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Mansfield University is seeking financial support to establish and build existing scholarship endowments to financially assist a broad range of students in meeting their educational needs.

Because a university education has become almost a requisite in obtaining a livable income, we must do all we can to put this vital foundation within the reach of those who have the drive and the commitment to seek it. Too many young men and women have the dream, but not the resources to make their dream a reality.

Your support can provide many with the means to achieve their goals and become contributing members of our state, our nation, and our world. Scholarships attract the best students, enable those who seriously apply themselves to their studies to remain in school, recognize academic achievement, and promote diversity among the student body. All of these efforts enrich our campus and ensure a higher-quality education for our students. Scholarships make education attainable for those who need financial assistance, and they enable students to focus on schoolwork and learning, rather than on just trying to survive. We invite you to review the following to see how you can make a difference in students’ lives by establishing an endowed scholarship or contributing to one of our 157 established scholarships.

The Challenge
We must be prepared to assist students in one or more of the following categories:

  • Potential new and returning students who need financial aid to begin or continue their university education
  • Outstanding local and other Pennsylvania students whose academic achievements qualify them for admission and scholarships at other distinguished universities, but who would benefit the campus and ultimately the state more if we could keep them here through merit-based awards; and
  • Minority students who can bring a broader perspective to so many issues of community concern but who are often the ones least likely to have the means to attend college.

We are committed to doing all in our power to meet the needs of all three groups. To do so entails a variety of solutions, including keeping costs to a minimum, ensuring a bright and caring faculty and staff, and working with high schools to promote the opportunities for students to continue their education here. Foremost among the solutions, however, is the increased availability of financial aid. The scholarship funds you provide will benefit these students, giving them the opportunity they so earnestly seek: to gain a university education at this outstanding academic institution.

Meeting the Challenge
Mansfield University simply does not have sufficient funding to grant merit-based and need-based educational awards to all students who are deserving of them. Our alumni and friends have been building our scholarship endowment for just a few short decades. At some of the older, eastern universities—where almost everyone who gets accepted also gets help with tuition and expenses —donors have been contributing for centuries, and they’re still contributing. We need to be able to provide this greater level of support for our students at Mansfield, but we still have a long way to go before our endowments will generate enough money annually to meet this challenge.

The State of Pennsylvania contributes approximately 37.7 percent of the total budget of the University. But the private support of donors like you is essential in keeping our educational costs down. We don’t want financial hardship to prohibit any qualified student from enrolling in or graduating from Mansfield University. We must be able to help those students who have demonstrated their potential to succeed here, but who simply do not have the means to attend. A great majority of our students support themselves, financially. It is important that those students who have financial need receive assistance to enable them to blossom academically and socially in this stimulating university setting. In addition, we’re anxious to increase Mansfield’s capability of attracting more of the young men and women who are graduating from Pennsylvania high schools at the top of their classes. Unfortunately, many of them will not attend Mansfield University without some form of scholarship recognition for their academic achievement. Most are being courted by other academic institutions, and the decision for them to go elsewhere is sometimes not very difficult. These young scholars lift the academic discourse of our entire campus, raising their classes to greater understanding. And, by keeping them at a state institution, they are more likely to remain in Pennsylvania after graduation and contribute to our social, economic, and political climate.

Scholarships can ensure that we don’t lose these rising stars
Finally, additional scholarship support will enable us to focus resources as many youths in our service area are often the first in their families to go to college, and many have the greatest financial need. Too many have felt nothing but despair at their lack of opportunities. Scholarships aimed at increasing minority enrollment will not only provide them financial assistance but will signal to other, younger students that help is available, encouraging them to take seriously their secondary education. And all students will benefit from a more diverse student body that enriches our campus with a broader perspective and deeper understanding and compassion.

An Invitation
Generous donors of years past, yourself included, have helped make Mansfield University the outstanding educational institution it is today. The research, teaching, and mentoring that goes on here is second to none, and the education we can offer is coveted by many. Now we must take steps forward to ensure that education is available to all who seek it. A society is only as great as its weakest members, and education is the key to strengthening and lifting the weakest. As we do, we know they will rise to the challenge and, in turn, become contributing members of our community and nation. We invite you to join us in supporting Pennsylvania’s student scholars by making a gift to establish an Endowed Scholarship or to build an existing scholarship at Mansfield University. (The minimum commitment for a new, endowed scholarship is $10,000. However, endowments can be built over five years, such as through a gift of $2,000 per year.) The qualifications and process for awarding scholarships are flexible, and we look forward to working with you to establish the criteria that will meet your philanthropic objectives. We thank you for your interest in the students of Mansfield University and ask for your support.

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