Georgia Perimeter College Roadmap to Website Publishing


This document is intended to serve as a guide for people who publish and manage information on the Georgia Perimeter College website.

GPC's Office of Information Technology has designed training classes for website content managers and their teams to assist them in creating, reviewing, publishing, editing and maintaining their web pages. Before starting or editing web pages, website content managers are required to take website training classes and participate in an informational session on web content and design. Class registration and access to training materials can be found at

GPC Website Policy and Procedure

All GPC web content managers must follow the guidelines set forth in GPC Policy found at

All third-party contracts related to website services, including design, hosting, development, etc. must be executed in accordance with GPC purchasing procedures.

ADA Compliance

GPC is required to make its electronic and information technology available and fully accessible to all website visitors as defined in Section 508 of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) found at


GPC adheres to the copyright standards of the University System of Georgia and, as such, reminds web content managers that it is not legal to publish works of others on the GPC website without written permission of external authors. Further copyright rules of the USG can be found at

Proprietary Information

Every GPC web content manager and writer must take precautionary measures to ensure that proprietary, licensed or personally identifiable information is not shared on publically available web pages.

Use of Established GPC Page Layouts, Fonts, Colors and Web Content

The GPC website is built on a platform of layouts and functional components. Providing a uniform web presence makes finding information easier and gives the GPC website a uniform look and feel.

Using approved layouts also allows web managers to concentrate on developing the content of departmental sites without worrying about design considerations. All fonts, colors and formats are provided by GPC style sheets.

The default font families for the site are Trebuchet MS and Helvetica San Serif. The default size for body copy is 12 point, and the type color is black. A graphic layout of the GPC website look and feel can be found at

The approved GPC color pallet is as follows:

Primary Colors         
Burgundy    1955    135/0/35    870023   
Gold    123    253/184/19    FDB813   
Black    Black 5    0/0/0    000000   
Accent Colors         
Orange    717    217/94/0    D95E00   
Tan    7511    178/111/22    B26F16   
Pale Yellow    127    250/245/226    FAF5E2   
Green    5775    165/171/107    A5AB6B   
Light Blue    292    122/191/232    7ABFE8   
Dark Blue    288    0/0/102    000066   
Neutral Colors          
Khaki    4525    198/188/137    C6BC89   
Light Khaki    7500    249/245/223    F9F5DF   
Warm Gray    11    124/106/84    7C6A54   
Warm Gray    9    130/120/111    82786F   
Warm Gray    7    203/199/188    C7C1BA   
Light Gray (drop shadow)      221/221/221    DDDDDD   

The college community is required to follow approved layout designs with the following exceptions:

  • • GPC website hosted by a third-party server. Examples include sites such as Banner, iCollege and ADP. Requests for exceptions will be vetted through the GPC Website Steering Committee (WSC). A representative from the committee will contact web content managers with the appropriate next actions to take.

  • • A GPC website hosted by a GPC server with software that is incompatible with software supported by the GPC server. Example: As above, requests for exceptions will be vetted through the GPC Website Steering Committee (WSC), and a representative from the committee will contact web content managers with the appropriate next actions to take.

  • To start the process of requesting an exception, please contact the GPC service desk at

Web Content

Web content managers are responsible for reviewing, posting and maintaining all content, links and graphics on official web pages that contain information about their units. Web content should be reviewed each semester to ensure the site's content is current, accurate, relevant and consistent with the college's mission.

Website managers are also responsible for overseeing that graphics, design and style are current and posted in accordance with this Roadmap to Website Publishing. Editorial and design questions should be referred to Office of Marketing and Public Relations

Web content managers who prepare content for their sites are encouraged to follow guidelines stated in Launching Your GPC Website, found at

Web pages linked from the GPC website or stored on a server connected to the GPC network must comply with applicable laws and college policies and procedures. The following information may not be included on any GPC web page:

  • • Content posted for commercial gain
  • • Content that could lead to illegal activities
  • • Content that is unlawful or offensive as defined by the WSC.
  • • Content that is intended to damage, interfere with or place an excessive load on a computer system or network

The college reserves the right to temporarily or permanently deactivate a website for failure to comply with these guidelines.

GPC Web Photo Galleries

Web content managers may choose a variety of photos for their sites from the approved GPC web photo galleries. Note: The photos selected for individual sites are not exclusive to a site and may be chosen by other individual web content managers. New photos and galleries may be added by completing the photo request form and submitting it and the photos to Photography Services

Images for web page headers must fit a predetermined size and will be color-corrected by GPC's photo department to ensure standardization and clarity. (Note: Not all photos can be resized to fit website photo requirements.)