Full-Time Faculty

image: Christa Boske

Dr. Christa Boske, Ed.D.

Associate Professor 316-i White Hall

Area: FLA - EDAD


vita [pdf]

As Program Coordinator and Associate Professor of PreK-12 Educational Administration, Christa works to encourage school leaders to promote humanity in schools, especially for children and families from  historically disenfranchised populations. Christa's line of inquiry focuses on the intersections of the cognitive and affective domains of school leadership with a particular focus on how school leaders transform their sense of self to lead for social justice and equity in schools. This line of inquiry is organized into three specific areas of interest: A) The influence of beliefs and attitudes on school practices, B) Pedagogical practices and programmatic structures within preparation programs, and C) The study and support of school leaders as they address social justice issues within their school communities. Christa's most recent research has been published in journals including: Journal of School Leadership, Journal of Research, Leadership and Education, Journal of Cases in Educational Leadership, Multicultural and Technology Journal, Journal of Curriculum Theorizing, High School Journal, International Journal of Educational ManagementPlanning and Changing, Academic Exchange Quarterly, Journal of Educational Considerations, National Council of Professors in Education Administration Yearbook, and Connexions. She has also published over 17 book chapters. Two recent chapters include, "Clashing epistemologies: Reflections on change, culture and the politics of the professoriate" in Jean-Marie & Normore's (2010) "Educational leadership preparation: Innovation and interdisciplinary approaches to the Ed.D. and graduate education" (Palgrave MacMillan), as well as "Creating social justice leaders: Building bridges between school leaders and communities they serve" in Carolyn Shield's (2012) "Transformative Leadership" (Peter Lang). Christa co-edited a book with Dr. Autumn K. Tooms (2010) titled Bridge leadership: Connecting educational leadership and social justice to improve schools (Information Age Publishing). She has two edited books published in the fall/winter of 2012, which include: 1) Educational leadership: Building bridges between ideas, schools and nations(Information Age Publishing) and 2) Global leadership for social justice: Taking it from the field to practice (co-edited with Dr. Sarah Diem) (Emerald Publishing). Christa has two new books coming out in winter 2014 including,  Students, teachers, and leaders addressing bullying in schools (Sense Publishing) and Living the work:  Promoting social justice and equity work in schools around the world (Emerald Publishing). Christa also serves as the Kent State University Plenum Representative for The University Council of Educational Administration. You can also connect with her @ http://www.linkedin.com/pub/christa-boske/28/b75/36b.

image: Ning-Kuang Chuang

Ning-Kuang Chuang, Ph.D

Associate Professor 300d White Hall

Area: FLA - HM


vita [pdf]

Ning-Kuang Chuang received a Bachelor's degree in Hospitality Management from Purdue University, a Master's degree in Foodservice and Food Studies from New York University, and a Doctoral degree in Hospitality Administration from Texas Tech University. She joined Kent State University in Fall 2005 and teaches both undergraduate and graduate courses such as Lodging Operations, Hotel Convention Sales, Food Production Management, HM Leadership and Organizational Behavior, Current Issues in Hospitality and Tourism Management, etc. Prior to beginning her doctoral study, she was employed at the Southern Taiwan University of Technology and Chung-Hwa University as an instructor and program coordinator in the Hospitality and Tourism Management Department. Her previous industrial experience includes working as an opening team member and executive assistant at a five star international hotel in Taiwan and an assistant to cost controller at the World Trade Center in New York City. Ning-Kuang's general area of research inquiry is career and professional development for both hospitality students and professionals. Her research has been published in top tier peer-reviewed journals such as Journal of Travel and Tourism Research, International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management, Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Education, Journal of Human Resources in Hospitality and Tourism, and Asia Pacific Journal of Tourism Research.  

image: Debra Clark

Dr. Debra Clark, Ph.D

Assistant Professor 328 White Hall

Area: FLA - CULT


vita [pdf]

I received a B.A. from Mount Union College in 1984 and my M.A. in 1986 from Bowling Green State University. I worked for seven years in student affairs. My last position in this field was Director of Residence Life at Cleveland State University, where I also began my doctoral studies in Urban Education. After leaving Cleveland State University as an administrator I decided to transfer to Kent State University to pursue a degree in Cultural Foundations of Education. I received my PhD from Kent in May, 2003. My current research interest is pre-service teachers personality traits as they relate to openness to issues of diversity.  

image: Kenneth Cushner

Kenneth Cushner, Ed.D.

