Full-Time Faculty

image: Hayley Arnold

Dr. Hayley Arnold

Assistant Professor Music and Speech

Area: HS - SPA


vita [pdf]

While getting my master's degree in communication sciences and disorders, I developed a passion to learn about what causes, maintains and aggravates stuttering. Following this passion led me to study it in doctoral and postdoctoral research. Presently, I am interested in investigating a multifactorial stuttering model, which takes into account emotional, linguistic and motor factors that may impact onset and maintenance of stuttering.

image: Lisa Audet

Lisa Audet

Assistant Professor A104 Music & Speech

Area: HS - SPA


vita [pdf]

image: Renee Axiotis

Renee Axiotis

Assistant Professor 118 Nixson Hall

Area: HS - HEDP


vita [pdf]

Following graduation with a B.A. in psychology from Kent State University, I began an assistantship in health education at Kent State. Two years later, I graduated with a master's degree in community health education and, in 1996, earned a doctorate in curriculum and instruction (health education emphasis) from Kent State as well. From 1988 until 1997, I was the director of the Office of Student Health Promotion for KSU Health Services. In 1997, I joined the faculty at Ashland University, where I stayed for five years. In order to better accommodate other life responsibilities, relocation closer to the north coast of Ohio was necessary and I resigned from Ashland in 2002. I spent one year as a visiting professor at the University of Akron and have been on a non-tenure track line in health education at KSU since 2004. I am a licensed teacher in Ohio in K-12 health and was a substitute teacher at all grade levels in the Nordonia Hills school district. In addition, I served on Nordonia's district-wide wellness committee and was co-chair of the committee for one year. Recently, I completed a 16 month project directorship on a $370,000 state-wide, college-based tobacco prevention and cessation grant, in which KSU participated as a pilot site. I have published articles in journals ranging from Developmental Psychobiology to the Journal of American College Health.

image: Angela Backus

Dr. Angela Backus

Assistant Professor 116 Nixson Hall

Area: HS - HEDP


vita [pdf]

Currently, I am a Non-Tenure Track Assistant Professor of Health Education and Promotion at Kent State University. In 2003 I graduated from SUNY Fredonia with a Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education and a minor in Athletic Coaching. To continue this focus on school-age youth, I earned a Master's Degree in School Health Education from Kent State University in 2005. From there, I pursued a Ph.D. in Health Education and Promotion, and graduated from Kent State University in 2010. I am licensed to teach  Elementary Education in New York State and K-12 Health Education in Ohio. I have presented at numerous local, national, and international conferences about various health issues, including bullying risk-reduction, coordinated school health programming, and brain-based teaching and learning strategies. In addition, I have taught a number of health education courses, including Health Education for Early Childhood Educators, Administration of School Health Programs, Drug Abuse and Violence Prevention, and Human Sexuality.

image: Anne Baker

Anne Baker

Area: HS


image: Jacob Barkley

Dr. Jacob Barkley, Ph.D

Assistant Professor 163 E Gym Annex

Area: HS - EXSI


vita [pdf]

My research training is in pediatric exercise physiology and behavioral medicine. My current research focuses on factors that affect a child's motivation to participate in physical activity. This includes examining the effects of variety, peer influence and adiposity on the decision to participate in physical or sedentary activities. I also have an interest in biostatistics and research design.

image: Lynn Berk

Mrs. Lynn Berk, M.A.

Clinical Instructor 22042 English Language Proficiency Clinic

Area: HS - SPA


vita [pdf]

I received my B.A. in Social Sciences from The Ohio State University and my M.A. in Speech Pathology from Cleveland State University. I have worked as a speech language pathologist in the schools and have  coordinated and directed summer speech programs for preschool children. I have worked in long term care settings serving stroke, Parkinson, Alzheimer and dementia patients.  I developed and published two remedial programs; Testing and Remediating Auditory Processing for preschool and elementary students and R and L Stories Galore, a remedial articulation program. My areas of interest are phonemic awareness, phonology and articulation, auditory and language processing and reading and literacy. Currently I am a  clinical instructor in the English Language Proficiency Clinic (ELPC) providing accent reduction and phonological and articulation therapy for international students and faculty.

image: Donna Bernert

Dr. Donna Bernert

Assistant Professor 145 Nixson Hall

Area: HS - HEDP


vita [pdf]

