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Criminal Justice
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Criminal Justice
Dental Hygiene
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Fire Management
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Library & Information Science Technology
Sign Language
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GPC Newsroom Debuts
The GPC Newsroom is a new site for media releases, >

GPC Hosts Multiple Atlanta Science Festival Events
Drumlines!Crazy dancing ketchup! And a "rock" >

Calling All Fans of "The Force"
Star Wars fans, take notice! Two special events in >

Women's Issues Get Big Attention at Georgia Perimeter College Conference
A doll creator, boxing enthusiast and >

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Academic Calendar

Wed., Oct. 15 thru
Mon., Nov. 24

Withdraw (WF) - Full Term Classes

Students must withdraw between October 15 and November 24 to receive a 'WF' for the class.
Withdrawal Policy

November 24 is the last day to withdraw from Full Term Classes

Mon., Oct. 27 thru
Tue., Jan. 6, 2015

Registration for Spring 2015 - Open
Registration is available for Full Term, First Half and Second Half classes for the Spring 2015 Semester.

Tue., Nov. 25
Last Day for Second Half Term Classes

Wed., Nov. 26
Student Study Day

No classes held. The college is open.

Thu., Nov. 27 thru
Sun., Nov. 30

Thanksgiving Holiday

The college is closed.

Mon., Dec. 1 thru
Tue., Dec. 2

Final Exams for Second Half Term Classes
Final Exam Schedule

Tue., Dec. 2
Last Day for Full Term Classes

Tue., Dec. 2
Orientation - All Campuses (9AM, 11AM, 2PM)
Orientation available at all campuses at 9AM, 11AM and 2PM.

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