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Scholarships and Awards

Kent State University offers a variety of scholarship opportunities for students enrolled at the Kent Campus and the Regional Campuses. Scholarship awards are based upon a variety of criteria. Selection is typically based on academic merit (GPA and/or test scores); demonstrated financial need; leadership experience; field of study; participation in a specific program, organization or activity; or any combination of the above.

Freshmen on the Kent Campus who wish to apply for a scholarship must be admitted to the university by January 15. Freshmen applying after this date will be considered for these scholarships if funds are available. Regional Campus students should contact the their admissions representative regarding scholarship opportunities and application procedures. Additional information regarding Kent State University scholarships and/or applications are available on the Student Financial Aid website.

There are more than 600 scholarships available to Kent State University students. The Scholarship Search Qualifier is a database that contains information regarding each of these programs. Students who visit the website will have the opportunity to submit their personal information to determine which departmental scholarships they may be eligible to receive. The database provides eligibility criteria, application deadlines and contact information.


An endowed scholarship is one of the most significant and meaningful gifts alumni, friends, corporations and foundations can provide to benefit Kent State University. Kent State is fortunate to have hundreds of scholarships established by thoughtful and generous benefactors. The following is a list of scholarships and awards that have been endowed at a level of $25,000 or more. Students are considered for these scholarships and awards through the normal procedures involved in requesting university financial aid or through selection by department committees. Additional information regarding scholarships can be found on the the Student Financial Aid website.

Boyd Conway Memorial Scholarship
Deloitte & Touche Scholarship
James R. Fako Endowment
Richard and Maude Ferry Accounting Scholarship
Harold R. "Hal" Jenkins Memorial Founders Scholarship
Nobby Lewandowski Scholarship
Norman R. Meonske Endowed Scholarship
Edward O. Mullin Scholarship
J. Edward Mullin Scholarship
Peat, Marwick, Mitchell Endowment
William C. Stevens Jr. Endowed Scholarship
Jean Wolford Scholarship

Jack and Elsie Joy and Terry Lee Fuller Foundation Medallion Scholarship

Armstrong Family Endowed Scholarship for the College of Architecture and Environmental  Design
CAED Class of 1980 Semester Abroad Endowment Scholarship
George Bryant and Edith Abbot Endowment
Mel and Mary Falle Graduate Architecture Scholarship
Nader Hamed Endowed Architecture Scholarship
Kenneth M. Harth Endowed Scholarship
John E. Holland Architecture Scholarship
Ohio Solar Energy Association Endowment
The Edward and Bonnie Prusak Architectural Scholarship
Paul J Ricciuti / Ricciuti Balog and Partners

The Arts
Emily Farnham Art Scholarship
Thomas D. Little Prize for Excellence in Printmaking
Susan M. Murphy Medallion Scholarship
John Gus and Ara Lou Panutsos Scholarship

Arts and Sciences
Mary and Reed Brown Founders Scholarship in Biology
John and Barbara Clugh Founders Scholarship
College of Arts and Science Endowment
Sandra S. Fishel Founders Scholarship in Biology or Chemistry
Cathy D. Hemming Medallion Scholarship
Douglas M. and Carol Keith Mancino Founders Scholarship
Laing Scholarship in Sociology
Latvian Scholarship Endowment
John and Lina Moteff Scholarship Fund
George A. Pownall and Kathleen D. Downing Pownall Scholarship in Justice Studies

Athletic Scholarship
Karl Chesnutt Endowed Scholarship
Tom and Trudy Crawford Womens Golf Endowment
Steven and Patricia Cress Men’s Golf Scholarship
Robert C. Dix Athletic Scholarship
Friends of Frank Mancini Endowed Football Scholarship
Golf Endowment Scholarship
Lou Holtz Golden Flash Endowed Scholarship
Herb Kane Men's Golf Endowed Scholarship
The Lane Family Football Scholarship
Legacy Endowed Athletic Scholarship
Lewandowski Baseball Endowed Scholarship
James P. Louis Women's Basketball Scholarship
F. Paul and Anna (Benson) Mastriana Football Scholarship
Men's Basketball Summer Semester Scholarship
Chuck and Judy Messina Men’s Golf Scholarship
Olga A. Mural Baseball Scholarship
Herb Page and Paula Treckel Golf Scholarship
Dennis E. Rango Men’s Golf Scholarship
Richard C. Rango Men’s Golf Scholarship
Read Athletic Scholarship
Trevor J. Rees Football Endowment
Reppa Baseball Scholarship
Doyle K. Shumaker Varsity "K" Scholarship
Bruno Santone Wrestling Scholarship
Louis A. Telerico Men’s Golf Scholarship
Chet Williams Baseball Endowment
Elden Ty" Youngen Endowed Baseball Scholarship

