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Recent Theses & Dissertations


Michael Selby (2012) Evolution of the hominid forelimb skeleton from Miocene to present (Lovejoy)

Cynthia Thompson (2011) Sex, aggression, and affiliation: The social system of white-faced saki monkeys (Pithecia pithecia) (Norconk)

L. Tremaine Gregory (2011) Socioecology of the Guianan bearded saki (Chiropotes sagulatus) (Norconk)

Burt Rosenman (2008) Triangulating the evolution of the vertebral column in the last common ancestor: thoracolumbar transverse process homology in the Hominoidea (Lovejoy)

Kenneth Sayers (2008) Optimal foraging on the roof of the world: diet selection and patch utilization in pale-armed Himalayan langurs (Norconk)

Mary Ann Raghanti (2007) Differences in cortical dopamine, acetylcholine, and serotonin innervation among humans, chimpanzees, and macaques (Sherwood)

Maria A. Serrat (2007) Environmentally-Determined Tissue Temperature Modulates Extremity Growth in Mammals: A Potential Comprehensive Explanation of Allen's Rule (Lovejoy)

Philip L. Reno (2006) Ossification of the mammalian metatarsal: proliferation and differentiation in the presence/absence of a defined growth plate (Lovejoy)


Dexter Zirkle (2014) The development of the anterior inferior iliac spine: a comparative analysis in hominids and African apes (Lovejoy)

Ghassan Rafeedie (2014) Palestinian cultural experiences in the United States (Feinberg)

Matthew Buttacavoli (2014) An enthnographic study of translators and technology (Feinberg)

Amy Dupper (2013) Altered cortical calbindin-immunoreactive interneuron populations associated with schizophrenia (Raghanti)

Jennifer Kreierhoff (2013) Knuckle-walking signatures in hominoid scapulae (Lovejoy, Meindl)

Tatiana Bohush (2013) The reduction of experimental Paleoindian trianguloid end scrapers (Seeman)

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Arioene U. Vreedzaam (2013) The feeding and behavioral ecology of black spider monkey subgroups (Ateles paniscus paniscus) in the context of illegal artisinal goldmining activities in the Brownsberg Nature Park, Suriname (Norconk)

Mitch Sumner (2013) Cross-species comparisons of the retrosplenial cortex in primates: through time and neuropil space (Raghanti)

Michael J. Veres (2012) The Saguwentje of Berg En Dal: A census of the golden handed tamarin in a lowland secondary forest in Suriname (Norconk)

Lindsey H. Meldrim (2012) Positive feedback loops and religious insularity: a case study of the Israelite House of David (Feinberg).

Eric S. Seemiller (2011) Selective pressures influencing color vision in neotropical primates (Norconk).

Chad Waffen (2011) Ohio's prehistoric settlement patterns in the western basin of Lake Erie during the Transitional Late Woodland and Late Prehistoric Periods (750 AD - 1450 AD): A GIS Analysis (Seeman)

Kristen E. Slattery (2011) A ground-penetrating radar imaging of Schoenbrunn Village archaeological site, Tuscarawas County, Ohio (Manahan).

Sarah K. Shaw (2011) Living in the liminal: a study of homelessness in Cleveland, Ohio (Feinberg).

Aaron Comstock (2011) A morphological analysis of end scrapers at Nobles pond (33ST357), a Gainey phase paleoindian site in northeast Ohio (Seeman).

Kelly Droney (2011) Evolution of Bmp5 enhancer in primates (Chiu).

Alana Muhlberger (2011) The evolution of monogamy: a phylogenetic approach (Norconk).

Stuart Nealis (2011) The effect of freshwater mussel consumption on dental wear during the Late Archaic period (Seeman).

Cathleen Pyrek (2011) The Vaeakau-Taumako wind compass: a cognitive construct for navigation in the Pacific (Feinberg).

Ridgely Dunn (2011) Challenging appropriation: modern Moko and Western subculture (Feinberg).

Aidan Ruth (2010) Foramen magnum position in Chiroptera (Lovejoy).

Henthorn, Eric (2010) The association of serum biomarkers with cardiac health in captive gorillas (Raghanti).

Melody Vanderkolk (2009) Spatial and statistical analysis of bone tools at Sunwatch, a Middle Fort Ancient Indian village (Seeman).

Neal, Orin (2009) Responses to the Audio Broadcasts of Predator Vocalizations by Eight Sympatric Primates in Suriname, South America (Norconk).

Anzelc, Avis (2009) The Foraging Strategy of White-faced Sakis: Locating Preferred and Patchy Resources, Brownsberg Nature Park, Suriname (Norconk)

Mullett, Amanda (2009) Paleoindian Mobility Ranges Predicted by the Distribution of Projectile Points Made of Upper Mercer and Flint Ridge Flint (Seeman).

