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Seminars from 2009

The seminar is sponsored by the Nutrition Obesity Research Center and co-sponsored by the Department of Nutrition Sciences.

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Date    Speaker    Topic    Resources   
January 6    Ya-Xiong Tao, PhD
Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine
    "Molecular Mechanism's and Therapeutic Implications of Neural Melanocortin Receptor Dysfunction in Human Obesity    video    
January 13    Val Sheffield, MD, PhD
University of Iowa
    "The Molecular Pathophysiology of the Human Obesity Disorder, Bardet-Biedl Syndrome    video    
January 20    Gregory W.Heath, DHSc, MPH
University of Tennessee
    "Increasing physical activity at the community level: What's the evidence? (Cancelled and to be re-scheduled)    Seminar was cancelled    
January 27    Boris Pasche,MD
    "The role of the adiponectin pathway in breast and colon cancer susceptibility"    video    
February 3    Myles S. Faith, PhD
University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine
    "Food, Feeding and Phenotypes in Early Childhood Obesity"    video    
February 10    Jonathan D. Roth, PhD
Amylin Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
    "Integrated Neurohormonal Approaches to the Treatment of Obesity"     
February 17    Randall R. Sakai, PhD
University of Cincinnati Med CTR, Cincinnati, Ohio
    "Social Dominance and Adiposity"    video    
February 24    Steven N. Blair,P.E.D., PhD
University of South Carolina, Columbia, SC
    "Physical Acitivity in the Prevention of Weight Gain Management of Obesity"    video    
March 3    Nathaniel J. Dominy, PhD
University of California
    "Evolution of the Human Diet"    video    
March 10    Yu-Hua Tseng, PhD
Havard Medical School
    "Bone Morphogenetic Proteins Adipocyte Development"     
March 17    David W. Stepp, PhD
Medical College of Georgia
    "The role of PTP1B in the Metabolic and Vascular Consequence of Obesity"    video    
March 24    Peter Muennig, MD, MPH
Columbia University, New York
    "The body politic: does psychological stigma play a role in obesity-associated morbidity?"     
March 31    Susan Y. Chu, PhD, MSPH
Centers of Disease Control & Prevention, Atlanta, GA
    "Obesity and Pregnancy- Trends & Complications"    video    
April 14    Elizabeth Goodman, MD
Pediatric Clinical Research Center, Floating Hospital for Children at Tufts Medical Center, Boston, MA
    "Obesity and the Biology of Social Justice"(Cancelled due to inclement weather)     
April 21    Frank B. Hu, MD, PhD
Harvard School of Public Health, Boston, MA
    "Global Epidemics of Obesity and Diabetes: The Role of Genetic Susceptibility vs. Environment"    video    
April 28    F. Xavier Pi-Sunyer, MD, MPH
Columbia University, New York City
    "Health Effects of Intentional Weight Loss"     
May 5    Mary Elizabeth Patti, MD
Harvard Medical School
    "Early Life Determinants of Diabetes Risk"     
June 2    Andrew Hills, PhD and Nuala Byrne, PhD
Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia
    "Biological and behavioral compensations to energy restriction and weight loss"    video    
September 8    Julie A. Mennella, PhD
Research Institute in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    "Contribution of genes and experiential factors in individual differences in taste and food preferences during childhood"    video    
September 15    Steven K.Grinispoon,MD
Harvard Medical School
    "Novel Strategies to Reduce Visceral Fat in HIV Lipodystophy-The Role of Growth Hormone"    video    
September 29    Robert H. Eckel, MD
Unversity of Colorado Denver, School of Medicine
    "Macronutrient Fuel Partitioning, Insulin Action, Energy Balance, and Body Weight Regulation"    video    
October 6    David A. Kessler, MD
University of California, San Francisco
    "The End of Overeating: Taking Control of the Insatiable American Appetite"     
October 13    Russell Pate, PhD
University of South Carolina
    "Policies to Promote Physical Activity for Obesity Prevention in Youth"    video    
October 20    Gregory W. Heath, DHSc, MPH
University of Tennessee, Chattanooga
    "Increasing physical activity at the community level: What's the evidence?"    video    
November 03    Paul S. MacLean, PhD
University of Colorado, Denver, Colorado
    "Countering the Biological Drive to Regain Weight with Regular Exercise"    video    
November 10    Jorge Vizcarra, PhD
Food and Animal Science, Alabama A&M University, Normal, Alabama
    "Ghrelin and feed intake: differential role in mammalian and avian species."    video    
November 17    Kevin Grove, PhD
Oregon Health & Science University, Portland, Oregon
    "Fetal lipotoxicity and the development of metabolic systems."    video    
November 24    Kevin Hall, PhD
NIDDK, NIH, Bethesda, MD
    "Mechanistic mathematical models for metabolism and body composition change."    video    
December 01    Paul Coates, PhD
National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, MD
    "The NIH and Dietary Supplements: A (Challenging) Partnership."    video    
December 08    Satish C. Kalhan, MD
Lerner Reserach Institute, Cleveland, Ohio
    "Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease."    video    
December 15    Alexandra C. McPherron, PhD
Genetics of Development and Disease Branch, NIDDK/NIH
    "Metabolic Effects of Myostatin Inhibition."     

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