Professor 401 White Hall

Area: TLC - MCED - INSS - CI


vita [pdf]

I received the B.A. from Kent State University in 1973, and began teaching biology and general science in schools in Switzerland and Australia. I returned to Kent State to pursue a Master's degree in Guidance and Counseling and then taught fifth and sixth grade in the KSU Lab School. Following a few years of teaching and traveling internationally with young people, I received a scholarship through the East-West Center to pursue the Doctorate at the University of Hawaii, where I studied Curriculum and Instruction and Cross-Cultural Psychology. I returned to Kent State University in 1987 to teach social studies and multicultural education. I have authored or co-authored seven different books, including Human Diversity in Education: An Intercultural Approach, 7th ed (McGraw-Hill, 2012); Intercultural Student Teaching: A Bridge to Global Competence (Rowman Littlefield, 2007); Beyond Tourism: A Practical Guide to Meaningful Educational Travel (Rowman Littlefield, 2004); and Intercultural Interactions: A Practical Guide, 2nd ed (Sage Publications, 1996). I am Director of COST - the Consortium for Overseas Student Teaching, a former Fulbright scholar to Sweden; am a Founding Fellow and past-President of the International Academy for Intercultural Research, and have organized and led international travel programs on all seven continents. In my spare time, I enjoy music (percussion and guitar), travel, and photography.

image: David Dees

David Dees

Associate Professor 79

Area: FLA - CULT


vita [pdf]

David M. Dees is an Associate Professor of Cultural Foundations at Kent State University. For over 25 years of teaching and learning in higher education, he has been trying to answer the question, “What is quality teaching?” This journey began with a B.S. in Communications and an M.A. in Theatre from the University of Kentucky. This journey has also included short stints as a college football coach, a rock-n-roll disc jockey, and theatre teacher. After earning a doctorate in Cultural Foundations of Education from Kent State University, he has spent the last decade specifically focused on the aesthetic dimensions of teaching and learning, how the human brain works, and the impact that rural/Appalachian cultural has on learning in higher education. As a self-proclaimed “hillbilly” from Kentucky, he is proud to have been recognized for his teaching through two student-nominated teaching awards (Outstanding Teaching Award, Kent State University and Teacher of the Year, Gannon University).However, he still hasn’t found a simplified answer to his life's question.

image: MaryAnn Devine

Dr. MaryAnn Devine

Associate Professor 316 White Hall

Area: FLA - RPTM


vita [pdf]

Mary Ann is an Associate Professor in Recreation, Parks, & Tourism Management. She received her doctoral degree from the University of Georgia in Recreation and Leisure Studies with a minor in Sociology and Disability Studies. Her research interests are in the area of inclusion of individuals with disabilities in recreation, sport, and leisure services. Dr. Devine has conducted numerous studies examining aspects of the inclusion process such as social acceptance, social construction of disability, best practices, stigma, attitudinal barriers, and the application of the ADA in leisure settings. Recently, Dr. Devine has examined the role of inclusion in promoting healthy active living with individuals with disabilities and the role of social justice in the inclusion process. She teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in disability studies and community inclusion of people with disabilities in leisure services. Pedagogically, Dr. Devine is interested in exploring multi-dimensional barriers to inclusion from the student perspective. 

image: Erica Eckert

Dr. Erica Eckert

Coordinator of Assessment & Evaluation / Assistant Professor 507E White Hall

Area: OAA - EVAL


vita [pdf]

Erica Eckert is Coordinator of Assessment and Evaluation and an Assistant Professor in the College of Education, Health and Human Services at Kent State University.  She earned a Ph.D. in Higher Education Administration at Kent State University.  Erica's dissertation was peer-reviewed by APPA's (The Association of Higher Education Facilities Officers) Center for Facilities Research (CFaR) and was recognized at the 2012 APPA Annual Conference.  Her experience is primarily in assessment, reporting, ERP systems, technology, survey development and data analysis, and admissions operations.  She is interested in exploring job satisfaction of entry and mid-level student affairs professionals, assessment in higher education, technology in higher education, and the outdoor physical campus environment.  Erica is a member of the Association for Institutional Research, NASPA, ACPA, OCPA, and the Society for College and University Planning.

image: Shawn Fitzgerald

Dr. Shawn Fitzgerald

Director/Associate Professor 300k White Hall

Area: FLA - EVAL


vita [pdf]

Shawn earned his PhD from “THE” University of Toledo in 1997 majoring in educational research, statistics, measurement, and program evaluation with an educational psychology minor. Shawn is the director/chair of the School of Foundations, Leadership and Administration and is an Associate Professor and former coordinator of the Evaluation and Measurement program. He has 38 professional publications in peer reviewed journal, has made over 50 presentations at national and international conferences, and has authored 31 program evaluations in the field of education. Shawn’s technical areas of interest include meta-analysis, logistic regression, as well as educational assessment and program evaluation. His collaborative research efforts have resulted in numerous publications that span many different fields of study in education and the social sciences. His community outreach focuses on serving school districts and non-profit agencies throughout the mid-west and northeast. His large-scale program evaluation responsibilities have included work with the Columbiana County Educational Service Center (Evaluation of technology professional development training for teachers and students within impoverished Appalachian school districts in Eastern Ohio) as well as the Portage County Educational Service Center, Ashtabula City Schools, and Medina City Schools (Evaluation of alternative education programs).