Valasik, Molly (2009) An Examination of Collector Bias and Ohio Paleoindian Projectile Point Distributions (Seeman).

Bonadio, Chris (2008) Evolutionary Origins of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and Depression (Raghanti).

Robl, Nick (2008) Ontogenetic Resource Partitioning in White-Faced Sakis (Pithecia pithecia) (Norconk).

Edler, Melissa (2007) A comparative analysis of hippocampus size and ecological factors in primates (Sherwood).

Buzzell, Courtney A. (2006) Strange and familiar scents: the role of scent marking in white-faced saki (Pithecia pithecia) social behavior (Norconk).

Blanford, A. (2006) Human Ecodynamics in the Lake Patzcuaro Basin, Michoacan, Mexico. (Fisher/Seeman)

Garner, B. (2006) An Interspecific Analysis of Posterior Facial Height in Primates. (Lovejoy)

Gregory, L. T. (2006) Comparative Habitat Utilization Between the White-Faced Saki (Pithecia pithecia) and the Bearded Saki (Chiropotes satanas) at Brownsberg Nature Park, Suriname. (Norconk)

Hubbard, M. (2006) Soapstone Vessels in the Ohio River Valley and Determining Their Source of Origin Using Visible/Near-Infrared Reflectance. (Seeman)

Lever, K. (2006) A Comparison of Bilateral Asymmetry in Homo Sapiens Metacarpals and Metatarsals Using Coefficients of Variation. (Lovejoy)

Malukiewicz, J. (2006) Female Dominance and Social Stress in a Captive Group of Ring-Tailed Lemurs (Lemur catta). (Norconk)

St. James, J. (2006) History of Slavery, Future of Hope: Somali Bantu Refugees in Cleveland, Ohio. (Feinberg)

Thompson, C. (2006) Sex Biases in Inter- and Intra-Group Social Behavior of Wild White-Faced Saki Monkeys (Pithecia pithecia). (Norconk)

Colavita, A. (2005) Positional Behavior of the Golden-Handed Tamarin (Saginus midas) at Brownsberg Nature Park, Suriname. (Norconk)

Cray, J. (2005) Pattern of Ectocranial Suture Closure: Gorilla Gorilla and Pan Troglodytes. (Meindl)

Fuller, G. (2005) The Sociobiology Debate and Evolution as an American Cultural Construct (Feinberg)

Nolan, K. (2005) The Ohio Hopewell Blade Industry and Craft Specialization: A Comparative Analysis. (Seeman)

Stanley, A. (2005) Late Prehistoric (100-1600 AD) Domestic Architecture in Ohio. (Seeman)

Wood, M. (2005) Politics of Representation/Wars of Position: The Case of Asian Americans. (Feinberg)

Stimpson, C. (2004) Comparative Study of Development of the Reed Titi Monkey and the White-Faced Saki Monkey at Cleveland Metroparks Zoo: Behavioral Maturation of Males and Females. (Norconk)

Stevens, L. (2004) Morphological Variation in the Hominoid Vertebral Column. (Lovejoy)

Parkinson, D.S. (2003) The Relationship Between Age and Secondary Dentin Formation in Adult Human Mandibular Premolars and Molars. (Norconk)

Selby, M. (2003) The Issue of Knuckle Walking in Human Ancestry : The Significance of Quantitative Evidence. (Meindl)

Barbach, J. E. (2002) Observations in Microanatomy: A Study of Strepsirhine Photoreceptors. (Meindl)

Byron, C. D. (2002) Morphological Evidence for Asian Colobine Phylogeny. (Hamrick)

Heinlen, B.W. (2002) The Species Identification of Ohio Hopewell Ornamented Bear Canines : The Implications for Long Distance Exchange. (Seeman)

James, R.A. (2002) Bone Microstructure in Myostatin-Deficient Mice. (Hamrick)

Kriz, M. A. (2002) The Surface Anatomy, Internal Structure, and External Morphology of the Mammalian Proximal femur with special reference to its developmental biology (Lovejoy)

Mork, A.L. (2002) Paleodemography of the Elmina, Ghana skeletal population (Meindl)

Orlowski, L. A. (2002) Adena mortuary crypts: an analysis of the Dunlap Mound, Ross County, Ohio (Seeman)

Raghanti, M.A. (2002) Brown capuchins (Cebus apella) and salivary cortisol: correlations with dominance and tool use (Norconk)

Sherger, E. L. (2002) A nutritional analysis of diet in free-ranging pregnant and lactating female red howler monkeys (Norconk)

Weinberger, S.M. (2002) Msx-1 expression in the skin, nails and claws of the fetal common marmoset (Callithrix jacchus) (Hamrick)

Yan-Mei Xu (2002) Chinese women sojourners in the West: a qualitative study of four mainland Chinese wives in America. (Feinberg)

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