Interagency Registry for Mechanically Assisted Circulatory Support

Intermacs is happy to announce two new features available through the Web Based Data Entry system!
Site Administrators from active centers that have an executed agreement will have access to:

Cohort Comparison Report
  • The Cohort Comparison Report feature allows the user to select a single cohort from their center, compare subgroups (ex. male and female) at the center, or compare a cohort with an equivalent Intermacs cohort. Each Cohort Comparison Report includes bar charts and frequencies to allow centers to explore patient characteristics from several key items.
Outcome Analytic
  • The Outcome Analytics tool entails the creation and delivery of reports that describe the user-defined cohorts. After the user has selected the criteria for the cohort, they may submit the request. The following day, a report which describes the cohort along with a Kaplan-Meier is generated. The user-defined cohorts may be compared between the site’s own patients (cohort # 1) and an equivalent overall Intermacs (cohort # 2), the site’s own patients based on subgroups (cohort # 1 and cohort # 2), or a single cohort selection from a site. The outcome analytic feature is based on integrating two systems:
      1. A new web based feature that allows selection of user-defined cohorts based on key patient characteristics
      2. Our analysis server that houses our latest research data and vetted statistical programs for advanced outcome analysis
    This ensures you are getting the same integrity checked data and methods that are used in Intermacs Quarterly Reports Exhibits and Intermacs Research Project
License Agreement:
  1. Download the agreement into Adobe Acrobat to complete the boxes
  2. "Licensee" – This name should match the party (hospital/organization) listed in the Intermacs Participation Agreement
  3. "Governing Law" – Please choose Alabama State Law or elect to remain silent
  4. "By" – The signature must be by an authorized individual who can legally bind the entity to a contract
  5. "Name" - Name of person authorized to sign
  6. "Title" - Title of person authorized to sign
  7. "Address for Notices"
Protocol 5.0 Release - October 17, 2016.
  • Centers that are exempt from Institutional Review Board/Ethics Board (IRB/EB) review should follow their own institution’s policies for implementing Protocol 5.0.
  • Centers that require Institutional Review Board or Ethics Board approval must provide documentation of IRB/EB approval notice prior to Monday, October 17, 2016 in order to access the web based data entry system.
New documents include:
  • Protocol 5.0
  • Manual of Operations and Procedures 5.0
  • Record of Revisions
  • List of New Elements Added with the Implementation of Protocol 5.0
  • Stroke Scale Instructions
  • National Institutes of Health Stroke Scale Questionnaire
The Intermacs Regulatory Team is available to assist with any questions you may have.
Intermacs / Pedimacs Quarterly Center Reports and Datasets
The 2016 Quarter 1 Intermacs / Pedimacs Quarterly Center Reports will be uploaded to the Intermacs / Pedimacs Web Based Data Entry Systems (WBDE) the week of June 27, 2016. Site Administrators at centers with an “Active” status will be able to download these materials directly from the WBDE by clicking on the “File Delivery” page. Please share these reports with your site PI and VAD teams.

New Reports:
  • Intermacs “Recent Year” Quality Assurance Report – In addition to the standard quarterly quality assurance report Intermacs has added a new report limited to patients implanted since the beginning of the last complete calendar year (January 1st, 2015). We hope this comparison using a contemporary cohort will facilitate tracking changes in patient population and outcomes at your site.
  • Pedimacs Federal Partners Report - Intermacs is posting the new Pedimacs Federal Partners Report on the Intermacs website ( This report contains an overview of Pedimacs patient characteristics and outcomes for the entire registry.
For questions regarding reports please contact Maceo Cleggett ( For questions regarding site datasets please contact John Pennington (
Quarterly Report Distribution Schedule

Intermacs quarterly reports are distributed each quarter through the Web-Based Data Entry (WBDE) file delivery system. Reports are distributed three months after coverage stop date to allow complete data entry, data processing, and accuracy checks. Please send any questions and comments to Maceo Cleggett at

Calendar Quarter     Coverage Stop Date     Distribution Date   
Q1     March 31st     June 30th   
Q2     June 30th     September 30th   
Q3     September 30th     December 31st   
Q4     December 31st     March 31st   

Transfer Process
If a patient transfers his/her care, the last date of medical contact should be used as the transfer date.  This could be either a date of the last clinic visit, hospitalization or phone call.

Intermacs is sensitive to site and participant confidentiality. Please use a secure e-mail to communicate confidential information with Intermacs staff.  If you do not have a secure e-mail available, contact us at and request access to the Intermacs secure e-mail.

This project has been funded in whole or in part with Federal funds from the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, National Institutes of Health, Department of Health and Human Services, under Contract Number HHSN268201100025C.

As of June 21, 2017:
174 Active Sites
21,945 Subjects Enrolled   

Web Based Data Entry system
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