Step One:
Copy a Template   
Step Two:
Adding a Side Menu   
Alternate Copy &
Paste Method:
Starting the Page   Sidemenu   Ending the Page   

Extras:    FrontPage Settings   Optional Elements   
Adding a Counter   Hiding Email Addresses   
Creating Graphical Buttons   

Note: Do NOT set any font characteristics (type, face, color, size). These are all set for you with the GPC style sheet that will applied to your text when viewing from the browser. You may bold, italize, or use header tags (H1-H5) to emphasize text. Font tags are deprecated and are not ADA compliant.

Step One

Your first step is to access your web directory via FTP [Help]. Next, open a new page in your html editor (i.e., FrontPage), then...

Template referenced on this page will only work for PERSONAL pages and will NOT work on dept websites

Click Here to View Sample Source and Copy a Template

On the sample, choose Edit >> Select All, Edit >> Copy. Paste it in a file on your computer's web directory. Save this as template.html Once saved, you may open it up in your html editor (i.e., FrontPage), edit the SOURCE to include your values, then save it as a NEW name you choose to keep the original template without alterations.

Please note: Since PHP is processed by the server, you will NOT see the GPC banner and footers in the Preview of your html editor (i.e., FrontPage), you will need to access the page from the web server by typing in the full address of your page in your browser after your file is uploaded to your web directory.