You will never find him on face book or twitter but if you happen to be running on one of the local trails or near a game of ultimate frisbee (especially any summer league championship game in Cleveland) you might just run into him!

image: Gonzalez


Assistant Professor 264J Gym Annex

Area: FLA - SPAD


vita [pdf]

After completing my B.S. in Physical Education from Texas A&M, College Station, I taught H.S. Physical Education for five years and was the varsity girl's coach. I received a M. Ed. from Tarleton State University, while I was the assistant women's basketball coach. I earned my MBA and a Ph.D. in Administration of Athletics and Physical Education from the University of Iowa. Prior to joining the Kent State Faculty I taught for six years at Southwest Texas State University (now Texas State); pedagogy at the undergraduate level and sport management at the graduate level. I came to KSU in 1998; my teaching area is in the Sport Management concentration. My area of interest in research stems from a graduate class at the University of Iowa, Minorities in Sport. The stacking of players topic led to my dissertation the stacking of Latinos in Major League Baseball and my research has centered around this theme ever since. I have related publications in the Journal of Sport and Social Issues, the Journal of Hispanics in Higher Education, Research Quarterly Supplemental and various conference proceedings. I am actively involved in our state organization, Ohio Association of Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Sport as Membership Coordinator, Reviewer for FutureFocus and Board Member.

image: Rosemary Gornik

Dr. Rosemary Gornik

Assistant Professor 316-L

Area: FLA - EDAD


Rosemary Gornik earned a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education in 1973 from Ohio University, and a masters in Educational Administration in 1983 from Cleveland State University.  She completed the Case Western Reserve Professional Fellows Program in 1998, and earned her Ph.D in Curriculum and Instruction from Kent State University in 2003.  Rosemary started teaching elementary school in 1973, and became an elementary school principal in 1985.  From 1991 through 2011, she served as a central office administator in the areas of curriculum, instruction and assessement, and retired as superintendent in 2013.  Rosemary worked as an adjunct professor at Kent State University from 2003 through 2011 and joined the faculty full time after retireing from K-12 service in 2013.  

Rosemary has expertise in developing and implementing new strategies to enhance education programs, with skills in designing and implementing school reform initiatives, anticipating evolution, and implementing change.  She has success in motivating, empowering, and leading others, and the ability to establish and maintain long-term collaborative relationships with schools and community representatives.  

Rosemary spent 2 years developing a program that encourages teachers to embrace and exemplify a professional identity that is disciplined, scholarly, and intellectual. This innovative vision in education enables students, teachers and administrators to build their capacity to journey through curriculum by engaging in balanced, holistic learning.  Students acquire a deep understanding of subject matter while cultivating an understanding of the personal and social responsibilities of democratic living.  Rosemary strives to develop teachers who are creative, critically-thinking problem-solvers who can then, in turn, lead and empower their students to blossom into creative, critically-thinking problem-solvers themselves. In addition, Rosemary helped develop and teach courses for a Teacher Leader Endorsement Program (TLEP) pilot program that gives teachers in the state of Ohio an endorsement on their license to become a Teacher Leader.  Her publications include:

Co-Author (book), Transformative Curriculum Leadership 3rd Edition with James
Henderson.  Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson.

Principal Author (chapter), Transformative Curriculum Leadership:  Inspiring Democratic Inquiry Artistry ~  inCurriculum Work as Public Moral Enterprise: After the “Renaissance. Edited byRubén A. Gaztambide-Fernández, James Thomas Sears. Boulder, CO:  Rowan & Littlefield.

Principal Author (chapter), Personal and Structural Challenges  ~  in  Curriculum Wisdom:  Educational Decisions in Democratic Societies by James Henderson and Kathleen Kesson.  Upper Saddle River, NJ:  Merrill/Prentice Hall.

Contributing Author (chapter), Transformative Curriculum Leadership 2nd Edition by James Henderson and Richard Hawthorne. Upper Saddle River, NJ:  Merrill/Prentice Hall.

Principal Author (chapter), Power of  Public Engagement:  A Beacon of Hope for  America’s Schools . Edited by William G. O’Callaghan.  Columbus, OH:  Mohican Institute Press.  

image: Catherine Hackney

Dr. Catherine Hackney

Dr 316 White Hall

Area: FLA - EDAD


vita [pdf]

image: Rob Heiman

Rob Heiman

Assistant Professor 100 Nixson Hall

Area: FLA - HM


vita [pdf]

I received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Hotel and Restaurant management, with a minor in Business Administration from the University of Wisconsin-Stout in 1972. Continuing my education was a high priority, while retaining industry positions in the management of food and beverage operations, as well as food sales and distribution, and hotel sales operations. I completed my business education state certification at Cleveland State University. While teaching classes at Cuyahoga Community College, I commenced pursuit of my Master Degree at the University of Akron. I also held the position of instructor in the Hospitality Management program at the University of Akron where I completed my Master of Business Administration-Marketing. In 1983, I began my tenure-track position at Kent State in the Hospitality Management academic program. My research interests and teaching focuses have been in the area of industry/academic relationships, and the integration of theoretical applications they relate to operations in the Hospitality industry.

image: Edward Hoegler

Mr. Edward Hoegler

Lecturer 328 White Hall

Area: FLA - HM


vita [pdf]