Biological Science
Dr. Harold R. Papiska Scholarship in Biological Science
Dr. and Mrs. Robert W. Squires Scholarship

Business Administration
Robert C. Bingham Memorial Scholarship for Study Abroad
Victor E. Buehrle Jr. Founders Scholarship
Business Advisory Council Medallion Scholarship
R. Jack Conley and Susan Hansford Endowment Scholarship
Donald S. Grant Entrepreneurship Travel Award and Scholarship
IMMS - Larry Hillis Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Katherine S. and Daniel R. Lee Scholarship
Ben Mellis Medallion Scholarship
Olga and Walter Mural Medallion Scholarships
Paul L. Pfeiffer Endowed Professional and Creative Teaching Award
Oak Rubber Scholarship
Daniel and Rosemary Rhodes Endowment Scholarship
Society of CPCU's Cleveland Scholarship Endowment
Al and Jeanette Sprague Medallion Scholarship
Walter and Judy Van Benthuysen Medallion Scholarship
R.C. and W.E. Weber Scholarship Endowment
Kenneth and Nancy Wertz Founders Scholarship

Richard Bender Chemistry Scholarship
Victor E. Buehrle Jr. Founders Scholarship
Chemistry Scholarship Fund
Coatings Technology Scholarship
Knauss Chemistry Scholarship
Leppo Family Medallion Scholarship
Waldo L. Semon Vinyl Scholarship
Debbie Fu-Tai Tuan Graduate Scholarship in Physical Chemistry

Communication Studies
Rebecca and Alan Rubin Endowed Scholarship

Education, Health and Human Services
Virginia Hamilton Adoff Creative Outreach Award
Altman and Sporing Family Medallion Scholarship
Grace Kearns Baker Medallion Scholarship
Linda S. Booth Endowed Scholarship
Bowman Fellowship
Victor E. Buehrle Jr. Founders Scholarship
Sterling M. and Kathryn L. Doubrava Medallion Scholarship
Fredric M. Dubois Endowed Scholarship
Betty H. Fairfax Medallion Scholarship
Burton D. Gorman Medallion Scholarship
Florence Hellman Endowed Scholarship Fund
Clara H. Lloyd Scholarship
Jill Anna Marsey Endowed Scholarship
Margaret E. Ratcliff Memorial Scholarship
Rayner Smith and Elizabeth Meade Smith Scholarship in Education
Rose Arnold and Lucille Wilson Graduate Scholarship
Harry V. and Lucille K. Workman Scholarship Fund for Teachers of the Deaf

W. Leslie Garnett Endowment
Stan and Tom Wick Poetry Scholarship Award

Ethnic Studies
Lithuanian Fellowship
Samuel Mendel Melton Scholarship

Fashion Design and Merchandising
Linda M. Allard/Ellen Tracy Medallion Scholarship
Linda Allard and Herbert Gallen Endowed Fashion Design Scholarship
Eve T. Bissler Medallion Scholarship
Robert R. Broadbent FDM International Scholarship Endowment
K. and K. Conley Fashion Award for International Study
Drs. Geneva M. and O. Rex Damron Scholarship
Fashion Design and Merchandising Endowment
Donna Hayes Endowed Fashion Scholarship
Donna Hayes Scholarship in Fashion Design
David A. Jewell Memorial Scholarship
Frances Kleibacker Fashion Design Scholarship
Charles and Betsy Mangin Endowed Fashion Scholarship for International Study
Nancy W. McCann Endowment
Margaret Clark Morgan Scholarship
Lindsay J. Morgenthaler Scholarship
Shannon Rodgers Endowment

Foundations, Leadership and Administration
Pat Eva Crisci Scholarship
Linerode/Irmiter Endowment
F. Schwebel Solomon Endowment Food Service Management
Robert E. Wilson Fellowship Endowment

