Accessing Your Web Directory

Use FTP to Publish your Files to your Web Directory

Once your pages are developed you may use FTP (File Transfer Protocol) to publish you pages to your web directory on the web server.

FTP is available from within FrontPage or you may use a separate FTP program such as CoreFTP Lite to publish your pages. Please see the training website for handouts on publishing your pages.

Faculty and Staff should use the host:

Students should use the host:

Departmental websites should use the host: and on a few exceptions

Tips to Remember Prior to Publishing your Pages

  • When the page is ready to go live, name your home page "index.htm" this will cause the browser to default to this page when just the directory name is in the address, i.e., will access the index file in your directory. 
  • You may look at other departmental pages by going to in your browser.  For example,
    I if this is a personal directory, For example, mine would be
  • Also, make sure to test your pages on different screen sizes and in FireFox and Internet Explorer browsers.