Dr. Bernert received her PhD from Southern Illinois University. Prior to joining the HEDP faculty at Kent State University, she held various teaching and administrative positions for 10 years in the public schools. She is licensed in Ohio to teach special education, early childhood education, elementary education, and health education. As a former special education teacher, she has a passion for health education and promotion for youth and adults with disabilities. She also has a particular interest in sexuality education and has both taught sexuality education and worked as a sexuality educator. Dr. Bernert has conducted research, published, and presented her work involving sexual health and disability. She also has a passion for Kent State University, receiving her BS (1986) and MA (1997) degrees from here. To return to the university once again as faculty has been a wonderful professional opportunity and privilege, and she looks forward to giving back quality educational experiences as a faculty member she received here as a student.

image: Carmen Blakely-Adams

Ms. Carmen Blakely-Adams

Instructor 26142 141 Nixson Hall

Area: HS - NUTR


vita [pdf]

My education background includes a BS degree in Food Science and Human Nutrition from Michigan State University, a dietetic internship, Cleveland Clinic Foundation-became a Registered, Licensed Dietitian in 1991, a M.ED in Community Health Education from Cleveland State University. I joined the Kent State University staff as a Adjunct Instructor for the Geauga and Twinsburg campuses in 2007-2008. I joined the Kent State University staff as a full time NTT faculty in August 2008. As an Instructor in Nutrition and Dietetics I teach Science of Human Nutrition, Human Nutrition and Dietary Food Modification-Nutrition for Older Adults. I have worked as a clinical nutrition manager and clinical dietitian prior to joining the faculty at Kent State University, where I specialized in neurology, general surgery, oncology, trauma, cardiology, renal/hemodialysis, neuro-intensive care, urology and general medicine. I have several publications on Nutrition and Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis.

image: Sloane Burgess

Dr. Sloane Burgess

Assistant Professor 406G



vita [pdf]

After graduating with my B.A. in psychology, I took a job working at a residential program for children who had been removed from their homes due to abuse and/or neglect. There I met a child unlike any I had ever met before; he loved to spell but barely spoke, didn't seem interested in developing friendships but enjoyed predictable interaction routines, and could, and frequently did, curl himself into a tiny ball and hide in small cubbies and crevices. Although I did not know it then, I learned during my graduate studies that he most likely was a child with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). I was intrigued by this young man and as part of my graduate coursework had the opportunity to participate in an NIMH sponsored internship with the TEACCH (Treatment and Education of Autistic and related Communication handicapped CHildren) Program in Chapel Hill, working with individual with ASD. Upon graduation, I worked as a TEACCH Psychoeducational Specialist in Asheville, North Carolina for 10 years. During this time, I had the opportunity to work with individuals with ASD of all ages and their families in a variety of roles and settings. I came to Northeast Ohio to complete my doctoral degree and continued to work with individual with ASD, and their families and the professionals who support them, as an Educational Consultant. I currently serve as an Assistant Professor with a joint appointment between the departments of Special Education and Speech Pathology and Audiology at the Kent Campus. My research and professional interests include understanding how individuals with ASD evaluate their quality of life and predictors of positive ratings of quality of life, the implementation of visual strategies to support learning, positive behavior, and communication skills in school-aged students with ASD, lifespan support for individuals with ASD, and the efficacy of early intervention programs for preschool aged students with ASD.

image: Nancy Burzminski

Nancy Burzminski

Assistant Professor 100 Nixson Hall

Area: HS - NUTR


vita [pdf]

My education background includes a BS degree Home Economics/ Foods & Nutrition, Montclair State University (1975), a dietetic internship, University of Arizona Medical Center (1976), a MS in Human Nutrition, University of Arizona (1977), and a Doctorate of Education Leadership (Ed.D.), Saint Mary's University of Minnesota (2002). My doctorate research focused on leadership behaviors/styles of entry-level dietitians. I am serving on a national committee of the American Dietetic Association, designing leadership training for dietitians. Current research efforts include a collaborative effort with the University of Akron and Summa Health Systems. We received a grant from the Ohio Board of Regents Research Challenge Program, December 2004. Our proposal, Improving Patient Clinical Outcomes and Health Care Costs Using Innovative Nutrition Interventions In A Multidisciplinary Chronic Disease Care Team, is being studied using the Chronic Care Model with patients having Type II Diabetes Mellitus. I am also in a nation-wide collaborative study exploring ways to improve management of chronic diseases utilizing the Chronic Care Model. I am a licensed, registered dietitian with practitioner experience in a variety of settings. My primary role at KSU is Dietetic Internship Program Director of the Combined MS/Dietetic Internship Program. I also teach in the nutrition & dietetics programs.

