As a team, Georgia Perimeter College will be recognized as a dynamic and creative learning environment focused on student success, guided by the values of trust, excellence, integrity, civility, passion, diversity and efficiency.


Georgia Perimeter College transforms the lives of our students to thrive in a global society.

As a diverse, multi-campus college offering onsite and distance learning opportunities, we provide relevant, responsive, learner-centered higher education that facilitates the achievement of academic, professional and personal goals.

We embrace excellence, teamwork and quality service that link the college's human capital with our communities to enhance economic, social and cultural vitality.

As a key point of entry for students into higher education in Georgia and in order to support the Strategic Plan of the University System of Georgia, Georgia Perimeter College is committed to maintaining our role as the major provider of associate degrees and student transfer opportunities in the state and to broadening our contribution to the educational aspirations of our communities by offering select baccalaureate programs in areas of need for the citizens of Georgia.


We Will Strengthen Student Success.

Student success is at the heart of all we do at Georgia a Perimeter College. For students to grow and develop academically, they need a faculty devoted to teaching excellence. To prepare students to compete in the global workplace, we will offer relevant and responsive learning opportunities both inside and outside the classroom.

To strengthen student success, Georgia Perimeter College will support teaching excellence; will improve academic advising processes; will develop an Academic Master Plan; will create a process to review and evaluate the relevancy and responsiveness of our curriculum; and will expand awareness of opportunities for students and faculty to become involved in college life, civically engaged in the community, and aware of local, national and global perspectives.

The outcomes of this goal will be the establishment of a task force of award-winning faculty to work with the president to develop and implement a recognition process for faculty who make positive contributions to the college; an increase in effective academic advising; greater faculty participation in academic advising; more students signing Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG) agreements; an increase in graduation, retention, and transfer rates; the implementation of an Academic Master Plan; an increase in learning opportunities linked to critical local, regional, and national needs; an increase in global learning opportunities; and more students involved in college activities, internships and service learning projects.

We Will Create And Foster a Culture Of Teamwork, Leadership, Quality, Service And Continuous Improvement.

A cornerstone to the success of Georgia Perimeter College is our institutional culture. Through open communication, mutual respect and trust, we will practice teamwork, leadership, quality service and continuous improvement.

To create and foster this supportive culture, Georgia Perimeter College will establish an office of customer service; conduct college-wide open forum discussions; enhance the services we offer to our students; develop a methodology to review and revise college policies and procedures; identify and implement a rapid process improvement strategy; implement administrative best practices; examine and adjust organizational structures; develop and implement a comprehensive safety and security plan; provide quality professional, faculty and staff development; and align our performance management process to the college strategic plan.

The outcomes of this goal will be an improvement in customer service; the review and revision of college policies and procedures; a greater efficiency in addressing college processes; an increase in the number of collaborative teams to address college-wide issues; an increase in satisfaction among college constituents; an improvement in productivity; an increased awareness of safety and security initiatives; an increase in faculty and staff professional development opportunities; more cross-training of staff; and an increase in accountability.

We Will Enhance The Economic, Social And Cultural Vitality Of Our Communities.

Georgia Perimeter College is a vital partner in the success of our communities. Along with our success, size, and multiple locations, comes a responsibility to share our valuable resources with others. We will bring our human capital to our communities through innovative learning opportunities for our students and improved partnerships with other educational institutions, business, industry, and government agencies to strengthen the future of our communities.

To accomplish this goal, Georgia Perimeter College will establish an office of civic engagement to link the college’s human capital with the needs of our communities through service learning, internship and experiential learning opportunities; foster strategic partnerships through the continuation of community open forums; develop additional Transfer Admission Guarantees; explore opportunities for joint programming with the Department of Technical and Adult Education (DTAE); examine the mission of the Center for Continuing and Corporate Education; develop educational partnerships with institutions abroad; encourage faculty, staff, and students to be more active in global education initiatives; prepare students for careers in Georgia’s critical areas; seek external funding opportunities to support college initiatives; and effectively communicate to the community the role and contributions made by the college.

The outcomes of this goal will be recognition as a community engaged institution through the Carnegie Foundation’s elective classification; an increase in partnerships with business, industry, and educational and health care institutions; an increase in the number of Transfer Admission Guarantees; strengthened articulation with the DTAE; revision of the mission for the Center of Continuing and Corporate Education; an increase in faculty and students participating in global education initiatives; an increase in the number of graduates in programs critical to Georgia; growth in external funding; an increase in the participation of GPC faculty, staff, and students in community activities; an increase in the participation of our community in GPC activities; and an increase in awareness of the contributions the college makes in our communities.

We Will Expand Access And Enrollment Capacity.

Georgia Perimeter College embraces its role as an access institution. In order to remain accessible, we must increase our capacity to serve the educational needs of a growing and diverse population. As the state’s leading provider of distance education, we also have a responsibility to continually reach out to under served areas and become accessible to learners worldwide.

To accomplish this goal Georgia Perimeter College will maximize the use of facilities; schedule classes to meet the needs of all learners; build and renovate facilities; implement energy conservation; continue to expand our access to learners worldwide; increase access to financial assistance; enhance recruitment efforts and target under-represented groups; and improve services to students that promote their success.

The outcomes of this goal will be an increase in enrollment capacity; a broader array and availability of courses and faculty across the college; an expansion of instructional space through new and renovated buildings, better facility usage, and alternative delivery methods; an increase in scholarship funding and the percentage of financial aid recipients; and an increase in the enrollment of students from under-represented groups.

Core Values


We believe trust is the pinnacle of our core values and essential to success. Our competence and character builds trust with ourselves, between each other and throughout our organization.


We strive for excellence in all that we do in order to model success for our students. Excellence in teaching and service provides the foundation on which our students will achieve success.


We hold firm to our integrity. We take responsibility for our actions and we stand by our commitment to support our students, colleagues and community.


We foster a collegial environment that cultivates mutual respect, enhanced problem-solving, open communication and teamwork. Civility builds trust among employees, students and members of our community and promotes cooperation across organizational boundaries.


We are passionate about the success of our students, colleagues and community. We show our passion through our quality work, creativity, teamwork, outreach and engagement with our communities.


We welcome and embrace the diversity of our community, organization and student body. We respect all individuals for their ideas, perspectives, commonalties and differences.


We are committed to individual and organizational efficiency. As an efficient organization, we will increase the resources and capital of our organization, remain affordable and accessible to our students and remove barriers to success.