Cellular and Molecular Biology Faculty


Carl F. Ansevin
E-mail: cansevin@neomed.edu
Phone: 330-726-7900

M.D., Ohio State University. Neuromuscular disorders, rippling muscles, myasthenia gravis and stretch activated channels. More on Ansevin

Ian Bratz
E-mail: ibratz@neomed.edu
Phone: 330-325-6530
Fax: 330-325-5912

Ph.D., University of New Mexico. Functional roles of TRVP1 channels in coronary vascular tone and progession of diabetes. More on Bratz

Heather Caldwell
E-mail: hcaldwel@kent.edu
Phone: 330-672-3636
Fax: 330-672-3713

Ph.D., Georgia State University. Role of neuropeptides in regulating social behaviors and neuropsychiatric disorders. More on Caldwell

Yeong-Renn Chen
E-mail: ychen1@neoumed.edu
Phone: 330-325-6537

Ph.D., Oklahoma State University. Oxygen free radicals, Nitric oxide, oxidative postranslational modifications, mitochondrial biology in myocardial infarction. More on Chen

Wen-Hai Chou
E-mail: wchou2@kent.edu
Phone: 330-672-2979

Ph.D., Univeristy of Texas Health Science Center, San Antonio. Protein kinase C in stroke-reperfusion injuries. More on Chou

Wilson Chung
E-mail: wchung@kent.edu
Phone: 330-672-3641

Ph.D., University of Amsterdam. Neuroendocrine brain, androgens, fibroblast growth factor signaling. More on Chung

Samuel Crish
E-mail: scrish@neomed.edu
Phone: 330-325-6680

Ph.D., University of Illinois at Chicago. Glaucoma, axonal transport, structure and function. More on Crish

Derek Damron
E-mail: ddamron@kent.edu
Phone: 330-672-3370
Fax: 330-672-3713

Ph.D., Kent State University. Cardiac myocytes, signal transduction, protein kinases, contractility, anesthetic agents, calcium, cardiovascular disease. More on Damron

Robert V. Dorman
E-mail: rdorman@kent.edu
Phone: 330-672-2363
Fax: 330-672-3713

Ph.D., Ohio State University. Biochemistry and functions of CNS membranes, nervous system trauma and recovery, biochemistry of multiple sclerosis. More on Dorman

Gail C. Fraizer
E-mail: gfraizer@kent.edu
Phone: 330-672-1398
Fax: 330-672-3713

Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley. Tumor suppressor genes and cancer, mechanisms of tumorigenesis including growth control pathways, prostate cancer. More on Fraizer

Ernest J. Freeman
E-mail: efreema2@kent.edu
Phone: 330-384-6391
Fax: 330-996-2383

Ph.D., Kent State University. Neurodegeneration, vascular smoothh muscle cell function, biochemistry of multiple sclerosis. More on Freeman

Tobin L. Hieronymus 
Phone: 330-325-6635
Fax: 330-325-5916

Ph.D., Ohio University. Pattern and process of skeletal evolution in vertebrates. More on Hieronymus

Denise Inman
E-mail: dinman@neomed.edu
Phone: 330-325-6449
Fax: 330-325-5936    Ph.D., University of Virginia. Neurodegeneration in glaucoma, stem cells, gliosis. More on Inman   

John D. Johnson
E-mail: jjohns72@kent.edu
Phone: 330-672-3899
Fax: 330-672-3713

Ph.D., University of Colorado. Neural-immune interactions, brain cytokines, mood, behavior, stress and immunity. More on Johnson

Douglas Kline
E-mail: dkline@kent.edu
Phone: 330-672-3810
Fax: 330-672-3713

Ph.D., University of California, Davis. Gamete physiology, oocyte maturation, in vitro fertilization of mammalian eggs and the regulation of egg activation. More on Kline

Edgar Kooijman
E-mail: ekooijma@kent.edu
Phone: 330-672-8568
Fax: 330-672-3713

Ph.D., Utrecht University. Biophysics of lipid/protein interfaces, protein folding and lipid interactions. More on Kooijman

Gary Koski
E-mail: gkoski@kent.edu
Phone: 330-672-3614    Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University. Immune system and cancer, vaccines, molecular mechanisms. More on Koski   

Yoon-Kwang Lee
E-mail: ylee3@neomed.edu
Phone: 330-325-6415

Ph.D., Rutgers University. Structure and regulation of nuclear hormone receptors. More on Lee

Laura G. Leff
E-mail: lleff@kent.edu
Phone: 330-672-3788

Ph.D., University of Georgia. Molecular ecology of bacteria, bacterial enumeration and identification. More on Leff

Tiangang Li
E-mail: tli@neomed.edu
Phone: 330-325-6468

Ph.D., Kent State University. Regulation of lipid metabolism, obestity and diabetes. More on Li

Yong Lu
E-mail: ylu@neomed.edu
Phone: 330-325-6656

Ph.D., Unvi. Missouri-Columbia. Neurotransmitter systems, GABA, glutamate, audition. More on Lu

Jennifer L. Marcinkiewicz
E-mail: jmarcink@kent.edu
Phone: 330-672-5554
Fax: 330-672-3713