image: Natalie Caine-Bish

Dr. Natalie Caine-Bish

Associate Professor 128 Nixson Hall

Area: HS - NUTR


vita [pdf]

I earned a B.S. in Natural Sciences, an M.S. in both Exercise Physiology and Nutrition, and a Ph.D. in Exercise Physiology. I am also a registered and licensed dietitian. I joined the Kent State University faculty in 2002 after completing my undergraduate degree at the University of Akron and all three of my graduate degrees at Kent State University. At the undergraduate level, I teach First Year Experience, Nutrition for Fitness, Advanced Nutrition I, and Experimental Methods in Nutrition and at the graduate level, I teach Techniques of Research, Perspectives and Practice in Community Nutrition, and Macronutrients. My current research interests include community nutrition and exercise education and programming with a focus on the prevention of chronic disease. I currently am a faculty coordinator for the Center of Nutrition Outreach and direct a no cost community weight management program called K.I.D.S. (Kids Interested in Diet and Sport) for children between the ages of 8-16. I am currently a member of the American Dietetics Association and Society for Nutrition Education.

image: Lisa Chinn

Lisa Chinn

Assistant Professor 266D MACC-Annex

Area: HS - ATTR


vita [pdf]

image: Kele Ding

Dr. Kele Ding

Associate Professor 142 Nixson Hall

Area: HS - HEDP


vita [pdf]

Dr. Kele Ding has a doctorate in Health Behavior (Specialization in adolescent's and college students' drug use, and Measurement and Evaluation) from Indianan University Bloomington, a master's in Community Health Education from Western Illinois University, and a bachelor's in Western Medicine from Wenzhou Medical University, China. Prior to his study in Western Illinois University, Dr. Ding was a surgeon in China, practicing abdominal surgery between 1983 and 1992. After his doctoral study at Indiana University, Dr. Ding went to Idaho State University as a tenure-track assistant professor in the Department of Health Sciences and Nutrition in 2000 where he was tenured. He came to Kent State University in 2005, serving as an assistant professor in Health Education and Promotion. He was promoted to be tenured associate professor in 2011.Dr. Ding’s applied experiences in Health Education and Public Health field include large survey data analysis and technical report in adolescent’s drug use and other risk factors, graduate assistant support of survey data analysis in HIV/AIDS knowledge and attitude among rural population, and program evaluation of After School Programs of drug prevention and education.  His primary research focus is on behavior intention and peer influence in drug initiation among school aged children, trend, prevalence, and gateway theory of drug use among adolescence and college students, and measurement and evaluation in health education and promotion. Dr. Ding has served in the Research Board of American Association for Health Education, and chaired Multicultural Diversity Committee of the association. Currently he is a member of American Public Health Association. Dr. Ding is the section editor of Asian Journal of Exercise and Sports Sciences, and founding member of the Review’s Board of Associate Editors of the Health Behavior and Policy Review.

image: Tanya Falcone

Tanya Falcone

Area: HS

image: Shelly Francis

Mrs. Shelly Francis

Clinical Instructor A104 Music & Speech

Area: HS - SPA


vita [pdf]

I have been employed by Kent State University since 1993. I am Coordinator of Speech-Language Services and a clinical instructor in Speech Language Pathology and Audiology.  My areas of special interest include speech disorders (particularly verbal dyspraxia), and the relationship between speech and language skills in children and performance in language arts areas (reading, spelling, writing, and phonological awareness).

image: Ellen Glickman

Dr. Ellen Glickman, Ph.D

Professor 162 Gym Annex

Area: HS - EXSI


vita [pdf]

