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MU Inter-Fraternity Council By-Laws

I.  Alcohol and Other Drug Awareness Week

a.  Alcohol Awareness Week shall be a dry week (free of alcoholic consumption), and will run from 11:59pm Sunday until Friday at 4:00pm

II. IFC Event Policy

a. Invites

i. Two persons per active brother may be invited to an event

ii. The list of invitees will be present at the entrance and persons will be checked off as they enter

iii. The entrance will be monitored by brothers who will prohibit non-invited persons from entering.

iv.      The invite list is to be kept for two weeks after an event and will be given to the IFC President and/or Greek Advisor upon request.

b. Beverages

i.  Food and non-alcoholic beverages must be provided free of charge

ii.      Charging for the consumption of alcoholic beverages, or the containers used for consumption is a violation of the law and may result in both legal and university disciplinary action against the fraternity.

iii.      Member fraternities of the IFC agree that groups will take the following steps to ensure that alcohol is not consumed by persons under the legal age of 21.

1.      Ages of all guests and members will be verified upon entrance by presentation of a valid driver’s license or photo ID displaying proof of age.

2.      All event attendees must carry a valid form of identification at all times.

3.      Bracelets or hand marks must be used to visibly identify persons of age.

4.      Spotters will circulate throughout the event to make sure that underage persons are not consuming or in possession of alcoholic beverages.

iv.      Intoxicated Persons

1.      A hosting organization must take responsibility for monitoring the condition of their guests.

a.       Alcohol is to be refused to any person who appears intoxicated.

b.      The hosting organization must provide transportation and/or escort for individuals needing assistance to return to their residence safely, if necessary.

c.       Mansfield University fully expects organizations to comply with all federal, state, and local laws.

d.      An organization assumes all responsibility and potential liability for hosting an event.

e.       This policy details procedural expectations, and is an attempt to aid the IFC in the development of appropriate guidelines for events. These guidelines should not be construed as the University’s support for any activity, which promotes irresponsible use of alcohol and/or violates the law.

f.       Kegs are not permitted at any event.

g.      IFC supports each fraternity’s Inter/National Risk Management Policy.

h.      IFC also supports all FIPG rules and regulations.

i.        Each participating organization assumes equal responsibility/liability/financial cost for any co-sponsored, hosted event.

III. Greek Activity Policy – Mansfield University requires all fraternities and sororities to abide by the following rules when hosting an activity.

a. Any activity attended by 75% or more members of an organization shall be considered a chapter event for the purposes of this policy.

b. The University believes that an effective organization is nurtured un an atmosphere of social and moral responsibility, respect for duly constituted authority, and loyalty to the principles of higher education.

c.  We, the IFC believe that, while social behavior cannot be legislated, an organization that violates the University policy, the law, or their own Inter/National policy us not a constructive influence on university students.

d. The Mansfield University Greek Activity Policy is designed to support fraternity and sorority Inter/National policies, along with state and local laws. The intention is to reduce risk and minimize liability. All chapter-sponsored or –supported activities, or any event that raises money for the chapter are to follow these guidelines.

i. The possession, use, and/or consumption of alcoholic beverages during an official fraternity activity, or in any situation sponsored/endorsed by the chapter or that an observer would associate with the fraternity, must be in compliance with any and all applicable laws of the Borough of Mansfield, Tioga County, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and Mansfield University.

ii. The possession, sale, and/or use of illegal drugs or controlled substances is strictly prohibited at all times.

iii. If affiliated members of a chapter, collectively or individually, shall purchase for, serve to, or sell alcoholic beverages or beverage containers to anyone under 21 they will be subject to penalties of local and state laws.

iv. All recruitment activities associated with any chapter must be alcohol free.

v. NO ALCOHOL shall be present at any new member/associate program or activity.

vi.Since Inter/National fraternities and sororities prohibit kegs and other common containers of alcohol at functions, Mansfield University in compliance with FIPG guidelines requires that events at which alcohol is present are to be “Bring Your Own Beverage” (BYOB) or catered by a licensed, third party vendor.

IV. Expansion Policy

a. The voting members of the IFC must vote by majority to accept a proposal for expansion of new organizations.

b. Interest Groups

i. The Associate Vice President for Student Affairs must recognize an interest group before they submit a proposal to the IFC.

ii. An interest group must have a constitution that coincides with the IFC Constitution/By-Laws

iii. An interest group must have 12 active members (each with a minimum 2.0 cumulative GPA, or have a cumulative GPA of a 2.5 with no earned college credit before petitioning for colony status.

iv. An interest group must participate in the IFC but may not vote until officially colonized.

v. An interest group is not permitted to have a “designated new member class.” They are to continue open recruitment, and should all be educated and inducted at the same time.

vi. An interest group has 2 years (4 consecutive semesters) from inception to gain colony status, if after that time period, colony status is not achieved, the group must become dormant.

c. Colonization

i.  A colony may participate in and vote in the IFC upon colonization.

ii. A colony is on “provisional status” for two semesters

iii. During this “provisional period:”

1. Total number of active members cannot fall below 12

2. Must be chartered by an Inter/National organization’s requirements

iv. For IFC full privilege purposes, a colony must be chartered before the mid-term period to count for that semester.

v. Any violation of policy would extend the “provisional period” at the discretion of the IFC Judicial Board.

V. IFC Greek Man of the Year

a. The Greek Man of the Year requirements will be set forth by the IFC Executive Council

b. The Executive Council will present the IFC members with the following requirements for eligibility:

i. Greek Man of the Year nominee must be an undergraduate student and must be on active status with a recognized IFC member fraternity.

ii.      Only members of the Executive Council are eligible for this award

iii.      Each fraternity will nominate one Executive Council member to represent their fraternity

iv.      Each fraternity is allotted two votes, but may not vote for their own nominee.

v.      The member elected Greek Man of the Year must have at least one semester remaining at Mansfield University.

VI. Elections

a. Elections are to be held the second to last regularly scheduled meeting of the Spring semester every year.

b. The terms of office shall run from fall to spring semester every year.

c. Nominations for officers are due at the third to last regularly scheduled IFC meeting of the spring semester every year.

d. Special elections

i.Special elections are to be held at the discretion of the entire IFC Board


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