Ph.D., Illinois University at Champaign-Urbana. Ovarian follicle development, autocrine & paracrine regulation of ovarian function. More on Marcinkiewicz

J. Gary Meszaros
E-mail: jgmeszar@neomed.edu
Phone: 330-325-2565
Fax: 330-325-5910    Ph.D., Unversity of Texas Health Sciences Center. G-protein signaling in cardiac fibroblasts  and myocytes, second messengers, cardiac fibrosis and failure. More on Meszaros. More on Meszaros   

Amy Milsted
E-mail: milsted@uakron.edu
Phone: 330-972-7976

Ph.D., City University of New York. Gene expression in hypertension, reninangiotensin system, SHR Y chromosome. More on Milsted

Eric Mintz
E-mail: emintz@kent.edu
Phone: 330-672-3847
Fax: 330-672-3613

Ph.D., University of California, Santa Cruz. Behavioral neurology, circadian rhythms, social behavior, sex differences in brain. More on Mintz

Michael Model
E-mail: mmodel@kent.edu
Phone: 330-672-2874     

Ph.D., University of Michigan. Apoptosis, cell water and volume regulation, membrane potential. More on Model

Xiaozhen Mou
E-mail: xmou@kent.edu
Phone: 330-672-3625
Fax: 330-672-3713     

Ph.D., University of Georgia. Metatranscriptomics of bacteria, pathogens in ecosystem. More on Mou

Colleen Novak
E-mail: cnovak13@kent.edu
Phone: 330-672-3613
Fax: 330-672-3713

Ph.D., Michigan State University. Neural and endocrine mechanisms of thermogenesis in obesity, photic and nonphotic influences on the circadian clock. More on Novak

Moses Oyewuni
E-mail: moyewumi@neomed.edu
Phone: 330-325-6669    Ph.D., University of Kentucky. Drug delivery, nanoparticles, cancer, neurodegeneration. More on Oyewuni   

Helen Piontkivska
E-mail: opiontki@kent.edu
Phone: 330-672-3620
Fax: 330-672-3713

Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University. Comparative and evolutionary genomics, bioinformatics, molecular evolution. More on Piontivska

Priya Raman
E-mail: praman@neomed.edu
Phone: 330-325-6425

Ph.D., Northeast Louisiana University. Regulation of thrombospondin-1 by leptin in vascular smooth muscle cells, atherosclerosis. More on Raman

Merri J. Rosen
E-mail: mrosen@neomed.edu
Phone: 330-325-6516
Fax: 330-325-5916

Ph.D., Duke University. Neural correlates of auditory perception: effects of hearing loss and experience during development. More on Rosen

Prabodh Sadana
Phone: 330-325-6676
Fax: 330-325-5936

Ph.D., University of Tennessee. Hormonal regulation of lipid metabolism. More on Sadana

Fayez Safadi
E-mail: fsafadi@neomed.edu
Phone: 330-325-6619

Ph.D., University of Southhampton. Osteoblast development and function, effects of hormones and growth factors. More on Safadi   

Brett R. Schofield
E-mail: bschofie@neomed.edu
Phone: 330-325-6655
Fax: 330-325-5916

Ph.D., Duke University. Functional anatomy of auditory pathways. More on Schofield

Shobhana Sivaramakrishnan
E-mail: ssivaram@neomed.edu
Phone: 330-325-6639

Ph.D., University of Texas-Austin. Ion channels, synaptic transmission, neural networks. More on Sivaramakrishnan

Johannes G.M. Thewissen
Phone: 330-325-6295

Ph.D., University of Michigan. Mammalian anatomy and evolution, morphological adaptations such as those for swimming and flight. More on Thewissen

Charles Thodeti
Phone: 330-325-6423
Fax: 330-325-5912

Ph.D., S.V. University. Mechanical control of integrin activation in capillary endothelial cells, signal transduction. More on Thodeti

Sean Veney
E-mail: sveney@kent.edu
Phone: 330-672-3325
Fax: 330-672-3713

Ph.D., University of Virginia. Behavioral neuroendocrinology, sexual differentiation of the brain, syrinz anatomy, neuroethology of birdsong. More on Veney

S. Vijayaraghavan
E-mail: svijayar@kent.edu
Phone: 330-672-9598
Fax: 330-672-3713

Ph.D., All India Institute of Medical Sciences. Signal transduction, sperm physiology, fertilization, contraception. More on Vijayaraghavan

Christopher Vinyard
Phone: 330-325-6279

Ph.D., Northwestern University. Function and evolution of primate head. More on Vinyard

Gary R. Walker
E-mail: grwalker@cc.ysu.edu
Phone: 330-941-7177

Ph.D., Wayne State University. Regulation of muscle contraction by mechanical stretch. More on Walker

Jeffrey J. Wenstrup
E-mail: jjw@neomed.edu
Phone: 330-325-6630

Ph.D., Indiana University. Neural mechanisms of hearing, acoustic communication, including emotional responses to sound. More on Wenstrup

Christopher J. Woolverton
E-mail: cwoolver@kent.edu
Phone: 330-672-4648
Fax: 330-672-3713