Dr. Ellen Glickman is a recognized expert in the area of environmental physiology with ~76 original, full-length papers in scientific journals, 3 technical reports and 1 Book Chapter.  She is a Fellow of the American College of Sports Medicine, a reviewer for many of the top journals in her field, including Medicine in Science and Sport and Exercise, European Journal of Applied Physiology and Occupational Physiology and Aviation Space and Environmental Medicine. She has been an invited lecturer at numerous national (i.e., The American College of Sports Medicine, Wilderness Medical Society) and International Conferences (International Conference of Environmental Ergonomics (ICEE), Oxford University Roundtable, government research laboratories (i.e., Brooks AFB, US Army Research Institute Environmental Medicine USARIEM) and Universities.  In 2001, The Wilderness Medical Society Awarded Dr. Glickman their Research Award for their Outstanding Scientist. Most recently, Dr. Glickman has partnered with Orbital Research Inc., (Cleveland, OH) a STEM initiative, to enhance our knowledge in the area of environmental physiology with technology to better understand human physiology. Dr. Glickman received her Ph.D. from the University of Pittsburgh from 1989 -1995. She was part of the Department of Kinesiology at Louisiana State University and had an environmental physiology laboratory at Pennington Biomedical Research Center.  In 1995 Dr. Glickman joined the faculty at Kent State University and has continued her work in acute cold exposure. She started at USARIEM as a National Research Council Scientist and continues to serve as a contract employee with USARIEM as part of the Military Nutrition Division. Finally, Dr. Glickman has been Principal Investigator or Co-Investigator on numerous externally funded projects during her time at Kent State University.

image: Karen Gordon

Karen Gordon, Ph.D

Associate Professor 100 Nixson Hall

Area: HS - NUTR


vita [pdf]

I earned a B.S. and M.S. in Animal Science from The Ohio State University. I then completed a PhD in non-ruminant nutrition at the University of Illinois, Urbana/Champaign and also completed the requirements to become a registered dietitian. I joined the Kent State University faculty in 1988 where I teach and advise both undergraduate and graduate students in the Nutrition and Dietetics program. Courses taught include Applied Nutrition; Community Nutrition; Cultural Aspects of Food, Nutrition and Health; Complementary and Alternative Nutrition Therapy; Micronutrients and Nutrition. I am also involved with the Nutrition Outreach Program that provides nutrition assessment, counseling and presentations for students, faculty and staff. I am the advisor for the Student Dietetic Association where members network with professionals in the field of nutrition and are involved in community service. My primary professional interest is community nutrition including health promotion/nutrition education over the life span and maternal/child nutrition.

image: Sue Grogan-Johnson

Dr. Sue Grogan-Johnson

Assistant Professor A142 Music & Speech

Area: HS - SPA


I earned a B.S. degree from Indiana University of Pennsylvania, a Master's degree from West Virginia University and a Ph.D. from Kent State University all in the area of speech-language pathology.  Originally from Pittsburgh, PA, I remain a Steelers fan.  :0)
I teach courses related to language disorders in children and adults, coordinate the public schools practicum sites  for SPA graduate students and teach coursework related to speech pathology services in the educational setting.  I also coordinate a speech-language pathology telehealth project on the KSU campus.
My research interest is in the area of telehealth applications for the provision of speech-language pathology services.

image: Eun-Jeong Ha

Eun-Jeong Ha

Assistant Professor 100 Nixson Hall

Area: HS - NUTR


vita [pdf]

Dr. Ha completed a Ph.D. in Human Nutrition in 1999 and post-doctoral work at the Bone Mineral Metabolism Laboratory of the Ohio State University. Her research interests focus on nutrition education and osteoporosis prevention over the life span. Dr. Ha's recent research plans include studying: (1) the relationship between obesity, bone density and fracture in children; (2) dietary effects on bone density in children; (3) Calcium and Vitamin D status and bone density among the elderly; (4) Effect of nutrition education on eating behavior and life style changes in college students.

image: Cary Hale

Cary Hale

Lecturer 262 Gym Annex

Area: HS - ATTR


vita [pdf]

I was born in White Plains, New York and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio. I received my BS in Kinesiology with concentration in athletic training from Indiana University (Bloomington). I have worked as an athletic trainer in the areas of football, wrestling, softball, and track and field. My MS in Kinesiology (again with concentration in athletic training) is also from Indiana University. I have worked at Cumberland University in Lebanon Tennessee, at Wilmington College in Wilmington, Ohio, and I have been employed by Kent State University since 2000. Currently, I am an athletic trainer and instructor and the clinical education coordinator. I oversee volleyball and athletic training students and off campus clinical experiences.

image: John Hawks

Dr. John Hawks

Associate Professor A105 Music & Speech

Area: HS - AUD - SPA


vita [pdf]

