 14th Street South
UBB Ullman Boiler Building 1205 6th Avenue South
UBOB University Boulevard Office Bldg 1201 University Blvd
UCCC UAB Child Care Center 1113 15th Street South
UDF University Dining Facility 900 16th Street South
UNPL University Place Apartments 951 18th Street South
UNVHS University House 1300 3rd Avenue South
USAC UAB Substance Abuse Center 401 Beacon Parkway West
Birmingham AL 35209-0025
UW Ullman West 1204 University Blvd
VENU The Venue At The Ballpark 1300 3rd Avenue South
VH Volker Hall 1670 University Blvd
VRMC Vaughan Regional Med Ctr 1023 Medical Ctr Parkway
Selma AL 36701
WATTS Watts Tower 301 20th Street North
Birmingham AL 35203
WB Wallace Physical Education 608 13th Street South
WBHM WBHM Building 1028 7th Avenue South
WEBB Webb Building 1675 University Blvd
WH Woodward House 4101 Altamont Road
WHGH Woodward Guest House 4101 Altamont Road
WHGR Woodward Garage 4101 Altamont Road
WHIT White Building 1111 16th Street South
WORB Worrell Building 924 18th Street South
WP West Pavilion 615 18th Street South
WT Wallace Tower 620 19th Street South
WTI Wallace Tumor Institute 1824 6th Avenue South
YMFB Young Field 840 12th Street South
ZRB Zeigler Building 703 19th Street South
1000 1000 Building 1000 14th Street South
10WH 10th Street Warehouse 506 10th Street South
1110 1110 Building 1110 12th Street South
1113 1113 Building 1113 4th Avenue South
1200 1200 Building (Food Fair Building) 1216 6th Avenue South
1324 1324 Building 1324 11th Avenue South
1605 1605 Building 1605 11th Avenue South
1629 1629 Building 1629 11th Avenue South
1633 1633 Building 1633 11th Avenue South
1701 1701 Building 1701 11th Ave South
1715 1715 Building 1715 9th Avenue South
176F 176 Facility Building 1700 6th Avenue South
2020 2020 Building 2020 University Blvd
2300 2300 Building 2300 7th Avenue South
410 410 Building 410 10th Street South
430A 430-A Building 430 12th Street South
430B 430-B Building 430 12th Street South
430C 430-C Building 430 12th Street South
501 501 Building 501 12th Street South
502 502 Building 502 20th Street South
508 508 Building 508 8th Street South
516 516 Building 516 20th Street South
526 526 Building 526 20th Street South
611 611 Building 611 28th Street South
Birmingham AL 35222
616 616 Building 616 9th Street South
711 7-11 Building- Football 711 11th Street South
725 725 Building 725 21st Street South
801 801 Building 801 5th Avenue South
820 820 Building 820 8th Ave South
822 822 Building 822 8th Ave South
912 912 Building 912 18th Street South
916 916 Building 916 19th Street South
936 936 Building 936 19th Street South

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