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Examples of MLS Programs and Capstone Essays

Examples of MLS Programs and capstone Essays since 1998
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  • Student: Anne M. Ughrin
    Areas of Study: Latin, Marketing, English
    Essay Title: The Process, Product, and Placement of Instructional Materials in the Educational Market (degree awarded May 2014). This capstone essay is a retrospective report about the educational reform that influenced the design of curriculum and instructional materials with which I have taught during my ten-year career. The later part discusses how I learned to make these materials available in the Educational market.
  • Student: D'Wanna Douglass
    Areas of Study: Counseling, Education, Sociology
    Essay Title: Lost Youth: The Forgotten Ones. A Personal Journey of Awareness & the Need to Advocate (degree awarded May 2014). This Essay recounts the story of one woman's efforts to overcome adversity through a combination of life experiences and education in the context of and sometimes even in opposition to recent Sociological studies of the "underprivileged." It also examines how such individuals can use the knowledge they acquire in this way to "pay it forward" and advocate for youth.
  • Student:Laurie Camp
    Areas of Study: Public Administration, Business Administration, Economics, HIED
    Essay Title: F3 (Fit, Fabulous Females) Program Evaluation (degree awarded May 2014). This essay is a program evaluation of a women's wellness program. It researches the physiological and psychological differences between men  and women and different age groups of women, and shows how those things have to play a part in designing such a program.
  • Student: Carol E. Briney
    Areas of Study: Sociology, Justice Studies, Public Administration, CHDS
    Essay Title: My Journey with Prisoners: Perceptions, Observations, and Opinions (degree awarded August 2013). This work gives a human face to the statistics about mass incarceration and challenges the reader to think critically about the way in which communities and social policies foster crime and recidivism.
  • Student: Elizabeth Driscoll
    Areas of Study: Education, Public Administration, Sociology
    Essay Title: Higher Education: A Perspective of Administration, Access, Affordability and the Policy that Drives It (degree awarded May 2013). This essay examines the importance of the access to and affordability of higher education as a significant contributor to health outcomes, opportunities for upward social mobility, and the global and local economy. This essay explores the challenges surrounding access and affordability as it pertains to the most recent
    adaptations in public policy, and approaches questions of access and affordability from an overarching sociological perspective, continually revisiting the concern for provision of true equity.
  • Student: Shay Smith
    Areas of Study: Journalism and Mass Communication, Public Administration, Philosophy, Anthropology, Communication
    Essay Title: Limitations of the Media and its Effects on the Political Process (degree awarded August 2012). This essay examines the dynamic relationship between two vital institutions:  media and politics. The goal of this essay is to obtain a better understanding of how media and politics affect one another. Aiding in this understanding is the analysis of five Supreme Court cases, including the controversial Citizens United v. FEC. This essay is a useful tool for anyone wishing to achieve a better understanding of politics and the importance of critically analyzing both media and political information.
  • Student: Joshua M. Dayton
    Areas of Study: English, Business Administration, Journalism and Mass Communication
    Essay Title: The Academic Manuscript: Media Production and the Process of Turning an Idea into a Marketable Entity (degree awarded May 2012). Both creative and business-systems-oriented, this essay is a template for burgeoning producers, writers, and entreprenuers.  Included is original music, a business plan for an original company, production memoirs, research on the psychology of creativity, and a series of creative writing pieces.
  • Student: Imani Capri
    Areas of Study: Journalism and Mass Communication, Business, English, Sociology, History, Theater
    Essay Title: Digital Storytelling: The Process and Product; Building Community Through New Media (degree awarded December 2011). Storytelling has been a part of the human experience since the beginning of time, but you may be surprised to learn of digital storytelling as a new development in the sharing of human experience. What began as a new artistic form and process in Berkeley, CA, during the 1990s has now evolved into a global phenomenon across multiple disciples.
  • Student: Kathleen Swoboda
    Areas of Study: Counseling and Human Development Services, Special Education, Nursing, Rehabilitation Counseling, Sociology, Justice Studies
    Essay Title: Purposeful Play (degree awarded December 2011); a must-read study for any parent or perspective parent on the harmful effects of certain modern child-rearing practices on childhood development and learning capability.