Although my Bachelor's degree as a voice major in Music Education at Washburn University (Topeka, KS) prepared me to teach K-12 music, I never taught. Instead, I pursued opportunities in consumer audio electronics. After co-owning a speaker retailing and audio electronics manufacturing business and then wanting something more, I discovered Audiology. This lead to a M.S. in Audiology and a Ph.D. in Communication Sciences at Central Institute for the Deaf, the Speech & Hearing Department of Washington University in St. Louis, and eventually to Kent State in 1991. Although I am an audiologist and teach courses in instrumentation, psychoacoustics, clinical audiology, and the effects of noise, my major research interests are in speech perception. My goal to combine my interests in audiology, speech perception and electronics has lead to a research focus investigating ways to improve upon speech processing strategies for manufacturers of cochlear implants, an electronic prosthesis that provides the severe-profoundly deaf with the ability to hear. More recently, our joint doctoral (Au.D.) program in Audiology with The University of Akron has provided considerable opportunities and challenges in taking our profession to a new level.

image: Jeffery Huston

Mr. Jeffery Huston

Associate Lecturer - Undergraduate and Graduate Program Coordinator 266 A Gym-Annex

Area: HS - ATTR


vita [pdf]

image: Julia Huyck

Dr. Julia Huyck

Assistant Professor A-144 CPA

Area: HS - AUD


vita [pdf]

I was drawn to the field of audiology based on my experience as an individual with hearing loss.  While studying for my B.S. in Communication Sciences and Disorders at Northwestern University, I became fascinated by the mechanisms underlying learning, particularly learning through listening.  This caused me to pursue a M.A. in Learning Disabilities and a Ph.D. in Communication Sciences and Disorders from Northwestern.  I am currently interested in the effects of maturation, aging, disability, and various aspects of cognition on the perceptual learning of speech and more basic auditory stimuli.  

image: Jay Jonas

Jay Jonas

Instructor (NTT)

Area: HS

vita [pdf]

image: Doreen Jones

Doreen Jones

Instructor A104 Music & Speech

Area: HS


vita [pdf]

I have been a clinical supervisor at the Kent State University Speech and Hearing Clinic most recently since 1996. I previously was employed in the same capacity from 1990-1994. My B.S. in Communication Disorders is from Marywood College, now University, in Scranton, PA, and my M.A. in Speech Pathology is from Ohio University. I have particular interests in the areas of adult language disorders and voice disorders. My previous professional experience has included work as a speech-language pathologist at a residential facility for mentally and physically handicapped children and adolescents, at a psychiatric hospital, a nursing home, and outpatient facilities, serving a variety of clients with a wide range of speech and language disorders. It is personally and professionally rewarding to be an integral part of educating the next generation of speech-language pathologists.

image: Dianne Kerr

Dr. Dianne Kerr

Associate Professor 134 Nixson Hall

Area: HS - HEDP


vita [pdf]

I graduated from Slippery Rock State University in 1976, taught in private schools for 3 years, and went to Bowling Green State University for a Master's Degree which was awarded in 1981. I taught in Colleges and Universities for a number of years and received my PhD in Health Education from The Ohio State University in 1992. I have been at Kent State University for 20 years. During my career, I spent 25 years working on the HIV/AIDS epidemic conducting AIDS Education teacher training in National and State venues. Some of that time was spent as the AIDS Education Project Director for the American School Health Association. My research encompasses HIV education, sexual minority health, and women's health issues. To "give back" to the community, I co-facilitate a breast cancer support group on campus, serve on the Portage County Reentry Coalition, and support two AIDS orphans in Africa. I  am a strong believer in the statement "Give to the world the best that you have, and the best will come back to you." I am fortunate to love my career and be able to transfer my passion to others. 

image: J. Derek Kingsley

Dr. J. Derek Kingsley

Assistant Professor 161B MACC Annex

Area: HS - EXSI


vita [pdf]

image: Mark Krumm

Mark Krumm

Associate Professor A104 Music & Speech

Area: HS - AUD


vita [pdf]

I obtained both my bachelor's and master's degrees at the University of Wyoming and specialized in the field of audiology. After a four year period as an educational audiologist, I enrolled in the Ph.D. program at Wichita State University in Kansas. My dissertation was focused on the maturation of late auditory evoked potentials in children and I completed my doctoral studies in 1990. My first university appointment was in the temperate climate of North Dakota at Minot State University (MSU). During my nine years at MSU, I became active in telehealth research conducting some of the early research studies in audiology using this medium. I moved to Logan, Utah in 2000 to work at Utah State University and began a study in which I delivered comprehensive hearing services to infants 100 miles away from my office. Also, during this period of time, I became the American Speech Language and Hearing Association chair of the telepractice working group which generated guidelines for the use of telehealth technology for audiologists and for speech language pathologists. I just recently relocated to Kent State University this summer and hope to continue in telehealth research and early intervention research.