Ph.D., West Virginia University. Bacterial cell wall polymers in inflammation, sepsis and its sequelae, antibiotic delivery devices, microbial identification and neutralization devices. More on Woolverton

Jesse Young
Phone: 330-325-6304
Fax: 330-325-5916

Ph.D., Stony Brook University. Comparative and developmental biomechanics of locomotion. More on Young

Yanqiao Zhang
E-mail: yzhang@neomed.edu
Phone: 330-325-6693

M.D., Wuhan University. Role of FXR in lipid homeostasis and obesity, atherosclerosis and cholesterol transport. More on Zhang


Soumitra Basu
E-mail: sbasu@kent.edu
Phone: 330-672-3906
Fax: 330-672-3816

Ph.D., Thomas Jefferson University. Quadraplex structures, insulin binding, gene structures and function. More on Basu

Nicola E. Brasch
E-mail: nbrasch@kent.edu
Phone: 330-672-9524

Ph.D., University of Otago (New Zealand). Vitamin B12 and vanadium bioinorganic and medicinal chemistry, development of therapeutics. More on Brasch

Yijing Chen
E-mail: ychen@kent.edu
Phone: 330-672-9394
Fax: 330-672-3713

Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-Madison. Developmental biology and genetics. More on Chen

John Y.L. Chiang
E-mail: jchiang@neomed.edu
Phone: 330-325-6694

Ph.D., SUNY Albany. Molecular cloning expression and regulation of cytochrome P-450 isoenzymes. More on Chiang

Richard Carroll
E-mail: rcarroll@neomed.edu
Phone: 330-325-6657
FAX: 330-325-5930

Ph.D., University of Toledo. Neurodevelopment, neurodegenerative diseases, Autism, Alzheimers, inflammation and recovery. More on Carroll

Bansidar Datta
E-mail: bdatta@kent.edu
Phone: 330-672-3304

Ph.D., University of Nebraska. Mechanism of protein synthesis initiation in mammals. More on Datta

Angelo Delucia
E-mail: ald@neomed.edu
Phone: 330-325-6135

Ph.D., Purdue University. Molecular biology of DNA tumor viruses, genetics of viral DNA replication, viral etiology of cancer. More on Delucia

Robert V. Dorman
E-mail: rdorman@kent.edu
Phone: 330-672-2363
Fax: 330-672-3713

Ph.D., Ohio State University. Biochemistry and functions of CNS membranes, nervous system trauma and recovery, biochemistry of multiple sclerosis. More about Dorman

Alexander Galazyuk
E-mail: agalaz@neomed.edu
Phone: 330-325-6640
Fax: 330-325-5916

Ph.D., Bogomoletz Institute of Physiology. Neuroscience of hearing. More on Galazyuk

James P. Hardwick
E-mail: jph@neomed.edu
Phone: 330-325-6684

Ph.D., Illinois State University. Functional role of autacoid P-450 isozymes in carcinogenesis, signal transduction in carcinogenesis and cell differentiation and proliferation. More on Hardwick

Walter E. Horton
E-mail: wehj@neomed.edu
Phone: 330-325-6290

Ph.D., Cincinnati University. Cartilage biology, osteoarthritis, apoptosis, gene expression, tissue engineering. More on Horton

William P. Lynch
E-mail: wonk@neomed.edu
Phone: 330-325-6137

Ph.D., Cornell University. Mechanisms of neurodegeneration, CNS gene therapy, RNA tumor virus assembly and pathogenesis, microglial developmental biology. More on Lynch

Hanbin Mao
E-mail: hmao@kent.edu
Phone: 330-672-9380

Ph.D., Texas A&M University. Molecular biophysics, microfluids. More on Mao

Jennifer A. McDonough
E-mail: jmcdonou@kent.edu
Phone: 330-672-2383
Fax: 330-672-3713

Ph.D., Case Western Reserve University. Therapies for multiple sclerosis, mitochondrial dysfunctions and gene regulation, transcription factors. More on McDonough

Kenneth S. Rosenthal
E-mail: ksr@neomed.edu
Phone: 330-325-6134

Ph.D., Illinois University. Herpesviruses - infection and immunity, flow cytometry, tumor and virus detection, vaccines. More on Rosenthal

Mary Russell
E-mail: mrussel1@kent.edu
Phone: 330-675-7613
Fax: 330-675-7676

Ph.D., Ohio State University. Intermdiate filament protein synemin, heart, protein kinases. More on Russell

Diane Stroup
E-mail: dstroup1@kent.edu
Phone: 330-672-3352
Fax: 330-672-3816

Ph.D., Ohio State University. Transcriptional control, regulated transcription of CYP7A1. More on Stroup

Chun-Che Tsai
E-mail: ctsai@kent.edu
Phone: 330-672-2989

Ph.D., Indiana University. Interaction of drugs with nucleic acids, anticancer drugs, antiviral agents, interferon, X-ray diffraction. More on Tsai

June Yun
E-mail: jyun@neomed.edu
Phone: 330-325-6638
Fax: 330-325-5912

Ph.D., George Washington University. Signaling via adrenergic receptors, cardiac contractions and growth. More on Yun

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