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1) How can I reset my Link Blue password?

2) Why does my account get locked?

  • As a security precaution, UKIT will lock Link-Blue Accounts if multiple unsuccessful log-in attempts occur. Since your computer, mobile phones or tablets will store your Link-blue password, account owners may experience "a lock out" of their account after they change their Link-blue account password. Here are some of the possible reasons for the lock-out.
    • You will need to update your Link-Blue account password with your mail app on your mobile phones or tablet devices (iPhones, iPads, Android devices, Windows phones)..
    • Mapped drives on your windows computer will store your password. Please un-install and re-install your mapped drives. .
    • Print queues will store your password. Update all passwords with your print queues.
    • Any database or remote connection that stores your Link Blue password.
    • Lync will store your password.
    • Voice Mail going to your mobile device
  • Remember that you will need to check these items on all your computers (home, office or decommissioned hardware) or mobile devices.
  • If your account is locked:
    • Wait 30 minutes as the system will unlock your account automatically
    • Call 218-HELP (4357)

3) How can I set up exchange on my mobile device?

4) When I try to access IRIS from the Myuk portal, I receive the following pop-up message?

  • If you receive the following pop-up message when trying to acess IRIS from MyUK, you will need to install the SAP-GUI. You can find this software download from the download.uky.edu. Search for "SAP GUI". Then click to download and install.

5) How can I reset my Google account password?

  • An account owner can reset their UK Google account password from the Link-Blue Account Manager. Click change next to Google Apps Education Edition

6) I'm having problems downloading software from the download server?

  • New Students and Employees will not able to download software until their first week of classes or employment.
  • Employees on the MC domain that are needing software such as Adobe Creative Suite will need to add MC\userid when logging into the iweb website.
  • More info about software downloads can be found here

7) Why can't I access the campus wireless?

  • There could be several reasons you can’t access the wireless network.
    • You may be in an area where there is no wireless coverage. Wireless Map
    • UKIT security may have blocked your account or computer.
  • If your computer indicates the University of Kentucky wireless network is available and you cannot access the network, contact the UKAT Service Desk at 218-HELP (4357).

8) Why do my emails not appear in my UK Google or Live account?

  • Your email delivery address may be incorrect in the Account Manager. Log into Account Manager and verify the address is correct.
  • Certain students will receive exchange email accounts based on their student employment status. Check with your college or Supervisor to inquire if an exchange account has been setup for you.
  • If your Account Manager settings are correct, and you do not have an Exchange email account, contact the UKAT Service Desk at 218-HELP (4357).

9) How can I log into my firstname.lastname@uky.edu account?

  • When you activated your Link-Blue account, you were asked to set-up an University Email Address or UEA. The default address is < firstname.lastname@uky.edu>. You can change that value to anything you want except something already choosen by someone else. This address is simply a forwarding email address. It will forward you email to your UK Google or Live accounts. If you select to have your email forwarded to a personal account, all email will be forwarded to your personal account.

10) I don’t see my class in blackboard?

  • A class not showing up in Blackboard is usually a result of the class not being available in the system. If your instructor is ready for students to access the material they make the class available. Once available, the class will appear in your class list. If you enrolled in a class but do not see the class listed in blackboard, email your instructor to inquire if they have made the class available yet.
  • If the made the class available and you cannot see the class in your list, please call the UKT Service Desk at 218-HELP (4357).

11) I can't log into blackboard?

  • The UK Blackboard site is linked to your Link-Blue Account. Link-Blue account is single sign-on account that allows you to log into MyUK, Blackboard and various other UK web sites.
  • If you continue to have login problems, please contact the UKAT Service Desk at 859-218-4357(HELP).

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