General Scholarships
Robert and Emily Beasley Scholarship Fund
Becker and Cartwright Families Founders Scholarship
Beneficial Management Corporation/ David J. Farris Medallion Scholarship
Robert W. Blakemore, Jr. Endowed Memorial Scholarship
Ted and Cricket Boyd Medallion Scholarship
Bragg Family Scholarship
Campaign for Change Scholarship
Carol and Phillip Cartwright Founders Scholarship
Thomas A. and Barbara A. Christopher Founders Medallion Scholarship
Louise I. Clark Medallion Scholarship
Doug and Linda Cowan Medallion Scholarship
Donna J. and Roger K. Derr Medallion Scholarship
Robert. J DiDiano Endowed Founders Scholarship
Max and Cil Draime Medallion Scholarships
Steven A. Draime Medallion Scholarship
Barry and Jo Ann Fetterman Medallion Scholarship
Judith Inman Fiedler Scholarship
Founders Scholarship Endowment
Goebel Family Founders Scholarship
KeyBank/Kenneth L. Calhoun Trust Founders Scholarship
The Paul W. Litchfield Endowed Scholarship
Joseph and Jean Marchetta Medallion Scholarship
Dorothy Garret Martin Memorial Medallion Scholarships
Medical Mutual of Ohio Scholarship
Mel Mellis Medallion Scholarship
Esther Akselrad Mullen and Israel Mullen Medallion Scholarships
W. Naymon and K. Trout Founders Scholarship
Mary Luett Weixel Novak Endowed Scholarship Fund
Joseph A. and Helen M. Pizzuti Memorial Medallion Scholarship
Merlin G. Pope Jr. Medallion Scholarship
William B. Risman Medallion Scholarship
William B. and Marion C. Risman Medallion Scholarships
Schwebel Family Founders Scholarship
Peggy and Larry Shaffer Endowed Scholarship for Non-Traditional Students
Vana Family Scholarship
James Todd Walters Endowed Scholarship
Steven A. Walters Founders Scholarship
Betty Jean “BJ” Wilkins Scholarship

Amoco Alumni Endowment
Edward and Margaret Bauer Experiential Learning Grant for the Department of Geology
Glenn W. Frank Geology Scholarship
Donald C. Gifford Endowed Geology Scholarship
Katherine L. Moulton Geology Research Fund Endowment
School of Hard Rocks: Mineral Exploration and Ore Deposits

Health Sciences
Dr. Rosemary Amos Endowment
Dorothy Lucke Scholarship
Dorothy M. and Mildred G. Lucke Scholarship
Speech and Hearing Alumni Scholarship

Marguerite Harvey Medallion Scholarship

Honors College
Barbara A. and Dale L. Bardes Founders Medallion Scholarship
Bengier Study Abroad Honors Scholarship
Kimball J. Bixenstine Honors Scholarship in Biology
Carringer-Cable Honors Scholarship in Journalism and Mass Communication
Casale Scholarship
Honors College Scholarship
Dr. Donald L. Hunston Founders Scholarship
John and Joan Jack Honors Scholarship
Herb Kamm Honors Scholarship in Journalism
May 4th Memorial Honors Scholarship Endowment
Stankiewicz Family Honors Scholarship Fund
Dr. Bernard Linden Tabbs Memorial Honors Scholarship
Alice Bierce Thomas Scholarship
Wesley Zaynor Memorial Scholarship

Journalism and Mass Communication
Robert C. and Helen Westcott Dix Scholarship
William H. Oliver Fellowships in Public Affairs
Paul Poorman Memorial Scholarship
John L. Scott Broadcast Journalism Endowed Scholarship
Wallace H. and Peggy V. Stroud Endowment in the School of Journalism and Mass Communication
William Taylor Journalism Endowment
Dr. Richard M. Uray Broadcasting Scholarship

Kent State University Alumni Association
Alumni Legacy Medallion Scholarship
Alumni Legacy Scholarship
Black Alumni Association Scholarship
College of Education Alumni Future Teacher Scholarship
KARE/BSA Scholarship
KARE/General Scholarships
Kent Alumni Reach for Excellence Founders Scholarships
WPNI George C Betts Scholarship

Kent State University at Ashtabula
Andy and Rose Marie Garcia and Family Scholarship
Nelson H. Humphrey Memorial Scholarship
James W. Wentling Memorial Scholar Endowment

Kent State University at East Liverpool
David T. Mason Memorial Scholarship

Kent State University at Geauga
Geauga Brick Walkway Scholarship
Geauga General Scholarship
Kent State Geauga Twinsburg Academic Center Scholarship
Keith and Mamie Tompkins Endowed Scholarship