Chef Ed Hoegler, a native of Northeast Ohio, has taken advantage of many opportunities to broaden his horizons, both in the kitchen and out. While studying at Johnson & Wales University Providence campus and accomplishing degrees in Culinary Arts, Foodservice Education, as well as a Masters in Computer Education, Ed collaborated with chefs from all over the world exchanging recipes and techniques from China, Germany, and Russia. He then put his talents to use in the real world and in higher education. For several years, Ed worked with ManorCare Corp where he traveled around the United States getting to know the local cuisine of countless towns in over forty states. After acting as General Manager for various restaurants, university dining facilities, and country clubs, he went on to use his acquired knowledge and skills  as a full-time faculty member for the Hospitality Management program at Kent State University.  Chef Ed teaches various seminars in etiquette and equal opportunity employment. With the aid of Chef Ed, Kent State’s professional student organizations PCMA and CMAA have raised 10’s of thousands of Dollars.  He is also a founding faculty member for The Campus Kitchens Project at Kent State University, (a volunteer organization that repurposes underutilized food) for which he won a “Faculty of the Year Spirit of Serve Award” . As a classically trained French chef with German and Italian heritage, Ed is inspired by the flavors of New England where he learned his craft, as well as the American Southwest, which brings a diverse flair to every dish he makes.

image: Susan Iverson

Susan Iverson

Associate Professor 411 White Hall

Area: FLA - HIED


vita [pdf]

Susan Iverson is Associate Professor of Higher Education Administration and Student Personnel, and holds affiliate faculty status with both women's studies and LGBT studies. Prior to joining the faculty in 2006, Iverson served as adjunct faculty in both Higher Educational Leadership and Women's Studies at the University of Maine, where she also worked as Associate Director of Safe Campus Project, a federally grant-funded initiative to address interpersonal violence on campus. Prior to UMaine, Iverson worked as a student affairs administrator at colleges in Massachusetts and Virginia. Iverson's research interests focus on: equity and diversity, status of women in HIED, service-learning and critical pedagogy, and feminist and post-structuralist approaches to inquiry. 

image: Jane Jindra-Parman

Jane Jindra-Parman

Instructor 262 Gym Annex



vita [pdf]

image: Joffrey Jones

Dr. Joffrey Jones

316 A White Hall

Area: FLA - EDAD


Born and raised on Long Island, NY, I left home to attend Ohio University where I majored in English, earning a BA in 1971 along with my 7-12 Ohio teaching certification. I was by then anchored in Ohio having met my wife at Ohio U; we were married in August after we graduated. My wife Sharon and I were both hired to teach English at separate junior high schools in the Parma City School District. I taught junior high school for ten years before moving to the high school level where I taught for eight more years. In 1990, I was hired as a unit principal at Mentor High School. After a couple of years at the high school, I was promoted to a junior high principal's position and eventually named assistant superintendent, a position I held for seven years before being hired as superintendent of the Euclid City Schools in 2002. I served the Euclid community for a decade, retiring from K-12 education in 2012 to accept an assistant professor's position at Kent.

While working as a full-time educator, I pursued my masters degree in curriculum and instruction completing my degree at Cleveland State University. Since I had aspirations to become an administrator, I opted to seekk my doctorate in K-12 Educational Leadership at Kent State, earning my Ph.D. in 1998.

I also spent 20 years in the U.S. Army Reserve, retiring as a major in 1995. i learned much about leadership through my education, of course, but my most compelling leadership learning experiences came on the job as a department chair, a public school administrator, and a military officer. The 2013-2014 school year marks my 43rd year as an educator, a job that has brought me joy, fulfillment, and professional pride.

My wife of 42 years and I have one child, a son and Harvard grad who works for Kaplan Test Prep in New York City.

image: Mark Kretovics

Mark Kretovics, Ph.D

Associate Professor 411 White Hall



vita [pdf]

Mark Kretovics is an Associate Professor of Higher Education Administration and Student Personnel at Kent State University. He received his Ph. D. from Colorado State University and his research interests include the assessment of student learning, business practices in higher education, distance education, and pedagogical issues in compressed courses. Mark had over 20 years of administrative experience within higher education before transitioning into his current faculty role.

image: Tracy Lara

Tracy Lara, Ph.D

Assistant Professor 411-D

Area: FLA - HIED


Tracy Lara is an Assistant Professor of Higher Education and Student Personnel at Kent State University. She earned her Ph.D. at Idaho State University. Her research interests relate to career development, student development, community colleges, and international student services. Tracy is also a licensed professional counselor and a trained distance career counselor. Previously she coordinated the Student Affairs program as well as the International Student Services Certificate program at Western Kentucky University.

image: Sangkwon Lee

Sangkwon Lee, Ph.D

Assistant Professor 264 MACC Annex

Area: FLA - SPAD


vita [pdf]

Dr. Sangkwon Lee has bachelor and master’s degree in Economics and received a Ph.D. in Recreation, Park, and Tourism Sciences from Texas A&M University. His main research areas are economic and financial analysis of sport, tourism and recreation, market analysis of the tourism, sport, and recreation industry, and sustainable community development. Dr. Lee joined Kent State University in 2007, and currently teaches courses in Financial Aspects of Sport and Recreation, Sport Marketing, and Event Planning and Production.

image: Ju Yup (Jay) Lee, Ph.D.

