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Important Note:You cannot access the online registration before your scheduled registration time. You can obtain a time-ticket from your advisor. If you encounter a registration or prerequisite hold while registering, you must contact your advisor to have the hold cleared. For more information go to Advisement Information and List of Advisors by Campus .

Logging In

  • Go to the GPC Student Information & Registration System: http://oscar.gpc.edu. Click "Enter Secure Area".
  • Enter User ID and PIN:
    User ID = Your social security number (No Dashes)
    PIN = Your date of birth (6 digits: MMDDYY).
  • Scroll down and click Continue.

Application Status

Please allow a minimum of THREE WEEKS for your payment and application to be processed before you check your status.
Applications are processed by applied semester priority.

Once logged into the Secure Area:
  • Click Admissions
  • Click Display Applications
  • Click on the appropriate admission term

If student is "Accepted" it will say so under Application Data.

If it doesn't say "Accepted" or "Denied" under Application Data then student needs to see if all Requirements have been "Received". If they have; then student is either "Decision Pending" or "File Under Review".

If all Requirements have not been "Received" then student needs to submit the missing Requirements.

Registering and Adding Classes

  • Select Registration and view the registration menu.
  • Select Add/Drop Classes.
  • Select appropriate term and click the Submit Term button.
  • If you have a Hold that stops your registration (stop sign), note how to have the hold removed and log out of the computer. Contact your advisor to remove academic holds. List of Advisors by Campus
  • If you have a Hold that is an informational message (caution sign), read and note the information before proceeding.
  • Enter the CRN number for each course you want.
  • Click the Submit Changes button to submit your course selections.
  • If you have a Registration Error , add the correct course selection(s) and click the Submit Changes button.
  • When all of your course selections appear as a Current Schedule, check the Grade Mode for each course; if you wish to designate any course as Audit or CPC, use the drop down menu for Grade Mode and select the appropriate status; click the Submit Changes button.
  • Click on Menu icon (located upper right).
  • Select Registration Fee Assessment to complete your registration and print a copy. 
  • Select Schedule Detail and print your schedule. 
  • Pay fees by payment deadline.  View the Academic Calendar for the payment deadline for your semester and registration period.

Finding Open Classes

  • After logging in secured area, click Registration
  • Submit term
  • Click Add/Drop Classes
  • Under registration blocks, click Look Up Classes to Add
  • Enter information:
    • Course
    • Course number (if needed)
    • Full term or half terms or all
    • Campus (Off Campus consist of distance learning and study abroad classes)
  • Click Find Classes
  • Classes closed will be designated by a "C". Open classes will have a check box.
  • Click in check box and either Add to Worksheet or Register
    Students required to take 12+ credit hours (F-1) need to Add to Worksheet until credit hours reach 12.

Paying Fees Online

Pay fees by payment deadline.  View the Academic Calendar for the payment deadline for your semester and registration period.

After logging in Secure Area:
  • Click Registration.
  • Scroll down and click Fee Payments on-line.
  • Follow the instructions.