Kent State University at Salem
Davey Tree Scholarship

Kent State University at Stark
Aultman Hospital Endowed Scholarship
Robert Berens Scholarship Endowment
Dr. William G. and Mary Louise Bittle Veterans Scholarship
Citizens Committee Endowed Scholarship
Edna E Hunter Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Congressman Darrell and Katherine Issa Endowed Scholarship
Innis Maggiore Endowed Scholarship for Communications
Nancy Markley Scholarship
Inga Mullen Memorial Scholarship
Rank Charitable Trust Scholarship
Stark Campus Alumni Council Endowment
Stark Campus Scholarship
Kendall "Ken" Ward Memorial Scholarship
Dr. Kenneth E. Wulff Scholarship

Kent State University at Trumbull
Adult Non-Traditional Students Scholarship
Advisory Board Endowment/Trumbull
Automatic Vendors Scholarship
Edith S. Bainbridge Endowment
Bluford Scholarship
George Gentithes Scholarship/Trumbull
Charles R. and Mary E. Holton, Jr. Memorial Scholarship
Ann H. and Robert T. Izant, II Memorial Scholarship
Nikki Keyser Memorial Nursing Scholarship / Trumbull Campus
Dr. John S. Latcham Memorial
Ruth E. Linamen Memorial Scholarship
Hazel Oehler Memorial Endowment/Trumbull
Nelson and Claudia Reel Endowment
Clydus F. Sells Scholarship
Surya P. Srivastava Scholarship
Trumbull County PIC Scholarship Endowment
Milton I. Wick Scholarship
Louise Finney Young Scholarship

Library and Information Science
Marian Porter Huffman Scholarship
Rose Vormelker Endowed Scholarship

Lifespan Development and Educational Sciences
Rob and Susie Urban Harris Scholarship
Mary Elizabeth Keller Endowment
Harry V. and Lucille K. Workman Scholarship for Teachers of the Deaf

Professor Kenneth B. Cummins Medallion Scholarship in Mathematics
Professor Kenneth B. Cummins Math Award
Frances Harshbarger Scholarship


Civic Theatre/Music Scholarship
Elizabeth Fennell Founders Medallion Scholarship in Music
C.F.W. Ludwig Music Fund
Kent Choral Society
Helen Z. Schlosser Scholarship
Benjamin G. McGinnis Sinfonia Endowment

American Nurses Association/OJIN: The Online Journal of
Issues in Nursing Endowed Scholarship
Vincent A. and Corine S. Chiarucci Medallion Scholarship
Dean Davina J. Gosnell Nursing Scholarship
Richard F. and Dorothy B. Marsh Nursing Scholarship
Olga A. Mural Endowed Founders Dean’s Medallion Scholarship in Nursing
Nursing Student Scholarship
Victoria C. T. Read Medallion Nursing Scholarship

Political Science
Governor Martin L. Davey Sr. Scholarship

Speech Pathology and Audiology
Edward J. and Mary I. Zink Scholarship

Student Financial Aid
Alumni Mortar Board Scholarship
Loretta M. Antl Scholarship
George and Edith Duncan Bowman Scholarship
Cowan Family Endowed Scholarship
Edward and Shirley Crosby Scholarship
Delta Upsilon Fitzgerald Carlton Endowed Scholarship
Dennis Eckart Student Leadership
Filmco Scholarship
GAR Foundation Opportunity Scholarship
Al and Mack L. Geitgey Memorial Scholarship
Grand Chapter Order of Eastern Star Scholarship
R.E. Wylie Haught and M.G. Haught Scholarship
George Janik Scholarship
May 4th Commemorative Student Activism
Michael Miller '74 Endowment Scholarship
Walter H. and Vivian B. Mills Scholarship
Romanian Scholarship Endowment
Spinneweber-Sheats Scholarship
Elaine Schwebel Winick Memorial Scholarship

Teaching, Learning and Curriculum Studies
Betty S. Truog Memorial Scholarship
Charles A. Grigas Scholarship
Elizabeth L. Mancuso Middle Childhood Education Scholarship
Rod and Diane Dammeyer GED Scholars Endowment
Ethel Mary Kotis Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Vacca Scholarship for Teachers of Literacy
Marion Van Campen Scholarship Endowment


Paul J. Conley Endowment
Leland C. Keller Endowment
W. A. Simpson Memorial Award
Van Deusen Scholarship

Visual Communication Design
American Greetings Scholarship Endowment

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