image: Megan Malone

Ms. Megan Malone

Clinical Instructor A118 Center for Performing Arts

Area: HS - SPA


I joined that faculty of Kent State University as a clinical instructor in 2012. Prior to this, I have worked as a speech language pathologist in the settings of long-term care, outpatient rehab, home health, and private practice. I have also managed a number of research grants, focusing on interventions for older adults with cognitive impairments, which is my primary area of interest. I am co-author of the treatment manual, "Here's How to Treat Dementia" published by Plural Publishing in 2013 and am a regular contributor and presenter on speechpathology.com. I earned my B.S. Ed. from Miami University and my M.A. from Case Western Reserve University.

image: John McDaniel

Dr. John McDaniel

Assistant Professor MACC Annex

Area: HS - EXSI


vita [pdf]

image: Amy Miracle

Amy Miracle

Assistant Professor 123 Nixson Hall

Area: HS - NUTR


I earned a B.S. in Nutrition & Food, a M.A. in Exercise Science and a M.S. in Nutrition from Kent State University.  I have completed my PhD in Kinesiology from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.  I am a registered dietitian, a Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics and a member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.  I joined the Kent State University faculty in 2012 where I teach both undergraduate and graduate students in the Nutrition and Dietetics program.   Courses taught include Nutrition for Fitness and Nutrition.  My research interests include assessing nutrition knowledge of collegiate athletes and the development of disordered eating including anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa and muscle dysmorphia.

image: Pamela Mitchell

Dr. Pamela Mitchell

Associate Professor

Area: HS - SPA


I was a first generation college student and knew I wanted to become a speech-language pathologist since high school. I fell in love with this field then, and many years later still feel it is one of the absolute best careers one can have. I earned my Bachelor's and Master's degrees in speech pathology at The Ohio State University, and my Ph.D. in Language Disorders at The University of Wisconsin-Madision. I specialize in complex communication disorders and technology as well as significant language and cognitive impaiments early and late in the lifespan. I teach undergraduate and graduate classes, conduct research and participate on committees and other projects. I also provide periodic speech-langauge pathology clinical consulting in areas such as augmentative and alternative communication, complex communication impairments, dementia and traumatic brain injury.

image: Kimberly Peer

Dr. Kimberly Peer

Associate Professor 266A Gym Annex

Area: HS - ATTR


vita [pdf]

Dr. Peer is the Athletic Training Education Program Coordinator and Associate Professor at Kent State University.  Kimberly served the NATA Research and Education Foundation’s Research Committee and is the associate editor for the Athletic Training Education Journal as well as served on the editorial board for the Journal of Athletic Training. She serves on the Commission on Accreditation of Athletic Training Education Ethics Committee and the NATA Ethics Education Project Team.  Kimberly recently completed terms as the Chair of the BOC Standards Committee and as the OATA Past President. Peer received the NATA Fellow Award and was inducted into the OATA HALL OF FAME in 2012, received the NATA Most Distinguished Athletic Trainer Award in June 2010 and received the GLATA Outstanding Educator Award in 2005. She has also been awarded the NATA Service Award in 2003 and the OATA Athletic Trainer of the Year Award in 2001.

Dr. Peer has published and presented internationally and nationally.  Athletic Training Education research related to ethics education and pedagogy are her primary research areas.  Dr. Peer (co-authored with Dr. Gretchen Schlabach) has written the first textbook on ethics in athletic training and is active in clinical research in the field.

image: Myrna Powell-McMunn

Dr. Myrna Powell-McMunn

Audiology Clinical Coordinator A111 MSP

Area: HS - AUD


image: Ashley Reed

Miss Ashley Reed

Clinical Education Coordinator 266 C MACC Annex

Area: HS - ATTR


vita [pdf]

Ashley started her current position at Kent State University in summer 2009.  For the first two years at Kent State University Ashley had a split role within the Athletic Training Program (ATP).  Ashley's responsibilities involved teaching courses within the ATP and being the primary athletic trainer for KSU volleyball team.  In 2011, Ashley transitioned to a full-time academic faculty member, in which she will no longer provided health care services for KSU athletics department.  In 2013, Ashley took on the role as the Clinical Education Coordinator, overseeing all of the students' clinical requirements within the ATP. Outside of her academic requirements Ashley is involved in leadership roles within her profession.  Ashley is the Sub-Chair for the Professional Education Committee for the Ohio Athletic Trainers' Association.