Ju Yup (Jay) Lee, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor 316 White Hall

Area: FLA - HM


vita [pdf]

Ju Yup (Jay) Lee earned his Ph.D. in Hospitality Management from Iowa State University and joined the Kent State University Faculty in 2012. Prior to pursuing his doctoral degree, he received his culinary art degree at the Culinary Institute of America in New York and served as a member of menu development at fine dining restaurants in New York and Chicago. His experience in the foodservice industry includes kitchen operation, food safety and sanitation, restaurant consulting, front-of-the-house service, and revenue management. These experiences have prepared him to be a prospective researcher and educator. As an individual with a strong background in foodservice management, Lee taught Fine Dining Management, Fundamental Culinary Skill Development, and Quantity Food Production and Service Management Experience while obtaining his doctoral degree. Currently, he is teaching Sanitation and Safety Principles and Practices, Hospitality Marketing, Food Production and Service Management, Lodging Operations and Management and other hospitality related subjects at Kent State University. His research interests include foodservice management, food safety and sanitation, marketing, and hospitality education. His research has been published in International Journal of Hospitality Management, Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Research, and Journal of Food Service.

image: Andrew Lepp

Andrew Lepp

Associate Professor 316 White Hall

Area: FLA - RPTM


vita [pdf]

I earned my Ph.D. in 2004 from the University of Florida's Department of Recreation, Parks and Tourism. Before pursuing a Ph.D., I worked for seven years in the field of natural resource management and conservation. During this time, I worked for the United States Park Service, the United States Forest Service and was a United States Peace Corps Volunteer in Uganda, East Africa. As a Peace Corps Volunteer, I served for two years as a Warden of Tourism in Uganda's national park system. In preparation for these jobs, I earned a Master of Science degree from Oregon State University in natural resource management, and a Bachelor of Science degree from Wake Forest University in mathematical-economics. This diversity of experience has been influential in determining my current interests in ecotourism, outdoor recreation, natural resource conservation and international development.

image: Natasha Levinson

Dr. Natasha Levinson, Ph.D.

Associate Professor 316C White Hall

Area: FLA - CULT


I received my Doctorate in Educational Policy Studies from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. I have been teaching at Kent State since 1997. I teach graduate courses in philosophy of education, with an emphasis on normative political philosophy, professional ethics and constitutional considerations in education.  My courses include Classics in Philosophy of Education, Contemporary Readings in Philosophy of Education, Great Ideas in Education (which explores one great idea each time, e.g. political toleration; justice in education, etc) and a special topics seminar on Schooling and Religious Pluralism in the U.S.  In addition, I teach the Proseminar in Cultural Foundations, a course that explores the emergence of the field of social foundations of education in relation to the various "disciplines of education" (history, philosophy, sociology, anthropology), and introduces new doctoral students to the challenges and possibilities of the field. I also teach Foundational Approaches to Research, one of the 4 required research courses for CF doctoral students. I teach a master's level course in ethics in education and the human services which is occasionally offered on-line. At the undergraduate level, I teach a few sections of "Education in a Democratic Society" each year. This course, which is periodically offered on-line, explores the development of public schools and examines the challenges of teaching in a time when schools have never been asked to do quite so much in quite so distrustful a climate. My work tends to focus on educational concerns in the U.S., but I was born and raised in South Africa, and I teach a section of Education in a Democratic Society that travels to Ireland every other year. I am told that I bring an international perspective to my teaching, through the readings I assign and my own experiences as an immigrant to this country.

image: Jian Li, Ph.D

Jian Li, Ph.D

Assistant Professor 316 O White Hall

Area: FLA - EVAL


Jian received her Ph.D. in Quantitative Research, Evaluation, and Measurement from The Ohio State University in 2010. Before her appointment as an Assistant Professor in the Evaluation and Measurement program at Kent State University, she worked as a research associate in the Evaluation Research Program at WestEd, a research organization stationed in California, where her responsibilities included developing and implementing research design, assessing instruments’ psychometric properties, and conducting first-hand and secondary analysis of large-scale databases. Her general research interests focus on methodological issues when quantitative statistical methods are applied to data that either have complex structures or are not perfect. She frequently uses hierarchical linear modeling, structural equation modeling, and advanced experimental and quasi-experimental designs such as randomized controlled trials, propensity score matching, regression discontinuity design, and interrupted time series. The second focus of her research is the application of statistical techniques in answering substantive research questions. She is particularly interested in the relationships between students’ achievement, obesity status, and their physical and psychological well-being. She has served as a statistical consultant on projects funded by IES, NSF, PBS, U.S. Department of Education, and state governments.

image: Mark Lyberger

Mark Lyberger

Associate Professor 264K Gym Annex

Area: FLA - SPAD


vita [pdf]

As an Ohio native I began my educational pursuits at Ohio University where I earned a B.S. in Health/Long Term Care Administration in 1985 and a M.A. from the University of Akron in 1989. In the course of my early tenure, I was actively involved as a consumer, coach, administrator, and participant in a variety of managerial and sport endeavors. These experiences help to solidify my chosen career pursuit of a Ph.D. in Sport Management/Marketing from the Ohio State University. I completed my degree in the spring of 1996 and in the subsequent fall joined the Kent State community. My recent research interests have focused on consumer consumption behavior, marketing, sponsorship, and leadership. In addition, I have worked collaboratively with a variety of community and business organizations to conduct market and facility usage/impact feasibility studies. Currently, I am working with colleagues to complete texts on event planning and promotion/public relations in sport as well as a variety studies related to consumption behavior and sport.