  • Student: CourTney Lee Yost [Collins
    Areas of Study: Journalism, Instructional Technology, Sociology
    Essay Title: The Making of “Mr. Wilson’s Kids: From East Cleveland to Beijing”  (degree awarded May 2011); a report on the making of this documentary, which followed the Shaw High School marching band as they prepared for and went to perform at the Olympics in China.
  • Title of Program of Study:  Popular Music in 20th Century American Society
    Areas of Study:  Music, Journalism, History
    Essay Title:  The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame:  Alan Freed, Cleveland, and the Origins of Rock and Roll
  • Title of Program of Study:  Historic Conservation Issues Facing American Historical Preservation Institutions in the 1990s
    Areas of Study:  History, Art, Architecture, Family & Consumer Studies
    Essay Title:  The Sylvester Gaylord Church Pulpit:  A Material Culture Case Study
  • Title of Program of Study:  Sports Marketing and Communications
    Areas of Study:  Education Admin., History, Journalism
    Essay Title:  Marketing Fitness Programs to Northeast Ohio Residents Age 55 and Older:  A Focus on Promotion and Event Marketing
  • Title of Program of Study:  American History and Diversity in the 19th century
    Areas of Study:  English, History, Art, Sociology
    Essay Title:  The American Mold (A Novella)
  • Title of Program of Study: Effectiveness of Government Human Service Agencies
    Areas of Study:  Public Admin., Sociology, Education Admin.
    Essay Title: Pre-College Programs: Access to Higher Education and Beyond 
  • Title of Program of Study:  Criminal Justice and Womens’ Studies
    Areas of Study:  Criminal Justice Studies, Counseling, Health Education
    Essay Title:  The Problem of Family Violence:  The Battered Woman’s Experience
  • Title of Program of Study:  Interpretation of Family and Social Change in the Media
    Areas of Study:  Sociology, Anthropology, Communication
    Essay Title: The Myth of Racial Democracy in Brazilian Race Relations
  • Title of Program of Study:   Afrocentric and Eurocentric Groups in America
    Areas of Study:  Sociology, Psychology, Anthropology, Education
    Essay Title:  Attitudes Towards Affirmative Action:  Survey Polls Response
  • Title of Program of Study:  Sociology and Counseling
    Areas of Study:  Sociology, Counseling, Human Development
    Essay Title: A Chilly Climate-Advising Across Differences at the Post-Secondary Level
  • Title of Program of Study:  Historical and Cultural Influences in 19th C American Literature
    Areas of Study:  English, History, Art History, Music History
    Essay Title:  The Nineteenth Century Ideal of the Separate Spheres in Nathaniel Hawthorne
  • Title of Program of Study: Marketing of American Culture in the Cold War Years
    Areas of Study:  History, Marketing, Psychology
    Essay Title: The John Wayne Screen Persona: An American Icon for the Cold War
  • Title of Program of Study:  Personnel Counseling in Business
    Areas of Study:  Business Admin., Sociology, Psychology, Public Admin.
    Essay Title: Comparing Health Benefits at Hospitals in the State of Ohio
  • Title of Program of Study: Women’s Studies in the Creative Arts
    Areas of Study:  English, Library Science, Art History
    Essay Title:  Women Artists in Contemporary Cinematic Narratives:  Camille Claudel and Carrington
  • Title of Program of Study:  GIS applications in Biology
    Areas of Study:  Biology, Geography, Geology
    Essay Title:  Unionid Mussels and Substrate Stability:  Experiments in an Artificial Stream
  • Title of Program of study: Tourism and the Airline Industry
    Areas of Study:  Technology (Aviation), Exercise, Leisure & Sport, History
    Essay Title:  From Crystal Palace to Unisphere:  An Analysis of the World's Fair as a Tourist Destination 1851-1965
  • Title of Program of Study:  A Study of Henna:
    Areas of Study:  Anthropology, Art History, Geography
    Essay Title:  Developing Guidelines on Henna:  A Geographical Approach
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