Prior to Kent State University, Ashley was a graduate assistant at the University of Kentucky for two years in which she was the Head Athletic Trainer for Madison Central High School.  While at The University of Kentucky Ashley received the 2009 National Athletic Trainers' Association Masters Oral Presentation Research award for her work on her thesis entitled "Estimated Survival Probabilities for Return to Play Outcomes from Ankle Sprains, Knee Sprains, and Concussion in High School Athletes".  Ashley also received the Great Lakes Athletic Trainer's Association 40th Anniversary Scholarship in 2008.  Before beginning graduate school Ashley became a certified athletic trainer in 2007 after graduating Magna Cum Laude with her Bachelor's of Science in Athletic Training from Central Michigan University.  While at Central Michigan University Ashley was an intern at St. Joseph's University where her primary responsibilities involved providing coverage for the women's soccer team.  During her undergraduate years Ashley was also one of two Michigan Student Senators for the Great Lakes Athletic Trainers' Association and held a leadership role and the Winter Meeting Co-Chair.  Ashley also received the Undergraduate National Athletic Trainers' Association Scholarship in 2006.

Ashley earned her Bachelors of Science in Athletic Training from Central Michigan University in 2006 and then her Masters of Science in Athletic Training from the University of Kentucky in 2009.  She is currenlty enrolled part-time at Kent State University in the PhD Curriculum & Instruction program.

Ashley is a member of the National Athletic Trainer's Association, while also holding membership with the Great Lakes Athletic Trainer's Association and the Ohio Athletic Trainer's Association.  

image: Angela Ridgel

Dr. Angela Ridgel, Ph.D

Assistant Professor 163F MACC Annex

Area: HS - EXSI


vita [pdf]

Dr. Ridgel is an Assistant Professor in Exercise Science/Physiology. She received her undergraduate degree in Biology from The College of William and Mary in Virginia, a Master's degree in Biology at Villanova University in Pennsylvania and her Doctoral degree in Biomedical Sciences from Marshall University in West Virginia. Dr. Ridgel completed her Post-Doctoral training at Case Western Reserve University and Cleveland Clinic. Her early work used animal models to examine the neurobiology of movement and the effects of aging on movement. Most recently, she has been interested in how aging and neurological disorders limits movement and cognition in humans. Dr. Ridgel's current research project examines how exercise can be used for neurorehabilitation in elderly individuals and those with Parkinson's disease. Her research is currently funded through a National Institutes of Health R21 grant. She has ongoing research collaborations with Cleveland Clinic, University Hospital, Case Western Reserve University and Rockwell Automation.

image: Anna Schmidt

Dr. Anna Schmidt

Associate Professor 108 Nixson Hall

Area: HS - SPA


As the child of a military family, I heard and tried to speak different languages early in life. I discovered that I could study how people understand and talk to each other at Eckerd College in St. Petersburg, Florida. I received a M.A. from the University of Pennsylvania in sociolinguistics. Further graduate education led me to the University of Florida at Gainesville where I received the equivalent of a second M.A. in Speech-Language Pathology and a Ph.D. in Speech Research. I teach courses in Articulation/Phonology and Maxillofacial Anomalies and supervise students in the English Language Proficiency Clinic. I am also a member of the Craniofacial Team at Akron Children's Hospital. My research interests lie in the areas of speech perception and production, specifically in possibilities of reorganization of an organized normal speech system.

image: Cynthia Symons

Cynthia Symons

Professor 140 Nixson Hall

Area: HS - HEDP


vita [pdf]

image: Amy Vaughn

Mrs. Amy Vaughn

Clinical Instructor A120 Center for Performing Arts

Area: HS - SPA


Mrs. Amy Vaughn, MA, CCC-SLP, is a graduate of Ohio University and Case Western Reserve University where she received her Master's degree in Speech-Pathology as well as a Certificate in Gerontology.  Throughout her career, she has worked with clients from 18 months to 103 years old.  Her clinical interests include geriatric rehabilitation  with an emphasis in instrumental assessment and management of dysphagia as well as motor speech disorders in children.

image: Laurie Wagner

Dr. Laurie Wagner

Assistant Professor 120 Nixson Hall

Area: HS - HEDP


vita [pdf]

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