image: Daniel Mahony

Daniel Mahony

Dean and Professor 408 White Hall

Area: FLA - SPAD


vita [pdf]

Dan Mahony is the Dean of the College of Education, Health, and Human Services and a professor of sport management. Prior to coming to Kent State University, he spent 13 years as a faculty member and administrator at the University of Louisville. His administrative positions included sport administration program director, department chair, associate dean, assistant provost, and associate provost. Before becoming a faculty member, he worked in both public accounting and intercollegiate athletics. Dan has a B.S. in accounting from Virginia Tech, an M.S. in sport management from West Virginia University, and a Ph.D. in sport management from Ohio State University. He is an active researcher in the areas of sport consumer behavior and intercollegiate athletics and has published over 50 articles in various refereed journals, several book chapters, and one book. Dan is a NASSM Research Fellow and won the 2007 Earle F. Zeigler Award from the North American Society for Sport Management (NASSM) for his research contributions to the field. He also served as President of NASSM from 2003-2004.

image: Averil McClelland

Dr. Averil McClelland

Associate Professor 405 White Hall

Area: FLA - CULT


vita [pdf]

My academic life has been the happy (and more-or-less unplanned) result of walking through a series of doors opened to me by teachers in various places. At Hiram College, where I was a legacy student, I discovered sociology, majoring in it, as well as in social science and history. Marriage, and three children later, I entered a master's program in educational administration (community education) at Kent for the purpose of enhancing a growing career as an educational consultant with school districts, the Greater Cleveland Superintendent's Association, Cuyahoga Community College, and the Cleveland Federation for Community Planning. I discovered cultural foundations at Kent, and earned a Master's degree and a Ph.D. in that field in 1979 and 1986. My interests have similarly evolved, and have included the nature of community, the nature and processes of social change, the role of education in the lives of women (The Education of Women in the United States: A Guide to Theory, Teaching and Research, 1992), the ways in which human beings acquire a cultural identity (Human Diversity in Education: An Integrated Approach with Ken Cushner and Phil Safford, 5th ed., 2005), and the nature and structure of social networks (dissertation, 1986). My most recent interest (and passion!) lies in the area of the impact of public policy on education in a democracy, including, but not limited to education as it occurs in schools.

image: Martha Merrill

Martha Merrill, Ph.D

Associate Professor 411 White Hall

Area: FLA - HIED


vita [pdf]

Martha C. Merrill, who worked on higher education reform in the Kyrgyz Republic in Central Asia from 1996 to 2001, has been involved in college-level international education since 1982. Currently Associate Professor of Higher Education at Kent State University and Coordinator of the program's International Education Certificate, Dr. Merrill previously was the Dean of Academic Programs at the International Partnership for Service-Learning and Leadership (www.ipsl.org), on whose Board she had served for seventeen years. From 2002-2006, she taught master's students at the School for International Training (Vermont) in the fields of intercultural communication and international education. In 2001-2002, she was a Visiting Scholar at the Inner Asian and Uralic National Resource Center at Indiana University. Before she went to Kyrgyzstan, she was a founding faculty member of the (planned) New College for Global Studies at Radford University (Virginia) and Director of Programs and Resident Life at International House in New York City, which houses 700 graduate students from 100 different countries. She has published several articles and book chapters and given many conference papers on intercultural issues, international education, and Central Asia. Her degrees are in Russian literature (BA, Michigan), Creative Writing (Master's, Boston University), College and University Administration (Master's and Ph.D., Michigan) and Islamic Studies (Master's, Columbia University). She has been a member of the Executive Committee of the Board of the Alliance of Universities for Democracy (www.audem.org), which links US and Eurasian universities, since 2001. Her current research interests focus on the globalization of quality assessment standards in higher education and, in particular, the effect of such globalization in Central Asia.

image: Aaron Mulrooney

Aaron Mulrooney

Associate Professor 264 Gym Annex

Area: FLA - SPAD


vita [pdf]

My educational background is primarily in business and law. I received a B.S.B.A. and M.B.A. in Finance as well as a J.D. all from the University of Akron. My sport background comes primarily from experience as a collegiate and professional tennis player. I also worked for a number of years with the Cleveland Cavaliers and Richfield Coliseum in a variety of capacities while completing my degrees. I am currently a licensed attorney in the state of Ohio.  My primary research has been legal liability and risk management practices of sport, recreation and public assembly facilities and I have written a number of articles, book chapters and a text in this area.  My current project, The Journal of Sport,  provides our graduate students with the opportunity to review and assess research submitted for publication. During my tenure at Kent I have served as Sport Administration Coordinator, Graduate Coordinator and Assistant to the Director of the School of Exercise, Leisure and Sport.

image: Tricia Niesz, Ph.D.

Tricia Niesz, Ph.D.

