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Mansfield University Inter-Fraternity Council Constitution


Article I – Name

Article II – Purpose

Section 1. It shall be the purpose of this council to:

Article III – Membership/Definitions

Section 1. Any social fraternity of Mansfield University, which is recognized by the Office of Student Affairs and has been chartered is required to be a member of the council.
Section 2.
Section 3.
Section 4.
Section 5.
Section 6.
Section 7.

Article IV – Officers and Elections

Section 1. Officers/Executive Council
Section 2. Officer Requirements
Section 3. Nominations/Elections
Section 4. Duties of the President
Section 5. Duties of the Treasurer/Fundraising Chair
  1. Accurately record the proceedings of all meetings of the Council
  2. Keep, in permanent form, a record of all meetings of the Executive Council, Full Council and Judicial Board
  3. Publish and distribute the minutes of all meetings
  4. Maintain permanent files (a notebook and/or disc) with the Greek Advisor, to be passed down from officer to officer
  5. Assist officers and committees in the preparation of reports, as needed, including by-law revision
  6. Assist the Council with matters of Public Relations/Advertising
  7. Assist the Council with mailings, as needed
  8. Handle all matters concerning internal correspondence (such as special sanctions, contracts, etc.)
  9. Keep an accurate attendance record for all Council meetings/events 
  1. Work closely with the Greek Affairs staff to facilitate all Greek special events
  2. Be the liaison for all Special Events that include the IFC, including acting as co-chair of the Greek Alumni Homecoming Picnic committee, the Greek Week Committee, and other special events as assigned.
  3. Represent the views of the IFC on campus-wide committees as needed (i.e., Student Center Committee, MAC, etc.) 
  1. Regulate all IFC and individual organization recruitment activities, including the approval of individual rush event calendars, and working closely with the Greek Affairs staff and the Council in the planning of IFC rush events
  2. Work closely with the Corresponding Secretary to adequately advertise for all IFC recruitment events
  3. Supervise all recruitment programs by bringing rush policy infractions to the attention of the Council
  4. Supervise all new member programs by bringing association infractions to the attention of the Council
  1. Brainstorm and implement (with the support of the entire Council) IFC community service project ideas to benefit both the campus and surrounding communities
  2. Work closely with the Corresponding Secretary to adequately advertise for all IFC service projects, as needed 
Section 10. ADVISORS
  1. All fraternities are required to have an active advisor, suitable to the Inter/National Fraternity and to the Greek Advisor
  2. These advisors are welcome to attend all IFC functions, but cannot be voting members of the Council.
  3. The Associate Vice President of Student Affairs will assign the official Mansfield University Inter-fraternity Council advisor.


Section 1. The social fraternities at Mansfield University will utilize the open recruitment system, with the following restrictions:
  1. The IFC, in conjunction with the Office of Greek Affairs, shall decide all recruitment regulations and shall establish dates and times for the collaborative, IFC "rush" week.
  2. After this collaborative week is over, chapters may openly recruit (following eligibility checks with the Office of Greek Affairs), until the 'activity-cease' date set by the Greek Advisor (2 weeks prior to the start of finals).
  3. Any potential new member must be officially approved for eligibility (at least a 2.0 GPA and 12 completed credits or a GPA of 2.5 with no earned college credits) by the Greek Advisor prior to extending a bid.
  4. Bids may be extended at any time after the official rush period ends, except during the summer sessions, and must be reported to the Mansfield University Greek Advisor within 72 hours of bid acceptance.
  5. All summer sessions will remain closed, with no bids extended during this time.
  6. All recruitment event advertisements (posters, flyers, etc.) must be approved by the IFC prior to their posting.
  7. Each fraternity is responsible for informing the Vice President of the IFC about additional recruitment events, at the meeting prior to any those activities.
  8. The Vice President, with the help of the Treasurer, will issue a fine to any fraternity in violation of the aforementioned rules ($10 per incident). The Judicial Board will hear any appeals.
  9. Each fraternity is responsible for maintaining an alcohol-free recruitment process, or risk disciplinary action by the Judicial Board.
  10. If there is to be a second recruitment week within a semester, it must be approved by the IFC, and must follow the alcohol-free policy for recruitment activities.


  1. In order to be eligible for association, and individual must:
    1. Have a minimum of 12 completed credit hours or have a GPA of 2.5 with no earned college credits.
    2. Have a minimum of 2.0 cumulative GPA
    3. Be a matriculating student of Mansfield University (currently enrolled)
    4. Not have associated with another representative fraternity of the IFC during that semester
  2. The Mansfield University IFC will work in cooperation with all IFC representative fraternity Inter/National Headquarters in regards to association qualifications
  3. All new associates are required to participate in Greek Affairs sponsored education programs
  4. Any representative fraternity that violates the aforementioned eligibility requirements will face a fine and possible disciplinary action (TBD by the Judicial Board).
(In the interest of space, please visit our Anti-Hazing Policy)
  1. Each organization is responsible for informing members (associate members, affiliates, guests, alumni) of the above policy.
  2. Individuals and/or organizations will be responsible for their group's behavior in the event that the above policy is violated.
  3. The University Hearing Board, the Inter/National office and/or the U.S. Legal System will handle all violations.
  4. In addition to the preceding University regulations, current Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Law specifically states that: "Any person that causes or participates in hazing commits a misdemeanor of the third degree." Any penalties imposed under state law will be in addition to those imposed under University rules/regulations.
  5. New member/associate activities must not interfere with scholastic/academic obligations, including class attendance.
  6. Any recruitment or new member/associate violations will be brought before the Judicial Board.
  7. All IFC representative organizations must submit the names of potential members to the Greek Advisor for eligibility check prior to bid extension.
  8. Organizations may not extend a bid without prior approval from the Greek Advisor.
  9. A $10 fine will be assessed to the violating organization per incident of bid extension without prior approval.


Section 1. The representative members of the Judicial Board will be composed of IFC representatives minus the accused parties, and shall follow judicial procedures as outlined in The Mountie Manual . 
Section 2. Any individual or group may bring charges against a member fraternity of the Council, specifying the particular acts of complaint, which must be in writing and signed by the individual or group filing the charges. 
Section 3. When charges are presented against a member fraternity, it shall be served with written notice by the Corresponding Secretary, directing the fraternity in question to appear before the Judicial Board at the next regularly scheduled Council meeting, and to present their case.  
Section 4. The Judicial Board of the IFC shall be the first to investigate the member fraternity in question. 
Section 5. No member fraternity may be punished by the IFC Judicial Board without first being given an opportunity to appear before the board. 
Section 6. After a hearing, which allows the accused party to defend themselves, the Judicial Board shall impose punishment and submit it to the Greek Advisor.
Section 7. In the event that the fraternity in question does not appear before the Judicial Board on the determined date/time for their hearing, a sanction will be determined in their absence. 

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