SPSS 22, SPSS 23, AMOS 22 and AMOS 23 are available on the UK Download Server - https://download.uky.edu/ Search for the term SPSS and AMOS depending what you need. SPSS has versions for Mac and Windows, while AMOS only has a Windows version. To obtain the license code for either of these two software applications, you will need to select the "click here" link next to SPSS on the Download site in order to take a survey (Powered by Qualtircs). Once you submit the survey, you will receive an email to your university email address with the license codes for both SPSS and AMOS.

Helpful Hints:

  • SPSS is available for all University of Kentucky Faculty, Staff and Students
  • You need to choose Site License option during the install wizard.
  • SPSS for Windows is available in 32 and 64 bit versions, choose the version for your machine
  • You must install both SPSS and AMOS of the same version number (22 or 23) to be able to run AMOS.
  • You may need to update Microsoft.Net Framework
  • It is a good idea to uninstall any older versions of SPSS or AMOS before attempting to install a new version.

SPSS 22 Install Instructions

Step 1: Login to https://download.uky.edu/ (Must have Link-Blue userid and password)

Download Page Login

Step 2: Search for "SPSS" in the search box.

Search Box

Step 3: Click on "See Downloads".

See Downloads

Step 4: Click on the blue download link next to correct version of SPSS22.

See Downloads

Step 5: Click here to obtain the license information. Note: Users must register annually register to obtain the license information and will be prompted to take a short survey. You only have to complete the survey once. You will then be sent an email with full install instructions and licensing information.

Step 6: Double click on the downloaded SPSS22.exe file.

Note: If prompted with "Do you want to run this software?" click "RUN" (or "YES").

If prompted with a Security Warning, click "RUN".

Click SPSS22

Step 7: The Install Wizard will begin.


Step 8: Read the Install Wizard documentation, then click "Next".

Read Install

Step 9: Select "Authorized user license" then click "Next".

Authorized user license

Step 10: Read the IBM International License Agreements, once you have finished, select "I accept the terms" then click "Next".

IBM International License Agreements

Step 11: Enter your first and last name in the box labeled "User Name:", then enter "University of Kentucky" in the box labeled "Organization:".

Enter Information

Step 12: On the Help Language panel, select any additional languages other than English then click "Next".

Additional Languages

Step 13: Select "Yes" or "No" for "JAWS for Windows screen reading software", this option is for people who are blind or can't see the computer screen (most likely no) then click "Next".

JAWS Screen Reading Software

Step 14: Select "Yes" for "Essentials for Python", then click "Next".

Essentials for Python

Step 15: Read the Python International License Agreements, once you have finished, select "I accept the terms" then click "Next".

Python International License Agreements

Step 16: On the Destination Folder screen, do not change the default destination then click "Next".

Destination Folder Screen

Step 17: Click "Install" to begin the installation.




Note: If a window like this appears, do NOT close it. This is a normal part of the SPSS install.


Step 18: Once the install has completed, select the "Click here to register" box, then click "Next".

Register Checkbox

Step 19: Select "License my product now" then click "Next".


Step 20: Enter the code received from registering your SPSS product in the box labeled "Enter Code:", then click "Next".

Note: This will be delivered to you by email.


Step 21: The program will process your code, click "Next".


Step 22: Review your "Licensing Status" then click "Finish".


Step 23: Click "Yes" to reboot your computer and complete the installation.


859-218-HELP (859-218-4357) 218help@uky.edu

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