Associate Professor 316 White Hall



vita [pdf]

Tricia Niesz received her Ph.D. in Education, Culture, and Society from the University of Pennsylvania in 2003. Her specializations are qualitative research, ethnography/critical ethnography, and anthropology of education. Tricia teaches in the area of qualitative research methodology. Her research focuses on cultural change in the field of education, particularly as related to schooling, poverty, and social stratification. Over the past several years she has been exploring how progressive social and professional movements influence educational change. Her current research centers on a recent educational reform movement in South India that has radically transformed over 37,000 government schools.

image: Mary Parr

Mary Parr

Associate Professor 316j White Hall

Area: FLA - RPTM


vita [pdf]

I received my Bachelor's degree in Recreation Education from the University of Iowa in 1984, my M.S. in Recreation and Park Administration from Western Illinois University in 1988, and my PhD in Leisure Studies from the University of Illinois in 1992. Prior to returning to graduate school I worked in Employee Services for a manufacturing company in Rockford, IL. I was responsible for coordinating employee sports leagues, company events, physical activity and health and wellness programs, etc. Upon completion of my doctorate, I joined the faculty of Kent State University. I teach courses in the areas of social psychological dimensions of leisure, cultural dimensions of contemporary leisure practices, and our Foundations of Recreation and Leisure course. I also teach a graduate course that examines the philosophical and social bases of leisure and sport. My research interests include understanding the meaning of leisure and it's relation to professional practice and professional preparation of students, and leisure's role in the development of community.

image: Swathi Ravichandran, MBA, PhD

Swathi Ravichandran, MBA, PhD

Assistant Professor 300 A White Hall

Area: FLA - HM


vita [pdf]

Swathi Ravichandran received an MBA in Marketing in 2002 and a PhD in Foodservice and Lodging Management in 2005 from Iowa State University. She joined Kent State University in Fall 2005 as an Assistant Professor in Hospitality Management. She teaches a variety of courses at Kent State University (KSU) including Hospitality Meetings Management, Strategic Lodging Management, Human Resources Management and Marketing in the Hospitality Industry, and Legal Issues in the Hospitality Industry. She started the KSU chapter of Professional Convention Management Association (PCMA) in the Hospitality Management program and serves as faculty advisor for a group of dedicated, passionate, hard working students interested in pursuing a career in the meeting and event planning industry. Her research has been published in prestigious peer-reviewed journals such as Journal of Foodservice Business Research, International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management, Journal of Travel and Tourism Research, Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Education, and Journal of Human Resources in Hospitality and Tourism.

image: Jason Schenker

Jason Schenker, Ph.D

Assistant Professor 507F White Hall



vita [pdf]

I received my Ph.D. from Kent State in 2007 in the Evaluation and Measurement program, while I was employed by the university in the Research Center for Educational Technology (RCET).  I spent 4 years at RCET where I was involved in a variety of research projects and educational evaluations. Prior to my time at RCET, I was a graduate assistant at the Bureau of Research Training and Services (now the Research & Evaluation Bureau). I received my Master’s degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from the University of Akron, and my Bachelor’s degree from Heidelberg College. I currently teach Quantitative, Advanced Quantitative, Statistics I, Statistics II, and Research in Education Courses.

image: Barbara Scheule, Ph.D

Barbara Scheule, Ph.D

Associate Professor 316 White Hall

Area: FLA - HM


vita [pdf]

Doctoral and Master of Science degrees were completed at Kansas State University in Hospitality Management & Institutional Food Service Management. A dietetic internship was completed at the University of Oregon Health Sciences Center. The Bachelor of Science degree was completed at the University of Nebraska with dual majors in (1) Human Nutrition and Foodservice Management and (2) Education and Family Resources. Prior to joining the Kent State University faculty, was a manager for 16 years in a University Dining Services known for "from scratch" food preparation and award winning special events and menus. Is the faculty advisor for the Student Chapter of Club Managers Association of America and teach classes on food study, foodservice management, hospitality service quality, professionalism in hospitality management, and research seminar. My research interests include food safety education, management of quality and consumer satisfaction, effectiveness of employee development programs, school foodservice management, and educational issues related to hospitality education.

image: Kimberly Schimmel

Kimberly Schimmel, Ph.D

Associate Professor 263 Memorial Gym Annex

Area: FLA - SPAD


vita [pdf]

Kim is an Associate Professor of the Sociology of Sport and an Affiliate to the Women's Studies Program. She earned her bachelors degree at Muskingum College, masters degree at Miami University (Ohio), and PhD at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. She joined the Kent State faculty in 1995.  Her classes include "Sport and Society" and "Sport in Global Perspective," which focus on domestic diversity issues and global geopolitical issues respectively. Kim's scholarship is framed by political economic theory and addresses problems associated with urban (re)development and large scale sporting events in local-global context. She is the Vice President of the International Sociology of Sport Association and the Associate Editor of the Sociology of Sport Journal. Kim is a recipient of KSU's Distinguished Teaching Award.

