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1524 -    Verrazano explores the Jersey coast   
1609 -    Hudson explores Newark Bay   
1660 -    Bergen, now Jersey City, becomes the first permanent town in New Jersey   
1664 -   

The British take control of New Jersey from the Dutch

1756 -     Princeton University is established   
1758 -    The Old Barracks in Trenton is built   
1766 -    Rutgers University is founded   
1776 -    N.J.'s first newspaper, the New Jersey Gazette, issues its first edition   
1776 -    New Jersey adopts its first state constitution   
1783 -    Princeton briefly serves as the nation's capital   
1784 -    Trenton briefly serves as the nation's capital   
1787 -    New Jersey is the third state to ratify the U.S. Constitution   
1790 -    New Jersey is the first state to sign the Bill of Rights   
1804 -    Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr have a famous duel in Weehawken   
1824 -    The first ferry service in the U.S. opens between Hoboken and Manhattan   
1844 -    New Jersey adopts its second state constitution   
1858 -    The first nearly complete dinosaur fossil is found in Haddonfield   
1869 -    The first intercollegiate football game is played in New Brunswick   
1876 -    Thomas Edison opens laboratories in Menlo Park   
1879 -    Edison invents a practical incandescent lamp   
1882 -    The first amusement pier over the ocean is built in Atlantic City   
1883 -    Roselle is the first U.S. town to be lighted by electricity   
1887 -    Thomas Edison moves his laboratories to West Orange   
1912 -    New Jersey Governor Woodrow Wilson is elected President of the U.S.   
1918 -    A German U-boat sinks six American ships off the coast of New Jersey   
1921 -    The first Miss America Pageant is held   
1927 -    The Holland Tunnel opens   
1933 -    The first drive-in movie theater in the U.S. opens in Camden   
1935 -    Scientist Albert Einstein establishes his home in New Jersey   
1942 -      German U-boats attack shipping off the New Jersey coast     
1943 -    The U.S.S. New Jersey battleship is put into active service   
1947 -    Larry Doby, from Paterson, becomes the second African American to play Major League Baseball   
1947 -    New Jersey adopts its third state constitution   
1951 -    The New Jersey Turnpike opens   
1957 -    The first New Jersey State Little League Baseball Tournament is played   
1963 -    Snowboarding pioneer Tom Sims of Haddonfield creates the "ski board," an early version of the snowboard   
1976 -    The Meadowlands Sports Complex opens   
1978 -      New Jersey scientists win Nobel Prize for finding the echo of the 13.7 billion year old "Big Bang."    
1993 -    Christine Todd Whitman is elected New Jersey's first female governor   
1995 -    The New Jersey Devils win the Stanley cup, becoming the first New Jersey team to win a major league professional sports championship   
1998 -    The Toms River East Little League team wins the Little League World Series   
2000 -    The New Jersey population in the 2000 Census is 8,414,350   
2000 -      The New Jersey Devils win the Stanley Cup defeating the Dallas Stars.    
2001 -    The U.S.S. New Jersey battleship becomes a museum   
2001 -      New Jersey is home to more scientists and engineers per square mile than anywhere else in the world.    
2003 -      New Jersey preserves a record 20,000 acres of farmland.    
2003 -      The New Jersey Devils wint he Stanley Cup defeating the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim.    
2004 -      New Jersey Highlands Water Protection and Planning Act becomes law.     
2005 -     A beluga whale swims up the Delaware River to Trenton, more than 100 miles from the Atlantic Ocean.    
2006 -     New Jersey Constitution amended to create the Office of Lieutenant Governor to be elected in 2010.     
2006 -      Lucy the Margate Elephant, a National Historic Landmark, is struck by lightning for the first time, but recovered.     
2006 -     New Jersey Supreme Court rules that gay couples are entitled to the same legal rights and financial benefits as heterosexual couples.     
2006 -      Rutgers University wins the inaugural Texas Bowl defeating Kansas State by a score of 37-10.    
2007 -    Governor Corzine signs bill to eliminate the death penalty.    
2008 -      Princeton astronomer, Alicia Soderberg, becomes first person to view a supernova, a star in the act of exploding.    
2008 -      New Jersey has more millionaire residents than any other state in the nation.

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