image: Vilma Seeberg

Dr. Vilma Seeberg

Associate Professor 316 White Hall

Area: FLA - CULT


I have been a member of the Kent State University community since 1989 as professor for international-multicultural education. I completed my PhD in Comparative International Education at the University Hamburg, Germany, in 1990, which was preceded there by my MA in Education with a minor in Sinology in 1983. In 1970, I received my B.S. in Foreign Language Instruction, German and Russian at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. From 1970 to 1978, I served as co-founder, principal and executivedirector of a "street academy" (private non-profit secondary school) serving middle and high school drop-outs, and infant day care center, in Madison, WI. In 1979 I returned full-time to academic studies, and immediately, after normalization of diplomatic relations between the U.S. and P.R. China, was invited to teach as a foreign expert at China University for Science and Technology. During my year there and subsequently in Hong Kong, I conducted my dissertation research on mass literacy in China under Mao. Upon my return to the US, I worked at the World Bank and a think-tank in Washington, D.C., taught in International Studies at the University of South Florida, and foundations of education courses at Cleveland State, while writing my dissertation. I also substitute taught in three districts in the greater Cleveland area.
My interests in education have always been in exploring and finding ways to address the inequalities in access to knowledge, whether that be in advanced industrial areas with pockets of poverty, or poor regions and nations with pockets of wealth. Ancillary to that work, I founded and continue to lead the Guanlan Scholarship Foundation which sponsors village girls through K-12 education in a remote region of China.
My primary line of inquiry and publishing has been in education in China using socio-political and anthropological perspectives in order to frame egalitarian policy in China. Recently I have been focusing on girls/women’s education in marginal regions cross-culturally and adapting the human development capability approach as an explanatory framework.. I am active in the Comparative International Education Society, and the Human Development and Capabilities Association.

image: Stephen Thomas

Stephen Thomas, Ed.D.

Professor 401K White Hall



vita [pdf]

Stephen Thomas received his B.S. degree in 1971 and M.S. in 1972 from Oklahoma State University, and his doctorate in 1974 from the University of Florida. While attending UF, he was a fellow with the National Educational Finance Project, where he had the opportunity to work with many of America's leading scholars in Education Finance and Law. Upon graduation, he served as an assistant professor at Madison College for two years, Texas Tech University for five, and St. Johns University for four. He then came to Kent State University in 1985 and has been here for the past 28 years.  He teaches most of the law courses in the College, including those in higher education, special education, K-12 administration, and school psychology. Additionally, he teaches courses dealing with education finance, higher education disability, and faculty roles and responsibilities. During his 39-year career, Dr. Thomas has authored or edited 30 books, over 100 articles, and dozens of additional publications in newsletters, proceedings, reporters, and other sources. He has received virtually all major awards within his field (Education Law Association), including the President’s Award, McGhehey Award, Outstanding Service Award, Distinguished Service Award, Bolmeier Award, and Publication Award. Over the years, he served as a member of ELA’s Board of Directors, President, and Executive Director. He was selected as a founding member of West’s Education Law Reporter’s Authors Committee; served as the Executive Editor for the premier school finance journal, The Journal of Education Finance, for six years; and received multiple awards for both teaching and research. Moreover, he was identified by Ohio Magazine in 2008 as one of several selected professors exhibiting Excellence in Ohio Education. Of most relevance to Dr. Thomas, however, are the role he played in increasing the number and quality of Graduate Assistantships in the Higher Education Program (currently at approximately 80) and his receipt of the KSU Distinguished Teaching Award in 2007.

image: Theresa Walton

Dr. Theresa Walton

Associate Professor 264F Gym Annex

Area: FLA - SPAD


vita [pdf]

Walton earned a B.A. in Sociology from Southern Oregon University (1993), a M.A. (2000) and PhD (2002) in Cultural Studies from the University of Iowa. She joined the Kent State faculty in 2003, attaining tenure and promotion to Associate Professor in 2009. Drawing on critical cultural studies, her scholarship focuses on investigations of power relationships and the ways those relationships are both resisted and maintained within mediated sport narratives as well as in school settings. In particular, she has examined media discourse of Title IX and sport, women's amateur wrestling, and elite distance running. She has also investigated the ways high school girls understand and experience their embodied and mediated identities. Walton's work has been accepted in the Sociology of Sport Journal, the Journal of Sport History, the Women in Sport and Physical Activity Journal, the Journal of Popular Culture and Sport, Education & Society.

image: Philip Wang

Dr. Philip Wang

Associate Professor 316 White Hall

Area: FLA - RPTM


vita [pdf]

I completed my PhD in Leisure Studies at Penn State in 1991. My other educational experiences included Recreation and Parks (M.S.-Penn State) and Economics (M.A.-Western Michigan University, B.S.-Chinese Culture University). I joined the Kent State University faculty in 1990. Between 1999 and 2001, I took a leave from Kent State and joined National Dong Hwa University in Taiwan to lead the new Department of Sport and Leisure Studies as its Chair. In teaching, I have focused on management of commercial recreation, tourism development, social and philosophical issues of leisure, and park planning. My research interests include economic planning of tourism, serious leisure behavior, and classical eastern thoughts of leisure. I am currently working on research exploring the redevelopment of tourism from natural disasters and Confucius' notions of happiness and leisure.

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